E_Call Supporting Documents

A copy of the financing statement Security doc # 2012079290 for direct download click here
A copy of the True bill   # 2012114776  for direct download click here
A copy of the commercial bill # 2012114586 for direct download click here


PERPETUITY DOC#: 2000043135  for direct download  click here


Ownership of the Treasury 2nd Security #  2012079322 for direct download  click here


ADDENDUM and MEMORANDUM OF LAW#: 2012127914  for direct download  click here


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  1. azzending says : Reply

    The documents that you have submitted I admire in their being and would ask If a conversation could be drawn in private to discuss remedy that I am working on and would like your input. I welcome you.
    Thank You

  2. Finally Awake says : Reply

    I’m interested in this, but I’d like to know what the status is on the Trillions of dollars held in trust by these monsters and if anything you have filed will result in monies being returned to the people. Someone else asked this in regards to the gold held in reserve/trust and got no response. You won’t have my support without full disclosure of what all this means to the very funds we need to care for those who have been most horribly brutalized by this enslavement. There are far too many disabled people who can’t just walk away from the system that owes them – without something to support them. Now IF what you are proposing in true, then how do we “The People” get the money back from these people so we can take care of those who need it? Does what you have filed cover that? IS the OPPT the trustee for ALL the people who are the beneficiaries of this account or how does that work? And if what you have filed does NOT grant us remedy and repayment of the interest then have you virtually destroyed each individuals rights to reclaim their own remedy? And by filing these OPPT papers are people merely doing the same thing they did the first time around? Signing away their rights to a second shadow entity by virtue of filing in the name of OPPT because they don’t understand? “Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.” I’m awake now, and if I find out you have turned right around and betrayed the people in the same way our past enslavers have, I won’t hesitate to make sure you are exposed and brought down. So tell me what the end result of this is in regards to the vast wealth owed the slaves that you supposedly have freed with these filings!! I await your response.

    • Mark Wilburn says : Reply

      I was wondering if you got a reply to your concerns. I too have some concerns about the OPPT. My biggest concern is that the OPPT binds each “Being” to a “Creator”, but the Creator is not defined. This is troubling to me because then it allows for any entity to come forward and make the claim that they are the Creator and then assume ownership of all people that do not file a rebuttal to the OPPT.

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        The One People’s Public Trust 1776 does not bind people to a Creator.
        The trust, takes everyone bank to their direct connection to Original Source. With No entity standing between them and Original Source.
        No Priest/government/church/NO Thing.

        You, each one can use your own terminology for what you hold to be the source of ALL. It does not matter. What the fillings did was remove all hierarchies et all.
        So their is no distortion of the truth of who you are.

        If that doesn’t work for you. Its all good. As things unfold and all of the slavery system falls away, you are at choice to create the new/ or replica of the old slavery system you wish to have and impose it on yourself. You are a brilliant Being. You choose.

        • Mark Wilburn says : Reply

          Thank you BZ for the quick reply. I feel like a third grader that has stumbled into a college level physics class right in the middle of a discussion about the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. I don’t understand what the OPPT is all about. I’ve been going through all of the documents and it did seem to me that the wording, admittedly profuse with legalese, established a direct connection between myself as a “Being” to a “Creator”. As you can tell by my opening sentence, I’m a physicist not a lawyer. I have been studying physics for a very long time. My journey began after being introduced to Shirley MacLaine’s book, “Out on a limb.” Years later I ran across Barbara Marciniak’s book, “Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library.” The key theme that I’ve encountered with all of the spiritual verbiage on this website seems to mirror the message from the Pleiadians about some of us being a part of the family of light. I read Barbara’s book back in the early 1990’s. What I’m having a hard time comprehending here is the connection of that channeled message to the filing of the OPPT as a UCC document. And ultimately what that has to do with the Treasury Direct Accounts. Please help me to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Thank you.

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            Marvelous Mark.

            “I’ve been going through all of the documents” Read everything or more important tune into everything from Where you are.

            Use Quantum mechanics which is close in linear languaging to a physicist…

            ” about some of us being a part of the family of light. ” Not some of us all of us. Being a family of light. ALL no one left out.

            “What I’m having a hard time comprehending here is the connection of that channeled message to the filing of the OPPT as a UCC document. And ultimately what that has to do with the Treasury Direct Accounts. Please help me to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Thank you.”

            What you/we/most people on this planet perceive to be the way things really are is not so. All of it is a false construct.

            the idea that their is rational thought and spiritual thought, that their is linear thinking and quantum thinking, that there is, my favorite, “reality” and “woo woo stuff”
            is ALL of a piece. Its all in balance. Each could be said to be true from one perspective. And all are.

            But in totality all are true. its not an either or. Your heart as a physicist, knows this. Even if you mind, especially the one that has to hold the company line/approved research lines/funding line does not.

  3. Tony Adachi says : Reply

    “Trillions of dollars held in trust…”

    Where, please?
    Where is it held?
    I know of very few banks (like 5-6) which hold deposits of more than $1 Trillion.
    And I would be very surprised if one party provided more than 10-20% of a big banks deposits.

    So WHERE is this wealth?

    If you cannot identify where, then there is a decent chance it is not there, so mine is a valid question.

  4. Carlton Overton says : Reply

    Please help with understanding the documents. I don’t want to make mistakes.

  5. PBSFD says : Reply

    Do I replicate the verbiage in my documents and replace the names with my own?

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