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Mahatma Gandhi said:  “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.



Now is your chance to share your stories of FREE’DO’m. 

Simply fill in the following fields with as much information as you can.  This will also enable us to determine what other helpful information can BE created for you and others to DO and BE, expanding the awareness and energy exponentially and globally.

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What Information did you share? ie Courtesy Notice (and number ie 1, 2, 3 etc) , Foreclosure flyer, public notice, Press Release... Who did you share the OPPT, I AM, UV information or flyer with? Ie your bank, lawyer, friend, insertion into Public Notices of your local paper, family or friend, government body etc.

What was your purpose or intention by sharing the information? Ie To stop an action against you, to inform a corporation of ‘harm to one is harm to all’, to create greater awareness of the foreclosures as a public service etc. How did you share the information? Ie Registered post, email, fax, hand delivered, printed media, online posting...

Please now share any other background details to your actions (max 1500 characters)

What responses, if any, have you had? Who did the response come from? What followup action, if any, did you take? Ie Did you send a CN response letter?

What have you learnt that you would like to pass on to others? Ie If you knew back then, what you know now.



39 Responses to “Share Your Freedom Story With The World”

  1. Jeff C. says : Reply

    I’m there with you all… fighting the good fight. I’m being me and doing what I’ve been doing since I was a toddler to survive these days. I’ve been a musician all of my life and bring music and light to people every week. My drums, I built by hand after inventing a piece that stands me out from all other drum manufacturers. My drums also light up the complete spectrum and really seem to make people happy when we perform. I’ve been self-employed now for almost 6 years, and will continue as long as possible. I stopped paying my corrupt mortgage one year ago this month, after the LIBOR scandal broke. I purposely trashed my credit which used to be 800. I stopped paying Citicard as well, when they took their bailout and then proceeded to pay themselves millions in bonuses. I’m just ready for the next phase to begin!

    • bridg says : Reply

      I’m curious Jeff, has the bank contacted you regarding unpaid mortgages and cards? have you sent courtesy notices and what country are you in? thanks I’m collecting success stories for SA and keen to hear yours bridgett

  2. Jeff C. says : Reply

    Hey Bridgett…

    Yes, they have. I’m currently battling for my house. I received a “Summons” last November and since I had just finished doing all the paperwork for a modified version of the THOR program (The Homeowner’s Revolt which is preemptive action taken against the bank during which they in fact, defaulted on the Administrative Act of 1946 and technically cannot touch my house which is now tied up in a Trust), I did have to hire an attorney to respond to the summons within the 20 days. I would have done it myself, but this guy was recommended by the woman who sold me my home. He’s supposedly a real bank-hater which was a prerequisite of mine. So far, he hasn’t defended me based on the actions I have taken on my own, but is doing what he knows to do. He filed a Motion To Dismiss, which was just denied by an alleged judge. I paid my attorney a flat fee to which he stated he would be able to keep the bank’s attorneys at bay for a year, after which I would be able to renew at the same rate for another year. Well, I took initiative and sent the two partners in the bank’s chosen local law firm, each a Courtesy Notice. The latest copy of the denial came from another attorney in their office, and not from them. Unfortunately for them, the CN states that they are liable to tell everyone that allegedly still works for them, what has happened. Their colleague whose name appears on the denial, is about to be sent his own Courtesy Notice, and his two employers are about to receive their first invoice from me. I am also highly contemplating sending a Courtesy Notice to the judge, although since it’s still so early in all of this and many judges are still unaware, I’m a bit apprehensive. Have you come across anyone who has sent a CN to a judge yet? My attorney told me after I called them and informed them that I sent the two bank attorneys both CN’s, that I was “not allowed to contact them because I have an attorney.” I responded by letter the assistant know that I was not corresponding with them in a professional manner, but from one human to another, absent titles of any sort. She really didn’t know what to make of it. I sent a Courtesy Notice to my attorney to read, but I haven’t heard word-one about it since. I am located in Florida… where are you?

    • Hi Jeff C. I am in Florida also. I just submitted my freedom story. Did you use the same attorney I did I wonder? If you would like to connect please email me I’m in the midst of the process too.

      • Jeff says : Reply

        Christina, did you end up with your home free and clear?! If so, please share your attorney’s name! I’m using one of Tampa’s best who is known for his success against banks and their attorneys. His initials are MS. Which part of the process are you in currently?

        • Christina says : Reply

          Hi Jeff. Thanks for your inquiry. I do not know if they will be responding.

          To answer your question, I am no longer using an attorney. I did use one and no initials are not the same as the ones you shared. He is here in Sarasota, FL and does not agree with or advise use of OPPT and, in fact, has taken himself out of the equation as soon as I sent the documents to the alleged court. It’s complicated.
          1. At first I was “playing in their ballpark” by sending a Motion for extended time (“motion for englargement of time”) and a “Notice of Dispute” along with all supporting OPPT documents including Foreclosure flyer (but not yet CN’s).
          2. Then I read more information, did more research and connected with other OPPT’ers personally who are no longer interacting with the alleged court system. They helped me (and so did my research on this site and http://www.absolute-data-exchange) to realize that I could not follow the former court system under the new landscape. In addition I read the Apostolic letter from Pope Francis, re-read the OPPT documents and CN guidelines and so realized my next step (I had some coaching from the other OPPT’ers as well and could not have gotten my courage without them).

          3. What I learned was that I cannot send courtesy notices and still follow their “rules” which are all part of their defunct system. It’s like being a little bit pregnant, you just can’t. So I then sent a cover letter and courtesy notice to the alleged judges, alleged proponents, their alleged attorneys to peacefully inform them that I was withdrawing my consent to their offer of contract via their alleged court order. Once again I sent verification documents of the OPPT UCC filings via Foreclosure Flyer, as well as a copy of the Apostolic Letter from Pope Francis and such. This all occurred just this Friday 11/1. I sent these items also (CN’s etc.) to the alleged bank, it’s alleged mortgage servicing company (finding the name of their CEO and other principals so that I could send CNs to all) and to the alleged attorneys they hired.

          I sent everything via an online registered e-mail service used by lawyers and many other entities as a way to prove you sent documents, just as with U.S. mail. My liaison for the judges was a foreclosure case manager and I called the alleged clerk to get her email (it’s public record they have to give it to you).

          4. I received back an e-mail from the “foreclosure case manager” w saying I had to send the documents either certified U.S. mail or bring them to the clerk of the court. Just this morning I sent her a response thanking her, clarifying her confusion. reassuring her that R-Post ( was indeed the same as registered U.S. mail and submissible in her alleged court system if that was something she needed, but that I did not.

          I did all of this with peace in my heart, the greatest respect and truly do not feel adversarial. I feel empowered and am operating from the new energies we live in, much of the time. I have taken to more meditation, more communing within and spending more time emitting peaceful and joyful vibrations from my heart as I can. I still take care of my daily duties and do whatever I can to educate anyone I can who is open to learning about what we are now living.

          I was in fear at first. Got a nasty letter from my former attorney but realized that he just doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. The UCC law is only taught to upper level banking principals and government officials so that they can keep all the peon lawyers that think they know everything and control the whole system without realizing they are puppets of the fraud.

          I hope that gives you a full idea and I will keep you informed of my progress. If you do decide to continue along the old system and use your lawyer etc. you may want to check out But once again, to my understanding you can’t use their system and the courtesy notice in conjunction. It’s one or the other. You will see on that website that there are people winning within the old system. So of course that is a personal choice.

          I remain a loving servant of the One People and I hope what I have written here helps you and anyone else in the process. I am so forever grateful to all the people involved in the OPPT and I-UV – Heather, Removing the Shackles, Brian, and so many others, as well as my personal contacts within OPPT.


    • Dean says : Reply

      Hi Jeff, my first impression of your story is one of confusion. The courtesy notice surely is a proclaimation of freedom & detachment from the any & all legal & coprporate infrastructures that exist within & under the UCC regulated framework.. including the attorney you hired.

      By hiring an attorney to handle your case, you are surely agreeing to accept the terms & authority by which the court summons is making it’s offer of contract with?

      • Jeff says : Reply

        Dean… as of today, I have yet to see one court accept a Courtesy Notice. I sent a pair of them to the two partners in the bank’s chosen law firm, and they didn’t like it very much and are requesting I bring them to my deposition in December. They are being aggressive so I hope my attorney gets that way too and starts using all the documents I filed in court last October.

        • Dean says : Reply

          I am not suprised they not liking the courtesy notice one bit, surely because it undermines the whole legal system that they are standing in. It renders it null & void, if you choose to stand outside of it that is. My question to you is, why have you chosen to accept the courts offer to contract & hired a lawyer? Why not send the court clerk (or whoever was responsible for sending you a court summons) a courtesy notice & treat them the same way you treated the bank attorneys? After all, that’s what the courtesy notice proclaims isn’t it? It declares your standing in universal truth, outside of the phoney legal system & all it’s court room pomp & slight of hand methods of consent that it enforces on us.

          My initial thoughts are that if they’re taking you to court, it’s because they know that the court will act in their favour – the way it’s designed to do my friend.

          Why accept the courts authority?

        • Dean says : Reply

          My reasoning here Jeff is that the lawyers are wishing to ‘try’ you in their own arena, or legal comfort zone. My perspective on the Courtesy Notice is that it dissolves any such arena’s & any special legal preferences & that your comfort (freedom) zone is in standing outside of any such arena – in this case a courtroom.

          Of course, standing outside of the legal system means standing on our own, without lawyers & this perhaps is the most daunting feeling about the CN, as it’s a new paradigm to us.

  3. Arthur Koberinski says : Reply

    Jeff, please look at my posts as they may be of assistance… best of intentions, when you know you are just, and that you are standing in integrity, then you are unbeatable…. Have FUN… Arthur Koberinski

  4. Awaken says : Reply

    So, no freedom stories? No stories of how someone was able to hang onto their house because of the courtesy notice they delivered? No stories of how someone was able to hang on to their car without making further payments because of the courtesy notice they delivered?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Awaken, there are lots of freedom stories. Just look on the right hand navigation and click on the link to the Freedom Stories.

      • Dean says : Reply

        Hi I M Power. As much of a supporter as I am of the whole OPPT & courtesy notice movement, I must agree too that there is a disappointing lack of freedom stories here. This is the freedom story page isn’t it?

        Could it be because the desired effect of the courtesy notice is “No Response”?
        After all, ‘no response’ from a chosen recipient of the Courtesy Notice is exactly the preferred effect of the CN is it not? With that being the nature of the CN, it may take time to see how long the ‘no response’ lasts before declaring a success story.

        Having been down a different route dealing with banks through a different process, it’s clear to me now that when banks do finally give up the chase with their unlawful & unverifiable claims, they never, EVER admit that they were in the wrong, even after disclosing that they are finally closing an account & they always tend to pass the alleged claim or liability on to another agency (or 6).

        So a success story may be hard to recognise as it takes time to become apparent & may take longer than imagined to become clear, especially as the recipient may be initially disgruntled at the fact they have been made personally responsible for their own actions against the proponent, something completely new to them.

        Signs of disgruntledness such as in Jeff’s case on this page for example, could be viewed as a success, after all, it shows that they recipient felt the blow that it delivered, especially being law firm partners. If the CN had no clout, you would expect that they might have given it no further consideration.

        Just some thoughts.

        • Christina says : Reply

          I completely agree with you, Dean. I am working on my own freedom story but it is a work in progress.
          I believe I already posted my success with the collection agency for Capital One alleged bank. Should they surface again I will merely be sending yet another CN to whomever contacts me. Otherwise, as far as I am concerned the matter is closed.

          The collection agency would not have stopped their activities if the CN had no affect or purpose.

  5. noel says : Reply

    Could anyone answer my question, please. Is The One People connected in any way to Divine ? as they are stating 1st September 2013 is the start of the new financial system.
    Debt forgiveness started 1st July 2013 with a 3 year window, apparently for news to filter through the world to everyone
    However, they can still assume you owe them, so you must REBUT the Debt. Bob’s bank manager mentioned the 1st September, when he tried to access his value did she not.

    • Dean says : Reply

      The best way to think about the One People is that it isn’t connected to anything. It was merely an action of freedom performed on behalf of everybody on the planet, & that’s EVERYBODY, including the corrupt bankers, royal families & corporate elitists. Of course, they may not see it that way at first, but eventually..

      The IUV system is merely a method being created for accessing value in the current financial system, it doesn’t recreate that actual money system itself.

      Personally, my feeling is that we, as a human family, are better off switching currency to the only infallible, totally inexhustible, non corruptible, completely poratable, universally exchangable, unlosable, unthievable, totally safe, directly accessible, non-asurpable commodity that there is…. and that’s Love. The moment we choose love as currency, we each become more rich than we ever had imagined possible with all the paper money in the world.

      • kala says : Reply

        Most wonderfully said, I see what this is about, it is bringing the power back to 1, at first we are even as awakened individuals still perpetuated on and loose our understanding of one ; because of the system, now there is no system just a shadow, I now understand what they mean, I understand I CAN NOT get in trouble because their terms of trouble has been eliminated and no longer exists, this corporation I technically work for actually does not exist its only a shell, but the funny thing is that IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A SHELL, the OPPT has given a 3d level entering into the 4d and 5d paradigm by making a psychical manifestation of what has always been in the spiritual realm of our beings, not only did they not create a path but what they have done is allowed EVERY *ONE* of the BEings on this planet to make their own path, as long as your not putting rocks in my path. OH WONDERFUL JOY, when you read this your brain automatically looks for the loop holes because we are scared, but being scared is not real, what is real is those papers you are sending and the response you are receiving, for the doubters you are needed, for the disbelievers you are needed, and BEing and DOing is all that is asked. I think I can get with that. Show me truth and I will look, and swim to the depth to find its truth.

  6. noel says : Reply

    I don’t know if the following information is significant or not. My wife transferred some money from her Building Society Bank to another Bank where she has an account, the statement always states every name on the statement in CAPITAL LETTERS but not this time, her name on the statement was typed in all lower case letters. cheers guy’s, Noel

    • Dean says : Reply

      Did it address her by title… Mrs for example?

      • noel says : Reply

        yes, it did Dean, mrs. I think it may have just been a typing error, but then again aren’t they done by computer today?

        • Dean says : Reply

          There is no significance in that case Noel, the bank is still addressing the strawman through title. To be fair, it has no other way of addressing anyone other than the strawman without stepping outside of the legal system & financial regulation it has obligated itself to.

  7. Christina says : Reply

    I too can’t find the freedom stories. What am I missing???

    Well I have my own freedom story but I can’t see where it got posted or if it did. I haven’t had an outcome yet so perhaps it doesn’t need to get posted yet but I did submit my DO-ings a few days ago.

    I have one story that I hope will encourage others. Capital One bank – I had thought they went away because I hadn’t heard from them in a long time. Then about 3 weeks ago I began getting collection calls from an agency they hired. So I called the collection agency to get the name of someone there. It’s easy, you just call and say “I’m responding to calls I’m getting. To whom am I speaking?” I was lucky enough that the guy gave me his name first and last. So then he said “Who is calling and give me your account number so that I can locate your file.” I said, “No thank you, I just wanted to know who was constantly calling me.” and hung up. Then I sent a courtesy notice to him in care of the alleged collection agency and today I just got a letter from them stating that they informed their client (Capital One) that I was disputing the debt and that they would no longer be contacting me per the FDCPA and compliance laws. So as of now I believe Capital One will not pursue, but if they do I happen to have another courtesy notice waiting for them 🙂

  8. Lanee says : Reply

    I got my ‘debt’ lowered by half. They made me an offer, but I’ll be sending an invoice after more research.

  9. Wayne says : Reply

    Does anyone have a freedom story regarding a home mortgage?
    I haven’t been able to find one.

  10. Patrick says : Reply

    Hello, I would like to share my experience because it is a basic need for the educations of all of us. I am currently in confrontation with my bank for a alleged mortgage , and I must confess that the documents ”OPPT” its concrete. Because of course they try and test you to signed fraudulent documents to allow us to run-out , but when you show that you understand the fraud and that he only have to rebut the documents, they change quickly. But all that as I told, is not finished because as I said I’m in battle but cons , I’m attacking . I started with an opening letter , a copy of the credit agreement , and a courtesy notice to the Director of my store all faxed . I must also inform you that the alleged loan is not in my name, but on my wife’s name. And she definitely does not want to confront the bank. Subsequently, I got a phone call that if we can discuss about it, and there, I fixed him a visit at his office. I had prepared myself a recorder and I have been met . So it begin by saying that: this is the first time he sees this type of document there and it does not upset at all and blah and blah … blah … … (I felt that HE was exactly know but he played the innocent , so I let him go .. ) to finish me with; he could not give me any information because the contract was not in my name, but I will get by mail what that I want. I told him that I will await the documents and I will discuss with my wife for an upcoming appointment. Upon my return, I talk to my wife and tell her the events and she goes agree an appointment with the director for the disclosure of the information. So I write him a mail saying that my wife was ready to meet him when he sees fit. And I waited for these documents. Maybe I should have something interesting? … A few days later it was then that I received these famous documents. It was a letter saying that the bank wanted to put an end to our business relationship . IN BIG character : ” Subject: account closure ” Assuming that our account was closed, but at the end saying: you can choose to close your account at all times .” ? ? Heuh…Ok…were is the catch ? It’s simple , they still need our signature. Even for beaten us with a hammer. Without our signature, they just don’t got NOTHING ! So I took the document: UCC 3-501 DEMAND bank unfreeze ” filled with my terms ” just follow simple enough ” I faxed on November 20 and 22 it was unfroze. We are the 23 and it’s Saturday so I don’t know for the mortgage, but I can see they have not debited my account for this payment. I will give my new developments later hoping the data give a hand 😉

    Bonjour, je voudrais partager mon expérience car c’est un besoin fondamental pour l’ éducations de nous tous. Je suis présentement en confrontation avec ma banque pour une prétendu hypothèque, et je dois avoué que les documents ”OPPT” son béton. Car bien sûr elle essai de m’enjoindre à signée des documents frauduleux pour les autoriser à m’exécuter, mais quand vous lui démontré que vous comprenez la fraude et qu’il n’a qu’à réfuté les documents, ils change de ton assez rapidement. Mais tous ce que je vous dit n’est pas terminé car comme je l’ai dit je suis en pleine bataille mais par contre, c’est moi qui attaque. J’ai commencé par une lettre d’introduction, une copie du contrat de crédit, et un avis de courtoisie adressé au directeur de ma succursale le tout envoyé par fax. Je doit vous informer aussi que le contrat n’est pas en mon nom, mais à celui de ma femme. Et elle ne voulait résolument pas confronter la banque. Par la suite, j’ai eu un coup de fil pour que nous puissions en discuté, et cet alors que je lui est fixé un rendez-vous à son bureau. Je m’avait préparé d’un enregistreur et j’ai été le rencontré. IL à commencer par me dire que c’est la première fois qu’il voit ce genre de document là et que ça ne le bouleversait pas du tous et bla…bla…bla…(je sentait qu’il était exactement au courant mais qu’il jouait à l’innocent; alors je le laissait allez..) pour finir qu’il ne me pourrait me donner aucune informations puisque le contrat n’étais pas en mon nom, mais que je recevrai par courrier ce que je recherche. Je lui ai alors dit que j’attendrai les documents et que je discuterai avec ma femme pour un prochain rendez-vous. À mon retour, je discute avec ma femme et lui raconte les événements et elle se rend d’accord pour un rendez-vous avec le directeur pour la divulgations des informations. Alors je lui lui écris, par courriel disant que ma femme, était prête à le rencontrer quand bon lui semble. Et j’ai attendu ces documents. Peut-être que j’aurais quelque d’intéressant?… Quelques jours plus tard c’est alors que j’ai reçu ces fameux documents. C’était une lettre disant que la banque désirait mètre fin à notre relation d’affaire. En Gros caractère inscrivant : ”Objet : fermeture de compte” En supposant que notre compte était fermé, mais à la toute fin nous disant : vous pouvez choisir de fermer votre compte à tous moments.”???? ou est l’attrape?? C’est simple; ils ont toujours besoin de notre signature. Même pour nous asséné des coups de marteau. Sans notre signature, Ils n’ont rient ! Alors j’ai pris le document : UCC 3-501 DEMAND bank unfreeze ” remplie avec mes conditions ” juste à suivre assez simple” j’ai envoyer par fax le 20 novembre et le 22 c’était dégelé. Ont ait le 23 et c’est samedi donc je sais pas ce qui en ait pour l’hypothèque mais je peut voir qu’ils n’ont pas débité mon compte pour ce paiement. Je donnerait des nouvelles de mes développements ultérieurement espérant vous données un coup de main 😉

    • Fred says : Reply

      Hello Patrick, I am curious about further development after 3 month. Can you inform me / us?

      • Patrick says : Reply

        Hi Fred and every One, Ok I forgot that I let a comment here!!…So let me give you an update…and sorry for the poor language but it’s not my first language and I don’t handle it like the french I took Google translate sooo..hope it’s OK!! Since november 2013 there is a lot of things that happen and still a lot of others to come in my journey!! To make it short, as I see from a lot of people’s comments, we are trying to read, watch, and find some result from others, or see if someone find THE solution of our problem of each of us, standing there and waiting for a miracle. But there is no such of miracle that knock the door…we have to be the miracle, to be the change, to see the result, to pass through our goal and knowing that we make the change surrounding us and to see the change happen even if things dosen’t go like you think. So what can I say is just dont think and DO what is resonate with YOU. We pass to many moments to THINK and not much on the FEELING that surrounding us when we have the knowledge of OPPT’s fillings and…..WHAT!! waiting?! Me I was waiting far to long, like much of the peoples who seek this page, to finally understand that WE HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE to be able to see the result. So one day I woke up, and at that day, I said that was an off for me to play that game and I start to live like is suppose to BE!! I stop paying a mortgage that doesn’t exist, I Am not a STRAWMAN!! like my daughter is not to!! and every one I saw are not!! My name is not PATRICK BRUNO and I’m not a name I am MUCH better than that !! So I start paying all of my bills with MY BONDS. Of course they don’t want to use it but unfortunately is the ONLY method they gone get from ME, and I not letting them get 1oz of power to any slavery former system. I take the time that it’s need to give them back my answer….and well I’m going with the flow baby…I’m acting and take my role as if it’s the only method to live because ME I DO NOT CONSENT TO BE what the society ask me to BE….NOW I KNOW WHAT IS and I CAN’T continuing to contribute to a system that kill my self and my beloved one’s. Soooooo I hope that gone help peoples who is seeking for a change …BE THE CHANGE and sleep well when you put yours ears on your pillow…like ME <3

        P.S. Since my first courtesy notice to my bank's director, (NOV. 2013) I didn't stop to BE peaceful BUT CONSISTENT and records all of my phone calls or discussion with the former system keeping track and proof of MY DO'ING for furthers help….AND DO NOT CONSENT!!! XXXX 😉

        • Josef says : Reply

          good job Patrick, stay strong and never give up !!!! I did the same with bank, property taxes, wcb, etc.
          love josef

  11. Susan G says : Reply

    Hi Patrick,

    Please post a template of the bond you paid your bills with. Thanks and blessings of love, peace and gratitude.


  12. Patrick says : Reply

    Thank you Susan and Josfef for your loveliness comments. It goes to my heart, and love you ALL @ Josef; WE NEVER GONE GIVE UP MY FRIEND !!! FOR US our familly our friends our BANKSTERS,Uh,huh!!!,,FOR EVERY ONE’S wish to be with you to laugh at loud and challenging the system together 🙂 @ Susan 🙂 I’m gone give you my experience and tricks!! first of ALL you have to understand that the fillings done by the OPPT foreclose ALL the slavery system even the UCC!! but unfortunately it’s seem that a couple of individuals, still want play that GAME. You cannot close this system because it’s a few peoples that get control of it BUT it doesn’t mean that YOU cannot stop to play there game.
    Because the UCC is still running, I made my financing statement and get a record number. You can follow this link: OPPT_Toolbox_05_130204.pdf after, I was ready to change the way to deal with the CORPORATION by stopping to pay ALL of my BILLS except electricity and Internet. I AM living in near Montréal in CANADA inc. and here we speak in French so at the time that I was waiting the former’s collecting agents, to foreclose on my house, I had the time to translate all the documents in French and at the same time, making a lot of discovey about ME, the documents, and be more awake of the codes and law to finally really understand were IS the Value and who I AM. I learn a lot with these documents : after all I started to pay my bills with my own bond : The other thing to know is, there is only the common law that is applicable. DO NOT KILL, DO NOT INJURE, DO NOT USURP AN OTHER, HUMAN Everything else is fictitious law and you don’t have to CONSENT at any time on any of these rules and codes. Look at ALL of Your BILLS they talk to your fictitious PERSON. DECEPTION OF THE NAME: If you talk a to someone in a CORPORATION , don’t forget that they acting like a CORPORATION for the CORPORATION and you will
    be asked to confirm your Name, quoting the full name shown on your birth certificate, which is the LEGAL
    “joiner” is accepting to be actually the LEGAL PERSONALITY which is the name on the birth certificate, well the ”joiner” have to follow the rules the CORPORATION so when they ask for
    the person’s NAME, they are talking to the LEGAL PERSONALITY and not the human. This is because a human
    cannot exist in the legal world – only pieces of paper can, and that is something which they are very careful not to
    tell you.
    So let them know that you know the truth and you are the witness therein and not the LEGAL PERSONALITY I can just sign the bill with my fingerprint and the mention ”accepted for payment” that all!! for sure you gone get a lot of different kind of letters from these CORPORATIONS no one are the same but just return theme and ask theme who in a commercial affair is upon the law!!, follow and make your own letter: UCC response reservation and were is the contract agreement UCC 3-419 signed willingly intentionally that I have to be that fictitious PERSON and discharge the bill with a promisery note. Ask them to get the name of the principal who refuse to accept your signature and fingerprint for discharging your bill. WE ARE THE VALUE even in the former system. In the bank’s safe there is no gold. The collateral are US even in the corrupt system. And always send the letters registered or by fax, something that you can get proof of your DO’ing. So that my trick for me!! I AM there now and it’s going pretty well !! XXX LOVE YOU ALL

    • kala says : Reply

      Hi Patrick, i hope you are having a good day 🙂 I have some questions regarding what I need to do as far as paying my bills , and how do I cut all ties, I do not own my home I am renting, I am confused on what to do, or how I go about this situation one I care for my landlord and I dont want to make this uncomfortable living in my apartment do you have any advice for me?

  13. Leo says : Reply

    Patrick:, Do you have the PDF of that letter not in Sribd, simply in Adobe or other program? I’d like to translate it. Thanks, and best wishes for your contimued success.

  14. Byron Gashler says : Reply

    I know of a court case that can help Hather Tucci Jaraff. Does anyone have an email for her? I have extensive legal research on this subject that lends credibility to the Treasury Direct Accounts. My name is Byron. My email is:

  15. Timothy Murray says : Reply

    ok so much energy in this planet do to our help that came in 12-12-12 so called aliens but moving on this new age of aquarious water knowledge we are doint it coming together for the best of our world we need to take care of our world cause it has been hijacked in unity we shall stand together the masses of aware individeduals overcoming the hell story that was programmed in childhood an passed on now we have help to look over what the masses of generations of people followed now truth is still standing one universal lovethe nwo

  16. 663x says : Reply

    In my dream I was in a big bus with military friends and we drove out of the gate of my old front paddock and then when we looked back and there was a grey flecked appaloosa horse coming towards the open gate. I got the bus turned around and we were racing back to close the gate. I raced out of the bus and tried to steady her, my friends watched in admiration, and then she whirled around took off and somehow seemed to run up a distant tree and be in the sky. My angels are talking to me through the

  17. CaptS. says : Reply

    Just called the Fed Reserve # listed, the one associated with the Letter “G” on the back of my SS Card. The number is 866-234-5681. Please call and listen to it yourself. It rings and then an automated recording explains that “the Fed has experienced a number of fraudulent transactions recently…Fed doesn’t hold consumer funds or process consumer accounts…any attempt to do so is fraud and the authorities have been notified…etc” The recording sounds like they an empty threat but is still very interesting. Any one have any thoughts on this?

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