Freedom Story: Another Term for OPPT! “Suicide Prevention Package”

by / Monday, 15 April 2013 / Published in Freedom Stories


by Josephine WallThis story was posted on my Free At Last OPPT page today


From Rebecca W Snyder:

Yesterday, I sat with a dear friend who had become so fearful and despondent over bill collectors and money drama that she tried to suicide.

I had told her about OPPT, but she hadn’t really taken on board how it could change her life. So, I told her to gather the ones that were making her life miserable, and I printed out a bunch of CNs, and together, we filled them out.

I had her read the first one out loud. It was such a joy to watch her move from fear and hopelessness into the realization that those things would never again make her afraid, and from there into Absolute Empowerment.

She was giggling and laughing as the implications of how the CNs cover ALL the bases sunk in.

For me, THAT is Magic!


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  1. Nick Furlano says : Reply

    That is so good to help another realize the truth and such a blessing you have been because you shared the truth. Fear is something that we all have to do away with as love and truth replace it. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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