Energies Updates: Chris Hales conversation with Julien Wells April 20, 2013

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Here we accept the invitation of our steadfast and sincere Galactic friends who have been ‘waiting in the wings’ for millennia, to reveal themselves to us and gently guide us through the next phase of our evolution as human BE’ings.

In this conversation you’ll hear exchanges between ourselves and our galactic friends, lead by Julien, an ‘eternal heart,’ who discovered a way to connect with star being collectives. As you listen, notice their language of Oneness spoken and the absence of hierarchy in their group thought.

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This conversation took place April 19, 2013 between Chris Hales and Julien Wells.

“This chat is an important one. It discusses in some detail the difficulty our Galactic New Friends are facing in establishing first contact safely and without generating fear. Its one of those conversations which when I replay it in my head, I can always think of different and better answers!” ~ Chris Hales

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  1. Mariea Gill says : Reply

    My experience has been that, if there is any fear at all, you (they) should not attempt it… because fear makes you vulnerable.

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