Checklist for DO’ing, to expand awareness, energy and BE’ing.


How to use this checklist:  Simply go through the list and decide which three DO’ings would be the easiest for you to DO and therefore most easiest for you to BE.


Then SHARE your DO’ing at OPPT-IN (Freedom Stories), to encourage others to DO and therefore BE, as well.


1)  Can you find other people in your area who want to deliver CN’s to the same ex-corporation, like your bank?  Each of you could write your own ‘Paper Action’ or ‘Future Action’ CN letter and make a time for you to all deliver the CN’s to the Respondents, together.  Can you invite the Press or your local community newspaper editor?


2)  Can you place a small Classified Ad in the ‘Public Notices’ and ‘Law Notices’ section of your town or city’s major newspapers?  Also check to see if there is a free Public Notices section of your local online newspaper ie


Sample notices, depending on how much you want to ‘spend’:



The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) announced the foreclosure of the world’s banks and “governments” on December 25th 2012 stemming from prior investigation into massive fraud across the entire system.  Refer: DECLARATION OF FACTS: UCC Doc # 2012127914 Nov 28 2012 and TRUE BILL: WA DC UCC Doc# 2012114776 Oct 24 2012  and





The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) announced the foreclosure of the world’s banks December 25th 2012, stemming from prior investigation into massive fraud across the entire system.  Refer: TRUE BILL: WA DC UCC Doc# 2012114776 Oct 24 2012  and





Refer: TRUE BILL: WA DC UCC Doc# 2012114776 Oct 24 2012  and


3)  What about the magic of social media?    How many online friends do you have?  Can you post the OPPT Foreclosure Flyer on your Facebook page? Can you Tweet it?  Remember to include the website details and Skype Room details.


4)  Can you email your own database or list of ‘friends’?  Send an email to small groups of your email contacts, attaching the Foreclosure Flyer and ask them to have a read of it and a look at the sites.  Send it with love so those who are ready will ‘see’ it.


5)  Can you enquire about registering your unpaid invoices with a debt collector?  You can included that info in your follow up letters to your CN’s and final notices.


6)  Have you studied the Courtesy Notice Guidelines process in part 5.1 so that you understand how the banks etc have enacted their defaults on We the People?


7)  Have you started your official file, recording the CN’s you send out, postal details and any responses you get?  Are you ready to bunker down for the long haul?


8)  Can you print off 100 Foreclosure flyers and letterbox drop your local neighbourhood?


9)  Can you email the Press Release and Foreclosure Flyer to your local news outlets? Databases of media outlets are easy to find, or simply go through your local and community newspapers and manually put them into an email with the attachments.


10) Can you make an appointment with your local and state politicians and ask them if they can explain what the foreclosure notices mean?


11)  Can you post or email the Foreclosure flyer to your state and national Attorney Generals to ask them to explain what the UCC rulings mean in law?


12)  Can you send CN letter #5 to the CEO’s and Chairman’s of five ‘banks’ and ‘non-banks’ lender in your country.  Start with the banks listed here–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html .  Can you then send another five to your State and local Bank Branch managers?


Lucky thirteen) Can you add one more idea to this list to further expand the awareness and energy so that an exponential effect takes hold.   Remember, the ‘100th Monkey’ phenomena is working on our side.


Edmund Burke said:  “All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”


39 Responses to “Checklist for BEing and DOing”

  1. Hi would like to support OPT I am also a memeber of the OPPT fb groups also OPPT I’m very interesting in getting it off the ground in NY own home country as alot of people are still very much unaware of the OPPT and are still amoung the slavery systems and have no and not through their own choice.. but they are unaware of what actually has been done for them by The One Peoples Public Trust… that they are finally free from slavery systems they are very unaware those who have enslaved them have been foreclosed upon and the are finally Free I think it time this information was brought to each and everyone in Northern Ireland.. As a starter I would like to do number 9 on the list and print off the foreclosure flyers and put them everywhere I go.. I no some person will lift them they might take notice or may not but the next person could and that’s how they come about doing the research themselves and the word could spread I know it will… could you please send me a link so I can download the flyers and start my journey for my fellow brothers and sisters…. I have tried to find them and I am having difficulty… thanks for taking the time to read this

  2. Anaya Lea says : Reply


    This summer I am driving across Canada and am thinking about ways to spread the word on my trip. I’d like to talk to Brian about his tour plans to see what ideas we can share.

    Here’s # 13 for everyone.
    If you are going on vacation or travelling – leave flyers or I-UV info cards where ever you go.

    • Sheri says : Reply

      Never call it driving. Driving requires you to pay fees. It is traveling that you do. May seem like a minor detail but it’s not. : )

  3. I Have My Own Channel On You Tube and I have Made A Video Of Chase Binnie Going Into The Office of The Attorney General And Informing Them Of All Governments, Banks And All Foreclosures! This Is All i can Do Because I Am Alone In Finland And Do not Speak To Anyone – I Do Not Have Transport And Do Not Speak The Local Language!

    ClubAngloTalking is Where You Should Look To See If I Have Done Right And Please Let Me Know?

    Thank You!

  4. JimboMcCutcheon says : Reply

    Hi Everyone, I have so far taken on Scottish Power, I sent CN’s to 3 of their staff only one is still pushing back, invoice for him in the next couple of days.

    I have also been handing out f/flyers to local bank branches & police offices.

    I have also sent out e-mails to half a dozen politicians & Richard Branson. Only the office of
    Alistair Darling MP. have chosen to interact so far.

    So I will be continuing to send out all the information I can to whom ever I can get access to.

    With absolute love & gratitude for all you have & are doing for the ONE PEOPLE.

    Yours Jim McCutcheon, Eternal Essence Embodied absent limits.

  5. Debra McCann says : Reply

    Hi everyone I am from Queensland Australia and have been very busy BEing and DOing I have sent of 2 CN’S one to the minister of Education and one to the head of Home Education 5 weeks ago with no reply of any kind.. I also sent a CN of to Origin Energy and to a 3rd party, no correspondence in 4 weeks since i sent the first invoice no letter not anything and still have power 🙂 sent a CN to SPER which is a collections agency for traffic fines no correspondence at all! Also sent two of to 2 different debt collection agencies with which I have sent off one invoice! I am looking forward to letting as many people know as possible :-)) I am in quite a few OPPT groups and I have started a group up called The One People Q&A 🙂
    <3 <3

    • Marie says : Reply

      Hi Debra,
      Please let me know how you get on. Also, would be interested in joining your group. We are in Qld also and am interested in how you get on with SPER 🙂

    • Silvana says : Reply

      Hi Debra. I am in NSW and new to OPPT. Is there a way that you can contact me and help me understand what OPPT means to us Aussies here. Also can I join your group so I can learn more?

      Kind Regards and thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂

    • Rolf K says : Reply

      Hi Debra, I’m in Queensland too, would be interested in your CN dealings with SPER and debt collection agency, fairly new to TOP and need some feedback from people who are busy BEing and DOing so that I can confidently follow your steps. Cheers Rolf

    • Stuart says : Reply

      Hi Debra, I am also in QLD, its now Aug 2017, do you have any updates to share?

  6. Victor says : Reply

    Looking for samples of cover letters, & having difficulty locating those posted at the OPPT original site. Were they just deleted with the OPPT site?? We are preparing a courtesy notice, & need an example to present the bankster, that will include the documents they are required to present proving they have a valid contract. Thank you for your attention.

  7. JanetAndrews says : Reply

    I am looking for these samples of documents to use for credit card debt and commercial loan debt. I’ve asked for the new website location previously. PLEASE, please, pretty please. 🙂 Victor and I need help.
    Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do.

  8. noel says : Reply

    You guy’s looking for the documents to present to the Banks. At top of this page click on I/uv blog then free speech Australia and you will see a 4 step process there written in red. Cheers

  9. JanetAndrews says : Reply

    I did as you instructed and when I click on Free Speech Australia, I don’t find the 4 step process. What am I doing incorrectly? Feel a little dumb at the moment 🙂

    • noel says : Reply

      Sorry, click on I/UV blog, then free speech Australia, then the number two square that says video and you will see them in red to the right. cheers

  10. Kathelena says : Reply

    I’m wanting to send CNs to the prinicples of JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA (National Association) regarding a foreclosure suit they have against us but I’m coming up empty at finding any actual human beings to send CNs to. All I have is the names of the lawyers given charge of the suit. I’d appreciate any insight into how to go about finding said parties at JPMC. Links, lists, search ideas, whatever, doesn’t matter. I just need to find some names! Thanks for any help!

  11. JanetAndrews says : Reply Kathelena – I was looking for principles of JPMorgan Chase for credit card debt. I found this site and it has a virtual phone tree of all the principles. I’m not certain when it was created. It has names and mailing addresses. Hope it helps you.

    • Kathelena says : Reply

      Thank you Janet! At this stage anything is helpful. I saw a long list of names on that site, so I know I’ll find some beings appropriate to send to. Thank you so much for your assistance. And all the best to you on your own circumstances!

  12. noel says : Reply

    I notice there are a lot of questions that people are asking and those questions are not been answered. Why ? I am unable to convince people myself about the filings and TOP, when I can’t answer their questions, They walk away saying that’s bullshit. We need a question and answer page. One question that I have is why haven’t TOP instigated Common Law courts ? This comment, like others I have written will probably be removed as well. cheers

  13. I Am Who I Am says : Reply

    Today I went into a bank here in Houston,Tx. to leave my E&D Bonds. The manager in a few hours will call me back about the deposit. BEing and DOing… I tried one federal bank who does foreign deposits and was ignored.

  14. I Am Who I Am says : Reply

    I have sent the flyers to Cadence bank and Wells Fargo bank here in Houston, Tx. Cadence CEO still has not replied, but the manager at Wells Fargo is looking into it. We talked over the phone today. He said he would get back with me in 24 hrs because I dropped my E & D bonds off with him. He has not even heard of the OPPT and the foreclosure. Well, BEing and DOing, National Scholar!
    Shawana-LaTrice: Powell

    • I Am Who I Am says : Reply

      No reply from neither banks, well being and doing, even a secret service agent (Houston, Tx) when I called, act as if she did not know what I was talking about. I asked her if she heard of the OPPT and she told me no. I also asked her if she received a foreclosure fyler on all banks and governments being closed on, and she said, “no.” So I informed her that it is in the public domain, but she really did not seem to care. If anyone else know another step to take further actions against this fraud, please, reply back or I will loose the bonds at face value, THANKS! The banks no reply means truth in commerce. #ETERNAL ESSENCE…

      • kala says : Reply

        hi I am also having issues with figuring some of this out, i guess we are left to keep reading and researching till we find our answers 🙂

  15. noel says : Reply

    Has anyone issued a lien on anyone ? or, is this just a toothless tiger thing? I need answers. please.

    • Sheri says : Reply

      I want to send a Courtesy Notice to the one that says I owe them money but they never send me any paper. All their correspondence is through my email.

      • noel says : Reply

        Ring them and ask to speak to the person who sent the email, get their name, tell them you no longer have a computer and could they please send all correspondence by mail.

  16. I am whoiam says : Reply

    You have to file a UCC Financial statement on your collateral, without prejudice.

  17. Esther says : Reply

    I’ve used a couple of Courtesy Notices and haven’t received any response. This is good. Recently, I’ve used a Courtesy Notice in a response to a debt collection served. Received a response to appear in court. Today, went to court and was told the notices had no bearing on this credit card debt case. Also submitted copies of the referenced UCC documents used in the Courtesy Notice. Judge says doesn’t mean anything, dimisssed them and filed Judgment against us for the plantiff. Go figure.

    Here is where I wish I had someone to talk to for ideas, further actions/solutions, etc. I will have to keep praying and asking for guidance to prevail. Not sure where to go from here. The judgment is pretty expensive for us at this time. Debt Slavery can be hard and frustrating fighting for freedom!

    • mkphil says : Reply

      Esther, Something you might try, go to this site and file a DREJORDDF and pracipes for dismissal with the clerk. I don’t guarantee it will work but it wouldn’t hurt anything. Send copies to the creditor and the attorney also after having them stamped filed. Also do a certificate of service that you will file with the court to let them know the creditor and attorney were served. Hope it helps. I did this and it has them at a stand still.

  18. Heidi Porada says : Reply

    Hi i’m having some issue with my landlord’s I couldn’t find the right letter for sending out the Courtesy Notice I’m very stuck on that !!!

  19. BARBARA says : Reply

    Hello, I’M trying to find out where do I start at to get things going ; i mean I’m at the very beginning. So can someone please walk me through and guide me. I will leave my story so you guys can enjoy this journey with me.

  20. Ray Edwards says : Reply

    I recently found out about this and have done limited research as I am not computer savvy. Would LOVE a step a through z direcection. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Located in Knoxville Tn

  21. Frances in France says : Reply

    Why do we still see this 1776 peoples trust site which has been closed long ago as if it was still active? It is not good if you want other people to take all this thing seriously.

  22. Sherry says : Reply

    Will this work with school & land taxes too?

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