End of Old- Beginning of NEW- Send Them Love

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End of Old- Beginning of NEW- Send Them Love- Energy to Recharge and Clarity






We are IN the End of the Old and IN the Beginning of the NEW.

The time, when all is being revealed, what has been hidden about how life on this planet really worked for eons… Most importantly the beauty of each person on the planet. People are so much more than they believe and you will see that shining brightly in the coming days with your heart and your physical eyes.

The trigger is the Unfettered access to your TDA accounts and the implementation of that.                             That will change everything.

Each and every separation story line will be healed and released.

The joy, the inspiration, the rainbows of possibility that will flow from each brilliant being of light, (you refer to them as humans 😉  on the planet will be a glorious thing to feel, see, and experience.


What You can do to speed things along so it Flows effortlessly at the Speed of Heart:

The people in the white house, in the systems, in the “Family’s” and all the PTW, at all levels need assistance with the large task at hand to bring the unofficial and Unseen to the fore to be Official and Seen!

Over the next 48 hours if you feel moved to do so…

Get out your energetic crayons, your unbridled innocent joy, in play, in creative doings and Send Them Love, Hold the space for them to have clarity and to recharge.

Show them the vibrant colors of your heart and unique energetic signature. Your Love Light and Light Love will be so bright they will have to wear sunglasses as they are light of heart, and clear of purpose, and joyful in their work of making ALL Official and Seen. As we move from the End of the Old into the Beginning of the NEW.


To All in the white house, in the systems, in the “Family’s” and all the PTW, at all levels… I send you a Cosmic sized hug, Waves of Love, a non depletion account of energy and vitality,  crystal clear clarity and strength of purpose.

I Love YOU, I Appreciate You.





73 Responses to “End of Old- Beginning of NEW- Send Them Love”

  1. Jay J says : Reply

    I’m in! Sending love and prayers!

    • John S says : Reply

      When can we get a step by step procedure Heather?. I live in Australia and it would be nice to have a procedure to follow. I have at last count 7 card with accounts attached. My Ambulance Membership card is showing over 25 billion.
      Which account do I attack first and how does one find the routing number in eaxh case?

  2. Benny says : Reply

    I agree and I do the same!!

  3. Anastasia says : Reply

    Love it! Yes, that’s our true non depletion account.

    Ok, the wave is starting here at one Portal on the East Coast. Ironically, I considered applying for the very first Apprentice Show from this exact spot but then realized my Essence would have been trampled at that juncture in time. Who would have thought all these years later, with an Essence expanded infinitesimally, I’d be playing in the sandbox with Trump again With my Essence leading the way in bringing in the NEW. And on this auspicious New Moon Day. Fascinating…

    I’m ready to go work in the White House now. 🙂

  4. BeV says : Reply

    YES YES YES.. this resonates 100 percent NOW is also the chance for us to Be the Forgiveness Thankful for All That Is, Gratitude for this BZ feels like perfect synchronosity

  5. Jim says : Reply

    A new day is fast approaching where everyone will understand their true value of self.
    Money was never supposed to be used as a weapon but as a tool.
    Unfortunately there is darkness that needs to be exposed to light.
    I look forward to the life changing events about to occur.

  6. aaron says : Reply

    Original-self remembering Original-self within the experience of separation.

  7. Barbara says : Reply

    Got Energizing Crayolas, got Energetic Assistance, got Great Gratitude, got Forgiveness, got Profound Compassion, got Guidance, got Many Colors of Love and coloring ALL with Energizing Love and Appreciation–hued with Deep Loving Thanks to Those Who Stood up First to Be astonishingly Courageous — Randy, Heather, BZ, Lisa, Bob, Brian, Dee, Shannon, Terran, Denise, Alex & Val and All who played the TDA Game! Got my TDA Coloring Book! Not a problem which page to start first! Got Creativity! LOL!

  8. Stella Sunshine says : Reply

    I send true LOVE AND GRATITUDE to ALL BEAUTIFUL SOULS who have made this possible for ALL. AND SO IT IS!!

  9. Sophia says : Reply

    Showering all in the White house and the PTW with waves of divine Lovelight.. showering all of humanity with divine lovelight.. I love you, I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you… I love you, I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you.. I love you, I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you.. I AM THAT I AM ~ in gratitude

  10. Lapooh says : Reply

    Sending an abundance of love, energy and the biggest hug ever.

  11. Bethany says : Reply

    Sending love and infinite acceptance for the role these beings Have played in this beautiful shifting that is occurring.

  12. Soozie McBride says : Reply

    Sending prayers, love, my child-like energy and gratitude for all that is and will be.

  13. Carol Hargett says : Reply

    I’m in!! Spread the love and abundance to all suffering and lost!! ❤

  14. ArenaNaheim says : Reply

    You ARE Perfect, Immortal Spirit, WHOLE and Innocent, All is forgiven and Released!!!

  15. Divinity says : Reply

    Sending Infinite Oceans of Aloha, Love Light Light Love, & Ho’oponopono. We are One ~ Victory to the Light!

  16. Anita says : Reply

    DOing! ❤️

  17. SthTxSam says : Reply

    Light and Love sent…. Sobeit! May the Blood of Christ protect all who work hard for the truth.

  18. Angie Sinclair says : Reply

    Sending all of the brightest of the brightest (((((LOVE AND LIGHT))))) beaming from me to you all.

  19. Jimmie says : Reply

    I agree and send up Love from the Almighty creator for them to make the right decision concerning this great commission.

  20. Jaqueline says : Reply

    Blessings … Gratitude … 🙂

  21. Kimberlie.Sparkman-McCann says : Reply

    Sending Love and more Love

  22. Andorra says : Reply

    I’m all in. Amen so be it.

  23. susan says : Reply

    And So It IS, Amen, Amen, Amen!!! XOXOXO

  24. Joe B. says : Reply

    I focus my heart felt vibrations to those who are finding difficulty relinquishing the habits of lifetimes and to embrace this most powerful energy and movement in the here and now for all of mankind.

  25. veronika Petrics says : Reply

    I tried ..it did not go through
    I could not use the number on the back of my SSN because the automatic pmt ctr asked for a 9 digit routing number but there is only 8 number there the letter is the 9th.
    Then I tried the letter (F) number did not go through

  26. neo says : Reply

    Thank U so much <3
    I AM IN!

  27. Del says : Reply

    I love you, i apologize, please forgive me, thank you. Sending love and light to our “other reflections.”
    #ashe #Nameste

  28. Marshag says : Reply

    Yes yes yes. Let the blessings flow as we send our light, energy and love to those working on this process. May they see gods light and be rewarded for their good work.

  29. V says : Reply

    sending love and joy…..let there be clarity

  30. Thank you bz. Beautifully expressed.

  31. Marty says : Reply

    Love and peace to all, may the creator of all things help us help others through this transition.

  32. Lisa says : Reply

    And so it is. Amen!

  33. Marilyn says : Reply

    I invoke and send forth St Germain’s Violet Flame of Transformation to All in the white house, in the systems, in the “Family’s” and all the PTW, at all levels…those in position of authority in all levels of government and corporations within this universe. God Bless,

  34. Golden Rule says : Reply

    You have ask yourself, would you or have you been sending all this love and hugs to those responsible, before you even knew about all this? The Hebrews said to to pray for your leaders. How many years have you been? Cause if you haven`t, then your intentions and motives are not correct.

    Love has no condition. If you are not pure, then you are loving in order for them to let go of something you want. quid pro quo and your prayers and sending of love and all that barely make it out of your body. Do you think the Divine will allow the laws of love to be violated? No there is a protocol.

    You are not God, therefore you do not control the universe. You are as God`s meaning in the image and likeness. You are not your mother or father but like them because you came from them..We co create because we follow the protocol that the Creator gave us to use, so we can be and do in the image and likeness of the creator. (Imitators/mirrors)

    You must be the love you choose to send, then demonstrate the love you intend to send. This isn`t something you conjure up, it is something you are through cleansing through forgiveness of yourself and others. Through selflessly serving others as you are led to. As it is said, you must vibrate the pure frequency for that to have any effect. There many part to make the words and emotions move.

    Before you can send them love or the kind of love you are intending, you first have to let go of their throat..Let go of all the pain and suffering they may have directly or indirectly, the emotion of money…..you have to utterly and completely forgive them. The traditions tell you this clearly. You don`t have to excuse what they did, because Karma knows what is right and does what is best to deal with our actions. No one escapes the consequences of their choices and actions. You simply need to let go of the need for retribution, revenge, anger, distrust or whatever emotion you have surrounding all of the parts of being enslaved. If you have those rumbling in your soul your capacity to love and have joy are greatly hindered.

    You can`t send what you do not posses. If you are not pure then you are sending from a underpinning of imposing your will upon them and hope they will let go. The first principle of satanism is just that “my will be done above all things”.. The Creator has told us through all the traditions to let it`s will be done. You work on you, you allow the creator to judge and follow the prompts in serving others as you are led to, The idea is based in the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. When you drop your will and allow to be led then the Divine drops others will to serve you in kind, but you have to be genuine. There can be no what can i get at all, just know that at some time when you need grace it will be there, when you need served you will be, when you need anything it will come in the most highest form than if we went and used our own volition to obtain it.

    You want the Treasury accounts, you want whats due to you? You want to be debt free then let go as to how you get it. Let go of even wanting it. You did the work of doing your due diligence, and trying it, and seeing if it is true. You have done all you can, let go and let God figure out what is next. The best door will open.

    Remember King Solomon was given great wealth because he didn`t ask for it, he asked for wisdom to rule well, which is what you need to manage billions of dollars and not go bat shit crazy if you obtain infinite wealth. That`s my 2 cents worth..

    • I M Power says : Reply

      I have for many years now. We can’t be Half Pregnant.

      we are either all one or we are not
      we are brilliant creator beings or we are not
      we either want to be free or we do not

      Love, is a vibration, a frequency absolute. love is not how humans misconstrue it, and give or with hold…

      Hold Love for yourself and share the brilliance of who you are in that moment with all.

      Then watch wonders unfold within and with out.

      • Golden Rule says : Reply

        We are one spirit and humanity. We are creators but we do not do the creating. we do not manipulate physical creation only the Creator who created it can. We can however organize our thoughts, feelings and emotions that produce perceptions(observer effect) and behaviors that shape our world. It is the Creator that takes the effects of all that has been generated and creates the effects for all individuals and the whole for the highest good. We do not posses the ability to do that. e can`t predict and know what will happen in 2 hours, 2 mins or 2 days let alone how things will exactly turn out.

        I am a artist by trade and I can verify that I did not create things I do. I am a vessel in which it is funneled through. You have to remember we and everything that exists was created and everything we can do and the resources we have to use were not created by us. At best we organize created material, using the vessel and tools that we are given and never created.

        Yes love is a vibration, and frequency absolute, but as the traditions discuss about the still water being clear and reflective, and muddy water cannot reflect, so it is with that fundamental vibration of love. It gets tainted by un-forgiveness due to failing to reconcile the pain within our soul. It is the soul that produces the vibration…..

        I have tested this. Those whom I can truly feel unconditional love for, meaning I do not hold anything against them have mentioned off hand they could feel my love for them, those whom I have not fully forgiven can sense there is something amiss. Try it. The law of love is clear. There can be no judgment against another, just as the Creator does not judge us. Meaning we are not condemned and we are not to condemn others

        People are free to do as they please(free will)…not to mention on their own path, but people need to seek wisdom, and not fall for spiritual buzzwords and memes… but if they are to be truly free to know they will need to not rely on others but to do their own work to take the information they are given and research it and come to their own conclusions.

        I don`t need to hold love or share the brilliance in that moment.That is just impractical new age nonsense.. I do however simply demonstrate love by serving and protecting the well being of others and following the prompts that guide me to do so and to do the work given without attachment to the outcome. My well being is always served. The traditions discuss at length this expression of love. Look in the whole of creation. Everything exists because it has a purpose for being. It has a job to do in the ecology of the universe. Everything is orderly. Everything supports something else and we are a a part of that universe. We are to serve others, and it is in that unconditional service the Love of the creator is known, felt and sent out. That is the expression of this so called brilliance. The creator gave us the ability to show the creators brilliance not our magnificence which is nothing more than pride and lust of self.

        I am free in soul, and spirit. And if all this happens as it is said then i will have access to infinite resources. However I do not need it because the source has supplied quite sufficiently already the other is a bonus.


        • Golden Rule says : Reply

          Not our time but divine time, this will or will not occur and become open in the right and best way. Yes heather and all those who have participate my in fact at some moments following divine prompts, intuitions and free will choosing, but this will not happen when we say it will. It will happen when it is supposed to. That is all I have to say on the matter.

          Set my people free- Charlton Heston as Moses.

        • Love Abounds says : Reply

          Not sure if you are angry or like to debate. Release the offense and embrace Love, Thank You for Your Biography. This Thread was simply asking to show love, Those who have love, would not offer debate in place of such a simple request. Slow to speak, is best. A man of many words can be seen as a fool. Breathe, Relax, Let Love Abound. Show it. No one on here wants to argue. Relax. All will be revealed, Let Love Abound. Hugs

        • Golden Rule says : Reply

          Neither,debating or angry. just expressing a point that requires expressing. Yes it was a simply plea to send love the all those…..The post is a nice sentiment and yes we should be and continue to pray for our leaders and such, however my question is have you and if you are going to because they ask then are you asking with love in your heart or are you asking because you want something from those if you do? You have to be real honest with yourself. Otherwise your sending of love is meaningless and selfish and in fact you are not sending the kind of love that will give them strength

          If I may seem terse in my words, it would be that people like to use buzz words and flowery sentiments but few walk the talk. If your gonna be love then live it not sit around your garden and hold it in your space. get out and get dirty. Forgive, and ask for forgiveness..Follow what your intuition has been telling you to do to go serve.

          Since you do not know me you do not know that I rarely say much and i am a man of few words and I can assure you i am not a fool. If you carefully read what i had to say without prejudice then you will know that. I do breathe all the time and i am relaxed.

          Contrary to your belief I do have love, and assuming i don`t is a little arrogant.. This isn`t arguing. It is called clarification because this medium we are using has no way to convey emotion properly.

          I am not here to argue debate or any of that. You guys want stuff to happen and be free and to be love… then do it. Freedom is internal first then external second. Your intention matters,

  35. D says : Reply

    If something sounds to good to be true it probably is……

    • Love Abounds says : Reply

      increase your love for yourself and others and you will have higher expectations. You will see you are worthy and greater than you think, And even greater than maybe others have told you. Hug yourself, Im’ serious, Hug Yourself and mean it. 🙂 Peace.

      • D says : Reply

        I’m all about recognizing our worth and promoting forgiveness, love and light but some people on here do sound a little over the top for my comfort. I for one do not want to be duped into a trap with a “honey pot” at the end. This maybe legit and I really hope so but there is a war going on for our hearts and minds. They know that people are having a hard time with money and this would be an easy trap and to distract us from other things going on like handling everyday business like our households. We will get so caught up in this “movement” that we can neglect what our households i.e. families really needs is our time, attention, love and laughter. I’m so glad things are changing but there is always growing pains with change so my advise is to pay attention to what is going on and not just with the money things but with all the politics, environmental, financial and so on but stay focused, grounded and not overly emotional on these occurrences. Be aware of things that could affect your household and prepare as best as you can for these things if they happen (good or bad). Be more self sustaining, get your gardens ready, have extra water and food stored, don’t forget your pets too! Do some earthing as touching the earth will take away some of the negative energies that you have built up throughout the day and will relieve you of some of the confusions and frustrations that you have brought home from the outside world. You know Gaia wants you to admire and appreciate it too. I say thank you to Gaia everyday for giving us such a beautiful home and beautiful plants and animals.
        You won’t worry so much and get caught up in things so much if you have taken care of your business first because you are prepared. It will relieve some anxiety and maybe to much expectations on things going a certain way. “An ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure. 😉
        Keep this in mind also-Remember this a WAR of energy of our hearts and minds and give it to things that really need us.

  36. Jermaine Walker says : Reply

    As God said, “It is done.” Great job to all of those involved that have worked tirelessly over the past 17 years on our behalf as I had no idea they were in the trenches for me and my loved one. Godspeed to all of humanity!

  37. Ryan Mcquillan says : Reply

    Whole heartedly forgiving all the trespasses that have taken place. We are all one. Sending healing energy to all those involved in this and their families. Sending love to all involved and every support possible in thker process.
    This is about so much more than money. It truly has the power to raise the vibration of our entire planet . It can finally release the fear and negative emotions that have been holding our ascension back. It is time now for It to be so.
    To those who have worked for this on behalf of us all I am sending you love and light and so many thanks and blessings. Nothing is to good to be true in a reality that we co-create.

    Love and light and positive vibrations to every being on Gaia and everywhere else.

  38. Alex says : Reply

    AS above SO below. Let us manifest Heaven on Earth. It is our RIGHT by BIRTH. Loving ALL as One, I am you and you are me. I LOVE you and THANK you!

  39. Question Everything says : Reply

    This site is as bad a cult.

  40. Brothers in spirit, I would highly recommend that we channel our
    prayers and love as-one by going through the Holy Spirit, Who
    knows all, everything from beginning to end regarding this
    situation – none of us does.

    Thus, bring it to Him as a illusion – if we make it real, He cannot
    deal with it. Then, we can tell all our brothers:

    Brother, you are Christ, pure, innocent and holy! All is forgiven and released, now!

  41. Cyntia says : Reply

    We are infinite creators of our reality. Set forth Divine intention and put your attention to create a world filled with Love, Purpose and Abundance for All. For too long we have been taught that we are powerless. We’ve been waiting to be rescued, to be assisted, I say No More! Step forward into your Divine Being, your Unlimited Vessel of Love and Light. Have no doubt that we are a collective consciousness to cocreate a world with Abundant Resources for All. Abundant Love, Light, Kindness and Compassion for All.

  42. Folks, I am hoping HATJ has rectified the situation outlined by AVR. If not, it is a serious consideration before utilizing
    our TDA’s, should Anna von Reitz be proven correct. I am simply notifying, and more than willing to leave it in hands more capable than mine Clarification, anyone?

    TDAs — Not for Americans


  43. Neshyra Akoda says : Reply

    Sending abundant love,strength, favor, peace, clarity, & direction. Thank you to all

  44. Ammerika says : Reply

    Isabelle ,
    Re. Anna von R. she is referring to American Nationals is only for American Citizen (Gov. employees or 10 square miles W.D.C.) please do some research regarding American citizens, also if you read the report that Winston Shrout did yesterday on the use of Treasury Direct Accounts he said “They are set up to paid debt and do not abused it” he wrote a 5 pages long history of the accounts explaining who, why, when and how.
    TO READ MORE, CLICK HERE: sorry I am not able to up loaded, search SOLUTIONS IN COMMERCE website


  45. knowabro says : Reply

    What I think I am understanding is that your assumed value “property” can be owned by a factualized trust no one else can touch and that YOU (the living being) can have sole control of that trust without ownership. I am just beginning to learn about this stuff, so please correct me if I’m not quite getting it. 😉

  46. MICHAEL says : Reply


  47. Tony says : Reply

    There was a time when i knew all this 15 yrs ago and started a book, called “Before your eyes are open” subject over whelmed me, Sure glad to have all this company now, CAN ANYONE TELL me who signs the Governed By..Line on the document,
    Thanks and much Love,

  48. Cyntia says : Reply

    Very important astrological dates to manifest a higher reality of Love for ourselves and the Planet Earth. Let’s meditate on these dates to shift our consciousness into Unity, Abundance and Love.

  49. Thomasina Hinds /Mistee Love says : Reply

    In God All Things are possible. I truly believe the angels are looking after all that’s involved in the OPPT~

  50. V says : Reply

    Michael, can you share if you used a universal routing number or any other?

    • MICHAEL says : Reply


  51. Isabelle LeBlanc says : Reply

    Anastasia says :
    July 24, 2017 at 11:34 am

    Isabelle – why would anyone’s hands be greater than yours when you are a CREATOR?

    ANSWER: Anastasia, believe it or not, we are only “co-creators” in God’s Universe, Heaven.

    Here, in the world we perceive through the 5 senses, we are simply projecting through the
    Ego; thus, all we perceive is an illusion. This world is simply an effect, caused by our attack
    thoughts, originating from split mind beyond time and space.

    The Holy Spirit is all of our individual spirits, combined. Placing anything in His Hands is a
    metaphor because, being spirit, He is formless.

    Being all of us combined in spirit, why would we not go to the Holy Spirit to deal with any
    illusion we perceive at the level of the body, and with which we are concerned about the
    outcome? Therein lies all real and true power. I leave it with you to ponder…Isabelle

    • Clay says : Reply

      I wish this page had a ‘Like’ button. I would not be able to hit it enough. I hope that those who are finding success in this are also providing window fans and air conditioners to the elderly(contact your local “family Services” and ask who needs them). Blessings to all who are thinking of others.

  52. Isabelle LeBlanc says : Reply

    Folks, this is hot off the press, a pdf article and video featuring Winston Shrout. I doubt he requires an intro to this group…

    By Winston Shrout


    This article is further alluded to by Winston Shrout, in his appearance on The Goldfish No. 113:

    The GoldFish Report No. 113 Week 27 POTUS Update Special with Winston Shrout – TDA’s


    This video was publshed today, July 24, 2017…

    P.S. Ammerika, this may be of special interest to you.

    • Golden Rule says : Reply

      As I mentioned before. It takes financial wisdom to now how to properly manage large sums of money. Lottery winners, pro athletes…. rarely fair well….if in fact this becomes a reality then i encourage all to show restraint and self discipline and not go bat shit crazy. Learn to manage such wealth. Grow into it. Just because it is there doesn’t mean you blow it all in a month. Winston is accurate here.

  53. Golden Rule says : Reply

    Wishing for a thing does not make it so….

  54. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    If You Feel Moved to Do:
    Send HATJ a postcard or card. Infuse it with Love and mail it to the address below.
    They are not allowing HATJ, to have anything sent to her, or brought in, not even pen and paper!!!
    No worries. Its all good. Send your Love infused postcards and cards to the address below and flood the facility with Love. Heather will feel them arrive, and the facility will have a Mountain of Love energized love cards to deal with (heart)

    Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, 360745
    Correctional Treatment Facility
    1901 E St. SE
    Washington, DC 20003

  55. stace says : Reply

    Hi BZ, I’ve been following your work only for the past month or so, and have been following the two cases. This is a bit off-topic, but I have been trying to ascertain which version of the Factualized Trust template is the latest and greatest. While trying to figure that out, I sort of ended up reformatting the whole thing so that LibreOffice Writer odt file recognizes the outline format. This would make it a lot easier to update in the future. Since I’d already done that for myself, along with correcting some typos, I went back in and re-entered the [bracketed] sections you and Heather had in the original. If the site has an email address that would be appropriate to send that to, and it would be helpful, you’re welcome to it. Just let me know where I can get that out to you.
    Unfortunately, I have no idea if the formatting holds going through email, but it might be worth it, as I think the changes are pretty good — at least for my purposes. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work on this subject. I hope you’re getting some rest.
    Best Regards,
    ~ S

  56. Mary Ann says : Reply

    I send love and light to all Washington. I am holding the Light .

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