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Courage is not the absence of fear, but is instead, DO’ing and BE’ing in spite of the fear.


Circle-I-logo copyThe sharing of our FREE-DO’m stories I’MPOWERs others to also DO and BE more.  That DO’ing and BE’ing multiplies and expands the awareness and energy so others can also take courage.

Your stories will BE’come the backbone and strength of the global awareness of the One People’s Public Trust and the knowledge we are indeed all ONE through the gift and acceptance of the Universal Value Exchange.

We welcome your stories with open arms.  Please know that your contributions will give others the bravery to BE free as well, to lift the veil from their own eyes and recognize each and every others’ Eternal Essence.


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28 Responses to “Freedom Stories”

  1. Mario Triballi says : Reply

    This Above Is The web-Address for a Video I made about a young man ‘Chase Binnie’ going into the Office of the Attorney General of Minnesota to give information and Educate them that the Government has been Foreclosed. Also the Police Force, Law Courts and the Corporation of U.S.A!

    • Linda says : Reply

      The Guardian Express is an online very small website it has nothing to do with the UK Guardian, this is promoting illusion upon illusion for people who dont bother to do their own research.

  2. Ray Edwards says : Reply tells of a recent supreme court ruling va against lidating the people’s right to establish a common law grand jury. In addition they have supplied a16 page instruction manual explain how 25 people can form such a grand jury under common law.
    The grand jury is an English institution brought to this country by the early colonists and incorporated into the constitution by the founders. . .”to provide a fair method for instituting criminal proceedings against persons believed to have committed crimes.” [Costello v. United States, 350 US 359 (1956)]

  3. Judy Blye says : Reply

    I want to believe we have been set free, but it is a little difficult when things in Washington stay the same, people are still being foreclosed on illegally the media is still a propaganda machine. What is realty,it is what we see in front of us and I still see the old reality. This new reality needs to be more pervasive. People have lost hope and have gained a lot fear these last 10years. When you have a government that gives you 9-11 and endless unnecessary wars and then fraudulent elections, the fed still printing money this is the reality that exists for most of us.

  4. Mario says : Reply

    Thank You! Appearances Are Deceptive and You Must Hold In Your Heart and Mind That Everything Has Changed Now Feel this Way And Do Not Have Anything To Do With Thoughts Of The Old Ways! Think of How The OPPT Has Started The Changes And It Is For Each One Of Us To Educate Inform And Make Inforcement Of This Golden Age. The Same Way You Eat A Huge Elephant – ‘One Bite At A Time!’

    Please Look At You tube Channel: ClubAngloTalking .

    Thank You

  5. Tiffany Conniff says : Reply

    Hello, All. I was reading another hate and ignorance filled comments section on Huffington Post about immigration. It has occurred to me (again), that the people are in serious need of foundational concept corrections. Since legal and lawful are too different things, the latter being the true and universal standard, then why are people arguing against some others being here (U.S.) illegally. And then trying to hold those ‘illegals’ to some kind of punishment phase out of their belief that they did something wrong or against them (the accusers). It would seem to me that if you are American, you are here in all of America lawfully and should be able to move freely as an American. They are here lawfully. That’s the standard. Right? Or am I missing something? I want freedom for all, and I think that starts with freedom from ignorance. And freedom from standing up for perpetual ignorance.

  6. Pat says : Reply

    Hello fellow Doers!

    I am an enthusiastic follower of the movement and I have assisted some people in sending their CN’s and they had success. However I am asking myself a basic question which relate to the notification to each and every country process. If I were a government agent who receive a CN I would ask the proof that the claims to be rebutted have been sent and who received it and where is the proof of delivery. As an example in Canada who received the claim made by OPPT and the proof of delivery? Thanks in advance much love xxx

  7. richard says : Reply

    Pat. My innerstanding is that CN’s are a tool to let every person know they are free if they choose to be free. The UCC filings referred to in the foreclosure flyer and cn’s are in the public domain. For each filing there is a clerk’s name and fee attached at the point of filing in Washington state. Thus they were received and by their own rules the ptw have a time line (which may vary in different countries) to rebut the filings. July 25 they were filed, thereby given notice. By Oct 24 they were not rebutted. By their own rules it is done. Love to all..

    • Pat says : Reply

      Ok thanks Richard when you say the fillings were received can you clarify by which means they were received? Where can I learn more about the proces you refer to? Thanks in advance!

  8. richard says : Reply

    Hi Pat Top right of each filing has the info I mentioned. I’m in Canada as well. Hope to see you in the Skype access value room some time so we can chat more. dreamnavigator is my name there I think.

  9. JD says : Reply

    Hey Pat, I too wanted to verify the documents, so I tracked down this Washington D.C. property site and ran a search. You can search by document number and see the filings are there. I went ahead and dropped a little cash and download a few of the main documents just so I could prove to others that they exist as I go to educate more people. As Richard indicated, each doc has the name of the person that recorded the document and other information. You can use this link or search through many other UCC portals to find the same information.

  10. saidah says : Reply

    So how do we use this info?? This is were im stuck. Or maybe can doc be used to inform the city police that they dont exist!! I have declared the Exector Office to deal with their documentations and that is not being honored. WHAT AM I MISSING?

  11. Nicole says : Reply

    I have sent a Courtesy Notice to the alleged ceo of the alleged royal bank of canada and to the lawyer representing them. The resolution officer of the alleged bank as returned the Courtesy Notice saying that it had no legal effect and so of course it does not under the system of slavery. The lawyer’s office has now send me an affidavit and a petiton to the court for the title of our equity on the land. Now I am a little lost as to my next step. Can you help. What am I missing?

  12. Marcus G says : Reply

    Success! I had an ongoing garnishment that was quite fraudulently obtained. Legal efforts to remove it failed. A few months ago I faxed a courtesy notice to their attorney. I heard nothing, but the garnishment disappeared! Thank you! (FYI – it took me a few hours of reading to understand what the courtesy notices were and how to use them. It was worth it!)

    • Jodi R Spencer says : Reply

      Hi Marcus,

      Can you help me? I’m trying to send a CN to my mortgage company but not sure if I’m doing this correctly.

  13. arthur koberinski says : Reply

    update on my story…. i have experienced the attempted notices to vacate from the county courts….i returned the notices by altering the document VOID and returning to their originating agent….the clerk signing as “sheriff”….when the agent arrived to enforce the order i required him to produce 3 pieces of id to evidence his supposed “authority”….he refused and the 5 police cruisers and he left….without attempting to physically remove me….i did not attend or appear at any of the supposed “legal” hearings as they are for the corporate “legal person” created and owned by the crown

    • kala says : Reply

      Regarding student debt are you familiar with what to do I DO NOT want to mess up anything in the process and hurt myself in the long run?

      Thank you very much
      love and wisdom kala

  14. 'loving father' says : Reply

    I will make this as blunt as I can.. Had a beautiful child with a lady that turned into a soicalpath. She blindsided me and let the state of Oregon to Washington with no notice or agreement. she teaches taxation at UW and is a Lawyer.
    she has slapped a restring order on me for no reason and has used her legal and influence on the powers that be.
    She has more money then and is a 1percienter.she has made it so I have nothing to fight her with and thanks to the awaking and info I have been guided to from one true love. are creator. please I need to know how to object in writing in king county superior court. I have done very well up to now they are bold face lying on petitions and im against 2 super lawyers and a P.I that follows me and her uncle is a vice pres of N.S.A . There is so much I have to prove her illegal tactics and she premeditated the whole move 3 months before kidnapping my little girl.

    thank you for readying this ; God Speed

  15. Esther BE says : Reply

    I heard Mayan Elder Wandering Wolf say, “The Longest Road You’ll Ever Walk , Is The One From Your Mind To Your Heart”!
    Let’s Get To Stepping!

    The work has been done. We Are Free!
    On December 25, 2012, three public trustees disclosed groundbreaking legal documents filed on behalf of THE ONE PEOPLE.

    It feels sooo right to me to begin using the tools that have been prepared for us. United we stand, divided we fall. If enough of us begin sending out foreclosure flyers to media personnel…..we can cover quite a bit together.

    If enough of us begin using the courtesy notices and other documents that are available for our use…we could shift our world to utilization of the laws (Universal, Common and UCC) that would create Peace and Harmony for ALL!!
    My heart is in it!!! {CVAC set-up on the way} 🙂

    Much Love & Respect to All!
    Enjoy Your Day!

  16. Problem Estonia says : Reply

    I have problem with Estonia coverment and i use this ucc 2012127914 doc and they sayd that it had no legal effect in Estonia. I explained this admirality law but nothing. Is in Estonia somebody who know this law or ucc assistance. Waiting replay

  17. EstherBE says : Reply

    Good Day All,

    I mailed my first courtesy notice on August 13, 2014. Today, August 28, 2014 I’ve received two letter responses.
    First letter dated August 22, 2014 as follows:
    from Cardmember Service, P.O. Box XXX48, City, State Zip Code CHASE Logo on right side.
    Addressed to: (My name & address)

    RE: Your account ending in XXXX

    Dear Esther

    Thank you for contacting us to advise that you do not recognize this account and to request validation of the debt.

    We’ve reviewed our records and requested the last three billing statements showing charges made or payments received on this account. You will receive them in a separate mailing. We provided monthly billing statements previously for this account in the normal course of business. However, if you want additional documents other than the statements that have already been requested for you, please specify the ones you need and we will provide them if they are available.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team at 1-800-xxx-xxxx. We are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m. (ET).


    Customer Support Team

    Second letter dated August 22, 2014 as follows:
    from Cardmember Services, P.O. Box XXX23, City, State Zip Code
    (PLEASE NOTE: MAY NOT BE OF ANY IMPORTANCE, BUT THIS 2ND LETTER DOESN’T HAVE THE “CHASE” logo. It “Cardmember Services is plural vs. singular on the first. The P.O. Box numbers are different. City and State are the same, but different zip codes) Just saying………..
    Addressed to: (My name & address)

    RE: Your account ending in XXXX

    Dear Esther

    Thank you for contacting us with questions about your account. We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to work with you. As you requested, we’re enclosing a copy of your billing statement(s).

    Sometimes we can’t fit all the requested statements into one envelope! So if you requested copies and you don’t see all the statements you requested in this envelope, rest assured additional statement copies will be sent to you in a separate letter.


    Cardmember Service

    1st letter is from Customer Support Team (Need a person’s name)
    2nd Letter is from Cardmember Service

    The KICKER here too is they sent 3 statements dated 12/28/12, 1/28/13 and 2/28/13

    Off I go into study mode to figure this out. Stay Tuned…………..
    Please allow me to add: The KICKER is the statement dates are after 12/25/12 Trustee filing. There was an account prior to 2012!!

    The deal for me right now is I am in no position to afford the debts!!! I have to try and utilize the tools set forth for use of freeing oneself. Please assist me with your Love & Light 🙂 !!!

    I feel that I’m in this with my ALL…. I want to uplift myself as well as assist ALL of HUMANITY!!! We are all tired of the enslavement. Working for shelter, food and basic necessities!!! Seeing so much NEGATIVE treatment in the workforce and people so SAD and MISERABLE. I PRAY daily to be uplifted and uplifting for ALL I come in contact with!

    I ask the unseen POSITIVE FORCES to come into my field of play and assist me to stay aligned with the HIGHEST GOOD at all times!!

    Love YOU!

  18. Jon says : Reply

    I have so many questions. I have been doing extensive research from the movement people have made regarding the TDA accounts. I am aware we are in a changing system which makes me believe this can be happening, but as stated earlier the reality paints a different picture. So questions:
    1) has any reported and negative repercussions (fines, jail), regarding acting on this information?

    2) I understand there have been road blocks which are being overcome, is this process getting easier?

    3) I have found a form for establishing the account is mine (factual trust? I think) do you have other forms with explanations for how we can fully actualize and establish our control over these accounts like the bail entities agreement?

    4)How do we set up our accounts through our bank and get checks routed from the TDA?

    Thank you all for everything your doing and in advance for the answers to these questions.

  19. Brianna Kirby says : Reply

    Hi, yall.
    I’m 23 years old and I guess I’m stupid. I get the basic idea of all this but there’s so much I am confused about. If anyone is willing to walk me through and help me understand, that would be awesome.


  20. Jim says : Reply

    Perhaps the above could be shared with the judge in the context of coming from a friend of the court. Better the judge be enlightened than have to suffer from the consequence of a penalty for harming Heather

    Thank you for not publishing my name or email address.

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