Example Request For Documentation Of Funding Letter

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Here is an example of a letter you can use to a bank or any entity that purports that you have a loan with them to request the details and original documentation of that loan.



RE: __________________________________

Date: _________________________________

It has come to my attention that there may have been some irregularities with the funding of the above referenced financial instrument. In order to address this issue you are requested to provide the following:

1. Produce documentation of prior title, ownership and rights to the money allegedly loaned re; the above financial instrument;

2. Produce documentation of the history of the origin of funds that your company purportedly had prior title, ownership and rights to the money allegedly loaned re; the above financial instrument. History and origin of funds must show at least three [3] generations of the origin of funds;

3. Produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds [prior title, ownership, and rights] from loaner to borrower [invoicing/receipts].

4. Produce the wet-ink signature contract where I agreed, under full and complete knowledge, to enter into this alleged contract with this said corporation.

A failure to respond will be considered an admission that all of the requested documentation is not available

Please provide the above documents within 15 calendar days of your receipt of this request.

Without Prejudice UCC 1-308


Using # 4 in Action
video by Elizabeth van Dreunen


17 Responses to “Example Request For Documentation Of Funding Letter”

  1. Does this apply to cash loans from private companies as well?
    Also can one use this letter in electronic form?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      If there was an actual cash in your hand loan made from a person or private company then it was an actual loan. You can modify the templates to suit your individual needs and all can be sent by electronic means.

  2. Jim says : Reply

    Thank you for this tool. I see it as another alarm clock to trigger the awakening.

    I also believe that, with some minor changes in the communication, this request for documentation can be appropriately used by people applying for these “purported loans”, in addition to those who are already illegally bound (though not really) by them.

    Simply assert (with loving kindness, of course) that the purported loan contract be revised to include all of the points in the request for documentation, to be provided in due course and alongside the agreed on terms of the exchange.

    The banks would be obliged to comply. That is if they want your business and, more importantly, if they can. Otherwise they lose not only a customer but reveal themselves and their corrupt practices. The overriding value of this advance line of engagement is that it provides the opportunity for both the institution and the individuals to learn and to interact transparently together.

    Hmmm….that would certainly be a novel way for a bank to operate.

    Much love to all for everything you’ve done and continue to do.

    Take care.

  3. leeda says : Reply

    Love it! Using it! and the added remedy of ucc 1-308 is brilliant at the end. Thank you kindly. If anyone wants more info about that please look here.. http://freedom-school.com/the-ucc-connection.html

  4. nomercy says : Reply

    With reference to the UCC 1-308, would this work for persons living outside the USA? Would we first then have to reserve something [what?], file something[what?] with the UCC?
    Please help me to understand this?

    • LeesaJ says : Reply

      It is my understanding that you should be able to use this material practically anywhere. We are all in a sense “vessels” in this universe, this world, and this life. It is an affirmation (I beleive) that we can interact with one another despite our nations, or our association with state.

      Nomercy, I sometimes feel that there is so much information, you could write for a long time, as well as read. I encourage you to share your take on whats unfolding, and where you’re using it in your life.
      To your abundance and prosperity!

      • donald genade says : Reply

        Thanks for replying–I had sent by registered mail—hand delivered same and sent e-mails to the bank that “owns” my so called “debt”. They ignored all the paperwork and went ahead with foreclosure proceedings. I sent same documents to the sheriff of the court that hand delivered the summons to our house and the lawyers that were acting on behalf of the bank—When this happened I payed the amount that was in arrears for no-one was responding to my questions–It is not only on this site that i have posted questions that i needed answering and when none was forthcoming with a remedy I was not going to allow myself and my wife to be tossed out on the street with my kids[read animals]. OPPTSA website did not help either—-everywhere i turned to people seemed to be “saying” –you made your bed now sleep in it—this may seem like a negative post but these notices seem to have no effect in south africa and no one here can/will tell me if they have had any success with them—so until the opposite is shown/proven to me I will exercise extreme caution myself and not promote these forms to any person/s that i know are a more desperate position that that in which i find myself in—-But thankyou for responding

        • LeesaJ says : Reply

          I can appreciate that reserve. I am also unwilling to really “promote” this idea untill I can see for myself how it works. Thank you for being so honest, and open about your experience. There is another woman I am working with, and we keep affirming for one another that really, this is about discerning the truth.
          What is lawful?
          What is happening right now?
          I’m not sure what the future will look like, but I find it impossible to just not speak when I see such blatant lies, and corruption. When do we draw the line as a world community? people standing together in a unified idea.
          Perhaps a dream, but more people of having that dream.

  5. noel says : Reply

    Hi Nomercy, All the filings to the UCC were done by the Trustees of The One People, formally known as OPPT. There is no need for you to do any filings with the UCC. At the top of the page here click on OPPT Absolute, here you will find the tools used for dealing with any Foreclosed entity such as Foreclosure Flyer, Courtesy Notices and guidelines, which ones to use Cover Letters etc. Read them and really understand them before using them. Hope that helps a little. cheers Noel.

    • nomercy says : Reply

      Read them and really understand them before using them–this a quote from your writings above.When faced with this I immediately think that somewhere, either you or myself have a problem. No two people/persons think alike and the end result/s is that what might click for you does nothing for me. Now apply this theory to the people/persons receiving this/these documents and you realise that there is a huge gap. What message/understanding do the people/persons reading [if they actually do] these documents actually have/get from them? When face to face with a person who has a gun strapped on to their hip and a belligerent look on their face and to top it has a low IQ and he says that he is the policy enforcer for the GOVERNMENT [mind control] and has very little understanding/grasp of the ENGLISH language, do you even for one second think that such a person will accept the courtesy notice and know instinctively, that what is written on that paper is something that he better adhere to and OBEY.. We all live in different parts of this wonderful globe with people/persons from various backgrounds [religion, race and believes and education] and each has their own agenda as to how they live their lives and interact with other persons/people accordingly. This is a huge problem that you/me/we encounter on a daily basis whilst trying to survive in this hostile world. My honest and own OPINION is this—-the trustees should have gone to each and every nations LEADERS and informed them as to what has taken place and posted that information on the website with the proof that it had been done so that we, when finding ourselves [heaven forbid] in the scenario as above, we could say with full confidence that we are sorry that they were not informed as to what has happened, but that they must/should/could get verification from the Presidents Office. We as the people on the ground could in the meantime SPREAD the word for the mainstream media will not. At this moment in time I am finding myself sending people/persons the necessary/appropriate flyers/documents and they are ignoring them and carrying with on their “false” thinkings of slave ownership. When a JUDGE tears the papers up in front of you and throws it in the wastepaper basket and says he will not entertain that crap in his courtroom, what am I to do then? Figure that one out for yourself.

      • noel says : Reply

        Nomercy, ” Please help me to understand this ” was your plea above, Sorry-ee, I tried to help you and you shoot the messenger. I’m not responsible for what others do when you inform them of the truth, if you put it out there then you stand in your truth.

        • LeesaJ says : Reply

          My corhort and I are trying something where we are sending the findings to the attorney general both in our state and also on a federal level. We are holding the image of putting Goliath against Goliath and simply standing in the truth of our findings.
          I mean, it took a lot for me to appreciate the magnitude of this movement, and in fact, I’m sure I don;t “grasp” it at this point.
          Talk to your friends, your spiritual leaders and friends to help yourself go through that talk with people that are safe. By that I mean to practice the conversation, in a real way rehearse the actions and reactions that are innevitably going to come up.
          Too, this is about ones ability as an individual human. I am not a lawyer, and so I keep an open dialogue that creates evidence that I am acting in the best way that I KNOW HOW at THIS TIME. we are all learning, and some countries/governing bodies are more apt to take up the offer than others. I refer to this website http://www.law.cornell.edu/ucc/1/1-201#Agreement for a lot of informations and guidance to help me determine how to word, and approach different scenarios that I encounter.

      • BEing says : Reply

        “When a JUDGE tears the papers up in front of you and throws it in the wastepaper basket and says he will not entertain that crap in his courtroom, what am I to do then?”

        This reminds me of Roland Freisler, a german Nazi lawyer of Volksgerichtshof who sent thousands and thousands of people to death, mostly because of any kind of opposition to the Nazi regime. The scenario you report is to break down people mentally and take away every piece of value from the pre-condemned.

        This so-called judge ain’t misinformed or misinterpretes, he knowingly, willingly and intentionally breaks the law – and YOU have to tell him. If a so-called judge feels not to be bound to LAW but instead obviously acts as an executioner then he needs to be told. If a judge wages WAR in the courtroom then he administers violence not justice.

        BEing German I do know very well what it means to be mortified, especially by the law enforcement bodies acting against the german population. It’s nothing new that there are NO courts that carry out justice but fights companies’ private interests. It’s a fact that Nazi law is carried out here up to now.

        That’s why one needs to be strong by heart and mind, willing and able to confront judges and courts with the fact that by their actions they threat my life in the worst case. They are strong as long as they cause fear and pain but they are weak as they are confronted directly with their inhuman, evil visage. LOVE also includes honesty and to name things as they are. That’s what patriotism means to me. That’s what the system fears most: non-violence but absolute transparency and talking to the point without slightest uncertainty.

  6. coney says : Reply

    Would this form apply to Credit Cards? Anyone have a document example for that kind of ‘loan’?

  7. LeesaJ says : Reply

    Is this the kind of communication that everyone feels is appropriate? I ask in genuine interest, as this I find this very confrontational, and I wonder if you all think it is constructive.
    In reference to the video.

    I feel that everyone has their path, and method. Does the person on the other end of the line have to go through venom to help you? I am participating with “Bank of America” right now in an open inquiry, and have encountered even more fraudulence that I had even realized!

    It takes real, whole, sharing based conversations with people within these large “had been” entities to inspire the kind of this I would like to see with the world.

    I wish to reiterate that I’m simply seeking the truth of our interactions, and why we do or do not do what we do.

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  9. 3. One who defends, vindicates, or espouses a trigger, by argument; one
    who’s friendly to; as, an advocate for peace, or for the oppressed.

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