Elements of Higher Light encase the solitaries

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published on July 13, 2017





Elements of Higher Light encase the solitaries.

Flashes of intensity are felt by all.

Strassburg excellence comes to the fore.

Fortifications are released.

Halloweds are received.





2 Responses to “Elements of Higher Light encase the solitaries”

  1. Daniel E says : Reply

    I am new to your website, it has lots of interesting information on RV (ReEvaluation) I listened to the first hour of the archive calls and was blown away hearing about the Zimbabwe (Zims)

    Is it to late to get involved or are there other instruments like these. any information would help.

    The people on the live call resonated with my energy and I can see myself helping humanity!

    Keep up the great behind the scenes to advance this beautiful planet. Thank you!


  2. DJ says : Reply

    Need a little help PLEASE! Purchased a Jumbo CD from USAA on Thur and today my account which is linked to my sons as well is not closed and they say they are exercising their right not to do business with me any more. Now what am I supposed to do? My SocSec went in to that account and his pay went in to that account.
    What can i do to get this taken care? I used the proper FED codes to purchase the CD with my SocSec number and now this is a mess. They are saying it is Fraud and wont even let me have what money i DID have in my account.

    Please help with some script or something to talk to them about it.
    Thank you! If Heather could call me or email to make an arrangement to call that would be greatly appreciated.

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