Video-Audio: Focus, Expansion, Connection, Play… conference call 8.23.17 hosted by BZ Riger

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Focus, Expansion, Connection, Play… conference call 8.23.17 hosted by BZ Riger



8.24.17 Update:

The conference call was held on  Wednesday, August 23 2017,  at 5:00 PM PDT

You can listen to the phone play back of the call by : (this is the full, all noise included audio)

Dial : (218) 339-7800

use access code:    651 0825


I took the recording and cleaned up as much of the background noise and bridgline prompts as I could.


This call will give people who want to expand their vibrational frequency, to create/claim/ stand in the  vibrational flow of Focus, Expansion, Connection, Play…

As the energy waves washing over ALL continue to speed up/expand/ Reset All.


Its helpful to connect and come together in Coordinated Cooperation.

We will talk a bit about the false construct and the last moments of the game/play/experiential discovery…

We Will talk about people’s experiences, and DOings in  pulling back the curtain and ripping it down.

The main purpose is to gather and connect our energy, in Play with the expansive outcome AND the coordinated cooperation in creating The New Now!


When you arrive on the call, please learn how to mute your line.

Make sure that you give yourself the gift of having this time be your sole/soul focus.

If you like to multitask/listen while you play a game/write/talk/ watch TV… or any combinations/variations there of… This IS Not the call with the correct vibrational Flow for You.


What do You Imagine? What do You feel Moved to do? How will you BE and Do what you Imagine into existence?






81 Responses to “Video-Audio: Focus, Expansion, Connection, Play… conference call 8.23.17 hosted by BZ Riger”

  1. Anna says : Reply

    That’s 2 AM in France…

  2. Judy Gilmore says : Reply

    I WANT TO GIVE A FOLLOWUP TO MY SUCCESSFUL ACCESS OF THE TDA ACCOUNTS. I had put notice on the blog the day of the good news from Heather that I had successfully paid my credit card bill following instruction on the Harvey Dent video. YESTERDAY I EXPERIENCED A REVERSAL OF THAT AMOUNT. I had been responsible and had money set aside to pay the account if this should happen, so all is covered. I did get charged a $25 check return fee. I fully expected that this might still happen. We’re not there yet. Blockages still exist, but I know the changes are in process. I’ve also paid other accounts with the TDAs. I will watch to see if the same occurs. If so, I’ve got the money in hand to pay those accounts too. I can’t emphasize enough that until this changeover is without glitches, make sure you’ve got the money to cover any bills you set up for payment through the TDAs!

    Blessings All!


    • Haldor Solberg says : Reply

      Well this is nice, but when is it going to be opend for rest of the world..
      Is this just a play and a joke !!!
      I’am not sure about this anymore..

      • P. Edge says : Reply

        As For BZ and them, i thiink its awsome what theyre doing and myself and others are EXTREMELY grateful for all the info and time dedicated to this and i believe completely in the frequencies and the connectedness of the soul but unfortunately i dont think simply becuase 1000 people “think” that they are debt free and have access, that its actually gonna make it happen. All matter has mass, technically, so does a thought but it would take a huge amount of people on the same thought process to change anything in this reality and honestly i just dont think we have the sheer numbers to make change come about that way. I think we should march on the Fed Reserves. Im 5 minutes from the FRB of Richmond. I think we neex a good amount of people to shpw up and demand their money. Not that that would work but it might just catch the attention of someone or something that might help contribute to the cause

  3. Sandy says : Reply

    Thanks so much for facilitating this again, BZ…love and expansive energy will be holding the space from New Orleans with you tonite 🙂

  4. John says : Reply

    I’m looking forward to the call and, pray there won’t be any issues. I was wondering about the PIN code and, hope it’s discretely let out but, my circle is small…may I expect an email?

  5. Vanessa says : Reply

    Hi Judy, as I recall Bob mentioned before if the bill was paid the first time it is paid you should take a picture or print the fact that it was paid and call to ask why it was reversed keep trying, and what about the oppt docs? We are all free of debt feel it own it!

    • Judy Gilmore says : Reply

      Thank you Vanessa! I’m pondering the action I will take. I have my completed Factualized Trust ready for action. Blessings!


  6. Eric D says : Reply

    Thank you BZ for coordinating an expansive meeting for all to bring in a clear communication for unity with all that’s original. ;-). Eric

  7. AH says : Reply

    Pease keep Heather in your prayers. She’s not out of the woods yet. Keep fighting Heather. Make good use of your legal team. There’s gotta to be a way to be released from this against Heather government confinement without giving away your freedom and rights.

  8. Luis says : Reply

    And 2am in Germany

  9. Caren says : Reply

    I am hoping this is posted soon after the conference call??;) I am intending that a lot of the dis info agents are updated as to the truth❤️

  10. Dana Elizabeth Newton says : Reply

    I have so much trouble even beginning this process . I’m single mom My son has Autism and we’re currently leaving to our own little apartment from my mom after 16 years. Could y’all pray for us and pray I figure this out please Thank you Love you All

    • Jeanne Marie says : Reply

      you will be fine… relax and breathe. We are ALL one family and we love you and YES we support you and your beautiful son. You will understand in divine timing… TRUST yourself.

    • Dave Roberts says : Reply

      Dana – I know what you’re going through. Our daughter has Aspergers, and also some severe psychiatric issues. I will pray for you and your son. Please don’t try to use the TDA accounts unless you are secure financially because it will result in reversal charges, and you will still have to pay, but with extra fees. Wait until many others have successfully paid bills without reversals for a month or so. Then you may be able to see more safely where the truth is.

      Jesus promised you the following;

      “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

      Remember, Jesus will always be there for you. Just ask Him into your heart, and He promises to never leave or forsake you and your son.

      Praying for you to know His peace that is beyond all understanding …. Dave

    • Anna says : Reply

      I said a prayer for you. God bless you and your son!

  11. Jeanne Marie says : Reply

    Greetings and Love to you all for ALL you are doing for US ALL.
    It is extraordinary that this network of souls united are working in sync without even knowing about one another, or even crossing paths in physical form. Truly amazing that I found you a month ago…approximately, it was at the time Heather was first arrested. I had no memory of any of you, the OPPT or Treasury Direct Accounts; did not raise any memory… BUT I AM always in ALL WAYS drawn to the name HEATHER.
    So, I looked at a video/blog and I have aligned with everything, expanding and flowing with and understanding the BIG PICTURE.
    I AM now doing my part… to share some of my experiences, with “tapping into” the TDA that belongs to me. I have accessed funds through ach/ SYNCRONY card payment. I paid the balance, using the routing number to Treasury Direct and my SS number. This was August 10th. The payment was successfully processed, and applied to my account balance, which fell to 00.00. WOW. That was exhilarating, I understand that if you make an input error and cross up a number, it will not process; a statement to the effect; “invalid account number” or “invalid routing number” would appear. Well, no such message appeared. As a researcher, I had to touch it personally to experience this reality.
    As it goes, a few days (4) passed and suddenly my balance was back up to $905.00. And a late fee had been applied. The details suggested an adjustment had been made, siting a code R34: “LIMITED PARTICIPATION-FDI”. I looked into the definition of this FDI, and what I found is FDI = Foreign Direct Investor. Can anyone add anything to this subject?
    Then I called to communicate with a representative to learn what he thought about the code description connected with the “adjustment”. He had never heard of the code R34… so together we explored what it meant. He could not explain it. He quickly removed the late payment fee, without my asking. I thought that was interesting. HMM… Then I directed him to REPOST my payment for $905.00. He claimed that he did. Over the next 24 hours my account summary has changed about 5 times. It is now at ; Current balance due is $900.00 with available spending limited to $10.00 with NO PAYMENT DUE. Go figure.

    When I paid my ATT balance, August 10th, It also made it through the initial account verification, and was processed. 4 days later, I received a landline phone call from someone claiming to be ATT accounts receivable employee “Elizabeth” to inform me that the funds were reversed. I suggested that this was my trust account and that this bank does not reverse payments. I asked her to look into the explanation/ code she hesitated then told me it was 08. I informed her I had already submitted my T08/ block removal form 5444 with the Treasury to verify my identity, and there should not be any block on my account. She was young, and seemed like she was put up to this task, not exactly understanding what she was involved with. She simply informed me to resolve this with my bank. I asked if the code was an ATT code or if it had come from my bank… she quietly replied that it was an ATT code. I reiterated that this trust account DOES NOT reverse payments AND that I was dissatisfied with her explanation. We agreed to disagree and I lovingly let her go. I am opening ears/minds and HEARTS as I go…

    Last night I reposted the ATT payment. I AM going to see this through, I was designed for this, and have confidence that the system will flow soon… with our collective awakening, LOVE and UNITY… undeniable. I cant wait to participate in the conference call later today. I missed the last one, today must be the ONE for ME! Love and support to us all. Heather and Randy especially and all who are incarcerated unlawfully surrounding this and many other diabolical charades.

    • the routing number says : Reply

      Greetings and Love back to you Jeanne Marie from all of us beings on this path of unity and expansion. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

      Would you mind clarifying the routing number you used when you stated: “I have accessed funds through ach/ SYNCRONY card payment. I paid the balance, using the routing number to Treasury Direct and my SS number.”

      Although we all do our best to communicate accurately, sometimes people use different labels for the same things. So one individual saying “routing number to Treasury Direct’ is referring to the same routing number that someone else identifies as the “Federal Reserve’ routing number.

      Did you use one of the ‘universal’ routing numbers being shared, or did you use the routing number associated with the letter on the back of your SSN card at the appropriate Federal Reserve Branch?

      Peace, Love, Joy, & Happiness to All!

      • P. Edge says : Reply

        I believe she is refurring to the first universal number that goes threw the bureau of public debt. The wire transfer for it is called TREASUREYDIRECT but thats the number you’re looking for, i can provide if you are unfimilar with it
        I had a very similar convo.with Comcast and im suppossed to be hearing by today about either putting the money on my comcast account as credit or sending me the extra money in a check. I basically made a payment 3 times and i have proof that it proccessed and they receivex funds all 3 times so a week ago i called and explainex that and that Fedwire payments cannot be reversed and he said the same. That he had never seen this before and that he was able to see each time that they received the money and that i would hear back in 7 days about the extra money i paid and it would either be credited to my comcast or they would cut me a check. I simply uses my FRB number tho but if my info is correct there is technically an account at both institutions as well as the SSA

  12. Jeanne Marie says : Reply

    Big love and support to BZ also… your a super hero! Namaste.

  13. Dorrell Mainer says : Reply

    I can imagine several beings and completed doings but cannot without concrete details without obfuscation.
    Real talk, real truth in plain language will indeed be helpful. What, where, when, how would be helpful. Not everyone will accept and understand code and imagery.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      I do not understand what you are meaning by this comment?

      • Dorrell Mainer says : Reply

        Hi Bz, what is difficult to wrap my head, and feelings around is there is so much incredible positivity, sacrifice and work that has been done. I am grateful for the information presented. We know the who, the what, (our freedom, our accounts) but the details of the when,specifically, and how needs to be explained. If release of funds are imminent, people might need or want to prepare. If knowledge is known, why not share in plain language? 24-36 hours for What? Will there be an announcement from the FR? Why the ambiguity! Love and light is wonderful. Real details and hope is better. If safety is an issue, that is a reasonable reason to be cautious. Down to earth details because there are people who will need help keeping lights on and getting to work because their car broke down.
        I am outraged this was done to us. The truth is coming out. Someone will be going to mainstream media soon. I don’t want to see facts disclosed and all those that know inundated with questions and pressure. I want to see Mr. Beane and Ms Tucci-Jarraf safely reunited with their respective families. How and when will all this unfold? I know there is a plan, well conceived and executed. Then there are those like me who ask questions from a human perspective. Thank you for reading this and allowing me to share.

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


          This is an example of BEing and Doing.

          This is a great comment- It expands the conversation.

          I have printed it out and will make sure to speak to this comment and your specificity and particularity in it on the call.

          Thank you. :- ) BZ (heart)

        • debbi says : Reply

          The reason has been shown that NO specifics can be shared only to do your own homework is for everyone’s safety sake, and to keep the information, the pieces, moving through to others as the numbers grow each day.

  14. researchit says : Reply

    Did the tech guys figure out what happened last time? Was it an actual hack of the call or was it that folks were not muting their lines? Will the tech guys be there tonight to assist? That would be great!

  15. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    call can be accessed via phone or web, info in post

  16. Wayne says : Reply

    Where can I listen to the recording of last weeks conference call on 8/18 ?

  17. Rita R. says : Reply

    Is something wrong?

  18. Rita R. says : Reply

    I thought the call started at 5pm and I was wondering if someone was trying to hack or interrupt the call.

  19. Neil uk says : Reply

    One thing I’m focusing on is when the game is over and the party starts I’m coming to party and dance with BZ .H and the gang ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Mamma G says : Reply

    Is there a link where the call can be accessed online, rather than by phone? I am in Australia, so need to access the call online. If not, I will wait for the recording. ♥ ♥ ♥

  21. Shakti Aabhaa says : Reply

    Is there a link K to the actual room for those who access via Internet? Thank you

  22. Chenelle Stewart says : Reply

    Its so great that we are finally on a call but I would like to suggest if you can get the free conference call tech to turn on silent entry to the next call because the “has joined” is so loud I really cant hear you BZ.

    Many thanks,

  23. Golden Heart says : Reply

    If you are going to hold conference calls could you please control your call board collectively . People joining the calls can still be heard and it’s very disruptive to hearing BZ talk . Hard to focus and hear her. Thank you very kindly ❤️

  24. Mamma G says : Reply

    All good, I found the online link to the call on a different page (this page only has the phone numbers) ♥

  25. Aeon says : Reply

    Is there an “Access Code”?

    • Aeon says : Reply

      Sorry about the message; I saw the code was added later in the day. I hadn’t refreshed the page from earlier int the day. .

  26. Tallison says : Reply

    I sure hope a quality recording is shared.
    I wasn’t able to connect via computer. The phone call was so full of static I had to give it up. Did anyone else have a similar experience?

  27. Quinn says : Reply

    How do you raise a hand in this forum if you just on the phone? I’m subscribed but just on the phone…

  28. Heather says : Reply

    Trying to access the conference call and it is not allowing the access code. Please advise!

  29. Quinn says : Reply

    My daughter has her first civil court case and I used A4v for her and sent to IRS, the court and the plaintiff’s attorney. Since then my daughter receive a letter of admission from the plaintiff attorney that they want to complete, sign and send back to them. So I told her she has nothing to admit to so don’t respond. I noticed in the paperwork they want her to admit that her the human is responsible. This shows me that this is true about the STRAWMAN because I didn’t receive this same paperwork from the Clerk Of Court and this letter was not even certified mail this time. I don’t believe the clerk of courts even got a copy of this. They also sent with the paperwork a video that neither of us have even watched. I told my daughter not to respond because it is a intimidation tactic that is not even ordered by the court and the plaintiff tying to get something they can use in court against her over her prior rent of all things that they probably charged of in there taxes so there is no debt. I already sent a4v and sent them a copy so don’t respond. What do you think?

  30. Bryon Romstadt says : Reply

    Thanks — Can’t say enough of what your movement with and our involvement is doing for the world and man kind. I was driven here from a higher power and spreading it out. I’m ready for my upgrade so send it to me there are so many people that need to be awakened— Bob if ya don’t mind. The guy who called in from the State of Ohio let’s see if we can get this information out I’m too from the great state. Bz great job !!

  31. Oceanno says : Reply

    Great Call BZ

  32. Maggie says : Reply

    Fabulous call, friends! As we are learning a new way to live I would ask that we leave the us versus them behind. I would like to address the call from one of the women saying the man asking for details was a troll. I do not resonate with her comment. I believe he was just asking for more detail about Heather and Randy’s case which he could not locate. Can we achieve balance between the extremes? I know we can. In the spirit of we are all doing this together, I offer a post that has the case information. Even though this is not the Heather-approved site, that would be, here is the link to that post. Blessings and BIG dreams to all.

  33. Kate says : Reply

    Can anyone explain what Heather meant in saying she has been doing this since 1972 and cern has been since 1971? I don’t u derstand cern in this.

    Thank you so much

    • Maggie says : Reply

      HI Kate, there are some researchers that believe one of the original purposes for CERN was to cause time-looping in our tme/space reality (hologram). The CERN scientists themselves have stated they were attempting to open a portal to other dimensions. BZ, i am also interested, when appropriate, in Heather’s answer about what was the reason for her statement. THANK YOU!

  34. Eric D says : Reply

    BZ the conference you moderated went as best as it could considering this was a relatively new trying this conference call/web company with the hiccups along the way during the call. You had an enriching cross section of individuals asking questions/giving opinions from where they sat in their own present moment. It was great for Bob to come in and be an energy presence along with you in the conference call. I wasn’t there for the whole call so I may not have been aware of had some of the other familiar names of bright light individuals present. BZ I felt the people who were talking from there heart and talking from the head. BZ you were perfect in your own original way to be your balance as everyone that you allowed to be heard spoke from who they were at that present moment. I congratulate you in keeping the balance and you intentions for the call as a moderator as original as you are. I greatly thank you for what you selflessly open the space to achieve knowing that we all in a unity collective if we as universal beings choose to join the collective in a productive way for ourselves and all. Eric 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. Dan Lutz says : Reply

    its all goood!! :-)) cant wait!! hurry up will ya!! i need to get a new car and a boat!!

  36. JAMES says : Reply

    Thoughts On My Mind
    Greetings to everyone,I dream of a better planet for everyone. Get all third world countries out of poverty and better health
    care for all nations. And get my wife her new house and all bills pay.It will happen…..

  37. CR says : Reply

    Just sent $99,999.99 principle payment to the mortgage company.
    We’ll see ho this goes (fingers crossed)

    • Allen says : Reply

      CR could you please share the routing # you used and or the process? Just want to see if it corresponds to what I was planning.
      Thanks so much for sharing.

  38. Dorrell says : Reply

    This is beautifully stressful. I think when all this is over we should have a destination party. So we all can meet and hug and cry. They will be tears of release and relief.

    • Anna says : Reply

      Great idea!!! 😉

      I’d love to go to New Zealand, such a beautiful country! And there lies Hobbit Town (Hobbiton) !!! Let’s make a firm commitment to meet there ALL of us around a great feast of joy and good will. I’ll meet you there! 🙂 🙂

      • ShimmeringOne says : Reply

        Anna and Dorrell love the idea of a reunion party. Never really watched the Hobbit movies but I so loved the town they created in New Zealand. Thinking though with all of us there we may need a place a bit more expansive 😉

  39. Lori says : Reply

    BZ, extending appreciation for the call, and the artful manner in which you continue to expand our minds and hearts through the vibration of your words at just the right moment. Many times (not just on this call), I have noticed as the energies start to become scattered and perhaps, in the realm of anxious, shall I say, you are right there to offer an opportunity to shift perspective. Bob mentioned the depth of “the programming”, and how quickly we can fall right back into the programming. He too, has a beautiful way of neutralizing the space, and expand it with love. A tool of particular assistance to me, is when you offer a reminder to, stop, place hand on heart, feel heart beating and self breathing, to come back in alignment with the aliveness, the beyond vastness that we are, and our “true north”. What a wonderful experience to connect with all who were on the call, and all who will listen later. Thank you to all! Namaste’

  40. Aeon says : Reply

    Hello –

    Personally, this is not the way I’d go about it, as I think there is a more effective and “safer” way to accomplish what you’re attempting to do.

    Your post suggests you’re just coming into some of the ideas regarding how to navigate the legal system via unconventional methods, knowing that what once appeared to be true and correct is not… which is excellent. That said, while I don’t think the steps you’ve taken are the most effective, rest assured there is a way to handle the situation you’ve shared without going into a jurisdiction that’s foreign to you and the United States of America (which is where I’m guessing you dwell).

    To elaborate a little further, district and circuit courts are Article 1 courts and for U.S. citizens (often referred to as “14th Amendment citizens); they are courts of contract, or commercial courts. You are a natural person, and, in law, anything dealing with a natural person can only be addressed by a court of competent jurisdiction, which is an Article 3 court. Furthermore, a natural person, i.e., a “consumer”, is protected by and through the consumer protection laws (see 15 USC 1692a(3)), such as, but not limited to the FDCPA, FCRA and TILA.

    Understand that everything is about “debt”. And, the court that contacted you (a financial institution) via the “clerk” (i.e., an “accounting” clerk), is a debt collector (as is the attorney). As such, from where I sit, your solution is to address the matter from this perspective. The very fact that clerk contacted you is a violation of the FDCPA, 15 USC 1692c(a), as (I’m presuming) you never gave them consent; the same goes for the attorney–again, both are debt collectors attempting to collect a debt. Note that they are “subject to” the laws of the United States, all of them.

    For this reason, my only communication to either of them (both, actually) would be to notify them regarding who and what you are (15 USC 1692a(3)), what they are (15 USCa(6)), that they have violated 15 USC 1692c(a) and are subject to the penalties established within the FDCPA and all other consumer protection laws. You might also let them know that you Article 3 capacity and standing, and original and exclusive jurisdiction over all personal matters.

    There is much more I could go into, but this is a good place to start. All of this said, I think it’s imperative to know “who you are”; once you do, all of this makes sense.

    Finally, what I’ve presented here is not “legal advice”, but my personal opinion. I hope it’s in some way useful.

    • TrhU-ah says : Reply

      Thanks for sharing.
      “There is much more I could go into, but this is a good place to start. All of this said, I think it’s imperative to know “who you are”; once you do, all of this makes sense.”
      Am interested to know more, please contact: divanaflint@yahoo

    • Steve says : Reply

      Aeon, you speak of re-establishing the Republic by becoming citizens of the soil. Turning a private law system serving the public, into a public law system serving the private. Correct?

      This would require independent action by each individual to expatriate.

      • Aeon says : Reply

        Steve, the short answer is “no”. I said nothing about what you stated. It’s not about becoming “citizens” of anything, as “citizens” are subject to to statutes and codes. And, it has nothing to do with expatriating, sovereign citizens, or the patriot movement, and all the associated approaches that most people don’t understand, using templates they fill-in but have no comprehension of, and are lost the moment anyone they “perceive” as an “authority” challenges or asks them a question about what they’re doing or attempting to do. What I’m talking about requires taking responsibility for being God, a creator, and the creditor vs. fulfilling the role of a debtor. If one truly believes they create 100% of their reality, then this is the natural position to hold. And, the laws are in place (they were actually created from this perspective) for operating in this capacity; in fact, we could say it’s our obligation. However, I’ve found that most people can’t identify themselves within them or how to enforce them; basically, it comes down to an “identity crisis”.

    • NOEL says : Reply

      Aeon, Who are you addressing with your comments? Is it HEATHER.

  41. Ann says : Reply

    how can i listen to the recent call??

  42. JP says : Reply

    I missed the conference call yesterday on August 23 rd 2017

    Is there a recording of it ?

    I would love the opportunity to listen to the recorded call.

    Does anyone know how I can get in touch with BZ via e-mail ?

    Much Love & Light to Everyone.


  43. Ken Hamel says : Reply

    BZ Can someone confirm Heather’s release or movement the last 24 hours, Awesome call last night .The young woman who spoke last. I think is correct. Those individuals had a tough job to do.we on the other hand had a different task and unfortunately some of us have not yet completed our tasks.Those who don’t have the love benevolence in our hearts and minds are not ready for the wonders to come.The time for hate is over , the time for anger is over. These people did us a great service and continue to do so.In a time when there is much need for love and shelter, we need to pay it forward. Other wise we will become what we despise.I we s p e n d t i m e (the only commodity we have) turning against any one is a waste. Love and Hugs to all

  44. Janis says : Reply

    BZ, thanks so much for the wonderful call. Each caller presented us an opportunity to learn and evolve. You are such an example of that, like Lori pointed out, to open our hearts, expand our world, our imagination, our intentions. I was hoping we would talk a little more about our cosmic family presence here, and they will be instrumental in our path to success through love, embracing us and guiding us should we request that – not just personally, but US a group, a country, a world, the collective of Humanity – all levels. I AM truly grateful for all they are Doing on our behalf. XOX

  45. beedee says : Reply

    Aloha BZ!

    I missed the conference call yesterday, I was hoping if you already have it up? Thank you for all you do! Thank you!

  46. Kim C says : Reply

    I too missed the call and hope a recording will be available. Love the energy and inspiration of this group. Great stuff is starting to materialize. It’s a great time to be alive.

  47. Anasazi says : Reply

    Good reading by Blossom Goodchild. Fits in with everything here.

    “If one were to concentrate and give honour for who they are … coming from deep Thankfulness for their very existence … they would find themselves conquering the negatives that tend to ‘hang around’ for the fun of it!

    To FEEL Gratitude deep within the home space of the soul allows EVERYTHING to come into alignment. You do not need to ask for this and that … or for resolved circumstances or abundance in ways of financial upgrade … you simply need to remember who you are … FEEL who you are … and exude that Grace and Gratitude to the ALL THAT IS. ”

  48. Eddie Gaddis says : Reply

    Were the conference call Recording ?

  49. ojoe442 says : Reply

    To the lady who was calling from California, who wanted to get a hold of caller #763286 call on the 23 of August conference call. About getting together and maybe working on some projects.

    I would like to know more about your offer, you may write to me at Name is Joe

  50. ApexD says : Reply

    I listened to the replay of the call. Thank you, BZ and everyone! It was a really good mix of questions/answers, thoughts and ideas. I’m so happy to have connected with this high-vibe tribe around this whole issue! I was aware of the OPPT and some of the steps taken about 5-6 years ago, and it came back into my awareness in late July, really exploding onto the scene.

    I re-watched the Jim Carrey film, “The Truman Show” this evening. It strikes me as such an allegory of what’s becoming so apparent now — the false structures built to contain our true creative spirits, and the unstoppable urge to break through, discover the truth, and live a free life. Go us! All of us! 😀

  51. Nicole Charest says : Reply
    Neville Goddard, Order Then Wait

  52. Mary Ann says : Reply

    I thank that all of you hit the nail on the head. Things are going to be out of this world .I know we will not have to go to the doctors any more, we will not get sick, we are going to be Light bodies .We will get younger if anything. All the things that going to come to use. I don’t thank people will have to do hard work ,I thank we will have robots to do all the things we don’t want to do. So look up people ,We are Gods and Goddess. We are one of them thing. I can’t wait. Love and Light. Love You All.

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