Denouncing the New Age in Favour of Christianity and Vice Versa (Rainbow Unity For All)

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Denouncing the New Age in Favour of Christianity and Vice Versa (Rainbow Unity For All)

Denouncing the New Age in Favour of Christianity and Vice Versa (Rainbow Unity For All)











The question was asked: Recently a well known spiritual teacher in the New Age community decided to denounce the New Age and all the products she has created, like oracle cards and books, and embrace Christianity and Christian teachings. I am so confused now that this well known teacher has turned her back on the New Age. Can you please address my confusions and concerns? The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, through Magenta Pixie, respond to this question. Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick using royalty free media. — Magenta Pixie Website:



10 Responses to “Denouncing the New Age in Favour of Christianity and Vice Versa (Rainbow Unity For All)”

  1. Oceanno says : Reply

    Live and let perceive! All is in the Right Place for personal perspective. Let All be the way it be’s.

  2. David Brown says : Reply

    Much wisdom here, beautiful. Unity in diversity. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Deborah Kimsey says : Reply

    I am promoting for people all around the planet to form self-sustainable ecovillages and communities. The government has to quit controling the citizens. We have to pave our own roads. Each community takes care of themselves. We work together. We prosper together. We eat together. Grow food together. Do our own businesses together. We integrate our ideas to create value together, for our businesses. We all can enjoy all life, each one of us, doing what we enjoy doing in life. We evolve our pure love and our minds and our wills into agelessness, learning to heal ourselves and to stay healed. I am a self-leader. I have no external authorities, I am my own authority, even since I was a baby. I am responsible for my own self, as much as I understand to be. I feel responsibility toward others to do my best to be helpful as much as I possibly can be. I want to make sure that everyone is happy in life and I shall accomplish this.

    • Pam King says : Reply

      That’s what I envision as well. My contact with people is so limited. Those I see are stuck in the matrix and just look at me like I’m nuts. I long for a community where I can impart what God has taught me – I have a BIG story and have been prepared for so much . . . . I think we all were but it’s been so “masked”. I’m a hospice nurse and I SEE that there’s another dimension right there – within our grasp, but I don’t know how to reach into it and tap into it’s wisdom. I LONG for answers. I would LOVE to say I have been awakened since I was a baby . . . some of us are just now awakening. I watched this video seeking an answer to my Christianity question . . . I can’t say it was answered but I’m still searching. Deborah, I would love to be a part of the world you’re describing.

  4. Avau says : Reply

    Awesome video! Love the truth in explanation of the question given. This brought the togetherness (unity) of us all, no more separation, but one religion of true God…the Love religion! Thanks for the video, appreciate you. Much love and light.

  5. Daeshell says : Reply

    Very helpful. I’ve always had these thoughts of what is right and wrong when it comes to spirituality.I was raised with Christian values and god/source has been evident in my life in this way…But I’d moved from strict Christianity because I felt division and intolerance of other belief systems. My grandmother was a powerful spiritualist. She used candles,herbs, incense etc. to bring about positive change in her life and others. She was very well respected.Because of my upbringing; I believed,at first,this was witchcraft and “hoodoo” …not pleasing to “god” I soon came to the realization that she had learned to work with the universal energies and this was not wrong. She had esoteric knowledge. This video helped me to understand that whichever path I take to god/source is not wrong. It’s the path for my highest spiritual growth. Thanks alot

  6. Lightworker in Jesus Christ says : Reply

    Following Jesus Christ is not going backwards. The New Age doesn’t have foundation. Jesus Christ is prophecy and this new age is another distraction from the only Truth that is sin and righteousness. Love and fear is a complete false doctrine. God is Love absolutely but not in the way you portray. I would love to discuss this and expand on it but I doubt it would be approved and I’m just wasting my time. God loves, Jesus is the only way.

  7. Kim says : Reply

    Anything that is not of God and Jesus is of Satan. This new age light and love can be giving the demonic presence here power as Satan was the angel of light and can be very deceiving by even the elite, Satan was such a beautiful angel of light he was able to seduce Eve at the tree,

  8. Tina Mason says : Reply

    Im all for eco villages get in touch with me. i was told earthquakes will increase, also in strength. And certain MOuntains will be safe . I am tired of paying rent and mortgages. No more i want to grow my own food. I love berries and nut trees along with vegetables. There are 1000s of abandoned homes all over America too. Just sitting falling apart the Banks dont want them they cant sell them, i was thinking of making a deal with the Banks to let someone live in them cut the grass and pay the taxes keep the home up so they can sell them otherwise they get vandalized insect and rodent infestation.
    There are whole streets of empty homes its ridiculous. I like the idea of living away from Cities, having a well would be nice. Lets talk. Tina

  9. Tina Mason says : Reply

    Its getting very negative were i live in nyc we have a lot of young people from the west coast they wear black and glare at people walking down the street some walk into others bumping into them without looking over there shoulders. They laugh loudly at others walking down the street and just aggressive in general. I would love to connect with you guys lets get together some way . Im craving going into nature i love camping.
    I use to go to a Yoga Ashram upstate NY, but there so expensive now and a lot of people are living there. Mostly middle aged like me its getting harder and harder to survive, if your having similar problems let me know, my email is

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