for Arthur – “be the change you wish to experience”

by / Saturday, 10 February 2018 / Published in Eternal Essence Embodied

for Arthur – “be the change you wish to experience”

by Sophia Love, published on February 9, 2018

Hey everyone. Friday afternoon is the worst time to post, everyone is on their way to the weekend and not paying much attention to social media.  Which I guess is a good thing, except for when there is something important that you miss because of it.  This feels important.  Really important.

A dear friend has unexpectedly transitioned. I just found out yesterday, but it happened late last week.  He lived in Canada.  His name is Arthur Koberinski.  He was one of those lights who quietly and consistently brightens your world. I only had a few live conversations with Arthur, (we interacted mostly via Skype messaging and group chats) yet like so many of us in this lightworker “work”, we were old friends.  We were spreading the same news, fighting similar battles and we knew the same people, on and off planet. He is a jewel and his light is not gone, but, I expect, will instead emanate more brilliantly from an expanded position.

The title of this post is his quote from Skype.  I guess, he wanted to experience something  else, before any of us were quite ready for him to exit.  What I can share about him is that he loves ​music, “Wookiefoot” particularly. He loved to share “A card for now” with those of us who were in communication with him.  I never knew where he got them, but they were perfect every time. He knew a great deal about the financial corruption and debt structure we are all dealing with. He loved nature. He had a gigantic heart.

Some lyrics he recently shared with me seem to fit this post and moment:

​I came here on a brave driving wheel
Now I’m wearing these heavy arms of steel
Don’t know what is light and what is shadow
I kind of thought I did but I guess I don’t know

I am writing now to say goodbye because I never got to.  Also to share his latest project, which was to help our friend, Kathy Kelly, relocate to Canada. I’ve mentioned this on this blog before.  Arthur’s passing has inserted a bit more urgency into Kathy’s situation. She was heading to Arthur. She is right now, grieving this unexpected loss and redefining her next steps. If you can offer any financial or energetic help or suggestions on where she and her 3 pups could relocate, please visit this page: (click here)

If anyone has some story or moment to share, please do so below.  Arthur was one of  my most immediate and loyal readers, so he’ll see it right away! I am including a song below that was shared by my friend Todd.  It reminds me of who Arthur was to me and  to so many of us.  It reminds me of what he believed.  I think now that he is “up there” shining his light, shit is going to get done, and it’s going to get done quickly!

I love you Arthur, but you know that.  I’ve been trying to reach you today, but you are just too busy already to chat. That’s okay, I could sense you and it was comforting to know that your light hasn’t dimmed, not one bit.  Shine on brother, shine on.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much gratitude,


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