Exiting the matrix: Co Creating The Final Scene 8.29.17

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Exiting the matrix: Co Creating The Final Scene

Jelaila Starr, was moved to be and do a conference call; Compassion Support Call: Exiting the Matrix.

Co-Creating with Bob Wright, Judy Jandora, and BZ Riger.

What was created with ALL of YOU-

Exiting the matrix: Co Creating The Final Scene

on August 29, 2017 the same day as the release of HATJ.
Come join us on this expansive call as it does NOT exist in Linear Time.
We Are ALL in This Together.







55 Responses to “Exiting the matrix: Co Creating The Final Scene 8.29.17”

  1. Luke SkyWatcher says : Reply

    ENOUNGH! Wow, I’m sorry, but I’m finding this very hard to take anymore. I started in 2012, and I walked away from this in 2013. I had to. Morocco anyone? Pupils changing color? Healings? How much of this are we supposed to endure? 5 years and counting.

    I did my “I am” documents back then, and Bob it was about access to the accounts. Remember? I listened to hours and hours of you talking about it. I got back onboard in early July of this year, and did the factualized trust document, had it notarized too. I even read it out loud, and ate a big dose of Hope. So far, it’s just lays there on the table.

    I followed this right up until Heather said “We Won!” Then she got thrown in Jail. OK, so now, we got them right where we want them. Right? Expose this corrupt system. There goes another month. So here we are today. I’m glad Heather is out. However, I just can’t take the It’s coming, It’s coming, anymore. Now its: “Well if you are here about the money, your in the wrong place.” Seriously? We know it’s about end game, but some of us are going to need some funds to get there, because we are broke, we are tired, and we need a little assistance. Brother, can you spare a dime? Clearly nobody knows how long this is going to take, and if history is any kind of indicator, it could be years. Sorry, that is what you are really saying is it not?

    Bob, when you say that you all have been offered unfettered access to your accounts, and you won’t take it. You guys are Saints. Hallelujah! Man, my bullshit meter just hit the ceiling. Jelaila Starr? Where did you come from? You clearly have high jacked the narrative. How did we just go from Heather’s: “We won, you will have access to the accounts”, to your: “it’s not about the money?” “If you are here for that, basically, you are an idiot, and you don’t know what’s really going on, so I will tell you.”

    The truth is, as I see it, every time we get close to the top of the mountain the mountain gets a little higher, and we get someone new rolled out to tell us why.

    This latest video is not the message I was so looking forward to. The one that I spent hours and hours holding on to. It’s not even Hope. It’s guess what, see ya next year. Due to unforeseen events, the mountain just got higher again, and if you don’t like it you are in the wrong place.

    Yawn, time to get back to work. Set your dreams of freedom and abundance to coming soon.

    Heather, I actually do think what you are trying to do is amazing. For me though, you are kind of losing the room.

    • Nells says : Reply

      Thank you. Been thinking the same thing.

    • researchit27 says : Reply

      Well said Luke!! I’m thinking the exact same thing, this aint right. And why are they asking us for donations?? When they can just access their own accounts!!! there are “red flags” all over this shit.

    • linmic says : Reply

      Hey Luke: It is not about the money on a deeper heart level. It is about valuing ourselves and holding the vision to change the reality to one of abundance and FREEDOM for all. I totally understand how you are sick and tired of waiting and many share your frustration. We are since the eclipse right at zero point to co-create a new paradigm. This work we of the ground crew have done is not for the faint of heart. Please be kind to yourself and don’t go into despair. But whatever you feel and wherever you are on your journey, you will be receiving the same freedom and abundance we all will. You will not be left out. Just take one day at a time and follow your heart. I know this new 5-D earth exists because I have visited it in dream state and it is truly amazing. I too have felt anger at the 17-years of delays since I saw the new 5-D earth in 1999 and then felt the timeline crash in 2001. As light-holders we cannot give up because the alternative is not acceptable.

    • ToMurray3 says : Reply

      I strongly agree with Luke SkyWatcher .. ENOUGH! seriously ENOUGH! staff of I-UV access to funds and seeks to claim no interest, yet torturing emotionally with vocab and terms above viewers mental and spiritual understandings, I’ve been awake for 50 years and know traps of lies, pits falls and deceit human race has/does face. Talk people to real freedom spiritual (NOT RELIGIOUS) tell them how to walk away from reincarnation, Show people how the higher-self is with them. Talk truth.

  2. Edwin Berghuis says : Reply

    Wow thanks for this amazing update, and shared it on Facebook. The most beautiful thing i heard is we can help the people that have set up the matrix. Because i think they suffer even more then we do!


  3. Anne says : Reply

    Oh my gosh, this is going to go on and on and on. Heather probably will get dismissed when her Joritdiction hearing comes up but it will still be the same thing.

  4. Nells says : Reply

    Quit repeating time and again that it’s not about the money. It IS about the money. This whole movement STARTED UP because of the money. Filings were made because of the money. People went to jail and court because of the money.
    This is nothing more, I hate to say, than another scheme to reel people in to a new age way of thinking, with hints of the mark of the beast intertwined. “Messages from Matthew”, “NESARA”; all written words to keep those of us trying to hang onto a tiny shred of hope for peace and good will clinging.
    Again, you made it SO ABOUT the money. Quit telling us now, that it is NOT about the money. Thank you.

  5. Donna says : Reply

    Used the OPPT UCC Filings in a court case, jurisdiction was denied, the story is on the public record, go to Ohio Supreme Court docket, year 2014 case 0036 name Donna Farley, the jurisdiction memorandum has the original press release, is easy to read, a good resource for newcomers.

    My favorite UCC Filings of OPPT are DECLARATIONOFFACTS UCC# 2012127914 Foreclosed “corporate ” governments, WASHINTONTRUEBILL UCC# 2012114776 Foreclosed Banks , Federal Reserve and IMF, Also UCC# 1-103 preserves common law, have these memorized, these are the rules now,

  6. David Walsh says : Reply

    Hope is the currency of religions and cults
    Be careful folks….keep your eyes open

  7. Aeon says : Reply

    Outstanding call, awesome perspective. Peace to you and yours – Aeon

  8. Anne says : Reply

    Sounding beautiful and it being beautiful are two separate things

  9. Anne says : Reply

    The is the perfect time for the familys to look there BEST and be the hero by releasing the funds to the Texans so they can have food and put a roof over there head and then release it tothe rest of us. I don’t think this is so hard. We could all just keep scratching our heads to figure out how to handle the families. We the people can just keep struggling

  10. Anna says : Reply

    AUSTRALIA: when money did not matter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWdH0XBjdl8

  11. Jeanne Marie says : Reply

    Old soul here… I had a knowing since I was 14 yrs old that we would see this in my lifetime…

    I AM born on the “QUILL OF THE EAGLE” in western astrology and YEAR of the DRAGON in Chinese astrology. My experiences here in this lifetime have been MANY, wild and wonderful times… I shut down a couple years ago and have been processing, deprogramming, awakening at a rapid speed while living in the heavy 3rd dimension.

    I challenge everything that resists expansion, always in all ways. I have been referred to as confrontational, determined and tenacious… as well as generous, compassionate and gifted
    I aligned with this community only 5 weeks ago. I AM grateful for the continued flow of integration I receive from you ALL… the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY!

    Be kind my friends, Namaste.

  12. Anna says : Reply

    HUMAN… the long version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdb4XGVTHkE
    Enjoy! 🙂

  13. FRBinTC says : Reply

    I had to stop listening part way through. I read Jelaila Starr’s stuff in the 90’s but when people start telling me what we must do etc I shut down.
    A pontifical farce. The only ones “above” us are our higher selves. Sorry if I missed anything, I don’t care.

    • Chris says : Reply

      I agree. I had to get past Miss. Starr. Read her stuff ~ great for that time~ a foundation~ but she shifted..ALL has shifted. She was told she wanted to ‘retire’~ then do so. This audio can be her final ‘ooh-raa’ for her earthly experience. Her vibration has shifted as MANY know. ‘KNew’ energies are taking her place. Best of luck Jelaila…… don’t use this ‘crack’ to get yourself back into the ‘game’….

  14. Palolo says : Reply

    Luke SkyWatcher: Word!

  15. Laureen says : Reply

    I have to agree with Luke Skywatcher, it feels like 2012 AGAIN!

  16. Tony says : Reply

    Very Interesting post here a letter from Rauthchilds desk..apparently is a keeper, the Royal’s have told him to cease and stop all harming all of the planets resources,..see link…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWLZRlgdJ6g

  17. Tony says : Reply

    But apparently some folks…WELLS FRAUDO, hasnt got the memo,..cuz they reversed 3 payments this morning,….ATTENTION ROYALS….these guys Wells Fraudo BANK ,..is about to lose a customer for messing with an Original..I’d appreciate you removing the asshole responsible.

  18. Hello Bz, I write this as I listen to the call Exiting the matrix Co Creating The Final Scene

    As I see it, Heather has demonstrated, to those who were seeing what was going on during her incarceration and shackling, it was clear she was Centred, Grounded and from her comment on one of the phone call to you, Bz, was that she was, I think she indicated that she was having ‘an amazing time’ or something like that – she was doing what she was here to do and also because she is, as you know, she Knows WHO she is, as you do, and I do, (well most of most of the time now! ) She mostly, it seems to remain in a state of wonderful knowing, emotional calm and optimism.just DOing the next step in what she is aiming to achieve.
    She just got on with the ‘JOB’ in hand the TDA’s to assist in helping in the necessary steps very much more is to KNOW WHO WE ARE AND OVERCOME OUR PERSONAL FEAR AND THUS LETHARGY…. yes Bob just speaking about the midnight Dragon school he recalls attending. yes, we have to do the work and do that integration and the WORK IT TAKES…… Bob says it’s overdue ! yes, the baby is longing to be born…. the mothers belly is about to burst through shear engineering tension !!!

    Are we seeing changes? Absolutely… as you said Bz the judge who released, to house arrest used his choice, a choice that was directly related to how Heather felt and was in he Standing.

    Yes,, when you get to a point of realizing that every pair of eyes you look into, you are looking into the eyes of God – because we are ALL God.

    Re It’s not about Focusing on the money, Well it is and it isn’t…The Money being the CARROT that helps us go through the layers of Fear we may feel, when we are considering connecting with banking officials or others who will perhaps challenge us about what we are doing… and The Money CARROT helps us clear old beliefs and attitudes of needing to live in paucity and lack… Wow we can have it all… everyone can…. Will a fear arise for some of over indulging….. in any and all ways…..Challenging oneself mentally intellectually and emotionally to get ones head around all the language and searching for the TDA’s . Yes, Bob, it really is a game and we must really ENJOY PLAYING THE GAME OR AND WHAT EVER PART OF THE GAME WE ARE AT…. I am so enjoying a bit like dodgems So The Money is soooo valuable in our own personal growth and that is just GREAT.

    But as we rise in frequency through focusing on what we want to do and intend to overcome on any one day or during our life time — and at times we may run the gauntlet of ‘Blood sweat and tears’ but if we allow those feelings you will have actually TRANSMUTED those energies that have been lurking in our unconscious to being able to be lifted to their HIGHER ENERGIES of the OPPOSITE FEELING and THUS ADDED TO OUR BASKET OF BEAUTIFUL GIFTS too numerous to write but just simply feelings of greater happiness, lovingness, wellbeingness, energy optimism thrilling unexpected awareness and inner information that enlighten us with any talents we are working on and mastering, opportunities popping up, knowledge we need coming to us….. that lead to our betterment and inner fulfilment and of course including wealth in its many forms…. money being only one of them. A great game of learning to BE a Master be we female or maLe, What an ABSOLUTELY THRILLING TIME WE ARE IN AND EXPERIENCING RIGHT NOW AND TOGETHER

    Dan Winter speaks of and demonstrates that BEing in a State of Bliss leads to our physicality Immortality..what a wonderful thought
    Loving blessings love you all.
    Katannya xxx

  19. Anna says : Reply

    How come all these people who NOW keep talking about “it’s not about the money” bought CDs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars up to millions of dollars and did NOT give us the recipe… I heard BZ say in a video with Zorra that she bought for $500 000 worth of CDs with her TDA. How come BZ keeps telling us about “routing numbers” but never about how to go about buying CDs??????

    • Irina says : Reply

      Just to be exact. BZ did say that couple days later, all her “buyings” were reversed and the Bank She was with for many years, informed her that they came to the conclusion that it is in their best interest not to deal with BZ anymore. So, the recipe, should BZ decide to share it, would be one of a failure.
      Disclaimer: It is not my intention to influence anyone opinion, for all of us are adults and have to act based on our own believes / callings. But if we are to exchange the facts, lets do not hide the parts which are not in favor of our agenda.
      Just saying..

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


        “So, the recipe, should BZ decide to share it, would be one of a failure.”

        The recipe, that I used was what I posted on this post, https://i-uv.com/utilizing-your-treasury-direct-accounts/ under the starting steps. In bold larger font- Getting started Recipe-
        It has been right there since I created the post. If new routing numbers came up, I moved the old ones and other information Down to the bottom of the page. Which is also detailed if you read the post. It has been published since Sunday, July 9, 2017.

        My perspective, every part of my testing was a success.

        I tested to see if looking at my SS card and its number, the corresponding routing number with my name etc would connect to a bank account which holds my value in trust for me. Just like the post I created lists. It did. That was a success.

        I then followed the banks rules/procedures on how to add an account, how to link an account. How to purchase a CD and select the funding source for that CD. How to transfer funds from my linked bank account to my account with the bank. That was a success.

        I purchased several CD’s, over a window of hours/days, they showed up in my account portal. That was a success.

        I transferred money from my TDDA to my back account with the bank. That was a success.

        I earned a little bit of interest on the transfer I had made. That was a success.

        The bank withdrew the money out of the CD’s and that new transfer account, showing me that they were breaking their own banking rules and keeping the money I had liquidated from my TDDA. That was a success.

        I sent my FT via fax along with my cover letter and the head of corporate security called to say the bank was choosing to no longer do business with me. After I sent them proof of funds and origination of funds and me as the Original depositor and depository. That was a success.

        I have documented proof and a very large amount of Absolute data about the accounts, about the fraud, about my bank taking the funds I transferred and about the power of my FT. That was a success/is a resounding success.

        All of this I have talked about in various conversations on this blog as I was doing my testing. And I have added what others have found and suggested to add to the data and process for all to see. I have opened a space for people to come together and discuss what they are moved to be and do. And to expand the knowledge of the illusion of the false construct and to pull back the curtain and be in process of ripping it down. That was a success/is a resounding success.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      This is the only time I will play with you Anna in your “fomenting” energy.

      You mention- “keep talking”, about, “it’s not about the money” –

      Given that we are still at this moment in the false construct and money is a tool/slavery mechanism, in it, money is important to move through that false construct… Especially when you do not have much and AT EVERY TURN, the system says Pay this/buy that/ you are not worthy unless $$$…

      Perhaps when You hear or Others hear- “it’s not about the money”- you are not “listening/hearing” what is being conveyed. I can not speak for – “all these people”, you reference, I can only speak for me.

      If you “listen”/”hear”/”tune into” what I AM Conveying, and not your Perspective Colored by your Perceptions of what you Think I am Saying. You may actually Listen and Hear what I am conveying on all layers/levels…

      I am conveying that without knowing the full scope of the experience of what the false construct is, what everything we thought/think/believe/have been trained etc. What is So, is.
      Hundreds of thousands/Millions/Billions/Quadrillions of Dollars (or whatever the system’s currency in the representation of money is for you, on your place on Planet Earth) will not really change anything for You/Us/Me/Everyone.
      Because things are not what they seem. Life and how it works is not how we have been indoctrinated to believe. The purported Judicial system as one example.

      Why is this so important to understand/think about/explore/wake up to/GROK Now?

      Because it is, the false construct, what we actually thought/believed/lived our lives as if… is all Falling down/crumbling/falling away.
      And it is messy/painful/FRUSTRATING/scary/seeming like it is TAKING FOREVER! and it is also EXCITING/ COOL TO PLAY WITH/ its About F–king Time/Ok Lets Get’er Done…. among many other feelings/expressions.

      And we are all 100 % Responsible and Liable for Ourselves. READ: There are no saviors/there is no Hierarchy/No One Can Make Me Feel this or that. I/You/All are Brilliant Creators. You/I/We create how our life unfolds.
      and the BEing and DOing we choose/feel nudged/moved to do.

      NOT Because I am writing it. Not because “other people” may be saying it.

      Its what is True in- how all of existence is/works/unfolds/is co-created/experienced.
      Perhaps from your perception that colors your perspective its Bull##$$%IT. Great! I appreciate your perspective and that you are a Brilliant Creator Being, 100% responsible and liable for YOU. No one Else.

      You reference the call with “Zora” and say I did not give a recipe. Then you did not “hear” what you were listening to because I did say the steps I took.

      You comment a lot, on all/from a variety of perspectives… on the post https://i-uv.com/utilizing-your-treasury-direct-accounts/ , (… perhaps you are not clear on your perspective or your perspective shifts depending on who you are replying to in a comment. They are your perspectives so I do not know the intent.) which I created to help people with the information in as clear a way as I could, given the unknowns, fast moving changes, the intentional blocks and manual reversals. etc.

      I would not/do not, write about/post something/give a recipe for…. something I did not try myself. Have a Direct Experience of KNOWING myself.

      Do I know all- Absolutely Not- well let me clarify that- The Whole creator Being that I AM, Does know all and have experience of all, just like You do and ALL others Do.

      I Do Not Consciously in this Physical Embodyment, at THIS Moment hold it in my Cognitive thought process, a Linear awareness of all. I have a cognitive awareness of a great deal, but no where near All.

      That being made clear.

      When I first created that post “Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts” as a way of opening up a space for those who felt moved to test -Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts, and to dig into the dots, find them, so we could work in coordinated cooperation to Discover/reveal/test the “recipes” as things unfolded. At that moment of creating that post There Was NO recipe Book/manual/cheat sheet/Document laid out with Specificity and Particularity, How To Do this.

      At THIS MOMENT-There is NO recipe Book/manual/cheat sheet/Document laid out with Specificity and Particularity, How To Do this. (not that I have a direct experience of knowing of, on any level of awareness/beingness)


      Because We are CREATING the Recipe/Manual- “It” RIGHT NOW- ALL of Us. ALL-

      BZ, What the F—k, ARE YOU Talking about. What do you mean….? one might ask.

      This part of “Reality”/”False Construct”/”the Illusion”/”Life” as we think we know it…. Has NOT been Written, Fully, Yet.

      We are writing it right now. Your comment is part of that writing process, my reply is part of that writing process. Everyone who is experiencing this conversation is part of that writing process. EVERYONE!, No One, is left out of the writing process of the Recipe/Manual… of Unfettered ACCESS to Money and ALL else. ALL!

      You say- “How come BZ keeps telling us about “routing numbers” but never about how to go about buying CDs?????? Fishy.”

      Every bank is different- Until I did my test, I had never bought a financial instrument, referred to as a CD, online. All the other CD’s I had purchased in my life before were done by walking into my local bank talking with the branch manager and giving her the funding source for my purchase and then completing the steps the way their bank, their protocols laid it out.

      So when I was moved to play with Testing- accessing my Treasury Direct [Deposit] Accounts. I played with how I might do it. It CAME from INSIDE me. My thought/nudge/possibility/life experience up to that moment…
      I was familiar with my banking portal, as I had used it for years. I had added various different bank accounts/funding sources to my account through my banking portal. I READ, their instructions. I tuned into my knowing, I clicked the appropriate buttons. I was clear on my intent and came from the heart mind, not the brain/head mind.

      AND I TESTED….

      If You or anyone else feels moved to “Listen”/”Hear”/”Read”/”Experience” what I have published on the I UV you will see its there in Transparency, and as a telling of the story as I/We/All of us write the end of this story.

      I appreciate your comment for the catalyst/catalyzing effect/affect/energy that it carries. And for me feeling nudged to reply.

      Thank you.

      • nells says : Reply

        BZ Riger,
        I owe you, yes you, an apology. I stumbled upon all of this—cannot tell you HOW I did for I’m puzzled– I was simply listening to videos on youtube from AbrahamHicks and videos about Treasury Direct and I-UV videos started to appear which is what led me here. I’ve only been reading and listening for little over a month. My earlier comments were posted BEFORE I even listened to the last 1 hour 20 minute recording that was posted after Heather’s release. I owe you an apology for posting what I posted before even listening to that conversation and now, yes now, it all makes sense. I understand. It is hard to wrap one’s head around all the information given, it’s unbelievable, yet it isn’t. Now I understand how it ISN’T just about the money. Trying to access or accessing the money is the way to show TPTW that we are ready and we are knowing. Again, my apologies.

    • David Walsh says : Reply

      Did you not also hear BZ say her accounts were closed down by the bank a few after she made the transactions?
      Do you want your bank accounts closed down too?

  20. linmic says : Reply

    I agree with this Aug 29 message from Jelaila. When she says Heather opened a crack in the matrix banking system — yes she kicked that door open and put herself in harms way although she knows in her heart she is protected. It is up to all of us to hold that door open and envision the RV release here in the U.S. and the announcements of our restored Republic government along with returning to Constitutional law. Just do this every day and use the Violet Ray sweeping over Washington D.C. We live in a blessed time and have enormous assistance from the Councils of Light, Angelic kingdom, Ascended Masters, and Galactics – all helping us to crack open this matrix and DISSOLVE the lies. We can do this!

  21. CCL says : Reply

    I agree that there needs to be a focusing beyond the material. However when OPPT did thelr filling they included all. In full knowing that all were not at the same frequency and knowings and doings. So for most of the all it is about the money. If it wasn’t, Randy would not have placed himself at great risk and bodily harm and either would HATJ.

    Part of the doings for those in the knowing, is to start helping the rest of the world who were included in those filings of OPPT to be on the road to having unfettered access/success also.

    Glad tp hear the great news about HATJ and the soon release of RKB. Peace and blessings.

  22. linmic says : Reply

    When you have a conference call friends, please remember to avoid making background noises. It’s distracting to hear water pouring, dishes rattling, pop cans opening, etc. etc. noises when someone is speaking. If you are not speaking, then maybe you should MUTE yourself.

  23. Kate says : Reply

    This is really right on target. Finally however it is time to move and Heather and Randy are doing the moving. I totally support you as you are making it happen.
    The key to all of it is LOVE LOVE the pain away AND those who are doing that part and realize WE ARE GOD!!!
    Thank you all for the part you are playing and making it happen.
    Joey Harris Allowing the Heavenly Mother back into our lives as we kicked her out while we were in Atlantis
    Blessings to all

  24. Arteestic says : Reply

    I appreciate all 4 of you taking the conversation way beyond the TDAs. The TDAs were the ‘snowflakes’ for me, and once I discovered them, the data revealed a humongous iceberg below; the iceberg being all that we have been told, and most of it, a Lie. Hard to swallow that at first. But I continue my research daily, and as more clarity comes forth, I cannot express how much my life has changed positively since receiving what was Already There. Challenging, eye opening, inspiring, all of it, I am grateful. I can never go back to the way I thought before. Source is All. I’m getting it, more every day. BEing and DOing. COMPASSION. UNITY. It is up to all of us now. Much love and light to everyone.

  25. rock says : Reply

    i am thanking all of u for the thought’s, courage and efforts to put the awareness out in the open. So many now can begin the journey to awaken to the real truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and forgive one another for the wrongs done to us all. Just the thought expression to turn within ourselves for the answers we seek and focus on the higher order where unconditional luv for each other as the same galactic conscious being. To prove my point i will use this formula for each one to test the fact’s:

    Take the last to digits of the year u came out the womb and add the age each will be in 2017. The result no matter what colour, age, or ethic background male or female, the number will always be the same for each one of us, is 117 in 2017, starting at the age of 15.

    If we integrate the fact: ” numbers never lie” we will see the common conscious connections we all share in our free-will choice to be the good, bad and the ugly among us. So with this common sense of purpose, we find ourselves at the crossroads of the real reality/holographic illusions. For no one has ever seen Brinks truck or u-haul pull up to the graveyard and make any deliveries, so money is only the tool to share not hoard.. So stand on ur square as the galactic beings we are and prepare ourselves for rejoining galactic other world species on knowing I-AM is ALL ONE-NESS. No matter how long it takes! We all are eternal beings with the will and the power to get through anything death included and we shall win for it is designed in our original template to be the light all galaxy beings are watching and waiting on us to bring the philosophy: “all beings are one and the same sound wave with the magnetic energy as Co-Creator’s”.

    As i leave u all with this passage: The thought’s (sound waves) we express brings forth our own happiness or sadness in our life expression. In this 3rd dimensional world we traveling through, yet little do most of us know, we are 15 dimensional beings with the perfect template in the image and likeness and thank u NASA for the discovery NGC 602 posted January 8, 2007. The image of the galactic face which reveals our image here on earth. Which reveal’s the All Almighty One who got our back! Every experience in this holographic world is temporary so don’t ever get it twisted! We leave all carbon matter material things behind except the knowledge we gain about our original template i am exist through time and space forever!

  26. Caren says : Reply

    I think we are all looking for relief. We signed up and we are all here!!;) being and doing I am a old soul. And just Alittle tired Game over

  27. Celeste says : Reply

    I find it interesting reading through the comments

  28. ShimmeringOne says : Reply

    I find it interesting reading through the comments that so many still are looking for someone to follow, someone to tell them the answers. Have I screamed, “Enough!” more times than you can imagine. Abso-freaking-lutely! Pretty much on a daily basis, many times a day.

    But all of this we’ve been through lately is bringing me someplace. I see that now. Clearly. One thing I’m discovering is little by little I’m listening to less and less of other people’s opinions and instead going inside for all the answers. I still listen to some of these chats because inside each one I feel guided to listen to I gleam something. Something that propels my forward or expands my way of thinking about all that is taking place.

    And actually going back and listening to some of Heather’s earlier talks is helping to fill in some of the pieces for me that just did make sense or fit in quite right.

    I had tuned into the call midway through the other night but it was late and did not listen to much then. Don’t think I was in the right frame of mind then either. Read Luke’s comment the following morning and questioned if it was worth listening to, but I played through the whole call yesterday and actually lots of points hit home for me.

    All of us feeling like we’re done is a good thing, the fact that so many are awake enough to even feel that way is incredible.

    I think so many get caught up in this feels like 2012 again. So what? It just might. To use another game analogy it’s kind of like the Candyland game where you’re almost to the finish and you draw the gumdrop card and had to go back again. We did that and now we’re closing in again on finishing this game. And this time I don’t see any go back anywhere cards coming up for us.

    I took from the call what resonated with me. Did feel a bit of being “told” what to do from some on the call and that did not resonate with me. But some of the things that did resonate was Bob’s analogy of comparing this to the Grand Theft Auto game. I’m working on letting go of any ill feelings I’ve had toward all those in the game who have been less than kind to us as I know some other aspects of myself may have even played on the less than light side of things.

    BZ you said something I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Some days I just have to go back to what I know. I have a small list of things I know. Really know. That seems to center me and keep me grounded so to speak.

    I appreciate that all these comments were shown, negative or positive. Some sites would moderate the negative comments. Very interesting reading everyone’s perspectives of all they feel is happening.

  29. Roger Sirringer says : Reply

    A very Hopeful and Peaceful conversation. I think talking about the Freedom gained by a end to the slavery system is a very important discussion. We must know why we are headed in a direction we are going. That all said, lets not put the cart before the horse. We must comprehend that generations have succumbed to misplaced trust, sacrificed lineage and stolen treasure. It has had a extremely detrimental effect on the people. As we awaken and see the fraud for what it is, we need to have an immense blood letting. We need to rip the souls out the demons that have tricked us. We need to send them back to the hellish pit from whence they came. We need our land, our history and our bloodlines restored. We need to mount their heads on spits at the front gate to remind them never to come back. With these creatures of darkness gone, then we can rejoice in our future and make sure we never let these hounds from hell back into our dimension.

  30. Cheryll OCallaghan says : Reply

    How can we understand what is truly happening here if we continue to listen to and accept the concept of hierarchy? Ascended masters? Angelic realm? Lord God? Annunaki? There is no hierarchy here on Earth or in the Universe. Anyone who still presents such a concept is of the old timeline. WE are the Acended Master, angelic realm, annunaki and God. That is what this whole movement, including “the money” is all about. WE are co-creators of the matrix, system and as such, WE have the power to shut it down.

    • Chris says : Reply

      AGREE Cheryll OCallaghan. Who has the right to say: “My JOB is to prepare all of you how to get out of the ‘game’ / matrix.”????? Who’s holding the concept of hierarchy? ‘Leading’ the people? None other than the ‘Galactic Historian’ of the OLD timeline, holding the old vibrations within. Bring it all forth Dear One…. Exposure will show us what to Love with Compassionate Knowing.

  31. Brian says : Reply

    All of the above are the best comments I’ve seen yet!
    It seems to me, after watching this call and more, that the four(or more) of you are(have been) working diligently to spread awareness,through love, to enhance global awakening from the falsehoods we were all born into and are ‘helping’ us to create the new narrative that is unfolding.It is indeed a puzzle isn’t it. Play as you put it!
    I extend much gratitude and love to all of you.

    Am I understanding this message correctly?
    The proposition being offered on this call is that the banking families and others who, after perfecting their craft of 1000’s of yrs, using our free will (nefariously) against us , and being the only ones with the keys(the game as you so eloquently call it), now, when the jig is up, are saying they don’t really know how to open our jail cells and undo what they have done(in a way they are not held accountable I suspect),but somehow the key to our freedom as a species is found by our collective selves’ forgiving them as they too have been mortally wounded in playing their ‘roles’ in the ‘game’.(sob..)
    AND that somehow our survival as a species depends on this!

    Indeed, the landscape(play) is changing to reveal many truths.

  32. Cheryll OCallaghan says : Reply

    How can we understand what is truly happening here if we continue to listen to and accept the concept of hierarchy? Ascended masters? Angelic realm? Lord God? Annunaki? There is no hierarchy here on Earth or in the Universe. Anyone who still presents such a concept is of the old timeline. WE are the Acended Master, angelic realm, annunaki and God. That is what this whole movement, including “the money” is all about. WE are co-creators of the matrix, system and as such, WE have the power to shut it down. I AM original. I take responsibility and liability of my Self.

  33. Cheryll OCallaghan says : Reply

    Jelaila Starr is a galactic historian of the old timeline. She is obsolete. The stories she presents no longer exist, if they ever did.There is value in the keys of compassion however.

  34. ApexD says : Reply

    It feels to me like we are all in a play, one that was cast and scripted a while ago and now we’re just improvising. We’re off script, free to change our characters’ words and actions. Those actors who were cast in the roles of villains are also free to change, and some have (the whistleblowers, etc.). Some are having trouble letting go of their role, or maybe haven’t gotten the word yet that this play is ending and they no longer need to play the villain. Maybe they don’t know how to improvise into a cooperative or even wayshower role.

    I meditate daily, sending compassion, love and light to those in positions of power and those in management positions of the old systems. Encouraging them, energetically, to stop, awaken, and choose a different role to play. Many people within the banking, political, judicial and other systems are just people, doing the job they were indoctrinated to do. They, too, can and are going through an awakening process. Some of them are in excellent positions to widen the cracks in the matrix and make the changes flow smoother. I want to provide them with all the caring encouragement I can, so that they can facilitate this for the All.

  35. Anna Barentz says : Reply

    Hi! Guys,
    A farewell word.
    I am moving to other climes as I no longer believe in this scheme which seems to only be working for the ringleaders, not for the rest of us.
    I will try horse-racing, l love horses, and other things more productive that I could do with my life to get money other than giving my support to some half-baked and very dangerous fiddle. I am worth better than that.
    Take good care of yourselves and be careful.
    Life behind bars is not something to look forward to. Ask Heather!

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      lol, this is not about getting money. So, I guess the horse racing is indeed a good venue for you if that is what you seek.

      I have money. I have plenty of it. Problem is I know it’s no more worthwhile than Monopoly money so it brings me zero joy and even negative feelings to exchange said worthless money for services and bills which I know are already pre-paid AND being double paid thru back channels. This is about shifting the entire financial matrix of lies and deceit underlying what it truly happening in the system as we have known it.

      We are already behind bars living on this Prison Planet. Some of us live in mansions, some of us live in shacks but it’s all on the same prison planet.

      There is nothing dangerous about the truth. Only one’s fear about speaking it.

    • Cheryll says : Reply

      Thank you Anna for doing us a favor and leaving. Obviously being a troll here doesn’t work..

  36. Conor says : Reply

    So what was the actual court outcome from the two amazing souls who are leading the charge. The last information I could find was from them identify hearing. Do we have any in court rulings anywhere?

    • Anasazi says : Reply

      Last I read, Heather was released from her jail cell with electronic bracelet awaiting another hearing. Jurisdiction issue. I’m not an insider so I don’t know. I don’t have any of the “insiders” email addy’s here but..you can donate $$ via paypal with Bill or Terran Incognito or American Kabuki. It might get you a VIP pass. Just sayin..Heh

  37. Anasazi says : Reply

    Donate here: http://terrancognito.blogspot.com/

    Living in the era of transparency and expansion. Being authentic, open and honest. Just being real. Go fearless into the night. Self authenticating, Self revelatory, Self original.

  38. It’s a;; about Conscious Co-Creating OUR OWN STORY
    Here’s some Wonderful guidance and inspiration to move us forward on our way Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zFzKCySeac&feature=youtu.be. Consciously Co-Creating our Desired Lives and Our World – stating FIRST with ourselves and our family members and ALL other relationships with known and Un-Known Relationships it is still ALL about OUR PERSONAL CONSCIOUS Co-Creating OUR OWN STORY
    Love you all .. Katannya

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