Decoding Q Data Dumps-Helpful InfoGraphic

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Decoding Q Data Dumps-Helpful InfoGraphic


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9 Responses to “Decoding Q Data Dumps-Helpful InfoGraphic”

  1. Tallison says : Reply

    Very interesting information BZ.
    So we are very close to the 30 day window for Judge to respond to HATJ.
    Any thoughts on that?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      regarding the “30 day window”
      A couple of the people who went into hear the hearing, had mentioned they thought 30 days to decide…
      but that is the only time I have heard that mentioned.

      I can not find a record in any of the court filed documents the mention of 30 days.

      So as an official recorded time marker I do not have direct evidence of that.

      • Tallison says : Reply

        Hmm! OK I don’t recall exactly where I heard that. Multiple times. But your correct I didn’t see it written on any documents. Waiting….as all plays out. I am seeing Randy free as a bird! Heather with no ankle bracelet!

  2. Gerry says : Reply

    I went back and checked on the end of the transcripts of Oct 18th. It says: (Court) And I will issue a ruling in any event, and we’ll decide what to do going forward in this matter.
    All right. There being nothing further, court stands in recess till the trial resumes this afternoon.

    I found that last sentence that I typed rather odd. Who’s trial or what trial resumes? I guess I missed something because to my knowledge the transcripts show that Heather and Randy’s court date ended. Adjourned for recess at 11.24 am. seems to say there was more going on with it later that day. Can someone please fill me in?

    • Reuben Emmanual Bailey says : Reply

      The transcript I saw on Terran’s site has a note from him that the afternoon session dealt with a different court case.

  3. Keith says : Reply

    HATJ & RKB Description and Impressions of Court Hearing 10.18.17
    At around the 19:20 marc of this conversation it is said that shirley had 30 days to respond.
    I hope this helps.

  4. Cynthia says : Reply

    All I know for sure is from Heather’s Oct. 19th call with Heather and BZ, Court Wrap Up: Focusing on the Big Picture; is Heather said, “this case will be finished by paper.” I don’t recall exactly where I read or heard the Judge was required to respond within 30 days?? But I swear I did hear or read that somewhere, I was hopeful for Heather, Randy and their families that they would be released 100% so they could return home and reunite with friends and family asap. In particular for the holidays. Hopefully that is what is written into someone’s script!! 🙂

  5. Joey says : Reply

    Hi All

    This is great info, however whatever vibrational rate you are at based liner and quantum aspects…lets all push the energy forward for less cryptic answers moving forward and say exactly what is going on with the basic understanding so that every human can ‘remember’ and put forth that light energy for this paradigm shift to happen

    LOVE Joey

  6. Cynthia says : Reply

    From Terran; Hi everyone. Been a busy couple of weeks here, went to Texas to pick up my remaining belongings there, for wherever it is I go next, then came down with a doozy of a chest cold which I have been fighting ever since. The temperatures dropped about 40 degrees during the course of that trip.
    Heather made up a concoction of boiled onions, garlic and whole quartered lemons which is then boiled down and pureed to a concentrate. Add honey and hoter water and it’s one cleansing tonic! The stuff works!
    I don’t have any news yet for you on the status of Randy and Heather’s case. We hopefully hear on that yet today. No matter what happens the need it about the same, we are either in this for a few more months or we have to make our way to our respective new homes.
    I bought $700 worth of court transcripts this month so I’d like to raise $2000 this month to make up for that. If you can help please click on the donation icon with the trees on the right.
    Love you all!
    Obi-Wan Kabuki at 12:07 PM

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