E_Call and D_Call Bond Word Template and Directions Discussions

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E_Call and D_Call Bond Word Template and Directions Discussions

Originally posted November 20, 2013


An Update from the BWWEE Skype Room

(*)  Here is some information that may shed light for people and hence make the BWWEE rooms  purpose at an end!

I will think on that and decide about closing the room in the next day or so.

From RTS for those who are not in there:

[2:52:06 PM] Seraph G. El: This was a conversation I just had with Heather…for the sake of transparency…
[2:52:27 PM] Seraph G. El: [11/28/2013 1:58:10 AM] Seraph G. El: I have a question that has nagged me for weeks now…  The information and recourse you posted about “playing with the banks”… Did you get the procedure from someone who claimed using it successfully, or did you test it yourself as you did with your foreclosure? The instructions were very specific, so when I haven’t heard of anyone depositing a single” unit of their value” I have to assume something was lost in translation… Please help me understand this… I feel like I know your heart and motive.
[1:49:55 PM] Seraph G. El: No reply?
[2:01:47 PM] Heather: to what?
[2:02:36 PM] Heather: ah!  Never mind I see it now….
[2:11:55 PM | Edited 2:13:18 PM] Heather: bonds, underwriting, etc. are no secret….foreign deposits are no secret in banking (just the part about inbodyments being “foreign” in that former systems was AND the fact that all statutes/codes/etc. regarding foreign persons/immunities/diplomats/deposits, etc. all were to preserve the perpetuity as required by law)….the secret service part was during the investigations from secret service …and as far as no one “depositing a single ‘unit of their value'”, Love…in the ABSOLUTE PAN…the former banking system is not being revived and there are those consciously guarding and DO’ing the ABSOLUTE PLAN within the shell of the former system making sure that it is not revived…the energetic signature of banking was only set to be experienced and then unbound…hence, my reference to “PET CEMETARY” movie (chuckle)

…….I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! (heart)
[2:14:13 PM | Edited 2:15:16 PM] Heather: ……feel better?….I replied…just sayin’ (chuckle)
[2:15:04 PM] Heather: sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh!  Seriously, Love…..I AM CONSCIOUS that you have better things to DO and are sooooooooooooooooo creative….IMAGINE BE’ING AND THEN DO AS YOU IMAGINE! (inlove)
[2:15:26 PM] Heather:  I DO
[2:15:28 PM] Heather: I AM
[2:15:36 PM] Heather: :*(hug)(heart)
[2:40:42 PM] Seraph G. El: Would you or D repost this exchange on her chat room? I think it’s needed, and if I do it, it comes off as egotistical!
[2:41:26 PM] Heather: i am not in any chat rooms
[2:42:09 PM] Heather: DO what resonates within you…..
[2:42:30 PM] Heather: I don’t care what others think about you ;)…i love you!
[2:43:33 PM] Heather: I don’t care what others think about me either….but most already BE CONSCIOUS of that (chuckle)(heart)
[2:44:12 PM] Seraph G. El: OK…is D available to repost it for transparency? I think some are done “interpreting” your words and works, and would love to see this explanation “in your own words”!
[2:46:35 PM] Heather: ……hhhhhhhhmmmmm….interesting….you want something done but don’t want the responsibility (or the liability) of posting it your self….and then tout “transparency” ….regarding data that was already posted if you go back and read every word it is all in there.

…….very interesting ….IN DEED.
[2:47:39 PM] Heather: regarding D…Love, you will have to ask her….I do not speak for D or visa versa…I am responsible for I and she her
[2:48:09 PM] Heather: LOVE YOU! (heart)
[2:50:48 PM] Seraph G. El: I am really growing tired of the constant barrage of this kind of verbiage… This is not AT ALL about responsibility or liability! I’ve just gotten a lot of misplaced hostility from those who resent anything being said that questions the PROCESSES not the processor. I am SERAPH, and I have NO FEAR. I have proven this when most of these people had no clue what this was all about. I will post it IN IT’S ENTIRITY.
[2:51:47 PM] Heather: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! (music):O(heart)….I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!!!!! (hug)
[2:52:22 PM] Seraph G. El: LOL WHATEVER!
[2:52:35 PM] Heather: AND….I all ways question every thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[1:02:56 PM] ⒾDⒾ: [12:57 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .:

<<< [8:56:54 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: it has been a useful “rule of thumb”…I thank you for all the questioning you do about any process or, well, everything….why can’t something be questioned?….I love questions….

….what doesn’t resonate within I, Love, is when someone asks me to post something that they don’t want to post because they do not want to experience what others may call them….and cloak the request under the guise of “transprancy”…but post away!!!!!!  I LOVE TRANSPARENCY….I will send entire convo to D per your request, but I can not and will not speak for her….you should contact her directly.

I love you, Seraph, have a great day!
Seraph G. El

[1:27:05 PM] Diane Geldert: So by Heather’s comment to Seraph  i read that we DO and BE fucked and NO money will ever BE there for us to DO as we want
[1:27:46 PM] nick mckenny: Not within the current banking structure.
[1:28:42 PM] Diane Geldert: shit dang damn poop did I say shit
[1:29:15 PM] Diane Geldert: and they are not going to give up
[1:29:27 PM] Thomas Ⓘ: THat was a given…until something changes….
[1:29:54 PM] nick mckenny: But, by all reports, the current banking structure is falling down, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
[1:30:43 PM] Diane Geldert: landslide blocked da tunnel i think (chuckle)
[1:33:18 PM] ⒾDⒾ: not by my perception 😀
[1:33:35 PM] ⒾDⒾ: I see the light at the end of the tunnel just fine 😀



from this morning

[1:54:39 AM] FunkyKatnissmadmanina .: I just read an exerpt of a conversation you had with Seraph…this jumped out at me…


…and as far as no one “depositing a single ‘unit of their value'”, Love…in the ABSOLUTE PAN…the former banking system is not being revived and there are those consciously guarding and DO’ing the ABSOLUTE PLAN within the shell of the former system making sure that it is not revived…the energetic signature of banking was only set to be experienced and then unbound…hence, my reference to “PET CEMETARY” movie (chuckle)

~~~~~does this mean that even with all the documents you provided that you had no intention of us ever getting access to anything monetary to represent our value? We are simply guinea pigs to the data coming out? I am just trying o=to understand.

[1:58:38 AM] FunkyKatnissmadmanina .: oh and just a p.s. to the previous ‘conversation’ LOL….I was referring to getting access to funds from the bank in order to create an eco-village, aqua farm so we can not only feed people but teach them to feed and house themselves. Something fun like hobbit houses (cob homes made from earth)  (clap)  (heart) It would seem that we are going back to the basics….similar to Cloud Atlas … even as advanced as they were at times….it still comes down to sitting around a fire telling stories of the ‘old uns’ .

[2:18:12 AM] FunkyKatnissmadmanina .: My dear darling Heather….I cannot imagine how a day in the life must be like for you. I feel the pressure of having to work a job I don’t want to work just so I can help pay the mortgage (which is something I do not believe in anymore so you can imagine that frustration) and to have some money to help a few others in our chat rooms. When what I really want to do is find a caregiving job with separate quarters so I can take my kitties with me and just live helping someone else in their need. The last comment you made here to me makes me realize that what I am doing right now serves no one. I can now think more about exploring that caregiving situation. It is not running away from my perceived responsibilities but more about me finding what is right for ME. I have a little more clarity. Thank you.

[8:58:43 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: [1:54 AM] FunkyKatnissmadmanina .:


<<< ~~~~~does this mean that even with all the documents you provided that you had no intention of us ever getting access to anything monetary to represent our value? We are simply guinea pigs to the data coming out? I am just trying o=to understand.


[8:58:43 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .:  IN LOVE, GRATITUDE AND PEACE:

Love, the only intent I have and DO is that all inbodyments are inpowered to succeed at all they CHOOSE TO BE AND DO!  All the data that was shared IS exactly how banking works….by your DO’ing and that of many inbodyments who DO the same, you demanded that a choice be made by the inbodyments within the shell of the former systems…you assisted those inbodyments to make their choice visible to all the universe….ALL INBODYMENTS OF I DO BEAUTIFULLY IN THIS FINAL MOMENT OF THE FINALE!!  BE’ING AND DO’ING…SO POWERFUL YOU BE…AND YOUR DO’ING GIVES ALL INBODYMENTS NOTICE OF THAT POWER…BE AND DO IN LOVE AND ALL IS PERFECT EVERY NOW MOMENT AND PERFECTLY DONE.




With the release of the new bonds from Heather on November 16, 2013. I have created this post to list the Word version templates, some guidelines and some thoughts on what people have ferreted out with their BEing and DOing. This post will be continually updated so hit hard refresh when you come back to check for updates.

List of source posts:

BWWEE: HATJ New I Declaration of Deposit Example Docs and Discussion post click here

Original E_Call doc release post click here

Word version Template for E_Call Bond

Click here to download. You will find the parts you need to personalized to you and your country in blue. Below you will find additional guidelines on how to work with the bonds.

Click here for Word version Template for D_Call Bond


** Make sure you open a new account. It is NOT recommended that you deposit your bond into an existing account. You want to set your NEW Transparent Terms and conditions right from the beginning. **


A summation of what needs to be customized on the bond and some things to consider… (just my perspective)

* On the bond, on the pay: to put your full name as it stands now (Not your given name at birth)

under obligee deposit orders:

account name: put your full name as it stands now

EIN: put your social security # or your countries equivilant (follow Hatj guide and put 3 digits then- then rest)

Treasury D D A N:  put your social security # or your countries equivilant (follow Hatj guide and put 3 digits-2 digits-4 digits)

Back Office #: this is the certificate number off your birth certificate not the document # in the lower right corner or the back or in red… put dashes following same guide as Hatj ie: 3 digits year(some cases just last 2 of year, some cases full year all 4 digits)

Local file : for USA this stays the same- for outside of USA in your country look for the corresponding account as it is in USA UNITED STATES TREASURER /FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SVCS

Routing : for USA add a 0 as it needs to be a 9 digit # (for ABA system) – for outside USA  in your country look for the corresponding account as it is in USA UNITED STATES TREASURER /FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SVCS

ABA: for USA this stays the way it is – for outside USA  in your country look for the corresponding account as it is in USA UNITED STATES TREASURER /FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SVCS (the template has the correction for USA and the correct number of digits needed)

Original Depository and D E: this is your birthdate

Original Depository Name: This was your full given name at birth

On the right side under the Authority, Authorization S A:

Usa incorporation date: for USA leave as is

USA Re-organization date: leave as is

Perpetuity doc: leave as is

security : leave as is

Adendum and M: leave as is

Commercial bill: leave as is

true bill: leave as is

Original D and D ref: this pulls from your customized DODD

Receipt REF: this pulls from your customized DOR


Letter of Intent:

I made a page that has the supporting documents as direct download if you want to include the link in your letter of intent rather than printing everything out.

You might also find it a good idea to draft a letter of intent and add that with your packet and your conversation with the bank.

In your letter of intent, state Your intent with opening up this new account.

State your position as it relates to the power you have to make this deposit from the fillings and the bond.

You could make mention of the foreign deposit you are making in the spelling out of your intent and your position of being in sole custody of these funds.

State the accompanying documents you have include. You may want to list them separately in list form.

State your terms and conditions. The completion, compliance, transfer, discount… fee whatever you would like to call it.

Acknowledge the bank’s business needs and the partnership you wish to forge in Re-Purposing the banks.

Acknowledge it may be necessary for their compliance department or other more savvy personnel look at the docs. State a specified time period. State the desired expectations and outcomes.

Refer to their responsibilities under the Uniform Commercial Code(yes it applies in all jurisdictions globally)

State your intent for clarity of meaning of words and no presumptions of meanings.

State your intention for a mutually beneficial contract, with no intention or presumption of anything that could be deemed unlawful.

State should a misconception of fraud arise that both parties should enjoy mutual liability in terms of proper disclosure. State that it is incumbent upon both parties to apprise the other if they feel things are not done in transparency or actions may be treading into questionable territory.


Due Diligence  when Leaving Your Packet for Review:

One could take their paperwork in and have the discussion with a manager or senior level savvy private banker. And if the banker stated they needed to keep it to show higher ups you could say sure no problem and produce a second copy of the E Bond that has been personalized for you but NOT having completed the Pay to, signed, initialed, or wet in signature.

Just under the Bond No. header write EXAMPLE COPY for Banker Due Diligence

In the Pay To : area write in VOID

In the $ line write VOID

On the signature line write VOID

Tell them you will be back in xx hours to open your new account and at that time you will present them with the wet ink signature duly authorized original bond for the tranaction.



Proper Bond Numbering and Record Keeping:

You will want to keep good records. The wording of the bonds provides for someone to issue more than one bond. Make sure that you number your bonds properly so there can be no confusion on the specificity of each bond. When working with the E_Call bond in the header area you could do a numbering system in the bond no. area like this

BOND No.: BOND E1-DODD-hatj-07301972  then personalize the last part for you. In your record keeping note the $ amount for the E1 bond and the date issued. Then if you were to issue another E bond you might number it – BOND E2-DODD-hatj-07301972, then repeat the personalization and recording process above.

This would hold true if you decided to work with the D_Call bond as well.


About the Routing Codes:

The codes as they appear on the E_Call and D_Call bonds are for the institution that holds All the “birth” accounts (in USA, could be its for all of the accounts worldwide)

USA UNITED STATES TREASURER /FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SVCS, ABA# starts with “05” for Richmond, VA Federal Reserve Bank. And the routing # is the same one for social security checks.

All corporate charters funnel through the united states of AMERICA, that was the importance of foreclosing on the USA  CORPORATE. This may make the routing codes given effective for people’s accounts in all jurisdictions globally. It could be Heather suggesting people ask Karen Hudes, may have been a way for Karen to show here True colors. (which in my perspective she has done brilliantly)

A note from someone in Ireland in the BWWEE room:

I’m working out that my SS card is actually a credit card, with an ISO Issuer Identification No. and a 9 Digit SS#. Issuer ID No. is 6 Digits, beginning with the No. 6 which appears to be a reference to Issuer Type, i.e. ‘Merchandising and banking/financial (Discover)’ – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO/IEC_7812


Birth Certificate Code:

Different people are reporting they are reading different numbers numbers on their birth certificates. You want to make sure you have the”CERTIFIED” or “Long Form” version of your birth certificate, the form that has your time of birth, as that is the one that is the copy of the original one. You will see a number at the top. Not in Red. It could say birth certificate # or State birth  #… It will have a 2 digit or perhaps 4 digit # with a – following it this is for the year of your birth.

After looking at your BC, you can not figure out which is the correct number, call the issuing office (the city of records where you were born) and ask them which is the Certificate number with your birth year digits that is Unique to You. Your security code if you will.


READ the bond and “see” what it Lays Out:

Banker excuse of You must Initiate Wire:

There has been at least one person reporting that a banker told them… you need to initiate the wire transfer… or something to that effect.

That is why when people go into the banks to have this conversation they need to stand in their power. If you were opening a new account and you were using an instrument to put in your opening deposit. Say a certified check or something you would never stand for the banker telling you that you needed to initiate the wire… Or something like that because that is why you are going to the bank and using their services as a transfer mechanism.




Docs to include with your E Call Bond:

Your Letter if Intent- see guidelines above for thoughts in creating your letter of intent

Your customized DODD for direct download Example DODD- Declaration Original Depository Deposit click here

Your customized DOR for direct download Example DOR– Declaration of Receipt  click here

Your customized W n W of I for direct download Example WnWof I – Declaration of I click here (this example document with highlights added, is from the original file that Heather created, it has a “landscape” orientation that is the way the original Word file was sent over.)


I made a page that has the supporting documents as direct download if you want to include the link in your letter of intent rather than printing everything out.

A copy of the financing statement Perpetuity doc # 2012079290 for direct download click here (SECURITY#:2012079290)
A copy of the True bill   # 2012114776  for direct download click here
A copy of the commercial bill # 2012114586 for direct download click here
a sheet that has the definitions of words from the Bond so that when a banker says they don’t know what x means or tries to sway the meaning of it you can hand then the definition sheet so they can clearly see the meaning

not really needed to include in packet but here are the direct download links if you need them

PERPETUITY DOC#: 2000043135   click here

Ownership of the Treasury 2nd Security #  2012079322  click here

ADDENDUM and MEMORANDUM OF LAW#: 2012127914  click here


Look up the definition of words on the bond you are not clear on what their definition is as it relates to financing/fiduciary conduct… equity call

equity call

Foreign deposit (bank procedures demand that the Perpetuity be preserved, at all times, by all banks, and as a result, all banks are required by Universal Law and Uniform Commercial Code to accept any and all Lawful Foreign Deposits.)
You BE the value, that value is foreign in a system that did not create it, therefore, it is a foreign deposit within any system that it did not originate from. By perpetuity, any and all former systems are required to preserve that perpetuity. Any and all system codes/ statutes have sections that preserve the perpetuity. – HATJ


damages call
obligee warranty
and others as needed

Obligee  – definition of(in financial terms)
Obliging party (bond holder, creditor, lender, insurance policy holder, etc.) in whose favor a promise is made or an obligation is entered into by an obligor, under the terms of an agreement. Also called promisee.

 Obligor – definition of  (in financial terms)
A person or entity who is legally, or contractually, obliged to provide some benefit or payment to another. In the financial context, the term obligor refers to a bond issuer, who is contractually bound to make all principal repayments and interest payments on outstanding debt. The recipient of the benefit or payment is known as the obligee.
An obligor is also referred to as a “debtor.”



All of that is the practical paper work stuff DON’T forget the energetics! and the infusion of Your Youness into all of this because it is your energetic pressence that is the power this account (the old or funding and the new, is based on )











52 Responses to “E_Call and D_Call Bond Word Template and Directions Discussions”

  1. Ron Murphy says : Reply

    Hi everyone , I believe the “Local File No.” relates to the ‘county’/’district’ that you were born in. Pls check this.

  2. Dan says : Reply

    Thank you BZ so very much…for all your efforts, of putting the edits together, putting the bond in word format, & for all of your perpetration in getting the physical & spiritual aspects of accessing our value. I was very disappointed on TOP show on Monday when everyone on the show acted like they didn’t need the money or know what to do with the money! What about the plan for free energy, curing disease, setting up our own banks & schools, what about the tornado that ripped through the Midwest? So I thank you for all your hard work & love that you put out to all of us. The victims of the tornado thank you without even knowing, because help is on the way!

  3. Marie says : Reply

    I just called vital statistics for the state of Kansas. I was able to confirm that the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH CERTIFICATE NUMBER is located in the upper right hand corner of the face of the document. It is a 3 digit number followed by a dash and space, then a 2 digit year of birth and space, followed by a series of 6 digits. I did this because my child was born in California and the Certificate Number is also in the upper right hand corner of the face of the document, identified as: LOCAL REGISTRATION DISTRICT AND CERTIFICATE NUMBER. However, the last series of numbers are 8 digits instead of 6. Also, the California Certificate Number reads as one long series of numbers without any dashes or spaces. I was born in the 70’s and my child was born in the 90’s. The lady from Kansas vital statistics also told me that the red numbers belong to a whole another series that is completely different from the Certificate Number. This is all really very interesting.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Each US state handles it slightly differently and it depends how old you are, that changes things a lot…

      the best guide is to look for the number that has a 2 digit or 4 digit year of birth number in it. Like -63 or -1972

  4. Au Matu says : Reply

    Peace & Love is All!

    I noted while reviewing the Bonds, that the mentions of RCW (RCW 62A. 1-207 and RCW 62A.1-103) are the Revised Code of Washington’s (former state) equivalent to the UCC of said (former) state found here:
    http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?Cite=62A (site last updated October 30, 2013)…

    this detail may or may not resonate with all inbodyments self-creating their bonds, and it may or may not matter much in the bigger picture regarding effectiveness, it did swing into focus though, and I was drawn to share it…due to this detail being present in the bond, I’ve added an additional edit in customizing individual bonds…edits for my state of domicil by choice are:
    UCC 1-308/ILCS 5/1-308 and UCC 1-103/ILCS 5/1-103

    (“other” inbodyments domicil by choice in other united states may or may not desire to do this)..research for your state of domicil by choice is at the discretion of the inbodyment (search: state of ______ commercial code)…

    ex: the state of illinois’ equivalent commercial code (810 ILCS 5) found here:

    I’m not sure if the references to the Revised Code of Washington should be remain or be removed altogether from the customized bonds of inbodyments domicil by choice outside of the united states. Energetically I see it making no difference, as the overall content, context & purpose still resonate after the edits I’ve made…

    I Au Matu

  5. Doug J says : Reply

    I Live in Victoria BC Canada, I NEED HELP locating the following numbers.
    Re BOND:
    Local File# – Where and what file?
    ROUTING: to what financial institute?
    ABA; number to what financial institute?
    NOTE: Canada is the 13th District of the Federal Reserve, should we use same as USA?

  6. JB says : Reply

    Hi BZ, I appreciate all that you, Heather and the crew does for everyone. I just want to know what # to use if I was not born in the US but became a US citizen once eligible to apply. Do people like me use the Naturalization Certificate instead? It would be great if Heather can give her input as well. Thanks … much love and respect to you all!

  7. Ron Murphy says : Reply

    Hi everyone, I live in england but was born in Scotland. Here is the info that I found: “On Friday, November 22, 2013 9:26 AM, “grant.law@dundeecity.gov.uk” wrote:
    Hi Ronald

    Thanks for your message. The number to which you refer relates purely to the certificate number, not your birth entry. If you had 10 birth certificates they would all bear different certificate numbers.

    The number relating to your birth is as follows:

    1952 / 685-08 / 36



    First four digits year of birth: Second group, county/district reference no.; third group, the line number in the birth register for that year, in that I was the 36th child registered since the beginning of that year.

    Blessings to all

    • Hi Ron, Well done on your info finding re birth cert numbers.
      I live in Lond and was born in the South of England.

      When I phoned the registration office I didn’t get any of that
      vital info that you received.

      So can you let us UK people know the actual questions you
      asked on your email.to receive such a clear and succinct answer.

      Looking forward to reading your reply in comments.
      Sophia in the UK

      • Ron Murphy says : Reply

        Hi Sophia, thank you for your message. In answer to you question, firstly in an email to the registry office i asked if they could give me the local file number in relation to the registration of my birth and supplied them with the details. Before I got their reply I called by telephone and had a good chat asking as many details as I could about the Register, their process and how they identify with the numbers. details of the Birth Certificate/ Extract from the Register etc. I got all of the needed information and they then kindly responded again later to my original email confirming everything. I wish that you can get the information you need also. If there is anything that I can help with just contact me on my email address: ronm_1952@yahoo.com
        Ron (Cirencester, Glos)

  8. cris says : Reply

    Ciao a tutti, qualcuno mi può aiutare a trovare il numero di routing per l’Italia? ho mandato una richiesta alla banka mondiale ma nessuna risposta …. Grazie (:- un abbraccio.

  9. P says : Reply

    On that years and digits, the digits on mine is just a 7 digit number without anything to do with my birth year combined with that 7 digits. The birth year is just in the regular place on my birth certificate, then 7 digit number is on the bottom left hand corner, and there is a number on the back on the bottom right hand corner which is different from the front side number. I believe though it said that in the description for using the number not to use the one on the back, or in red.

  10. Dan says : Reply

    Hi BZ, have you or anyone you know gone to the bank with the new bond? I’m not on Skype or FB so I’m out of the loop.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      I have not had the ability to go in yet. When I do I will share my experience. I have asked other people to share their experiences in the comment section when they go in.

      I know some have gone in with the preliminary discussions and things are in review but that is all I have heard of so far.

  11. sharon clark says : Reply

    I too was disappointed about The One People call last Monday (Nov 18) how our beloved hosts were not really attached to money anymore. It’s like they know donations will keep coming in to fund them. Now they are off to Norway. It looks like they have hit celebrity status (which they well deserve). It seems to me they are counting on us doing the work to get the funds and keep them funded. This is perfectly fine. They are doing what they need to do to get the word out. And they did mention that they appreciated that Tomas and others were willing to do the work to take care of getting the cash.

    In the end we will move to a cashless society which will be the best situation for all. In the mean time, we will enjoy having all the money we need to get the projects funded that will help to transform the world.

  12. Doug J says : Reply

    FORMULA for the Local File # from your Canadian BC REGISTRATION NO.
    3333=yr. 44=district 0123456=registration, below Registration 3333-44-0123456
    Year+district=Local File# 333344
    Yr can be two or four digits depending on time of Registration.
    The red number on the back is your CUSIP #

    • Dan Sauer says : Reply

      Hey Doug, how are u ? Doug, question, I only have 2 digits for the year of my birth, dash 05. So then I would only have four digits showing, or could I actually add the 1960, then the 2 digits for district, or would I just leave it, and stick with what is actually written ? 60-05 ? Can u add the 19 to that number, would it matter ?……………………..cheers Dan

  13. Birth Certificate Birth Area Code:

    “Since 1948, most State registrars use a uniform numbering system.
    Birth certificates (BCs) issued by the States generally include an 11-digit number in a xxx xx xxxxxx format. The number begins with a 3-digit birth area code number followed by a 2-digit year of registration (almost always the year of birth) and lastly a 6-digit serial registration number (assigned sequentially to each birth as it is filed).”

    Notice that Heather’s BC# starts with “146” for Washington state, and that the E_Bond ABA# “053697261” starts with “05” for the Richmond, VA Federal Reserve Bank.

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Routing_transit_number for more explanation of ABA#.

    However, that ABA# is not found at http://www.routingnumbers.org/

    Nevertheless, I feel more confident now that the ABA# “053697261” is the location of ALL birth accounts. Perhaps more info will follow so we can BE more CONSCIOUS of what we are DO’ing when confronted by bluffs and excuses from TPTW.

  14. BB says : Reply

    Hi BZ – I have the same basic question as JB. I was born in the UK and became a US Citizen, so do not know whether to use my British birth certificate or U.S naturalization certificate number, and also need to know if the U.S. ABA routing number applies, or a British banking number. If anyone has info on this, would really appreciate it. Thank you BZ for everything you do to help us all.

  15. When I went in to make a deposit with all my paperwork, the bank told me they only take check, cash or wire transfers and gave me their routing number. Not sure what to do next.

  16. RH says : Reply

    Why not open our own bank and forget all the other banks that won’t cooperate.
    Why do we need these banks anyway if they are not going to honor the UCC system.
    What is preventing Heather from opening a new bank with all our value to access what we all need?

    • DC says : Reply

      I have looked into just that and here in the US you can purchase a bank for around 2 million and create an internet serviced bank. We can collaborate as a group and purchase it or hopefully find a bank willing to play with us and use that money to create the banking system we all want to see.

      • RH says : Reply

        I don’t see the point in “purchasing” with foreclosed on FERN’s…dollars, this system is OVER, we need a new form of currency, like bitcoin or something similar to trade with.

  17. Suzan says : Reply

    Thank you BZ for all of your diligence to make this process much easier for those of us that so desparatly want to “get it” but just need a “little” clarification. You are a shining star and I love you

  18. sara says : Reply

    Hi everyone, I live in the UK and was born in 1965, I have my original certified copy BC that was given to my parents, but the only number that is on the doc is in red on the top left, it starts with 2 letters and has 6 numbers that follow it, the only other number that is on my BC is a hand written entry number ???? Please help 🙂

  19. John says : Reply

    Thank you to everyone who has put in so much time and effort to make these documents available to everyone. I would like to get in contact with someone, who could assist me in getting the appropriate numbers for Canada.

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  20. RH says : Reply

    Humm the more I think about this business of using a Bond to try and access our Value with any FORECLOSED bank dose not make sense to me. Why deal with them? They will not honor their own UCC code, the Vatican owns it DROIT DROIT. The Secret Service is Jesuit backed as is the CIA, FBI etc… and all of them are from the corrupt Vatican banking system. You all need to get a copy of “Vatican Assassins” by Jon Phelps and read how deep this rabbit hole goes. In order to quit there banking system we have to stop using THEIR FERN’s (federal reserve notes). It’s their money and if you use it you have to follow their terms of use! I don’t see them EVER playing ball with anyone except on their terms, as it belongs to them, be it a slavery system or not.
    Bitcoin is a option. It dose not belong to them….no one owns it, no interest on using it. has anyone tried to deposit their value in Bitcoin?
    The banks accept Bitcoin from what I have read. Just a thought.

    Another thought…… is using your birth certificate, which is a security instrument…. it sent to the Commerce Department and they use it to barrow against and trade on the open market in Federal Reserve Notes, (one of the key founding elements for the SLAVERY system by the way)…why in gods name would you want to use this as it is part and parcel of the BEAST system to access your Value…this makes no sense!!!! The Birth Certificate has been foreclosed on as well as it is “you” being registered into their slavery system….to me it seems you are trying to playing both sides of the field here and it won’t work

    • Luis Sanchez says : Reply

      Bitcoin has been showing up a few times within my awareness, I feel it’s a good alternative if the FRN folks don’t want to play. Better yet, we are the real currency/energy for a new unlimited, transparent and equal system for all the people. It’s time to unite together and build a new and better system that serves all people their needs and desires.

      • RH says : Reply

        I agree we need to come up with a new currency, a new interest free currency that can be printed from our own printers. We own the currency, our value is unlimited. They used to use puca shells, coffee beans anything of value agreed to by consenting parties. If we brain storm together and meet online using “Go to Meeting” type applications perhaps we can meet more often to sort out these ideas.

    • Derick says : Reply

      Up above Heather speaks about foreign deposits and perpetuity which includes the old system.

      Definition of ‘Perpetuity’
      A constant stream of identical cash flows with no end.
      Investopedia explains ‘Perpetuity’
      This is not as abstract a concept as you may think; the British issued bonds, called consols, which are a great example of a perpetuity. By purchasing a consol from the British government, the bondholder is entitled to receive annual interest payments forever. Although it may seem a bit illogical, an infinite series of cash flows can have a finite present value. Because of the time value of money, each payment is only a fraction of the last.

  21. RH says : Reply

    Dose anyone know how to contact Tomas from Gold Beach, Oregon? I live in the area and would like to contact him.

  22. Rich Chenery says : Reply

    I just got back from my bank SunTrust. They took my documents and they are being sent to corporate headquarters. Corporate should have them tomorrow for review and I was told it may take 5-7 days depending on the origin of the foreign deposit. I will keep you posted on any new information I get. I feel very good about getting the funds next week. I am attempting a $23 million dollar deposit. Much LOVE to everyone playing with the banks. Rich Chenery (2rich3)

    • Kin241 says : Reply

      Rich; How did it go for you? Did the bank give you an excuse or did they deposit your value? Seems like they are not accepting their own systems any longer by refusing our legitimate lawful equity and damage calls. To me that means they are proving how they are corrupt and how privileged they think they are, sort of like not sharing the marbles to play the game,

      BZ indicated that they had already found one bank that wanted to play, I wonder how that is progressing. Hopefully BZ will update us on the status of that situation soon, she indicated that a few weeks were required to settle the matter .


  23. Gemini says : Reply

    RH…..I’m in total agreement with you……I started my own bank within the I system and print my own currency/representation of value.

    Certificate of Gift

    looking at local business to accept units on account…..unit is a unit, but mine are tax free

  24. Augustay says : Reply

    Hello Light Warriors,
    I appreciate all of you sharing your amazing experiences. I was wondering what anyone thinks about goin to a Federal Reserve Bank with the paperwork? I am planning my bank trip and I was thinkin it might be a good idea to go straight to the source. Any advice?
    Thanks So Much! <3

  25. Attilio says : Reply

    Are these “BONDS” considered “Foreign Deposits” in the same manner that the “Declaration of Value” certificates are? Should that BE referenced on the bond somewhere?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Look ^ up in post in section of what to include definitions and foreign deposit, and guidelines of what to include in letter of intent.

  26. william getz says : Reply

    William Getz
    has anyone noticed that the discussion of the TOP show has made a wrong turn somewhere? each show focuses on how money is no longer relevant. that they, bob, lisa and brian have somehow graduated into 5d and now they have the ability to manifest anything they want. if that is the case, why then is the TOP doing crowd funding? crowd funding is the internet version of asking for donations. that’s like going to church and the one conducting service denounces money as he sends around the collection basket. i listened to bob say he manifested staying on a beautiful yacht. while bob says money is not the issue here, well i say put the person who owns the yacht on the phone and lets ask him or her how they pay for the expenses of maintaining that yacht? how or what the owner did, build a business for example, or what they did to buy or own that yacht? each show these guys denounce the 3d use of money, they lose credibility. especially while they are asking for money. on the last collective imagination show there was another request for donations to help with the next leg of the opal tour. then we have american kabuki asking for donations today on his blog. i like all these people. we as a group and as individuals have learned a lot from these conversations and i have contributed money, in the past to the cause. but now to have the TOP touting their manifesting abilities and suggesting that we somehow have to catch up in our spiritual training and we are some how deficient because we are exchanging labor for wages is nonsense, especially as they continue to ask for donations. this journey started with three pillars, the law, finance and spirituality. and now finance or money doesn’t matter. really? just when heather sends out the documents to actually access our value, the TOP show begins this strange conversation that frns or digits or numbers whatever you want to call money is no longer necessary. as long as we contribute our money to them and they continue to use our value to fund their working/holiday,they wont return the conversation back to. how do we access our value with the OPPT and convert that value into local currency. there used to be a phrase in real estate, opm, other peoples money. that’s exactly what they are doing, using other peoples money and calling it their manifesting ability. and as far as, banking is done. Really? whats to replace it? what transfer mechanisms are in place can anyone tell me? how are we to transfer value to and from each other and with corporations such as sears and amazon, if banking is done? Are we waiting for the effects of comet ISON to change the air? is there nothing for us to do to access our value and convert it to local currency ? or should we all follow the lead of TOP show and denounce money while we crowd source our funding needs?

  27. Jason says : Reply

    what happen to free energy ?????? brian gas engine running off of water,blueprints,diagrams to free the people blah blah blah
    i totally get what william is sayin

  28. P says : Reply

    The goal here is to force by good nature the right things to happen. Don’t give in, that is what has put us in the position we are in, to give in is to give up. Hence if you give up, you let the dark keep ruling over ONLY YOU. Embrace the duality and trust in yourself, God as the Creator of ALL CREATION. In the end it does not matter what someone else does, it only matters what you have done yourself. And what you think of in your head is what you end up percieving in the outside world, and thats the simple truth. If you think people are talking about you in a less the genuine way, guess what they will! If you carry yourself with truth and knowledge people will see it and some it will scare, others it will draw them to you. The government was foreclosed on period, and they are going to do everything possible to keep people from being happy and free because thats who and what they are. You have to stand up for your rights as a divine being and realize that you are a divine being and that we create our own realities no matter how big or small it may be.

  29. william getz says : Reply

    William Getz
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/246906345472154/ come join the conversation

    74 members
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  30. AC says : Reply

    did anyone get an answer for using your BC or your US naturalization certificate number? Please help

  31. ed says : Reply

    I was born in Australia and have been living in America since 1972. Born 1950. can the Australian Birth cert. still be used in the uCC here even though I know its global. Am an American National and welcome the OPPT movement big time. Any help here would be great.

  32. Redi says : Reply

    I’m Sorry
    Thank you
    I Love

    This is my mantra
    Good Lucky

  33. I Am Who I Am says : Reply

    I had a dream that this new system is accurate and this is all the monies we have to work with at the time(frns). Just be and do cause God has approved it!

  34. kala says : Reply

    wow, one step at a time , all i keep telling myself! I feel like a am cramming for a HUGE HUGE HUGE exam, and i only got the memo that we had one in three days ugh! >_< Regarding these newer comments about the radio show, they are BEings DOing what they DO, that is IT. No right no wrong, being BEings DOing and learning the same way we are

    love peace wisdom

  35. james-osbourne says : Reply

    27 Sept 17 10:20 PM, 22:20 MDT clicking on the link,” ADDENDUM and MEMORANDUM OF LAW#: 2012127914 click here”, returns a solid black screen.


    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      I just checked in two dir\fferent browsers and it opens a pop up window to allow you to choose where to download it on your computer or to open it. Its a .Tiff file

  36. james-osbourne says : Reply

    Re: “Different people are reporting they are reading different numbers numbers on their birth certificates. You want to make sure you have the”CERTIFIED” or “Long Form” version of your birth certificate, the form that has your time of birth, as that is the one that is the copy of the original one. You will see a number at the top. Not in Red. It could say birth certificate # or State birth #… It will have a 2 digit or perhaps 4 digit # with a – following it this is for the year of your birth.

    After looking at your BC, you can not figure out which is the correct number, call the issuing office (the city of records where you were born) and ask them which is the Certificate number with your birth year digits that is Unique to You. Your security code if you will.:

    State of Georgia Registrar Donna Moore (sp?) told me there is no “Long Form Birth Certificate”. She told me that it could not view the original of my Birth Certificate. She said, “It is in a Vault.” I asked, “Cannot an authorized person take it out of the vault and show it to me?”. She said, “No, it does not belong to you it belongs to State of Georgia.
    I asked, “Does that mean State of Georgia owns me? She hung up. I am writing a letter to a man in the Georgia SOS office and asking for the geographical location of the vault.; It could be some special place located in the geography of Italy.

  37. KAWE says : Reply

    Hey James, first thought that came into my mind by reading “special place located in geography of Italy” was the state of Vatican. Had this strong feeeeeeeling.
    Old sistems are falling and crumbling down. Question of Divine Timing and we may see the disclosure of the secret vaults worldwide.

    Can’t wait. In Love and Gratitude to ALL. Karin

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