Former Army Pilot CW2 Anne K. West: Chemtrails Are Very Real

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  1. Mary-Beth Fishpaw says : Reply

    I’ve known about chemtrails for over 4 years now. I live in SC on Lake Wateree and also on the spacecoast of FL. I’m not sure how far Shaw AFB is from my home in SC, however I see these trails on a daily basis…or the sky is not a deep blue anymore & sometimes it is white. The sun is more intense, as it seems to burn my skin when I’m outside. I’m nervous about going in or even near the lake anymore, due to the blue-green algae that attached itself to my floating dock last summer. I also see these trails covering the sky in FL, usually around dawn and dusk. I’ve handed out flyers, put them on cars in parking lots, talked to people who say they’ve never looked up…and these are OLDER people. My husband is FINALLY acknowledging that these are not normal “contrails” and that planes do not fly in ways that make geometric symbols. Though, I FEEL he doesn’t really think they affect him, and this makes me crazy! My daughter, son-in-law think I ought to be wearing a tinfoil hat & they are in their early 40’s & have 2 daughters, my grandchildren who are very brainwashed too! I had my daughter when I was 18, so I’m now 60, my husband is 61 & we KNOW what the sky used to look like! My daughter & I lived in Jerome AZ all during the 80’s so we were privy to looking at all the stars at night, & the deep blue sky during the day.As I told Dane Wigington a few weeks back, via email, I was frustrated at the lack of belief I experienced on a daily basis, plus I’ve become extremely discerning due to teaching myself the Trivium & can tell when some people SAY they believe or see, when I KNOW they are just placating me. This is going on 24/7, day & night for years now, & I’m extremely sensitive to them. I get horrendous headaches, insomnia, muscle cramps & charlie horses (sometimes in the weirdest places) & feel like I have a cold or sinus infection MOST of the time.
    I have a very deep well in SC that I’ve tested myself to see if the water has been compromised, and as yet it has not, nor has the power company started to charge me for my water. My husband still likes to open the doors on warm days “to let fresh air in the house” even though I’ve literally begged him NOT to use the term “fresh air” in my presence, as the air is anything BUT FRESH! Yet, to this day, he still does it. He’s had no symptoms, except for occasional insomnia (which he does not attribute to the spraying) so it’s really a “non issue” to him, even though he sees me sick most of the time, when I NEVER used to get sick, EVER! I’m very concerned for my granddaughter’s, their Prussian Education & the propaganda they are taught for 12+ years. I understand how we’ve been systematically “dumbed down” for many reasons, however we are not THAT stupid. Why aren’t people paying attention? My trees (of which there are many on my property in SC) are all dead or dying, the leaves all spotted black or diseased in some way, which is VERY visible, yet my husband refuses to acknowledge this! YOU CAN’T MISS IT, FOR GOD’S SAKE! I know I’m rambling, yet I truly do not know what to do anymore. Being “awake” to all of what is happening in America (and the world), when we ARE the majority, why don’t we resist and say NO, I DO NOT CONSENT…TO ANY ILLEGALITIES THAT ARE AND HAVE BEEN GOING ON! It’s also an extremely lonely place to be, especially if you are a social person, as I USED to be. Writing & ranting like this is the only social outlet I get anymore, so thank you for bearing with me.
    I found your site from another video I watched, to which I do not remember. I backed it up & looked in the search bar for the address & find your site to be really good. I’ve seen videos on here that I’ve NEVER seen before which are great and very informative. I really do not want the Earth to die, yet it is dying. In SC all around me it used to look & sound like a jungle, as there were many animals, birds, & vegetation surrounding me daily, especially in the spring & summer. Now if I see an occasional squirrel or deer, it is rare. I used to have a gaggle of geese that LOVED my dock and yard since 2005, until this year when they didn’t return. They drove me nuts as they were loud and shit everywhere (which was as large & looked like cat shit), & now I miss them terribly, wondering what happened to them. I have all kinds of trees, a lot of them tall pine trees and they are definitely dying. Their bark breaks off EASILY, the bottom of these trees turn to sawdust if I gently kick them, they have lost branches & the lower ones that are left droop, sometimes with a cluster of needles on the end that are the color of rust. The “experts” have told me they have either fungal disease or “southern tree beetle” disease, which is occurring now in the south…so why is this happening ALL OVER THE WORLD???? “The powers that shouldn’t be” have sprayed so much that in their deranged minds they just continue to spray to what end? To cover their tracks? They and the pilots are breathing the same air & they too are human, or at least I THINK they are, inbred yes, yet human. I know this is about money & power, genocide, eugenics, etc, however another one of my questions is this…If the earth is dead, the people and animals are dead & “they” somehow live, who in the hell are they going to rule over? This is WAY PAST Agenda 21, even though it’s been planned somewhat for centuries, as this spraying of toxic chemicals, GMO foods & toxic water continue, life will simply be gone, poof, most likely the ones who do this will be gone also.
    One more question, (although I could go on & on) is this: Are we, the people paying for all of this with our ILLEGAL tax dollars? A peaceful end to this could be as easy as the majority of people (throughout the world) simply stop paying taxes, even though all the money is printed “out of thin air” and not real. What would they do then? They’d have no “money” to pay the pilots or keep the HAARP facilities going so perhaps, just perhaps Mother Earth will be able to right herself, repair the ozone layer, & there will be enough animals to procreate, that within say 50 or so years, the earth would be the way it used to be. Food could then be medicinal, the way it was intended, there would be clean water to drink, and REAL fresh air to breathe. Our great grandchildren & beyond may stand a chance to live a wonderful, healthy life!
    Again, thank you for letting me vent and ramble! I do love your site!

  2. noel says : Reply

    Hi Mary-Beth, I’m from Australia and I can honestly say that I have never noticed any Chem-trails. I do however know that the sun burns a lot stronger than it used too, it feels like fire near your skin after about 5 mins in it. I’ve noticed less birds, less fish, a drop in quality fruit, veg, meat since implementation of Globalisation, including lots of Australian Businesses and farmers going broke because of cheap imports, we export our best and import their crap and most people have not woken to it. As for your family thinking you should be wearing a tin foil hat, don’t worry your not alone my family think the same of me, their eyes roll when I talk about the one people foreclosing on Banks and Corporate Government, private, local, unlawful, for profit Councils implementing AGENDA 21 they do not want to hear the truth, however it does make you feel all alone in the world when there is no one to listen. Don’t give up just because they have not awakened yet, they will eventually.

  3. Mary-Beth says : Reply

    Hi Noel! Thanks for commenting to me. I know for a fact that Australia is saturated by chemtrails & chembombs on a 24/7 basis too. I listen to many different podcasts and interviews from all over the world, via the web, and many people are from Australia. All you need to do is to look up, we are breathing this crap all of the time, and it is killing everything in nature, including us.

    At least we know we aren’t alone in our KNOWING, yet that doesn’t do much when time seems to be so short and ‘they’ continue to spray these toxins. It truly IS the most important topic of our time, and it MUST STOP! Only when enough of us resist, do not consent being very verbal about it, will it stop…if it’s not too late already. If we can get these “programs” to stop, then we can deal with all the rest of the crap the elitist (ha) are trying to cram down our throats & into our world. If you haven’t been, go to, Dane Wigingtons site. It is really informative too. This site is wonderful and I’m so glad I found it. I’m aware of everything (I think) that is going on around us, and how much it stinks. Since I ‘woke up’ it is about all I do on a daily basis. Tragedy and Hope is a great website too, as are it’s affiliates.

    Thanks again for commenting!

  4. Hal H says : Reply

    Noel, Mary-Beth…….there is an ARMY of us around this world that ‘get it’, see it, strong enough to ‘face it’…..though the conspiracy (yes I said it)if it SOOO large……most cant/won’t confront it!!!
    PEACE both of you!!

  5. Alison says : Reply

    Mary Beth, you aren’t crazy!! Find me on Facebook, under Snohomish Valley Produce. Im in Lakeland fl now, would love to meet you! Alison

  6. Paul Stein says : Reply

    Thank you Anne K. West !

  7. We’ve also noticed an increase in the Sun’s intensity. The spraying has increased dramatically over the past year. The trees are very sparse and many bushes appear burnt, especially on the southern exposure. Obviously, the Sun is burning us up, slowly ! I predict a catastrophic event within 4 years. The artificial cloud cover can’t indefinitely protect us.

  8. michele says : Reply

    i see the trails in our skies – northern nsw, australia. they’re there.

  9. Bobo Brazil says : Reply

    Anne….please contact me….I have a unique idea


  10. Craig fraser says : Reply

    They’re real. It’s finally been admitted

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