Freedom Stories Gathered April 3-5th

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by Josephine Wall

Kelly Killian Sutton:

A friend of mine jut shared this with me: She has a neighbor who works for State Employees Credit Union in Raleigh, NC… she asked her if she knew the banks and governments had been foreclosed on? She said, “yes”. Then, my friend asked what they were doing about it. She said, :business as usual until otherwise notified.” This is why we need to continue to DO!!!!! Individuals are being USED in the system as usual. However, I hope this gives you peace in knowing that what has happened is TRUTH!

Patrizia Ofthe Laaffamily:

So, in response to my COURTESY NOTICE to this gentleman in the tax collection agency I received a letter where he charged me with 300 Euro penalty payment. So, I sent him my invoice about 2000 because he activated a contract with me. I sent him this invoice along with some polite lines and a copy of the entry of his organization in D&B, on April 2 via registered mail. Today, April 5, I received his response on this letter (the tracking of the my letter showed that he received it on April 4). Wow!!! Pretty quick response!!!!

He starts his letter with explaining that he is acting on behalf of – and that is interesting now – not the tax collection agency, but the State of Bavaria (Germany). Then he says that it’s not his duty to teach me in state law. And it’s not their duty to legitimate the State of Bavaria or the „Federal Republic of Germany“ to me. He told me I can find all the legal basis for the agency’s acting in our „constitution“. 😀 Unfortunately he forgot to mention where exactly I can find it.

Then he points out that my invoice was illegal and is not being accepted, because 😀 I would not have a contract with him.

And then he says if I would think the financial administration would act unlawful I should complain to the head of his organization or to his teamleader as well as to another organization which is above his agency. So, that sounds to me as if he is suggesting to me that I should activate a contract with them …?

What I find amazing is, his previous letter three weeks ago totally set me into fear. And today, when I look at this new letter all I feel is, he seems to be confused or scared. And I don’t feel any fear at all – nor any anger. Now that I’m about knowing who I AM!


Wolff Coulombe:

A couple of weeks ago I sent a CN and a cover letter to a debt collection company CEO.

The company had sent me several letters saying they were attempting collect a debt. The letters never had a name of who sent them, just customer service. I googled the company and eventually found the CEO/owner of the company. I sent a CN with a cover letter. The cover letter is not harsh or demanding. The cover letter lets the recipient know that due to the OPPT filings that bank and government charters has been cancelled and therefore his company business license was cancelled, therefore he was acting with unlimited liability in his dealilngs with me.

I pointed out the UCC citations that he could research if he chose to do so. A couple of weeks later I received two letters from his company. Two different dates on the letters. One letter said they had contacted the customer they were attempting to collect the debt from and the customer said that ‘in the interest of customer service’ they were forgiving the debt. The debt collection company said they were no longer going to make any efforts to collect the debt. The second letter stated that they had also contacted the three major credit bureaus and deleted the negative information about the debt from my credit reports.

Interesting in my cover letter I did not say anything to them about my credit record. I of course am glad they did. The impression I got from both letters was ‘we did everything you asked for, and more, will you know leave us alone?’ CN’s work!


Lucius Borich:

FYI I sat with a Bank Manager. I went into the Westpac bank first thing on Wednesday morning before the daily stress and was welcomed in. “Good morning” said the BM I asked him if we could sit for a minute and look at some very interesting information in regards to banks, all banks around the world etc. He invited me into his office.

On me I had the OPPT – Foreclosure flyer the Universal Value Exchange, I & the UV Exchange and a copy of the Courtesy Notice. I simply said ‘have you heard about the Foreclosure on the banks and Governments world wide? A flat out NO, nothing at all was his response. I went on. ‘I’ve been a customer for 12 years with you guys. This amazing & exciting information is now on the table for all to share.

This helps me realise this is going to change the way we do business together forever?

He was very interested and sat and listen to me for a time about what I knew but I didn’t babble on. I was only their to make connection and drop off the information. I could see he was a tad confused but he was not dismissive to any of the information at all which was nice to see. My hole point with the experience was to sit with the BM, David (very nice man) and ask if he might look over all the information before I come back in a few weeks, meet up and discuss where we go from here?

In this instant to have this grounding in the flesh before any action is taken was I felt an important step. I’ve been doing the same with the local community as much as I can!….Just wanted to share to encourage others to BE and DO if they felt like doing the same! Loving the Foreclosure Flyer nice tool….thanks OPPT… peace


Mago John Alex:

This post is to inform the poeple that on march 1,2013 A CN was sent out to a CA (Collecting Agency) for alleged $1000 FRN.As of April 4,2013 they have not contracted or responded to the CN .. After 34 day I’ll take this has a success that the CN was honored or they just didin’t want to re-contract with one of the people.So my humble opinion of OPPT is all positive.Bless you all “Knowledge is Power ” & we will not perish haveing the knowledge.Thank you OPPT , I have felt the Magic.


Diane Armitage:

My thoughts in BEing today.
I want to describe what I have been going through since Dec 25 2012 (and actually to a different degree, prior to); sharing may help others who are having similar challenging experiences. OPPT resonated from the get-go; Heather’s words and energy created a vibrational shift in me as well. Not too far along from ‘that’ day, I would randomly go through what i refer to as ‘my wobble’…but found after a short duration of this wobble I emerge more energized, and knowing, as well as, recognizing truth more and more clearly and quickly.

As of late, I still go through the occaisonal wobble, but what I have also noticed, it is generally now spurred on by a feeling of ‘separation’. Once I contemplated where this was coming from I realized that for generations WE ALL have been separated from our true knowing of who we ARE…and is all we have known…NOW, we are BEing woken up to the ALL of who WE ARE! So, the separation I am feeling is the separation and tearing away of the old illusonary veil of course we will feel separation, but just let it go – it is the shedding of the old paradigm and the illusion that has been put upon us. Know this, embrace this, truly love yourSelf and rest – growing pains can be uncomfortable.

WE are just realizing that for eons of generations, we have been taught to de-hue-manize, and became plainly, human beings, and NOW we are in the throwes of re-membering we are Hue-mans BEing! Iam who is called diane – Much Love


Balaram Brett Watters:

Just made multiple copies of the FORECLOSURE-FLYER and put under the doors of all the banks in town n copies left at the ATM’s for people to take. DO’ing something. BE the change.


Debt Collection Company Folds DOing by Mr W:

A couple of weeks ago I sent a CN to a debt collection company. I found their CEO via their website. I addressed the CN to the CEO, as the letter I received had no name on it. In my cover letter to the CN I pointed out some key points that applied to him in the CN. [I send a cover letter with each CN. The content of the cover letter varies depending on to whom I send the CN to.]

One thing I pointed out was how much I would invoice him, personally. I pointed out that ‘if’ he had submitted the alleged ‘debt’ to the credit bureaus he would be invoiced for that as well. I pointed out how many oz of silver he would owe me.

Well a few days ago I received two letters from the debt company. The letters in essence said the y had contacted the customer and the customer decided to drop the debt collection. the debt CEO said that his company would never contact me again re: the debt; plus he had written to the credit bureaus to remove the debt from my credit account. The CN worked Very Happy


One of the Melbourne OPPT members just reported this

“i used a courtesy notice against police and backed them down in court two magistrates copped it and havent heard anymore since i take it as a win, along with a cn i simply asked them in what capacity they were acting and are you a public servant, they refused to answer si i asked one whom is paying your wages he said i dont have to tell you so i told him you have no authority and no consent case dismissed and left the court.”

woo hoo”


Kelly Killian Sutton:
Yesterday, I had a lady call me because she personally wanted to learn more about OPPT and the information of the CN and Invoice she had received. She had received the information from the alleged bank individual that seems to believe I have a car debt with them. They had sent the information to her to escalate their issue. We had a great conversation. I put together an email with the foreclosure flyer and some other information. Her name is Dawn so please send some great energy her way. I could tell she knew what I was saying was TRUTH, but it was hard for her to believe.


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