Freedom Story: Trish House

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From: Trish House

Natural Dam, Arkansas USA

I have sent out: Foreclosure Flyer, OPPT-IN Website

I sent a letter to the alleged CEO & President of the former One West Bank in Pasadena California asking for the keys to a $2 million dollar house that is held by the bank – but that now legally belongs to the One People. I also sent him a modified version of the Foreclosure Flyer. You can find copies of these documents on the OPPTbook website here

It was my intention to get the alleged bank official to cough up property that is no longer theirs but rather belongs to the One People. I will use that property to house my son and his family as they are now renting because of the enforced slave system.

I’m working on a project re getting a house for my son. He lives in San Diego and he is getting married in a few months to a really wonderful young woman. They have a 9 month old daughter. So, I was thinking they should have a house and be able to quit paying rent. And, I thought to my self “Self, since the banks have been foreclosed on and their property is in trust for we the people I should just find a nice bank owned house and give it to him for a wedding present. I found this one for $2 million. Nice, right? So I wrote to the I/UV Exchange and claimed stewardship of it.

I wanted to register it with the Exchange to be open and transparent with the rest of you about what I was doing. I also asked for a little guidance about how to proceed. I got a very helpful email from Ken who said I was on the right track legally and he had me change from using a courtesy notice to writing a letter to to the former President and CEO of the former bank asking him to send me the keys and Ken said to send the Foreclosure Flyer. So I got busy and created a letter and I modified the Foreclosure Flyer so it was sequitur to the situation and they’re in an envelope ready to be sent certified mail tomorrow. Ken also told me to give the banker 7 – 14 days to comply and he sent me lots of love to give me courage to proceed. I told him I will keep him informed of my progress.

I’ll keep you all informed too. Ken said that if the “banker” doesn’t comply that I should THEN send the Courtesy Notice and after that start billing him for making my kid suffer in the slavery system instead of being happy in a house the bank no longer owns. THANKS KEN!!!

Don’t wait, act in the moment. Be cause over life and make the former slave makers understand that Sparticus has stopped taking their orders. Get anyone you know whom doesn’t have a house or is renting to get the banks and government to release property to them. If millions of us do this all over the world we will speed up the process of change and drive our point home.



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