Freedom Stories Collected April 11th

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by Josephine WallStacy:

Illinois, U.S.
This past Saturday April 6th I planned on handing out the Foreclosure flyer to several banks. However, I only got to one, Bank of America because the man I spoke with wanted to know more so I ended up talking to him for 45 minutes. He copied the documents I had, asked me tons of questions, was very polite, and said he would be talking to several managers about the documents. He was VERY curious about the site to use to look up the monetary value attached to your ss# LOL. It was a great day!


Todd Ellis:
United States of America in the Georgia Republic

I’ve been dealing with the IRS for a number of years initially for myself but then began helping others with serious IRS issues. They don’t send me anything much any longer but occasionally the computer will spit out some kind of collections letter for an issue that was resolved long ago. Bear in mind I haven’t filed a federal income tax return for about 7 years and they have never confiscated one red cent from me.

Well, I received one of those computer generated letters about a month and a half ago and promptly responded emphatically rejecting their offer to contract, as I always do, along with an OPPT Courtesy Notice. Within 2 weeks I received a reply saying that they were transferring all account records and that correspondence to an office in Ohio and I would not be hearing from that office again. I’ve been having one victory after another with them over the last 7 or 8 years and even forced them to give me back nearly $30,000 of previously withheld earnings a couple of years ago but this was a new response that I have never experienced with such a correspondence so chalk up another Victory for the freeman.

Kind Regards,



Heiner Lohmann:

I´m a human being and want to help to give peace for everyone in this world ..


Dinar Rate still climbing —- above 8.
Wells Fargo taking care of politicians first, Tier 2, cashing in there vouchers in Reno yesterday. Numerous Executive private jets on the tarmac in Reno.
IRS TERMINATED 4/15/13. All communications to be returned after 4/14/13.
Obama Meeting Bankers today to discuss new financial organization under the Republic without the Federal Reserve. Announcement on mainstream media anticipated this evening.
Tier 1 & 2 Done Yesterday – Today Tier 3 Public
Tier 3 exchanges start evening of 11th in Reno


Adelaide South Australia
Today I handed out two foreclosure flyers with a smile and good intent, one to the Port Adelaide Enfield council and one to the office of the local state mp. The reception i received at the council offices was quite warm but it was the opposite at the state mp”s office, one of distrust and anger, that was quite sad but i remain upbeat to DO and BE.


Ginger Vogler:
Kona, Hawaii

Today I submitted letters to both the LA superior court and to all the Canadian
folks RE Deryl’s case.
(please note the email address for Norlock did not work)

Below is the letter I used, if of any further use. I sent it out to my KOI meetup
group, “to use in a similar way”.

REQUEST: Was thinking it would be great to get a posting on this site of exactly how
Deryl’s case succeeds . . . that could be used to take into my local Hawai’i island
police departments. There is nothing like an acknowledgement from another police
department of oppt as real, to get through to closed dis-believing ears 🙂

In Gratitudes of Aloha,


Trip Mcmurray:
Denver Co usa

Well let me start where I started so first I printed up a bunch of the forclosure fliers. I was handing not really feeling that much about them. Then I decided to go in and hand them to bank employees. Omg the energy was running through me. It gave me the courage to take a courtesy notice to my land lord. Soon I will know the truth.


Thomas Maddox:
Colorado, USA

Out of the blue I received a collection notice from a third or fourth party debt collector (you know the ones who buy debt from banks etc).  Since the letter was not signed (are they ever?) I did some searching on the web and found the CEO and CFO for this corporation (Portfolio Recovery Assoc, LLC in Norfolk VA).  I sent both entities a Courtesy Notice.  Fourteen days later I received another unsigned post stating that their investigation is complete and my account has been closed.  I consider this a win.


James Manuel:

Car rego Queensland Australia
Hi, I have a part stoy so far.

I have no rego since January 2013. I turned plates around and put OPPT -IN black on white reflective. I got through many passing blue cars until 25-3-13 when I noticed a off duty officer watching me go into IGA. Next day, the first blue car pulled me over with intent/knowing.
I had a good conversation with Nigel and actually connected with his essence.this because I continually referred to the foreclosed corporation and asked if he worked for a real gov or a corporation. He would not eye contact me until about at least 10 minutes of my standing in my space and offering my help of his situation, I actually got 100% ete contact with him.

I offered a CN but he refused. After about 20 minutes, he did ask me if I had a spare copy of that CN…
I mixed the bag, by asking the other officers, who were removing the former states luggage/cargo form my car if he swore an oath to QE2… He proudly and sternly said I Do.. So, I told him that she is condemned as a convicted Fallon…
I asked them all if they had a “business card” and the answer is yes, which I got from all 3.
This was my first experience with “this” journey so I did stuff a few bit up…
I did not go to the caught hearing…
I issued Cn’s to the 3 officers and to the caught house and 1 to the former Queensland commissioner in which I did tell him  I declined and rejected the invitation to attend the caught.

I also told the former commissioner that to blend in, I would be displaying plates with INDY-94 [AUSTRALIA], which are my private property… actually I said they belong to I.
I have my new plates on (2 of the 10 that I bought).
Now this got interesting when I went to a farm just yesterday and there was a crash a few meters form the driveway.
I was driving at walking speed and my wagon is a one of a king… unmistakable…
As I drove past the 6 blues, I heard one say … nice looking number plate…
I stayed at the farm, kn owing I did not have enough invoices to issue to whoever may want to join in, but I filled the 2 versions I have in the car which are 1 for if they choose to kidnap me for not going to caught and the other is for if they want to take posession of my plates… which do have a 1000 ounce silver price tag and 500 ounce per day…. on them.
I drove out when I felt that I was ready and nothing happened….
I drove, freely and smilingwn where there was 1 blue parked just before the STOP sigh. MMmmmm…. I thought. I indicated to go around him in as safe a manner s I could, and stopped at the STOP sign as I normally don’t if the road is clear, and, nothing happened… This is when I got really excited, but…. the road is long and the journey is not over yet.
These people don’t miss a trick, and it is very obvious that INDY-94 in blue and white with AUSTRALIA in RED is not a state plate and I do believe they would not have missed something that really stands out.

The last time, 10 years ago when I stood for something I believed in, they harassed me for months, they kidnapped me twice for not going to caught and I did not give up until, I experience a near death situation on the farm which got to me after months of absolute suffering, so, I did actually give up. They only got me 13 times.

Now, my thinking tells me that because I have issed CN’s to these 3 initiates and to the former commissioner, I have invoices ready filled out for my journeying. All I have to do is put the name in. I have included after the names, … As Eternal Essence Embodied for both parties, bringing both to an equal standing.
#1 invoice is inclusive of items 2. 3. 6. and 16

#2 invoice is inclusive of items 1. 2. 13. and 14.

I have them printed on bond paper and I have a COPY for each on plain paper so I can fill it out as well for my records.

And, this is the end of my story, so far.

I say, good intentions to any and all others on the roads, educating our blue friends.

Kind Regards,

James Manuel, As eternal essence embodied.


Mamma G:

I have sent 7 CNs – two to lawyers, three to debt collection agencies, one to the energy and water ombudsman and one to a loans officer at my bank regarding the mortgage. I have been sending my CNs and Invoices with love, letting the people know of the benefit these UCC filings have for them personally.

The lawyers and debt collectors both attempted to tell me the CNs have no bearing on the matter and are not relevant to Australia, so I issued them with invoices for continuing to contact me and sent them explanatory letters (see following). After receiving the invoices and letter they stopped contacting me over four weeks ago (they were contacting me at least two to three times a week beforehand).

This is part of the letter I sent (mostly taken from the Frequently Answered Questions about OPPT webpage, I think) ……………..
As it’s possible that you are unaware of the international recognition of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), I ask you, with respect, to please note the following:

1. The Courtesy Notices received by both *** **** and *** **** have absolute bearing on this matter and are applicable internationally.
2. These Courtesy Notices are most definitely applicable under Australian law.
3. The UCC is the Prime Commercial Registry on the planet. Its international, national and state portals, branches and franchises under the UCC-preserved “Agent to Principle is Principle to Agent” doctrine are all uniform.
4. Notice by public registration entered via any one of the system’s portals is deemed as notice to the entire system. If you enter one portal you enter the whole system. Washington DC is an international portal for UCC filings; therefore “any and all domestic and international equivalents” covers all the corporations linked to the UCC.
5. The Uniform Commercial Code is recognized as law by its international regulatory equivalents…many of which were modelled on the UCC. For example, the laws relating to Personal Properties and Securities in Canada, New Zealand and Australia were all directly modelled on Article 9 of the UCC.
6. As the UCC filings stated in the Courtesy Notices sent to *** *** and *** ***, of which you are now party to, remain unrebutted, all three of you have accordingly been advised that you ‘now act in the capacity of an individual entity, without a corporate safety net and with full personal liability for EVERY ACTION YOU TAKE under common law protected and preserved by public policy UCC 1-103, and Universal law, the governing law laid out in the OPPT UCC filings. (Refer: WA DC UCC Ref Doc # 2012113593)
I am still in communication with my bank and the Ombudsman and two employees at the alleged EWOQ have received invoices. I have now invoiced the actual ombudsman himself as he personally replied to my last letter. The loans officer at the bank is doing all she can to gather the information I have requested as proof of validity of my mortgage. In the meantime I have told her to freeze the interest on the loan and if validity can be eventually be proven I have said I will make restitution and make payments to the lawful holder.
To the bank and the Ombudsman, the following is part of the covering letter I sent ……… constructed from various other letters, my own words and an early radio transcript of an interview with Heather [♥ thank you to all the authors ♥] ………..

You may not be aware, but the legal and lawful landscape of our world is now changing dramatically, and although this information may not have yet made its way through the system or the mainstream media, the fact remains that these major changes are underway. This is largely due to the UCC filings made by the trustees of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT). Please see the enclosed Operation Paradigm Final Bullet Report detailing the investigation mentioned below.

Briefly; one of the trustees, Heather Tucci-Jarraf was a United States lawyer, working in high levels of banking trade, finance and international law, and back in 2008/2009 she was working on an investigation regarding mirror loans at the World Bank. During that investigation, a significant amount of fraudulent paper was uncovered relating to the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae collapse. She randomly selected some of the houses out of the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae papers, tracing it all the way back to the homes, and found that these securities, worth about $50 million dollars, were based on property that was worth around 10% of that amount. Heather and a number of her colleagues then came across further evidence that fraud was being perpetrated on the people internationally, not only by the financial system but also by numerous de-facto governments and corporations. This information was part of what led to the formation of the OPPT and the UCC foreclosure filings mentioned in the Courtesy Notice.

Consequently, as there is no longer a corporate safety net, you now have full personal liability for every action you take under common law protected and preserved by public policy UCC 1-103. (Refer: WA DC UCC Ref Doc # 2012113593).

Even though the Courtesy Notices stand on their own, I feel it important that we let people know the background of how the UCC filings came about, because so many in the banking and corporate industries are fully aware of the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae collapse, so this makes it more ‘real’ to them, rather than simply dismissing it as not relevant or a conspiracy theory. I also send a copy of the 20 page Operation Paradigm Final Bullet Report with the letter.

Love and light to all



Heather Campbell:

So recently I canceled all the automatic payments to my credit cards and sent Foreclosure Flyers in place of checks with my statements! Wow! What a freeing moment that was! I watched Consent To Be Governed a couple of times which released all fear I had and made me realize I need to take a step and help all people become free! OPPT has been an answer to my dreams! A couple of my friends and I have been into the new paradigm change for the last year or more and were at first disappointed when Dec 21st past and nothing dramatic changed. Then I ended up listening to one of the first OPPT radio shows n was flabbergasted! I called my friend and told her I think I see the change. To my delight OPPT is exactly what I have been asking for! My reality has not been the same since! I’m not scared and have a new passion…FREEDOM!!! I have a project on the horizon for alerting people in Anchorage where I live. I’ll tell you all about it when I’m closer to finishing.

Love to All, Always and Forever,


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