F L U & Other Physical Signs of Ascension

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F L U & Other Physical Signs of Ascension

BZ, Lisa and I talk about some of the physical signs some have felt and we have personally experienced that I feel are associated with full on INbody / Embodied Ascension.






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  1. Justin says : Reply

    This is incredibly synchronistic for me! About a month ago, I was having serious chest/heart pains out of nowhere. It was really painful to breathe and felt like there was some sort of restriction of airflow around my heart or something. Really awful feeling. Well, at one point the pain was getting so unbearable in my heart… that I stopped and asked what was happening to me… and the answer I got back was “Heart Expansion” – It kinda blew me away for a second, but I knew this was correct and I stopped worrying about the pain and knew I was going to be ok… Well, the very next day the pain was completely gone! Like nothing ever happened! And it changed something in me that I cant quite put a finger on yet!

    Your heart really does tell you which road to travel, it’s just that the mind gets in the way of that and then we become depressed, angry, reclusive, etc… because were not listening to the heart and our own unique energy signature…

    My new things is, when it comes to a decision, I think about each available path and how its going to make me feel if I chose that route. A lot of times the mind will want to pick the “easier” path instead of the one you know is right in your heart. There is a feeling to each choice and you can get a precursor of the feeling if you really want to listen. Most of the time the harder or what is perceived as the harder choice is the correct one.

    Thanks for this guys! I’ve only heard a few minutes of this and had to respond about the heart expansion!

    – Justin

  2. Belinda says : Reply

    What about parallel lives? Dolores Cannon says we are all living parallel lives right now. Do they bleed into one another? You’ve probably already addressed this and I wasn’t present.

  3. Belinda says : Reply

    Okay you just answered my question, cool.

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