Freedom Story: Davide Bluewolf Gheser

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From: Davide Bluewolf Gheser

Stockholm . Sweden

I have sent out: Courtesy Notice, I UV Document, OPPT-IN Website

nr. 6 courtesy notices to a police man, two lawyers, two Courts, a debt collection company nr. 4 proofs of claim to my bank for the mortgage, to the leasing co. for my office, to two debt collection companies. I am going to send other ones.

Updated story here in my jung blog

To stop actions against me and others by registered mails. I post in Facebook and in my blog, recently started to inform people. I teach people max 5 at a time, how to use proof of claim and courtesy notice OPPT and do the same (the network marketing of priceless FreeDOm)

I am found of business and investment with the school of Robert T. Kiyosaki and network marketing. People need to be trained, therefore I decided to use the method of network marketing to train people and teach them to do the same following the motto “people do what you do not what you say”

I started to get awake around March 2012 but I always had the feeling that a lot in life was wrong. Like the others, I hade to go on and work for money till I learned from Kiyosaki to make money work for me 🙂 (e.g. my blog with Empower Network) while I am dreaming a future without money . I learned about I AM about Reality and Illusion, about DOing NOW and HERE but HERE might be where you DO want on Earth: the ecovillage in Thailand I am going to live from July. Namastè



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