Doc #69 Memorandum Opinion and Order TAV 12-05-17

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Doc #69 Memorandum Opinion and Order TAV 12-05-17

also doc #67 & Doc # 68- Filed by #RKB Elbow council






to download Doc #69 Memorandum Opinion and Order TAV 12-05-17 directly click here

Doc #69 Memorandum Opinion and Order TAV 12-05-17


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DOC #67 - RKB Request To Amend and Join 12-04-17


to download DOC # 68 – RKB Request To Join 12-04-17 directly click here

DOC # 68 - RKB Request To Join 12-04-17

30 Responses to “Doc #69 Memorandum Opinion and Order TAV 12-05-17”

  1. Bonnie-Lee; Boden says : Reply

    What I don’t get very clearly is why not point out some obvious points to the judges? Like some simple facts of contract law and the distortion of the people’s names…those being written in a manner that addresses them as corporations. I don’t believe it would be construed as giving legal advice.

  2. Bonnie-Lee; Boden says : Reply

    What about a demonstration of fact of how the corporation, of that county (or other with the all cap title) has a number to which is traded on the stock market, proving it is not government?

  3. Jay J says : Reply

    RKB and HATJ will be free! These charges need to be dropped!

    • Bill T. says : Reply

      All Heather & Randy have to do to be free is to show that the secret treasury accounts are real and that Randy really did have the legal right to the money he accessed. If they can do that, then that would get Randy out of jail immediately, and Heather’s name would be cleared. And if they could prove that, then everybody else could access their own secret treasury accounts and the world would become a much better place very quickly. After all, this whole thing is supposed to be about a lot more than Randy buying an expensive RV — it’s about transforming the whole world.

      The best place to beat them would be in their own courts under their own rules because they couldn’t say Heather used some trick to avoid jurisdiction. Nothing sweeter than a victory on your opponent’s home court where they have all the advantages including having the crowd behind them.

      But Heather is not doing any of this. She keeps wasting time first on an identity hearing in Washington and then on a jurisdiction hearing. She should be rushing to get the evidence heard based on all the work she’s been doing all these years that the government has been keeping the money from us. I’m starting to worry about whether there’s a problem somewhere.

      • Derek says : Reply

        As the “secret treasury accounts” are not real, just made up lies from poor Heather, how can she prove they exist? Like her OPPT lies, it just shows she is a liar and a scammer.

      • karen w says : Reply

        bill check your email I sent you something

      • Ann says : Reply

        But the whole system including the judges are all corrupt…Heather knows this and is kicking the foundation out through her process. How can you even think that Judges have one small sense of justice. They simply do not. Heather is going about this in the right way…

      • TRON says : Reply

        Bill…you assume the “courts” have jurisdiction. THE prime burden of proof is for ‘the state’ to provide EVIDENCE of jurisdiction, prior to trial, otherwise NOTHING claimed by “the court” is acceptable.
        Do you have proof of your claim (that just because Heather is physically in the USA) the the alleged courts have jurisdiction? It seems Heather has indicated that the alleged courts do NOT have jurisdiction. AND as a matter of record, the franchise “international bar association” and all CORPORATE bodies, including USA Inc. has been null and void since 2012/ 2013. Seems the ONLY reason the “courts” continue to exist is ignore ance of these facts AND the ego/power benefits reaped from the general population by imposing a system backed by violence and threats of violence.

        IF the basis of the “courts” relies on violence (Randy was brutalized then put in a cage) and threats of violence (Heather’s personal safety: ya gotta go to jail Heather, “because we say so”) what differs the “courts” from the “criminals”?
        Randy is in prison NOT because he has harmed anyone (unless you consider a corporation that imposes debt slavery an “injured party”). Randy is in prison to be a focal point that individuals who enjoy the financial benefits of “hiding behind the evil collective monopoly on justice, so none of us are accountable for initiating or perpetrating actions on ‘fictional persons’ ” AND “because we {collective cowards and bullies called ‘just us system’} say so”.

        NO ONE within the “just us” system will take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for these impositions of violence…hiding behind a collective that (their “courts” prime directive is adversarial in nature) perpetrates violence “in the name of the law” seriously needs to be removed.

        How can we have a harmonious society when justice is a monopoly run by “need for power over others” type egos and thugs with guns whos criminal actions are OK ‘because they are state sanctioned” ?

        Harmony. Justice. Freedom.

        • L.S.G. says : Reply

          Yes and notice how (I like your term) the JUST US people always feign understanding or not understanding (H & R) pro se moving documents and they always, ALWAYS side-step, twist, ignore, omit, fail, REFUSE to address and/or rule on the correct meritorious issues/claims/objections that Heather presents to them with her filings, but rather only address and make rulings that agree and benefit their colleagues and their own position of railroading their victims/defendants. Our founding forefathers never meant for, but rather warned and attempted to protect us (we the people) from these types of people and their greedy tyranny. L.S.G.

    • Jeffrey says : Reply

      Only judge Varlan can drop the charges and he has already stated in this document that he agrees with Judge Shirley in finding that Heathers UCC filings have no effect and that the court has jurisdiction over her and Randy. This is game over, none of Heathers paperwork worked, the case will go to trial and they’ll be found guilty because unfortunately they were caught red handed and Heather even helped the government by submitting video of her doing what she’s accused of doing.

  4. Zach says : Reply

    Denied and ordered. Strong words!…

    • Justice says : Reply

      Ok so lets look at that… Memorandum and opinion… Varland just regurgitated Shirley so nothing new there. The “Order” part so lets read that….. “furthermore to the extent that they “may” be considered motions” … well may be considered a motion is not definitive…… so we already know that HATJ never entered their jurisdiction and never argued anything, rightfully so, because they have no jurisdiction to argue with and so it is also on the record that she never filed motions… So Varlands answer is just more song and dance…. A non answer to the Preaceipe….. They are still in bad behavior and have not proved jurisdiction… Go get them HATJ…

  5. Giovanni says : Reply

    It can’t be fraud if the account obviously excist

  6. Joey says : Reply

    Hi All

    Interesting read here. It seems a thou the Judge has no clue about prime law and UCC. You can see this simply in his response as frivolous and conclusive which tells me, he is completely lost here, and also no understanding how powerful the instrument of hand written biometric stamp means, on each of the docs. Well HATJ…get out your trusty training stick…here is another judge that may needs to fully understand that what once was is now deleted. Moving forward is prime law.

    Connect the dots everyone…what do you see? This is all super exciting!

  7. Richard says : Reply

    What she is doing is taking it to the very beginning . If the U.S. government is in default and they have been relived of their position as trustee by the beneficiary then everything to do with the U.S. government is fraud. It means the U.S. government is no longer being paid by the American people to do the job they were hired to do. Govern our Military and interstate commerce. and every corporation that is in employ by the U.S. government ie. CIA,FBI,Federal Reserve is no longer under contract. It also brings to focus that the Congress have acted treasonous to the people of the United States of America. Please quit thinking about the money. Think about the world and become the informed peoples. The enlightened people that you are. This is what is going to get our Nation back from these corrupt people. You see We The People don’t need to revolt. All we need to do is to despise (think nothing of/ loose all due respect) for the U.S. government because they have no power if they have no respect. If you want to make a stand, be pro active in this. Start by filing exempt on your W-2 and know why your filing exempt. And if anyone questions you about your choice. tell them you filed exempt because you refuse to support terrorist!!!

  8. Richard says : Reply

    I would like to add that We The People are the heir of this great Nation. and We The People are Beneficiary to all that comes from this Nation. and all accounts being held by the U.S. government for We The People belong to us.And that when the U.S. government finally dose break down. We The People need to not fight with each other we need to become the People our Fathers willed us to be. United We Stand. selfish we fall. Become this and repent and be the God fearing people we have been marked to be. Shine like a beacon for the world to see and all things, anything you want we will have. and i mean anything. Like real Medical treatment, real ownership of property. (don’t believe their words about to many people . they are lies), free energy, space travel And freedom to pursue what ever your heart desires. Instead of having a 9-5 job you don’t want to have to go to every day. We are being taken advantage of … Start by making a stand and refuse to support terrorist. file exempt on your W-2. God Bless America

  9. Gary says : Reply

    That’s kind of the problem Giovanni. The accounts don’t exist.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Gary

      I only want to add to your response this.

      “If the accounts didn’t exist this would not be happening” “We would not be having any discussion, connecting the dots, or watching the script play out” “No case would be happening HATJ nor RKB would be at home not incarcerated “

      • Jeffrey says : Reply

        Whether the accounts exist or not, Heather and Randy would still be in jail. The wire transfers from the Federal Reserve didn’t go through. If you want to argue it was because the transfers were blocked or because the accounts don’t exist, doesn’t make a difference. Randy still stole a million and half dollars from USAA then laundered the money with Heathers help.

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          Well that is inaccurate on a number of levels.

          I can see where you might draw information from alleged, Judge Shirley that might give you that impression.

          Except, it does not take into account the “missing” 27 million or so, that Randy accessed from His TDDA accounts and was

          absconded/vanished/misappropriated/…. by ??? USAA, the FRB, Eastern District of Tenn, Parker Still…???

          because the “Judicial officials” are only pointing to 1.5 million. Because they want to miss direct you to not see the Dots, that show the rest.

          • Joey says :

            Thanks BZ

            I was not even aware of the rest of his funds…the alleged legal docs….do not say anything about the 27 million..

            Connecting the dots for sure…very exciting.

            Luv Joey!

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            There are references to that in various places. In Randy’s voice, from Heather, from me, in other written forms… And of course Randy has Screen shots and data on everything and we hold his lap top and key pieces of data about all of it.

            stepping down into linear languaging for a nano second – 😉

            If you are going to incarcerate these two bad ass criminals, and show-em how much trouble they are in…. for the alleged fraud they committed and money laundering. WHY… would you just put the spot light on 1.5 million? pfft… when its more than 28 million that Randy legally, following all the USAA banking guidelines transferred from his TDDA account and secured for his use, as it is his money.

            … ok done… jumping back to Quantum

            Its the time of Revelations… Absolute Data is being revealed inside and out, in ALL things, ALL beings…
            All is not what it seems in this “court case”

  10. Henry says : Reply

    Case law?

    Try this one… LUFKIN TROWBRIDGE

  11. Caren says : Reply

    Why are there so many negative trolls on here BZ. ?? I thought Admin had to approve.
    Why hasn’t anyone noted that the United States Corp is not the federal reserve bank ??
    Just curious ??

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Discussion allows people to be transparent. Choosing– Choosing. Are you in the old frequency vibrational bandwidth or the new. Are you coming from your heart or your ego mind. Are you investing in, BEing and DOing in what “you” say you want to create/have access to/be part of…

      Its Time to Step Up.

      As Old Realities Literally Fall away. Gaia is shifting up,more expansive every moment. Humans can only live on her if they step up to do the same.

      Ones discernment, lights up the “trolls” for you. Where “you” are in integrating will be illuminated by what “triggers” old programs, because of something said/read/watched/experienced/commented…

      Much love to you and all. BZ

  12. Shirley Z says : Reply

    The Revealing’s…….. Varlan & Shirley is the Revealing of them selves, their choice….. Originals stuck in the old program, as We go through these corrections we can only make peace with the corrections sending love, light and laughter to ALL original network, We never stopped DANCING 🙂 <3

  13. james says : Reply

    No jurisdiction proven, dismissed for failure to prove geographical and personal jurisdiction, order is not only voidable it is just void period, return as hearsay evidence under rule 12, 90 days for a foreign court to answer, defaulted and a restraining order.

    • Paul Mc says : Reply

      No authority is the biggie, long before we ever get to so-called ‘jurisdiction’ … and that is the elephant in the room at the moment. Or is it the apple tree, laden with the choicest, blooming red apples. Because nobody, but nobody ever had any authority to do any of the things we may have assumed that they did. Those are the facts glaring out at us in relation to this purported “case” as it were. I AM the authority, always have been … in all ways; and so are you. So that is the actual position that we are looking at right now. It was always a fictional game with various characters wandering around in all sorts of costumes and with a spurious air of authority; but nothing of any substance whatsoever. 🙂

  14. Joey says : Reply

    Thanks BZ

    I will review some back conversations and vidoe’s. Ya know. I was just looking at the alleged court docs only. I should have realized that the funds would not reflect the correct amount from the TDDA

    Thanks for lighting my way again!

    Please tell Randy and Heather we ALL love them…and sending white light energy…

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