Current Status of Events Now Unfold : #HATJ and RKB Alleged Court Proceedings

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Current Status of Events Now Unfold : HATJ and RKB Court Case – This is the current information unfolding- I will post more as I receive information. ~ bz

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Update 2.8.18 Randy was moved early this morning to the ICE facility in Ga. This is the same hotel HATJ stayed at before she reached TN from her tour of the country. You can send mail to Randy here.



Randy send to:

Irwin County Detention Center
Randall Keith Beane ID # 55002
132 Cotton Drive
Ocilla, Ga 31774


Address information to send a letter or a post card to Heather:


Heather send to:

Roger D Wilson Detention Center
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf #1369008
5001 Maloneyville Rd.
Knoxville, Tn 37918


“Its not just one person its ALL of us Together.

 Its the most Unity. Its the most Awareness. And the most Utilization of Being Original. That has ever been experienced in ALL of Existence” ~HATJ


Update 2.3.18  #AllSecretsComingOutNow- #HATJ : Note from Heather to BZ

Update 2.2.18  #HATJ- Sharing a Message from RKB- Randy 2.2.18 #UniversalCleanUp

Update 2.2.18 #HATJ- Note Written Before Remanding 2.1.18

Update 2.1.18  #UniversalCleanUp : RKB Randall Keith Beane’s Closing Statement Form The Alleged Case 1.31.18 #HATJ

Update 1.23.18 #HATJ & RKB: Updates From Alleged Court Case Happening NOW 1.23.18

Update 1.19.18 # RKB & HATJ: Pacer Doc# 89 – RKB- PROPOSED VOIR DIRE QUESTIONS

Update 1.19.18  #HATJ & RKB: Pacer Doc# 90 – MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER

Update 1.16.18  #HATJ & RKB Pacer Doc# 88 – PreTrial Conference Proceedings 01-12-18

Update 1.16.18  #HATJ & RKB: Pacer Doc # 85 and # 86 and Pacer Live Docket History Inclusive 1.16.18

Update 1.11.18  #HATJ & RKB: 1-11-18 Service, Scans of Originals, and Proof of Filing, Certified Copies

Update 1.5.18 #HATJ & RKB: Filled Doc # 77. 78. & Doc# 79 – USA Notice Of Expert Witness Testimony

Update  1.4.18 This affidavit, we refer to as the “Vent” affidavit.


update 12.29.17 #HATJ & RKB Follow Up Discovery by U.S. Attorney’s Office

update 12.28.17 #HATJ & RKB: Re: Tucci-Jarraf discovery disk 1

Update 12.14.17 #HATJ: TN: “Normal Course of Business” Rejection TAV 12.12.17 Fillings

Update 12.5.17 Doc #69 Memorandum Opinion and Order TAV 12-05-17

Update 12.1.17 Pacer Record of Filling and Doc# 64, 65, 66

Update:  11.30.17   Docket #63 RKB Request to Join in 113017 Co Defendant Filling HATJ

Update 11.22.17 Randy Beane: No “Time” and a Message of Gratitude 11.22.17

Update 11.22.17 Randy Beane: No “Time” and a Message of Gratitude 11.22.17

Update 11.17.17    Report and Recommendation by C.Clifford Shirley, alleged- 11.17.17

UPDATE :11.5.17

#RKB Moving on Down The Road To The Field of Possibilities

UPDATE: 11.2.17 Transcript of Court Hearing on October 18, 2017


Update 10.27.17  #RKB Wake Up Stand UP-  The Time is NOW

#HATJ & RKB Fillings 10.18.17 Pacer Updated

#RKB Metaphor & Sign of Chains Being Removed for ALL


#HATJ- Court Wrap Up and The Big Picture Unfolding For ALL 10.18.17

#RKB- Randall Keith Beane’s Unique View on Court Hearing of 10.18.17

#HATJ & RKB Description and Impressions of Court Hearing 10.18.17

Updated 10.18.17  3 Creator Beings Broadcasting from Knoxville TN-

Update 10.17.17 Noon PDT- #HATJ- Final Notice Praecipe and Rejection Notice Fillings

Updated 10.13.17 And – here you go with today’s DOings 10.13.17 US v HATJ & RKB

Update 10.12.17 US response to HATJ & RKB Fillings of 9.29.17

Update 10.13.17   Get to know Judge C Clifford Shirley a little

Update: RKB 10.8.17

Update 9.29.17 for Fillings for HATJ

Update on RKB 9.29.17 :  A Gift to You on RKB’s Happy Birthday Call 9.29.17

Update: 8.29.17 11:36 PM PDT Exiting the matrix: Co Creating The Final Scene

Update: 8.29.17 9:31 AM PDT   # HATJ: Will be Released Pending Jurisdiction Hearing Audio recording

Update: #HATJ : Minutes of Detention Hearing 8.24.17

Update: 8.22.17 9:10 PM PDT  Focus, Expansion, Connection, Play… conference call 8.23.17

Update 8. 21.17 DC District Court Releases Corrected Complete Transcript of HATJ 8.4.17 Hearing

Update 8.20.17 PM  #HATJ: Unity & Awareness Ends This… and BEGINS All over the Next 24-36 hours

Update 8.20.17  #RKB- “its Beautiful BEing and DOing” a conversation on 8.20.17 AM

Update: 8.19.17 Focused on the Big, Big, Big Outcome Take 2       ;- )

Update: Phone conversation with RKB and Bill 8.18.17

Update: Phone conversation with HATJ and BZ 8.11.17 11:31 AM PDT

Update 8.8.17 evening # HATJ: Court Transcript 8.4.17 and Release of Court Files

Update 8.7.17 # HATJ: Everyone’s Awakening Unity & Focus IS the short cut to the New NOW- with Transcript

Update 8.6.17 HATJ Everyone is transmitting the fabric of Original- with Transcript

8.6.17   Update on Randy see this post

Update: 8.3.17

8.2.17 AM-  Context of Where We Are

Update: 8.2.17  Message from Heather To All of You- delivered Wednesday, August 2, 2017 9:35 PM  EST

Update 8.1.17 eve – Now more than ever VERY important to get the WORD OUT  ~ BZ


Heather 7.29.17



lisa shannon
Everyone – Current Status of Events Now Unfold :

[10:09:46 AM] Alex and Valerie: Heather has been arrested.  Breathing through it.  Need guidance.
[10:12:15 AM] Skye Macleod: REALLY??? We are with you Alex (heart)
[10:12:23 AM] Terran/AK: For?
[10:12:48 AM] Terran/AK: By whom?
[10:13:59 AM] Terran/AK: What happened?
[10:14:54 AM] Terran/AK: They really don’t get who they arrested. Will not go as they expect!
[10:25:30 AM] Denice D: Just talked to Valerie. H was just arrested now. Federal warrant. did not show it to Val or Alex. H was outside smoking when they arrested her
[10:25:49 AM] Denice D: 3 fbi agents from the terrorism task force
[10:26:12 AM] Denice D: Timothy hartman 703-389-1580
[10:26:34 AM] Denice D: Justin Wincoff 202-440-0350
[10:26:37 AM] Denice D: and one other.
[10:26:59 AM] Denice D: She is being taken to Central booking IN DC. before a Judge to be bonded.
[10:27:46 AM] Denice D: The three of them were detained by Secret Service for several hours last night at the white house gate.  Had extensive background checks and had to fill out questionairres
[10:27:56 AM] Denice D: H told Alex and Val to call Lisa Shannon
[10:28:13 AM] Terran/AK: Do you have Alex number? It was posted somewhere but I don’t recall which room
[10:28:33 AM] Denice D: 319-640-5879
[10:28:49 AM] Denice D: does anyone have jonathan betts phone number?
[10:28:54 AM] Denice D: or an atty in DC?
[10:29:26 AM] Denice D: Skye do you think Paul could advise us? Valeria and Alex need some help
[10:29:36 AM] Denice D: they are alone in DC
[10:29:37 AM | Edited 10:30:09 AM] Terran/AK: No but I can check a copy of a Hardrive I have for email address. I’ll contact Karl
[10:29:49 AM] Denice D: who else to call?
[10:30:00 AM] Denice D: Karl Lagenstein? or email him?
[10:30:19 AM] Denice D: thank you!
[10:41:15 AM] Terran/AK: I sent him a Skype message could not connect via a call
[10:41:42 AM] Terran/AK: Burlap will get the feed from Karl before Karl even sees it
[10:52:10 AM] Skye Macleod: On 25/07/2017, at 17:29, Denice D wrote:
> Skye do you think Paul could advise us? Valeria and Alex need some help

YES will contact him now
[11:09:46 AM] Terran/AK: Dear Karl

As you may be aware – Heather was arrested in Washington D.C. this morning around 10:00 am, EST.

Will you be so kind as to communicate with me as soon as possible?  It was stated that you were called last night – on Heather’s phone – to inform the Secret Service who were interviewing Heather and friends – that you knew her.

The Secret Service agent that you purportedly spoke with walked away as he was talking to you and came back with Heather’s phone stating that you did not know who she was.

Please assist us – as your heart guides.

We need clarity in this matter. ‘Time’ is of the essence.

In Gratitude,
Lisa Shannon

[11:32:34 AM] Denice D: CENTRAL BOOKING is closed for powerwashing. . .
[11:33:02 AM] Denice D: Found Heather at First District Cell Block Phone 202-698-0555
[11:33:30 AM] Denice D: spoke to a kind man, officer Richardson. H will remain overnight and go before a judge in the morning.
[11:33:38 AM] Denice D: She was not given an atty to his knowledge.
[11:33:42 AM] Denice D: She is in good health.
[11:33:52 AM] Denice D: She will not be allowed to have phone calls or emails tonight
[11:34:02 AM] Denice D: location 101 M Street S.W.
[11:36:02 AM] lisa shannon: Thank you Denice – I sent communication to Youssef so he is aware.

Did they provide a link to where the details of the warrant for her arrest can be found?  As it is – there is nothing under DHS nor DC inmate records as of yet, (heart)
[11:36:50 AM] Denice D: no. Timothy Hartman 703-389-1580 had the warrant
[11:37:49 AM] Denice D: Officer Richardson said she was in good health. (heart)
[11:38:02 AM] Denice D: anyone know a DC atty?
[11:39:15 AM] Denice D: Should we make this very visible? She made Randy’s very, very visible (sun)
[11:40:52 AM] lisa shannon: Denice – those were my feelings as I was speaking to Valerie earlier!  I asked she and Alex to ponder this as the information given to me regarding the way in which the events unfolded were quite revealing.
[11:44:07 AM] lisa shannon: Then I get on Skype and see that you had put pertinent data in here – however I also DO FEEL that everyone who has been ‘following’ this information should be informed about this as well – as it is part and parcel of how these moments are unfolding.  Valerie’s story is quite amazing.
[11:44:54 AM] lisa shannon: I am not aware of any DC attorneys as of yet.  This is where sharing all of this data – real time – is most beneficial.
[11:45:44 AM] Denice D: Yes. . . would you mind posting it in the O room? I will assist in any way I can 🙂
[11:47:03 AM] Alex and Valerie: I am working on typing my perspective of last night and this morning
[11:47:18 AM] Denice D: Thanks (heart)
[11:47:23 AM] Alex and Valerie: I have talked to Youssef, he is confused and will decide if he needs to come here
[11:47:35 AM] Alex and Valerie: Just got a call from Jim Dodd offering assistance
[11:47:42 AM] Denice D: awesome!
[11:47:43 AM] lisa shannon: At this moment – I feel all of the data shared in this room – and further clarfying data from Valerie and Alex if they feel to – will be good to start with.
[11:48:06 AM] Denice D: has anyone called Mr. Hartman?
[11:48:13 AM] Denice D: re: a copy of the warrant?


[9:57:11 AM | Edited 10:03:29 AM] lisa shannon: Clairfying Information from Valerie and Alex


[9:49 AM] Alex and Valerie:


<<< July 24, 2017 8:00 pm


We decided to go for a walk towards the White House (WH).  We walked to the SW gate to see if she was in the WH system for a meeting yet.  After handing the Secret Service our passports we waited near the gate.  Heather explained to SS she just wanted to see if she was in the system for a meeting.  I (Valerie) did not hear the entire dialogue but did hear Heather say “banking corruption”.  Heather told SS that she was colleagues with Karl Langenstein and Johnathon Betts, and they had referred her to the WH for these meetings.


Heather dialed Karl Langenstein.  The call was dropped and Heather called him back immediately.  When he answered, she handed the phone to an agent.


Apparently, Alex Webner has a warrant (Failure to Appear) out for his arrest for a misdemeanor (speeding ticket) in Jasper, Arkansas.  (This is true and we are working on the resolution right now).  Alex was handcuffed and seated on the curb awaiting information about the extradition status of the warrant.  The handcuffs were tight on Alex, and they did loosen them after he informed them he was in pain.


During this time, many agents questioned us about our time in DC, our relationship with Heather, occupation, etc.  Alex was then released from handcuffs, as the Arkansas warrant is non-extraditable.  We were all still in the same gate area.


Then arrived 3 plain clothes SS agents and we were formally interviewed.  As my memory serves, these were the questions asked:  name, address, ss#, reason for being in DC, education, military experience, family, clubs or hobbies, gun use and ownership, drug use, character reference, medical.  All three reports were verified and we were released soon afterwards.


NOTEWORTHY:  During his interview, Alex overheard the agent that talked to KL tell another agent, “he says he has never heard of her”[9:50 AM] Alex and Valerie:


<<< We both could use a big dose of good energy as we are pretty shook up

[9:59:38 AM] lisa shannon: Please send LOVE and HEALING to ALL here and remain steady as we move through these moments (heart)

[10:01:41 AM | Edited 10:02:45 AM] lisa shannon: The events posted from Alex and Valerie were from last night – this morning’s events are still being felt and processed and ALL are NOW DOing all we (this is ALL OF YOU/US) can to bring these matters to the perfect closure.  LOVE YOU ALL – In Gratitude (hearteyes)

Karen Sutton
All. This is perfect. The old paradigm of separation and power is making its last stand .. and in true human fashion, quite dramatically. But all it will do is unite us fully in our common goal of loving and releasing the old ways and storylines forevermore. Heather knows this. So do we all. Terran said “This will not go as they expect.” Indeed it will not. This is OUR time to show OUR love for Self and for ALL. Love you Heather! Love you Val and Alex! Love you Randy! Love you all! Love ALL EVERYWHERE. We got this!! (heart)


Alex and Valerie
July 25, 2017 10:00 am

Additional data:  Heather said many times to the SS Agents last night that we were at Trump Tower, room 601 (all of us) if they had any more questions.

Heather informed me she had paid for another night in our hotel so we could relax and sleep in if we wanted BUT our priority today is to get all the data to get the warrant on Alex cleared, paid and closed.  She was adamant, even if it involved flying to get it done.  Heather told us she was going to get coffee and smoke, and we would get together later.  Alex got in the shower, and I set up the laptop so we could handle the warrant issue.

Knock on the door, three men, casually dressed, asked for Heather.  I told them she was not here, she went to get coffee and smoke.  They identified themselves as FBI and asked to be let in, I had them give me a moment to dress more properly.  They complied.  I allowed them in, and reported my husband was in the shower.  One asked him to step out of the shower, watched him dry off and handed him a robe.  The other two looked behind the curtains, under the beds and in the closet.  We (A&V) were seated and told we were not in any kind of trouble, but they were going to arrest Heather.  They reminded Alex again of the arrest warrant in COLORADO which sent off alarms for both of us.  Last night, they said the warrant was in Iowa.

They were on the phone seeking Heather around town.  The closest Starbucks verified she had been there 30 minutes prior.  They asked for her phone number, I gave it to them.  They wanted me to text her, but one continued to ask questions and I was distracted so another sent the text to Heather as follows:

V’s Phone:  We’re showered,  Where are ya?
H:  smoking…the usual place…lol
H:  <emoji> blowing kiss, heart
V’s Phone:  Usual?  We have been here only a day!!!
H:  lol
H:  have we?
V’s Phone:  Ok doki
H:  <emoji> wink

Again, we went through a routine of questions.  They asked us if we followed the “Sovereigns”.  Our reply:  “years ago, we had looked at it, wasn’t our thing” .  They asked Alex about his gun ownership and if he hunted.  Answer:  “when I was younger”.  Were we anti-government?  “No, in fact, I love Trump and what he is doing as President, but we don’t follow politics much.”  More general questions about Heathers location.  “She smokes on benches near coffee shops.  She may be right across the street”  I went to the window, looked down, and there sat Heather in the smoking area for the Hotel, in plain view of anyone.  I looked at them, “she is right there, not hiding, just smoking.”

At this time I can only assume she was arrested.  Once again, we were reminded of Alex’s warrant in ARKANSAS, which they had verified now.  This is true, there is an unpaid speeding ticket from Jasper, AR from April 2013.  We are trying to get that resolved now, be no one is answering the phone.  Two gave us business cards.  I will photo and post.  The other was out but said his name was Obrien or O’shea (I cant remember).  We shook hands and they left.

Ten to fifteen minutes later two returned with Heathers purse and laptop bag.  We went through all the zippered pouches while they watched to ensure “there wasn’t a million dollars cash we didn’t know about”

There may be more.  I’m rattled to the core, as is Alex.  First Randy, now Heather.  I honestly dont have the skills or lexicon to handle this.  Any support is appreciated.


Goran Antunovic
Just called FBI agent Hartman, who was unwilling to reveal the grounds of Heathers arrest.
He supposedly is not allowed to reveal it.
He also was afraid to give me his direct supervisors name. Saying his direct boss is Is the FBI director.
Very scared voice in his tone already because so many people already called him.
Telling me in the end to never call his number again.
He has no idea he was used as canon fodder was this dirty opetation!

Goran Antunovic

I told him I am Heathers personal assistant and needed to know grounds for arrest. he said oh no another personal assistant, she has so many.
To which I told him that yes indeed she has a looooot of personal assistants.
Barage him with calls to find out who gave him his orders!

Carl Brown
remember through all that is playing out heathers words…. ” all is perfect and perfectly done.” ❤
heathers skype profile has just been on green meaning obviously available. i sent her a message saying are you released or is this the fbi and then it went yellow haha so maybe someone is watching the reactions here

Arthur Koberinski
all is not as it may seem….lovely invitation without addmission of wrongdoing….well played heather

lisa shannon
[12:31 PM] lisa shannon:

<<< [2:17 PM] lisa shannon:

<<< Okay All – Have had several conversations with Youssef, one with Bill and now just recently with Karl.
As I was just typing I noticed someone was accessing Heather’s Skype account – green light on – asked if that was her using her Skype – no response – now it shows ‘Away’
Okay – Youssef has also spoken to Timothy and one other who left cards with Alex and Val.
They will not give him ANY information and said he would need to be there in person with identification to get the information for her arrest.  Both gentlemen cut their conversations short citing ‘going into the tunnel’ and ‘getting on the elevator’ to cut the call short.
Spoke with Bill and then I called Karl when I saw he was online.
Here is clarity for yesterday evening’s phone call to Karl.
Karl did answer the phone and it got disconnected. Another call got thru and Karl did speak to the SS agent and did NOT say he did not know Heather – he said he was not aware of a meeting scheduled at this time.
He also informed me that he had spoken to Heather several days ago and told her to wait a few more days as this was not a good time to go to DC – however, she went and let him know she was there although he recommended not going for a few more days.
He is said there is nothing to do at the moment except for all of our group to come together and assist her by helping her get a lawyer for this now moment.
I asked for his recommendations.  He is going to call some of his people – and by three (3) hours from now he will communicate with me – hopefully have a recommendation for a lawyer and we will go from there.  lisa shannon, Today 2:17 PM



I am writing frequency shorthand, now. Everything CAN BE CHANGED INSTANTLY…. With the proper application of resonating frequency, intention and imagining a different outcome.

We…. The little guys, are a mighty force, one that can not be compared to anything else in existence.

If enough of us unify together, right now…. It feels like we CAN create the greatest “jailbreak” in history.

What is required…. Is for all of us to step out of “smallness” and in body Original Truth… We are Gods among Gods

Never in my life, has a set of circumstances, shown itself to me, with greater potential than this now moment


Sophia Love
I concur KK, absolutely… wondering if we should organize a single moment when we all “go in”… a moment of power singularity?  Thinking we should.  I can do this at any moment so I bow to the group consensus for a time, a moment, and then “let’s do this”.  What I got just now is that there is a cadre of angels with her there, when they showed up, the computers went on and off, the lights went on and off.  Their presence is felt.  WE’VE GOT THIS.  If there is ever a moment, more perfectly orchestrated for us to do what it is we do best, I know not what it could be. This is going to happen,  has happened and our beloved H. knows it. She is ready for this and knows we’ve got this. They did what they did because this is a moment that many will want credit for, many with big plans for power and places OF power on this earth right now want to be the hero.  Our beloved Heather is stealing their thunder and they may plan to keep her there until they can figure out how to do this ON THEIR OWN TERMS.  What we must visualize is Heather FREE. Randy FREE. AND THE WORLD FREE.  We have the power to hold this vision.  What we need is ONE FORCE.  A time? Let’s do this.

Sophia Love
A sense I got of her just an hour ago is that she is clear and strong, and that is where she expects us to be.

Stacy Anderson
I just called and he answered, did not get it recorded but the guy said he was not at liberty to say what the warrant was for but that it was a federal arrest warrant. He did not have a website address or a phone number but said the warrant could be found at the D.C. Website or call D.C. Central lockup and they will have the details.


Denice D
She is in First District. 101 M. Street, SW. 202-698-0555

Denice D

Denice D

Sophia Love
You know, if I was writing a script, I could not have picked a more perfect name for the agent to be, than T I M Heart Man

[1:39:18 PM] Sophia Love: My visual right now is that we are riding our bikes, up hill and we just threw our training wheels off so we could go faster!!!
[1:39:27 PM] Denice D: no court case scheduled yet


Stacy Anderson
Just talked to someone at D.C. Lockup, he confirmed she is in lockup and he had no info on the warrant. Told him to get her a message to her….that she.s got a lot of support out here, that we are all behind her, that we are with her, signed Original (hearteyes)

Sophia Love
Visualizing H. surrounded by light… it is palpable and those in charge of “detaining” or “watching” her are feeling it and not knowing what it is… it changes things… this light/love/power around her then moves up the chain of command to everyone who is touching this case.  This ends now and perfectly.

[2:01:58 PM] Gpeachy: Just thinking of what Heather said on the last interview about making herself visible so all others would do the same.
[2:02:28 PM | Edited 2:02:59 PM] Gpeachy: Monsoon creation in process.


lisa shannon
[2:13 PM] lisa shannon:

<<< Greetings Everyone
Here is an update from Youssef
He just spoke to Missy – Heather’s sister in Washington state.  Missy called and spoke to a nice woman at the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Dept – which is where Heather is currently.  One of the reasons there is no data available online regarding her arrest is ” because she has not been cooperative in signing any documents”. (of course)  The DC Police woman told Missy that at some point today – Heather will be transferred to DC Central where she will spend the night.  Then – at 7:30 tomorrow morning – she will be transported to the D.C. Court house located at 500 Indiana Avenue NW Washington DC 20001 and is supposed to appear in front of a judge around noon or 1:00 PM.  Both Youssef and Bill will be present at the courthouse. As soon as I get a recommendation for a lawyer – they will have this data. (hearthands)


msg to bill1


[2:26:00 PM | Edited 2:26:46 PM] Challngr: If she’s not signing, they cannot add her to their records, and they obviously cannot prove any jurisdiction over/upon her
[2:27:22 PM] Dan B: that damn consent thing huh!
[2:27:28 PM] Sophia Love: @Terran, sounds like they are on to us…  they want to distance themselves… interesting that they chose  a palace in England!

Dan B
I think the FEAR is nothing like what it used to be with altogether too many conscious aware men and women raising the consciousness, in turn, destroying that silly FEAR thing that has controlled for entirely too long.

Alex and Valerie
FYI, we have relocated to a safe place.  Thanks for all the support!  We felt it!  One of the sayings H says is “thank us”!  “We’re welcome!”. Let’s keep it up y’all!

[4:28:16 PM] ¤KathleenA¤: This is for ALL OF US…. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND…. It is the “indoctrination” of job description…. That has left them unable to imagine beyond what is seen…. All that is needed is ONE…. itty bitty crack…. In the conscious of ONE… For it to expand to the rest…. Tsunami sized ripples of transformation, going down, now


Denice D
Central booking was closed today for powerwashing. . .
Phone number is 202-727-4222
Must be the overnight facility



Paul Francis M
25th July folks. The day “Lucy”, the Luc Besson movie was released and also there are 2 UCC filings which were made on 25th July 2012. Quote from Heather October 2013 ” … return title and possession of value AND free imbodiments of I/Eternal Essence” … I’ll get you the rest in a minute. Arthur … you were right … 25th July

Paul Francis McDonald
sorry if  formating is a little off … but it appears to be perfect for posting here :-

On 10/13/13, at 10:50 AM, HeatherAnnTucciJarraf . wrote:
> [9:37:20 AM] jayselect: Hi, Ouestion Is the Oppt working with the W.D.S..?? and the United Nations..??

OPPT no longer exists…by law (and it was also recognized in the former legal structures under their trust codes/statutes) when a trust completes its purpose it must either be retired/reconciled or repurposed…..OPPT finished its purpose (inclusive of July 25, 2012 = return title and possession of value AND free inbodments of I/Eternal Essence; August 3, 2012= return title and possession of land, sky, water, etc. to Eternal Essence AND free Gaia; August 15 and 21, 2012 = fired all custodians/corporations operating under the guise of government, especially UNITED NATIONS; October 24, 2012 = foreclosure; November 28, 2012, Declaration of Facts; December 10, 2012, Certificate of Satisfaction of all Universal Contracts; UNIVERSAL NOTICE December 25, 2012 of OPPT’S completion of purpose)……..and was retired/reconciled back Eternal Essence March 18, 2013.




I have been approached on skype/email directly by so many purportedly from the Qing Dynasty, Sackli/Sackley (purportedly bis), swissindo/un and indirectly by many others, including the purported seven, w.d.s., texas camp (bush, etc.), etc., etc., etc….


[10:49:01 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: [7:19 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .:

<<< I LOVE THE ABSOLUTE PLAN!!!!!!!!!! (inlove)
purported swissindo, wds, keenan, sakli, etc…..all centralizing (chuckle)(heart)

Paul Francis M-
25th July – Doc #’s 2012079290 and 2012079322

Red Wagon
@Sophia Love – I talked with Randy today, he is aware of Heather’s arrest.  Was SHOCKED and mentally lost at this time.  I am trying to arrange for a SC attorney as he is expected to be in SC by Friday.  Thank you ALL for thinking of him (heart)

Paul Francis M
Tell him to keep a cool head, everything is going to be OK. We’ve got him and we ain’t going to let him fall

Angie Lovesilly Lindsley
I have chatted with Randy several times this evening and he’s being optimistic about getting to SC but needs to have an attorney retained asap.  Randy has given me the go ahead to share the need here for any financial support/donations to help us retain one.  Patricia and I are in close proximity to Knoxville and Ridgeland SC (jasper co) and will be working together to get funds collected and used for his arrival by this Friday.

[5:42:54 PM] lisa shannon: Thank you Angie!!!!
[5:43:00 PM] lisa shannon: (hug)
[5:43:46 PM] Angie Lovesilly Lindsley: Donations are essential to allow for the retainment to occur as his accounts are all locked up and he has been in knox county jail for over two weeks with no funds.  Please send to paypal via
Thank you all in advance for the assistance!!

[6:11:31 PM] Angie Lovesilly Lindsley: Thanks Lisa!!!!  I’ll be speaking with Randy again tomorrow and will let him know!

 Donations to help Heather with lawyer -court fees

If you would like to make a contribution to HATJ’ lawyer and court fees please click on this link   . Please include a note that say for Heather, or for Bill, if you would like to help Bill pay for his hotel, food, subway etc while he is in DC, helping Heather with foot work for the case.

This is Bill’s site and the donations go through hi Paypal account. Or you can send directly to him via paypal at his email PROTELISLLC@GMAIL.COM , associated with his paypal account. Heather very much appreciates your support.


Sophia Love
so just because it’s heather, I’ve heard from someone who is away from his home in DC right now but has offered his place and a friend of his has 2 places they have offered for them to stay at .  Because it’s Heather and it’s love and it’s time.  This is what we are capable of.  This is unity.  This is who we are.



[10:17:03 PM] Melissa H: Hello all I am Heathers sister.  Please let me know what happens tomorrow. And keep Youssef in your prayers as he travels tomorrow
[10:28:33 PM] Stacy A: Melissa…sending you and family sooooo much (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart)
[10:29:31 PM] Anita  Ca: Sending ))))))))))) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart)
[10:29:39 PM] Melissa Havens: Thank you so much!  She is the only sister I have and I can’t afford to lose that smart girl❤️❤️❤️❤️
[10:30:21 PM] Claudia L: (heart)Melissa
[10:30:31 PM] Anita  C: None of us can Melissa – and we won’t (hug) (hug) (hug)
[10:47:38 PM] Terran/AK: [10:17 PM] Melissa Havens:

<<< Hello all I am Heathers sister.  Please let me know what happens tomorrow. And keep Youssef in your prayers as he travels tomorrowI will Missy!
[10:48:20 PM] Terran/AK: Heading to court house in the morning
[10:48:45 PM] Terran/AK: Youseff should be there as well
[10:49:38 PM] Anita  C: So glad you and Youssef will be there! We will too, in spirit (heart)
[10:52:04 PM] Melissa H: Yes he will be. Wishing love to you all and I know my sister she proll still laughing but doesn’t make it easy for the rest of us. She is one strong bad ass of a woman and I truly know she is just fine❤️
[10:53:03 PM] Terran/AK: She’s one of a kind! (heart)
[10:54:49 PM] Anita  C: A strong bad ass woman is just what the world needs lol but yes, I understand it’s tough on the loved ones around (hug)
[11:11:13 PM] BZ ⒾAM R: Melissa we are with you and We Are With Heather (heart) (heart)(heart)(heart)(heart)(heart)(heart)(rainbow)



crytpto news

brian kelly
Word is getting out out…fast. so much support on this final doing. Buckle your seatbelts folks…because my Spidey senses tell me were in for a wild ride 😉




lisa shannon
I ask everyone to sent pure intentions of love and healing to Heather and Randy and Patricia and Angie and Youssef and Bill and Alex and Valerie and Jim and Karl and ALL participating in these moments Washington DC and South Carolina (bow) (heart) (bow)


[6:16:49 AM] Terran/AK: I booked a one way on delta on the iPhone app for delta. Got an email verification too, when I got to the airport the entire booking was gone! But I had the email and the confirmation number… while I was talking to the ticket woman the reservation reappeared on the phone!  [arrived in DC, last night] [6:17:20 AM] Terran/AK: Youssef had them change the date on him

[6:19:32 AM] Terran/AK: Youssef told she slotted for between noon and 1 pm but I’m going to check in person lest they change that

court house




[6:40:45 AM] Terran/AK: 1Pm hearing room C301
courthouse coffee[6:42:26 AM] Terran/AK: Court has a coffee shop 2 floors down. KP would like this! Lol






[6:45:05 AM] Melissa H: Please let me know when Youssef arrives ❤️
[6:46:07 AM] Jim D: He’s should be landing shortly. Am picking him up for delivery to Courthouse.
[6:46:22 AM] Melissa H: Great. Thank you


[6:47:40 AM] Challngr: has any ‘liar’ representative been established yet, or does heather prefer to stand as her own being?

[6:49:08 AM] Melissa Havens: From my understanding from officer Ace. She will not be assigned one until have they charge her for whatever they are charging her for

[6:50:15 AM] Denice D: [6:10 AM] Patrizia:

[6:51:15 AM | Edited 6:53:57 AM] Terran/AK: Do US Marshalls usually wear tactical boots and beige tactical trousers?

[6:52:24 AM] Denice D: [6:51 AM] Terran/AK:

<<< Do US Marshalls usually wear tactical books and beige tactical trousers?                                  blackwater standard issue

[6:53:42 AM] Challngr: so have we figured out what actual variety of ‘corporate criminals’ are running this ‘kidnapping/false arrest’ scenario?
[6:54:50 AM] Terran/AK: Oakley tactical boots

[6:57:23 AM] Challngr: I feel this is going to be a long day of disclosure.
[7:03:22 AM] ¤KathleenAnnKelley¤: Creator Room 310…. I like it = Source Fource 😉
[7:05:24 AM] ¤KathleenAnnKelley¤: They will charge her with “nothing” as she does not consent to contract…. (cwl) …. Seeing a Keystone Cops Scenario

Neil Wolfe
Submitted on 2017/07/26 at 9:43 am

Brief telephone conversation with Agent Hartman – he asserts he was not an arresting agent yet he was at the hotel during the arrest- he refused to divulge the charges and hung up ……..

[7:43:40 AM] Denice D: Update:
[7:44:09 AM] Denice D: Heather has been assigned a public defender. The charge is Fugitive From Justice. Jurisdiction unknown.
[7:44:46 AM] Denice D: I have a phone call  into the public defender and will update ASAP.  I am asking her to tell H of the massive support behind her.
[7:44:55 AM] Denice D: Arraingment is from 1 to 5 pm

[7:47:03 AM] lisa shannon: [7:37 AM] Denice D:
<<< Ms. Sharon BurkaPublic Defender assigned to Heather

[7:48:00 AM] Ollie Troll: [7:44 AM] Denice D:

<<< Fugitive From Justice.How can you be a Fugitive From Justice without any charge?

[7:48:45 AM] Denice D: Focus pure love now (heart)
[7:48:48 AM] Denice D: (thanks)

Only pure love, please? (heart)
(heart) (heart) (heart)
[7:51:21 AM] Terran/AK: Correction room C301 there is no C310
[7:51:32 AM | Edited 8:01:24 AM] Terran/AK: This black homeless guy walks by goes “heyyy wot da gonna do wit her?” Smiles big at me. Love the costumes
[7:57:41 AM] Paul Francis M: (music) “pump up the volume, pump up the volume…” (music)
(heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart)
[8:02:17 AM] Melissa H:  CAn anyone please explain to me what fugitive of justice means. I do understand what they are charging her
[8:03:01 AM] Paul Francis M: sounds like they’re saying there may be a charge in another state from which she is a ‘fugitive’
[8:03:22 AM | Edited 8:09:04 AM] Paul Francis McD: its a ‘federal’ action
[8:03:22 AM] Challngr: they don’t know either, Melissa, they are just pulling at straws.
[8:03:42 AM] Ollie T: They have poisoned our waters, lands and food, medicin and have tech that we can just dream of but still they can’t take away our LOVE for each other!<3

[8:07:43 AM] lisa s: Challngr – I respectfully request the elimination of the use of ‘labels’ and any thoughts/words and actions that would imply ‘they’ are anything but ‘us’ – recognizing the difficulties of moving through these moments for ALL – In Gratitude (heart)

[8:22:51 AM | Edited 8:23:24 AM] Challngr: so who’s in for a power wave of telepathic support for/with Heather, at 12:30 eastern time? about 1 1/2 hours from now.

[8:25:24 AM] Melissa H: Looking into that now to see if she has a warrant tin Washington state.
[8:25:43 AM] Sophia Love: @Terran , re: this “This black homeless guy walks by goes “heyyy wot da gonna do wit her?” Smiles big at me. Love the costumes”   It sounds very much like other Guardians dreamhopper and I have run into in Chicago and elsewhere, making comments and smiling …. you are surrounded on all levels and watched and protected!!!!!!!!!!  It is done and perfectly so!!!!   (heart)

[8:30:10 AM] Terran/AK: With Youssef

picoutside courthouse



[8:40:19 AM] JACK M: Picture from outside of court.


[8:41:46 AM] ¤KathleenA¤: (cool)….. Inside too 😉
[8:42:41 AM] Melissa H: Thank you all for being an awesome support for my sister❤️❤️❤️
[8:43:02 AM] Paul Francis M: (heart) (heart) (heart)


[8:46:21 AM] Denice D: Update:

[8:46:35 AM] Denice D: I spoke with someone in the Public Defender’s office
[8:46:55 AM] Denice D: The charges/warrant will be available to the Public Defender this afternoon.

[8:47:16 AM] Denice D: Heather’s arraingment will be posted after 12:30 pm
[8:48:11 AM] Denice D: Things look very good.  Please send love.  Keep calm and focus.

[8:48:45 AM] Paul Francis M: (heart) (heart) (heart)
[8:48:46 AM] H Andrew T: (rainbow) (heart) (rainbow) (heart)
[8:49:14 AM] Denice D: This room is being watched by so very many. Here and There.  We are examples of how humanity reacts.  Be love (heart)

[8:56:16 AM] lisa shannon: [8:22 AM] Challngr:

<<< so who’s in for a power wave of telepathic support for/with Heather, at 12:30 eastern time? about 1 1/2 hours from now.I would also include ALL – any BEing participating in this circumstance in whatever role — not just one but ALL – REMEMBER – In Gratitude (heart)


[9:07:31 AM] Reuben Emmanuel of the Bailey family Ⓘ: [8:55 AM] Patrizia:

<<< Denice lo streamingIt is all streaming through ALL on I-tech/o-tech…
[9:07:39 AM] Denice D: Please do not try to call Ms. Burka. .H has been reassigned.
[9:07:41 AM] Denice D: (heart)
[9:07:49 AM] Denice D: (heart)
[9:07:50 AM] Reuben Emmanuel of the Bailey family Ⓘ: (rofl)
[9:07:55 AM] Denice D: All perfect (heart)

[9:07:56 AM] Reuben Emmanuel of the Bailey family Ⓘ: (heart)
[9:08:12 AM] Reuben Emmanuel of the Bailey family Ⓘ: Hot potato!
[9:08:42 AM] Denice D: For these next moments, it is really important to focus complete peace and love on the entire court system.


[10:01:07 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Neil Wolfe is streaming live
[10:01:09 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Twitter handle is @TheLightReports If anyone else is going and would like to connect feel free to text or call 703-989-1001.
[10:01:55 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: with her move to US District court  [session is 1:30] [10:02:10 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: he has talked to her previously assigned lawyer
[10:02:27 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: and now over talking to marshal bailiffs at new court


[10:06:01 AM] Denice D:Update

Heather is safe. Her Federal Public Defender now has her Original Factualized Trust Docs.

 [10:21:20 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Federal District Court DCTN U17024779


Neil Wolfe- I will be heading up to the courthouse this morning around 10AM or so to have my supporting presence felt by HATJ and her lawless kidnappers –
I may do a little live streaming on Periscope in case anyone was interested in following to receive updates if I have any- my Periscope handle is TheLightReports-
may want to set alerts if I broadcast anything and you want to see it live.
Typically I will also post the Periscope video to my Twitter account after a broadcast-
Twitter handle is @TheLightReports If anyone else is going and would like to connect feel free to text or call 703-989-1001.


Neil Wolfe
Submitted on 2017/07/26 at 9:43 am

Brief telephone conversation with Agent Hartman – he asserts he was not an arresting agent yet he was at the hotel during the arrest- he refused to divulge the charges and hung up ……..

[10:12:30 AM] Denice D: (heart) Complete focus now :  [on The Following Manifesting ]Paperwork is in order.  The charges will be dropped. And Heather will be released today.
[10:12:50 AM] Denice D: Share that energy everywhere! Perfectly done! (heart)
[10:28:12 AM] Alex and Valerie: Please also keep Randy in your energy also.  He could be moved to SC anytime


[10:40:41 AM] Denice D: Send Pure Love to 333 Constitution Avenue (heart)
[10:40:47 AM] Denice D: (inlove)









[2:03:42 PM] GabrⒾele AngelⒾka aus dem: [1:47 PM] ¤KathleenAnnKelley¤:
<<< She is assisting “them” out of “role playing” back to Originalthat’s why she wasn’t arrested, but she allowed them to arrest her <3
[2:04:45 PM] ¤KathleenA¤: Yes…. I completely agree…. It was her “plan”

[2:07:45 PM] Reuben Emmanuel of the Bailey family Ⓘ: It is clear enough that the warrant from Tennessee is new – they missed their chance to pick her up on it when she was there. (rofl) Seems that perhaps Parker Still has more limited scope than before if he couldn’t get one outside of TN…

Love you, Parker! Still, time to park it (your role) for good!
[2:13:50 PM] Denice D: (heart)
[2:14:52 PM] Denice D: Update:  Heather will remain in D.C. Jail until the next hearing.  Monday July 31.
[2:15:27 PM] Denice D: (heart) Send her energy (heart)

[2:18:40 PM] Reuben Emmanuel of the Bailey family Ⓘ: Setting intention that the “hearing” happen within 24 hours.
[2:20:36 PM] Reuben Emmanuel of the Bailey family Ⓘ: The system is like a fish out of water – it is acting way outside it’s true jurisdiction.

[2:22:37 PM | Edited 2:23:42 PM] Ollie T: Do you see why she made the last filings visible? Just in time so she could show them to the alleged court…. (heart) if need be…  what a billboard of pure love..

[2:44:46 PM | Edited 2:45:08 PM] Christoph: [2:22 PM] Ollie T:

<<< Do you see why she made the last filings visible? Just in time so she could show them to the alleged court…. (heart) if need be…  what a billboard of pure l

I fully agree with you Olli. She initiated a perfekt Billbord for ALL to see. The Original can not be jailed. It is free per definition. The game is over and Mr. Parker Still and his lads are loved by the One Original(s).
We ambrace you Mr. Parker and are still with you. You have playd your part perfectly. End of the show.
Come and enjoy the party NOW!


7.26.17- Initial Update- More to come, as I receive it.

There was a sealed hearing
They closed up everything and locked doors, black pieces of wool on window
They asked Bill, Yousef, and Neil to leave
Attorney came out and talked to Bill and Yousef after the hearing
Apparently TN, issued an arrest warrant for HATJ, for….? to gum up works for her
She will have an identity hearing on Monday. DC Jail lock up jail until then.
This all from Neil, live down there at the courtroom

Identity hearing on Monday. [ this is necessary, because HATJ refuses to sign her name and contract with the system. 😉   ]

Live stream update from Neil- he filmed the update outside court house

Summation of the day at court house today 7.26.17 from Bill/Terran

[5:21:00 PM] Terran/AK: [4:52 PM] Anita  C:

<<< How are you feeling Bill?I’m good. Just a long day. And hot and humid walk to and from the metro

[5:23:45 PM] Terran/AK: The court was an education. The five cases before Heather were all decided before the judge appeared. The deliberation was pro forma reading of mutually agreed script until HATJ. When it came her turn these big marshalls ordered Youssef and I out of the court, and they put cardboard over the door windows so we could not look in.

[5:24:17 PM] Terran/AK: Said the proceedings were sealed

[5:27:05 PM] Gpeachy: “They” have really done it to themselves this time. There will be so many more eyes on this by Monday….OMG!

[5:32:33 PM] Terran/AK: Saw some banker types in nice suits come and go from the judges chambers about the same time. Either bankers or expensive lawyers they were $1000+ suits they were wearing. Not FBI

[5:32:58 PM] Terran/AK: From what I could tell.

[5:33:58 PM] Terran/AK: All the US Marshalls had beige cargo/tactical pants on, some in Oakley tactical boots

[5:34:34 PM] Terran/AK: Marshalls who brought prisoners in had cheap suits on

[5:34:44 PM] Challngr: republic of the US , running the show?

[5:35:20 PM] Terran/AK: There is no republic never was. Always was a corp.

[5:35:50 PM] Challngr: since 1871’ish at least

[5:36:23 PM] Terran/AK: We did not see Heather but defense Atty told her we were there

[5:36:56 PM] Martha Harris: I’m sure she felt your energy and knew.

[5:37:12 PM] Terran/AK: Since 2 yrs after George Washington took office, he put it back under the Virgina Company

[5:37:53 PM] Challngr: so bill you just gonna hunker down and wait out the week?

[5:38:08 PM] Terran/AK: Playing it as it flows

[5:38:23 PM] Terran/AK: At least we know the agenda

[5:39:45 PM] Terran/AK: (heart) to you all. The frustrating part is not being able to speak to Heather.

[5:45:26 PM] Terran/AK: Tomorrow we focus on getting an attorney.

[5:47:06 PM] Terran/AK: Don’t be too hard on Mr Nearly-Big-Top he is assisting and gave some vital data today.

[5:47:11 PM] Gpeachy: Thanks for being there AK?

[5:47:18 PM] Challngr: most people, here in channel are here to support you bill, cannot say all, but you know or feel who is and is not, namaste

[5:47:45 PM] Terran/AK: It’s all good. Love them all.

[5:50:09 PM] Terran/AK: Heather is a very strong woman she knows what she is doing, I trust that.

[5:51:47 PM] Terran/AK: They also moved the case time and even to another court. Denice was great in keeping us informed in real time of changes of venue

[5:52:12 PM] Gpeachy: Bill, I agree with you and I feel that she expected it, based on what she said in the last interview.

[5:52:17 PM | Edited 5:52:33 PM] Terran/AK: Send your love and energy to her.

[5:53:32 PM] Gpeachy: She was persistent and said that “this is not gonna fail, not this time”. And about making herself seen forcing others to do the same.

[5:56:44 PM | Edited 5:57:49 PM] Terran/AK: Heather spoke to me a few days ago about asking questions of the ALL. Told me to not limit how the answers come even if from strange sources or situations.  Monday I went to go see a movie and had this sense something was about to go “down” and I asked the question “Is the current path Heather has chosen the optimal path for finishing this up”… because I had this sense it would not be easy… a huge crack of lightening and thunder happened at the moment, which I took to be an affirmative.

[6:03:10 PM] Karen Sutton: Thanks for sharing that T. Just from watching Heather in action over the last 5 years I’d have to believe this is the optimal path or she/we wouldn’t have chosen it. Thanks for being part of her “boots on the ground” (inlove) ..

[6:04:20 PM] Gpeachy: She knew where she was at with it all and that she needed to go to DC to finalize things, “at the speed of heart”.

[6:16:53 PM] Paul Francis McDonald: Everybody is doing an amazing job!

[6:18:00 PM] Paul Francis McDonald: … ‘specially the girls who are rockin’ it to the core!!! (heart) (inlove) (kiss)

[6:22:29 PM] Denice D: Sweet dreams and perhaps tomorrow we can all return to focus (holidayspirit)

[6:23:15 PM] Denice D: accessing accounts, sending fabulous energies to Randy and Heather and of course being the finest examples of humans that we are 😉 (inlove)


7.27.18  Comment on I UV “I would like to ask the moderator of this forum to rally all our brothers and sisters tonight @ 10PM EST to release our synchronized energy wave to Heather and Randy.
Love is a Divine Currency. Let’s exchange it freely toward another another for the deliverance of humanity. And don’t leave home without it.”


7.27.17 [Lisa S]   update I will share that Heather was been communicated with by phone.  She is DOing well (heart)

In Gratitude for ALL of the DOings here.  NOW – everyone – in this room and elsewhere – you know what you are all to do.  Follow your inner guidance only and allways – these are amazing moments and EVERYONE is participating – in the manner in which their heart/mind is guiding.  All now take full responsibility, liabiility and accountability for their choices.

Please remember that the current circumstances unfolding with Heather and Randy – have and are also unfolding with many many more who are and have been doing – in their own particular way – all they feel to do to completely close out the model of power over others. These circumstances may ‘seem’ to be isolated – yet they are not.

Please remember this as you set your intentions in each moment for it is with our intentions and thoughts and words and deeds that create quick and fast at this now.

Now is the ‘time’ to reconcile all that has been experienced – in gratitude – with grace and ease and gratitude and JOY!

I Love Every Being – no matter what roles/positions are being played out now.

(heart) (bow) (heart)


7.27.17  Heather’s Case Manager is Ms. Reid- Please hold her in Loving Energy and Joy, so she will do her very Best to assist Heather .


Heather update: 7.28.17  AM

Heather is currently being held at the:

Place- DC CTF (Correctional Treatment Facility) , 1901 E St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Phone of facility- 202-790-6601

Inmate no. 360745

Heather’s Jail Case Manager is Ms. Charlene Reid  202-790-6699

Heather met with Ms. Reid  Friday July 28, 2017 in the morning.

You can send things to where Heather is currently being housed to:

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
Inmate no. 360745

1901 E St., Washington DC, 20003


No Contraband- drugs, explosives, nail files (we had a little levity when I spoke to them)

No Cigarettes – tobacco …

No books, unless directly from the publisher.

Ok to send:



I mentioned flowers, but did not get direct answer one way or other. The correctional liaison I spoke with assumed I was calling about a male inmate, as I am a female so it did not register with him, I might want to send flowers…

When I was asking him, I had a vision of flowers flooding the Liason office for Inmate Dispersal. so Asking Questions to the ALL. I would say Yes to Flowers.

To set up a scheduled visitation people can call this # 202-790-6595, requests need to be processed 72 hours ahead of the scheduled visitation time.

In the closed hearing on 7.26.17:

Lisa Walters was prosecutor

David Bos appointed defense attorney

Judge presiding – Debra A. Robinson


Hearing Monday July 31, 2017

Will be held at 333 Constitution Ave, WA DC 2003

U. S. District Court


7.28.17   Update on Randy

They have begun a new Case for Randall K. Beane in Tenneesse and Heather is being brought in under that case

Warrant for Heather issued 7-19-17 from Knoxville TN

USAA Bank/Federal Reserve/Whitney Bank –

Case # 3: 17-CR-82

Case# 1: 17-MJ-531

Heather 7.29.17



7.30.17 Bill- Docs for Heathers case. Long day. Tomorrow we play delivery boy.

If everyone could set the intention that we get these documents included into the court record tomorrow without obstruction or hindrance or shenanigans it would be greatly appreciated!

docs2docks 1

[3:51:44 PM] Denice D: Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday-  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

333 Constitution Avenue N.W.  Washington D.C. 20001  Room 1225

[3:49:31 PM] Denice D: For Monday, HATJ case number is 1:17 mj-531 Deborah Robinson is magistrate judge.

[4:35:51 PM ] Paul Francis M: You see that record number now, that’s an internal one issued by the clerk and does not appear on any systems because of the nature of what the position actually is. Heather hasn’t signed anything, so she has not contracted. They don’t know who she is and she has not entered any jurisdiction of any court.

So we’re going to have a huge U.S. District Court case (discussion) now  about the Original Factualized Trust, and under Uniform Commercial Code and decide it before she ever enters any jurisdiction … other than Original jurisdiction. Priceless.


Randy Update 1.31.17   “Randy has requested I post his location and address for cards and letters if possible, please:”
Blount County Jail
920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804-5002

Randall Keith Beane
ID # 295122

[7:20:59 AM] Red Wagon: Any one who can contribute to Randy’s expenses, specifically his rent and utilities, would be greatly appreciated.  His family is taking care of what we can.  Donations that have been received thus far is approximately $912.00 with his rent being $2,000.00.  Please consider donating to the following pay pal account of Angie Lindsley, who is helping the family:
[7:21:35 AM] Red Wagon: To ALL that have helped….THANK YOU!  Randy APPRECIATES it more than words can express!!
[9:44:44 AM] Red Wagon: The facility he is located at is named Blount County Detention Center.  But I am told this is a federal facility.
[9:46:19 AM] Red Wagon: The ID I gave, #295122, is the ID I used to deposit $ into his commissary and phone.
[9:49:50 AM] Susie G: Do I use to put $ on Randy’s commissary account?
[9:54:01 AM] Red Wagon: only one deposit a day (24 hours) can be made to his commissary account; not sure of any limit on phone cards though.  And there are large fees associated too – he requested I put $200 in yesterday and after a $5.95 deposit fee PLUS $11.50 cc fee, he received $182.55.  Then I purchased him 3 phone cards @ $10 each = $30 and had to pay the fee on top of that, so my total expense was $31.58.  Hope this helps, I was surprised by the large fees.  He has a sinus infection and advised he must pay for his doctor’s visits.
[9:55:07 AM] Red Wagon: I have talked with him today, he sounded better, not as congested.  Would really appreciate any and all showing him some love by sending cards and letters <3



Bill and Youssef out side of U.S. District Court  333 Constitution Ave, WA DC 2003



Bill and Youssef- outside US District Court House-7.31.17



10:14:30 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: is case unsealed will court room be open
[10:17:22 AM] youssef jarraf: Bos says that he will ask the judge for that since Randy’s case in TN was unsealed..
[10:18:00 AM] youssef jarraf: Going in now…     Later.




7.31.17 – District Court Hearing today

[9:30:48 AM] M: Paul can you explain in a nut shell about hearing today. I know it’s to prove she is who she is.  But how do all these docs verify her if she hasn’t signed anything. That’s where I am kinda confused

[9:35:39 AM] Paul Francis M: M: If she signs, she has contracted with the court. If she doesn’t sign, they have to verify who she is and she is saying that she IS .. as is described in the Original Due Declaration and Notice of Factualized Trust and all the grounding documents. A perfected claim against the jurisdiction of the court or anyone else for that matter. she is standing in original jurisdiction, which the former and alleged ‘U. S.. District Court’ cannot touch. In any shape or form.

Terran/AK- quoting [9:23 AM] Paul Francis M: “<<< So you filed an entire bundle with the clerks office and you have an original stamp for filing on the index is that correct?>>”

Yes exactly. It’s still possible it doesn’t make it into the record but at least we have proof they got it.

[9:45:52 AM] Terran/AK: [9:43 AM]

“<<< Did you give a copy to Bos?>>>  “Yes

[9:46:03 AM] Paul Francis M: YES!!!

[9:46:09 AM] Paul Francis Mc: We’re in!!!!!



Update:       7.31.17 Today’s Court hearing”

Will be held at U.S. District Court  333 Constitution Ave, WA DC 2003
Time- hearing is at 2pm  courtroom 4   2nd floor
Case number- 1:17 mj-531
Hearing type- Identity
Magistrate Judge- Deborah Robinson
David Bos-  appointed defense attorney

7.31.17     Court hearing has ended. Live stream outside-



[3:49:31 PM] Denice D: For Monday, HATJ case number is 1:17 mj-531 Deborah Robinson is magistrate judge.

[4:35:51 PM ] Paul Francis M: You see that record number now, that’s an internal one issued by the clerk and does not appear on any systems because of the nature of what the position actually is. Heather hasn’t signed anything, so she has not contracted. They don’t know who she is and she has not entered any jurisdiction of any court.

So we’re going to have a huge U.S. District Court case (discussion) now about the Original Factualized Trust, and under Uniform Commercial Code and decide it before she ever enters any jurisdiction … other than Original jurisdiction. Priceless.


Bills summation of Identity Hearing July 31, 2017

1.) Sealed court, visitors evicted from Court. One large bald guy in suite and one small guy in pin stripes stayed. Small guy later identified as Parker Hill, “government witness”. Tech guy was setting up projector for prosecutor… we could presume to show photos of HATJ? Unknown…

2.) David Bos moves to have court unsealed due to unsealing of case in TN, judge and prosecutor agree.

3.) we are allowed back in court, HATJ unshackled twice in hallway, indicating hand and leg shackling

4.) David Bos says HATJ wishes to represent herself “pro se” with him as stand by counsel.

5.) Judge looks confused and asks if his client does this “knowingly”, he says yes.  Judge said premature to rule in favor of standby counsel. Bos has meeting with HATJ on Wednesday, asks for continuance.

6.) Prosecution looks at Parker Hill, he nods, they agree on Friday hearing 10 AM (unsealed court).

7.) David Bos views future outside counsel as unlikely. HATJ to proceed Pro Se Friday.

Heather looks well and healthy and looking forward to Friday

TN folks did not seem pleased

Outcome of today’s hearing 7.31.17 and NOT going to TN
[4:15:40 PM] brian kelly: The only thing I need clarification on is, how the outcome of today will have an effect on heather not needing to go to trial in TN….?
[4:16:28 PM] Paul Francis M: it makes it a certainty
[4:19:12 PM] brian kelly: Based on?
[4:21:30 PM] Paul Francis M: she hasn’t entered the jurisdiction and now she’s going to prove why. that’s the short version
[4:22:21 PM] brian kelly: Ok dots connected….got it!
[4:22:26 PM] Paul Francis M: there’s no jurisdiction to enter and therefore she won’t be going to Tennessee
[4:22:29 PM] brian kelly: Oh the elegance of it all
[4:23:11 PM] brian kelly: Gracie’ for that Paul. Tu she’
[4:25:57 PM] brian kelly: What’s your take then on where this leaves randy?
[4:27:03 PM] Paul Francis M: randy doesn’t know it yet, but all his bases are well and truly covered as a consequence of what just went down 🙂


If You Feel Moved to Do:
Send HATJ a postcard or card. Infuse it with Love and mail it to the address below. They are not allowing HATJ, to have anything sent to her, or brought in, not even pen and paper!!!
No worries. Its all good. Send your Love infused postcards and cards to the address below and flood the facility with Love. Heather will feel them arrive, and the facility will have a Mountain of Love energized love cards to deal with (heart)

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, 360745
Correctional Treatment Facility
1901 E St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

Would You Like To Play

8.1.17 Update: Message from HATJ

I received a message from Heather, I am passing along now to You with Love. bz

Heather yesterday asked me to let EVERYONE KNOW SHE WAS OVERWHELMED BY ALL OF THE BIRTHDAY WISHES – She FELT THEM ALL and has no words to express her gratitude for Everyone!!!!!


Update 8.1.17 eve – Now more than ever VERY important to get the WORD OUT ~ BZ


[8/1/2017 5:39:23 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: can you look for the wording
[8/1/2017 5:39:51 PM] Denice D: I am using opinions on improper warrant fugitive from justice
[8/1/2017 5:39:56 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: pull out pieces for right now that I can briefly impart to H on out VERY short call in20 minutes
[8/1/2017 5:40:17 PM] Denice D: and opinions on improper warrants other jurisdictions
[8/1/2017 5:40:33 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: yes
[8/1/2017 5:40:40 PM] Denice D: those three popped up
[8/1/2017 5:40:49 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: length of time to hold

[8/1/2017 5:43:08 PM] Paul Francis M: what’s the first thing you need?
[8/1/2017 5:43:56 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: I need to know opinions and statutes on arrest in DC on a warrant for an outside jurisdiction

[8/1/2017 5:44:29 PM] Paul Francis M: You need the warrant
[8/1/2017 5:44:40 PM] Paul Francis M: its comin …
[8/1/2017 5:45:06 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: also just so people know, the pencil marks on warrant that people released on internet, the tomcat guy, that was H who made those pencil marks

[8/1/2017 5:53:33 PM] Denice D: ok
[8/1/2017 5:54:09 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: or the proceducers of DC statutes when arresting and holding a person for a warrant issued outside of DC. AND if that warrant was imporperly issued
[8/1/2017 5:54:17 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: two – different items

[8/1/2017 5:55:13 PM | Edited 5:55:21 PM] Paul Francis M: ARREST WARRANT, under Rule 40, Rules of Criminal Procedure, Tennesee
[8/1/2017 5:56:16 PM] Paul Francis M: Why is she saying its improper?
[8/1/2017 5:56:45 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Heather wants to know the DC rules and any opinions filed on cases when warrant improperly filed

[8/1/2017 5:56:59 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: because deputy clerk signed it
[8/1/2017 5:57:10 PM] Denice D: loook!!!!
[8/1/2017 5:57:20 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: she is calling in 2 minutes
[8/1/2017 5:57:20 PM] Denice D: limits to the district where she sits
[8/1/2017 5:57:32 PM] Denice D: it was not even issued by the friggin judge
[8/1/2017 5:57:56 PM] Denice D:
[8/1/2017 5:58:29 PM] Denice D: Generally limits a federal magistrate’s warrant to the district

[8/1/2017 5:59:05 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: that just happens to be from our newest supreme court judge

[8/1/2017 6:01:10 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: anything else?

[8/1/2017 6:02:16 PM] Denice D:$file/09-3087-1465293.pdf

[8/1/2017 6:02:20 PM] Denice D: reading this now

[8/1/2017 6:04:00 PM] Denice D:

[8/1/2017 6:04:13 PM] Paul Francis McDonald: US -v- Kreuger is dynamite

[8/1/2017 6:04:15 PM] Denice D: warrant issued outside of jurisdiction seems to be improper in itself

[8/1/2017 6:24:38 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Paul I need the highlights on that case gorchitch sited and what specifically H looks up when she is in the law library on Thursday


[8/1/2017 6:52:39 PM] Terran/AK: [Tuesday, August 01, 2017 6:04 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: <<< bill do you have a scheduled visitation with Heather coming up can you give her docs then?

All visits by outsiders are electronic via video.

[8/1/2017 6:53:10 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: have you scheduled it. Because the account I created lets you schedule throughthe account

[8/1/2017 6:54:03 PM] Terran/AK: I tried… but it says Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf has no time blocks available…. no matter what date I put in.

[8/1/2017 6:54:39 PM] Terran/AK: They don’t seem to have set her up to even have visitors, perhaps because of the sealing.  Dangerous woman she is you know… she might just love you to death!

[8/1/2017 6:55:09 PM] Melissa Havens: Lmfao Bill perfect(rofl)

[8/1/2017 6:55:11 PM] Terran/AK: They are treating her like she is a terrorist.

[8/1/2017 6:55:35 PM] Denice D: (heart)

[8/1/2017 6:55:36 PM] Melissa Havens: It sure looks like it

[8/1/2017 6:55:55 PM] Denice D: well, the Schumann Resonance says otherwise (heart)

[8/1/2017 6:56:22 PM] Denice D: The ‘heartbeat’ of the earth is off the charts 🙂

[8/1/2017 6:58:56 PM] Denice D: can she call again tonight?

[8/1/2017 6:59:35 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: no she will call tomorrow, but we got “call ended” before she said time, we were laughing too hard and she could not spit it out.


[8/1/2017 8:32:22 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Bill has the research pdf’s and H copy w notes of the arrest warrant indictment to print and meet w Bos in am before his meeting with H

[8/1/2017 8:44:37 PM] Melissa H: They are allowing her to go to law library

[8/1/2017 9:47:12 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Heather I think you would really appreciate this comment on the I UV tonight :- )

“I am not a religious person but isn’t this like Jesus Christ’s court case? Wasn’t he on trial regarding his identity? Was he not against the merchants in the temple and the use of usury? Now humanity is on trial trying to claim our Christ Consciousness through the brave Soul that is Heather. To prove that we are not just beast of burden for the Holy Sea without a soul, we are not lost at sea presumed dead. This is truly the rise of the walking dead. 🙂 It is also the rise of consciousness for all of humanity. Thank you Heather. Lots of Love your way.”


We have had several direct phone conversations with HATJ- I will put notes in lower section. Lisa and I had several calls with HATJ 8.1.17. Bill had one 8.2.17 early AM, Lisa 8.2.17 early AM


Update 8.2.17 Bill phone call with HATJ

[6:32:38 AM] Terran/AK: Just got a call from HATJ, this is now a political case! The only way to deal with a political case is to immediately release all data as it comes in… including Lisa’s most recent data from PJ.
[6:37:45 AM] Paul Francis M: (y)
[6:37:48 AM] brian kelly: Wasnt it always a political case?
[6:40:07 AM | Edited 6:40:02 AM] Paul Francis M: Not that we knew for sure. But there you have it now “from the horses mouth” so to speak. Could mean any one of a number of things, best to chew hard for a while
[6:46:53 AM] Terran/AK: Just learned that Heather was arrested and taken through the White House and back out the other end by by those purporting to be SS (yet wore none of the three badges of the SS). She was handed over to DC Police where she was taken to Division 1 for booking.  She said DC police were very nice to her. She spent 2 days before she knew exactly where she was. She laughingly referenced Brian Kelly’s post about the Mayan 2 days of “no time” as it coincided with her 2 days of not knowing what time it was or even what she was arrested for!

Trump was not the instigator of this btw.
[6:47:35 AM] Terran/AK: Ok I got to go deliver some stuff in dc

[6:52:00 AM] Terran/AK: She said she is going in and releasing “all from harm” (a legal term??) Randall and anyone else related to Parker Hill/FBI doings, and will also release him from harm for what he unwittingly let loose.
[6:54:14 AM] Terran/AK: Heather also said it is time for the military to deal with bad apples

[7:03:41 AM] Denice D: [6:54 AM] Terran/AK:
<<< Heather also said it is time for the military to deal with bad apples  and remove them from control positions, reassignment is an adequate response to the bad apples
[7:03:58 AM] Denice D: Perhaps that is why General Kelley is in the West Wing?

[7:22:28 AM] brian kelly: So the FBI is planning on arresting what has now become millions of people? Good luck with that!

[6:40:58 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Can you give me your notes from PJ phone conversation so I can release as per H instructions to bill just now on their phone call

[7:00:35 AM] lisa shannon: August 1, 2017

All actions now are Political

FBI will arrest anyone that attempts to use TDA and/or other means to access account

There was a case similar to Heather’s that was successfully argued – about 18 months ago, however getting copies of the court transcripts, as Heather requested, is a veery delicate situation – no one even can know who the lawyer was as it is also kep very quiet and that court case is not published

Asked if I had seen news yesterday, he stated a former Federal Reserve Bank (woman) employee was boarding a flight in Boston and she was arrested by the FBI.  Allegedly she had given out different access codes to various people to access these accounts.

End of Notes
[7:00:58 AM] lisa shannon: lol – the emoticon is really supposed to be the word – woman
[7:01:05 AM] lisa shannon: sending this to Bill
[7:13:07 AM] lisa shannon: BZ – for now lets reference x as PJ
[7:13:32 AM] lisa shannon: Heather did not say to make his name public yet and she is referring to him as PJ in the conversations we have
[7:16:16 AM] lisa shannon: The notes he provides will be published
Next phone call we will determine if she feels to release his name
Much harm is being done to people and she does not want that



update 8.2.17

[8:59:27 AM | Edited 9:00:04 AM] Terran/AK: Tried to get additional annex sheets stamped they will not do it until they get the docs I filed, back from the judge. Judge Robinson told the clerks “the documents were improperly filed”… but it did cause the stay. So I have to come back tommorow for the extra stamps… it feels like the staff got their asses chewed n
[9:00:20 AM] Paul Francis M: i’d say they did alright
[9:00:49 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Bill, did you get the information for H to Bos?
[9:04:29 AM] Paul Francis M: He’s another one that could potentially get his ass chewed
[9:06:21 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: You will see some serious ass chewing done with specificity and particularity and Love friday!
[9:08:26 AM] Terran/AK: [9:00 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger:  <<< Bill, did you get the information for H to Bos?
No still awaiting call and/or email from Bos.  Based on what I just saw I think Judge intends to keep docs out of hearing but then we go to plan B.

[9:09:21 AM | Edited 9:09:41 AM] Paul Francis M: that’s not what she said in her order. She only stayed it. It could happen that she will allow it
[9:10:40 AM | Edited 9:11:19 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: well, H is firing, Bos today. And H said that the prosecuting attourney needed to know who the attourney of raccord was for the defendant so she could give that attourney that needed files/docs on case
[9:11:00 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: H is moving to be the attourney pro sey of record
[9:11:10 AM] Paul Francis M: lol … that’s my girl!
[9:11:22 AM | Edited 9:12:37 AM] Terran/AK: There’s a hilarious black guy protesting with a megaphone the police’s abuse of black people in DC… “they are weaponizing fear!!!! They are weaponizing fear!!!”  He wasn’t too nice on white people either but I get that particular bias/perspective
[9:14:16 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Paul do you have that snipet of the order handy?
[9:14:28 AM] Paul Francis M: yes!
[9:15:08 AM] Terran/AK: So I’m going to get some lunch await Bos if he bothers at all… he may already be fired
Paul Francis McDonald
[9:15:32 AM] Paul Francis M: i dont know where that minute order came from BZ
[9:16:07 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: ok, bill maybe talk to her case worker. She needs that info for when she goes to law library to research to prepare for her case.
[9:16:14 AM] Terran/AK: An unknown source just sent that to me as well
[9:16:40 AM] Terran/AK: Who is the case worker?
[9:17:21 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Heather’s Jail Case Manager is Ms. Charlene Reid  202-790-6699

[9:18:39 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: << [9:15:32 AM] Paul Francis M: i dont know where that minute order came from BZ
That came from a digger of info on I UV comment
[9:18:40 AM | Edited 9:19:16 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: the minute order
[9:22:35 AM] Denice D: A minute order is often the court’s answer to a party’s request. A minute order comes about when a trial judge sits officially, with or without a court reporter, and a clerk keeps minutes of the court session. In those sessions the only record of an oral order made by the judge may be in the minutes.
[9:22:45 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Bos, has seen H this am for their meeting. Don’t have details yet on outcome.




She called from Case Manager’s office
[9:19:53 AM] lisa shannon: At the time she called – Mr Bos had not arrived at their pre-arranged meeting schedule.
[9:20:14 AM] lisa shannon: She knew that the document filing in the court’s case records was stayed.
[9:20:41 AM] lisa shannon: As a result – asked that the stamped copies be made public – as she wants all data known
[9:21:29 AM] lisa shannon: She was also – at least at that moment – considering Pro Per but would await her meeting with Mr. Bos.
[9:21:47 AM] lisa shannon: Then – Mr. Bos arrived and the conversation ended
[9:22:28 AM] lisa shannon: One other note – she felt that since that Mr. Bos may be in the judges chambers reviewing the docs.
[9:23:40 AM] lisa shannon: Oh!!!! Also – court is now record holder of documents
[9:24:56 AM] lisa shannon: Ah – one more thing BZ
[9:26:19 AM] lisa shannon: She did mention that the FBI is putting many (including attorneys and others) into harm by doing what they are doing and putting these ones in a position to defend for themselves
[9:27:00 AM] lisa shannon: END OF NOTES WITH CALL FROM HEATHER 8/2/17 @ 9:51 AM CST


TheLightReports: “HATJ Update- You’re Going To Want To Be There Friday” live stream


8.2.17   NOTICE:  All filings, as filed –




8.2.17 AM-  Context of Where We Are
This conversation with BZ Riger and Paul Frances McDonald was recorded on 8.2.17 AM PST. This give you some context of All that is currently unfolding. With the One People’s Public Trust 1776, which some refer to as the OPPT filings. The conversation will give you some clarity on the UCC filings, the scope and importance on the filings and what is unraveling right before your eyes.
This is just a short brief overview of some of the points that are This Expansive discussion.
The TDA’s are just the snow flakes on the top of the tip of the iceberg!




Update: 8.2.17  9:26 PM EST
Lisa notes from conference call this evening with Heather


On Friday Hearing – Heather will request to move the hearing to August 9, 2017 since David Bos did not provide her with any paperwork to review for the hearing

Prosecutor has evidence and wants to identify the attorney to hand the evidence

David Bos has seen the evidence – It is a video of Heather on a phone call likely where Heather is identifying herself as a lawyer for RKB Factualized Trust

Heather lets him know she is a lawyer and not an attorney – David Bos gets agitated and says there is no difference, but she is not going to argue with him about that now

She wants to file Pro Per – he asked what that was

He told her she had 2 choices with the documents he had
1) Have him file them electronically into the case file
2) Leave them with her
She chose to have him file them into the case file

Meeting with Universal Teams

DOings are PERFECT!  Expansion of awareness is now GREATER than it has ever Been Before

Political battle is about to burst – Teams are working on behalf of ALL humanity now

(Side Note – Heather is in Unit E3B Cell 12)

Heather will now file documents into case file in Tennessee
Will submit NOA (notice of appearance) to file Pro Per in Tennessee

Tomorrow – Thursday – August 3, she will go to library and prepare.

last note – NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL ORIGINALS TO COME ….. I forgot the rest (lol)


BZ notes on conference call with Heather

Notes from call with HATJ, Lisa and BZ 8.2.17 6:26 PST

Heather, said I am having a blast, I am having such a blast in here with All of the people, all the women and everyone, the staff… There are all these originals walking around and shedding their masks.

They made such a mistake putting a lawyer in here, I am having such a blast and the women here are doing their own Factualized Trusts.

We were discussing strategy with Heather, and at one point I brought up, about all the people who were planning on coming from all over to Be in the courtroom, I knew one was driving 10 hours to get there.

She had to take a big moment for that. speechless , both audibly and energetically. She said she would take that into her strategy plans. And she was so grateful of everyone and all they were doing.
Sweet Dreams everyone (hearthands)


Update: 8.2.17  Message from Heather To All of You- delivered Wednesday, August 2, 2017 9:35 PM  EST


Update: 8.3.17

[4:05:16 AM] Denice D: BZ and Paul, awesome job on the phone call “context”.  Thanks so much!
[4:10:10 AM] Denice D: Yes, it feels like this is the nexus of many ‘viewpoints’ and ‘factions’ and ‘groups’. . .RV/Dinar. . .restore the republics. ..etc. . etc. . .and now the common ground is visible : all beings are created equal 😉
[4:10:50 AM] Denice D: I love, love, love reading the comments on the I-UV blog. . .I can just feel the merging and blending as people say, AHA 🙂


[7:17:26 AM] Terran/AK: I just got a call from David Bos asked me to email the research stuff to him and he will print and deliver. I may go into Adobe PDF and mark each 1 of xx etc
[7:32:19 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: that is a good idea, Bill.
[7:32:49 AM | Edited 8:11:57 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: interesting that all of a sudden he is returning you calls and emails
[7:43:40 AM] lisa s: Good Morning!!!!
Yes Bill and also she needs her copy of the filings for this as well.
At this point, we should ask now for her to be released on her own recognizance since she is NOT a flight risk and she needs to have the opportunity to prepare for her case.
She can be under ‘House’ arrest at the hotel – if need be – but this is now all over the public domain and that should be enough for them to consider – Just my feelings (hearteyes)
[7:47:09 AM] Paul Francis M: That would be an ideal situation. Love that (heart)  Bill if you send him an email with details and each individual attachment, that should be enough. Hard evidence.
[8:04:36 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: yes, and unlike the usual Fugitive whose face and name is know because of wide publicity. Where people cower and call the cops in whispered voices.
People will Shout, Jump with Joy and HUG Heather and have a nice chat.
[8:08:17 AM] lisa s: Quick Call from Heather
Went to Library – every site of I-UV or any other that has documents for her to view are ‘scrubbed’ from their computers
She asked if I can try to file her NOA into Tennesse case
I will see about doing that – possibly through Pacer
I have the proper language to file form
Going to work on that now – any other assistance on this would be much appreciated!!!!!
[8:09:43 AM | Edited 8:10:00 AM] Paul Francis M: There should be a form for it under the Federeal Rules of Criminal Procedure, I take it that it’s a Notice of Appearance is that it?
[8:13:39 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: yes NOA, Notice of Appearance, is what H detailed


Update: 8.3.17

[9:05:57 AM] youssef jarraf: Just finished a call with H, she is shooting to be released tomorrow, so she asked me to bring her some clothes, phone,……
She said that she is ready for the “SHOW” she sounded very confident.

[9:06:33 AM | Edited 9:06:41 AM] Paul Francis M: nice one! (heart)
[9:06:44 AM] Melissa H: Yay that’s awesome Youssef
[9:13:48 AM] youssef jarraf: She said that one of the evidences that Parker has against her is an eventual email where Heather’s husband”ME” express his conserns about secret service…!! Hhhhhhhhhh
[9:15:54 AM] Melissa H: Man nothing can be kept personal. That’s pretty sad.  Good to know they can go in and violate your rights to privacy.
[9:16:06 AM] Terran/AK: That’s evidence?
[9:16:26 AM] Terran/AK: Concern about a visit to your house?
[9:16:42 AM] Terran/AK: Seems pretty thin
[9:22:43 AM] youssef jarraf: Never existed that email, except if they decide to fabricate it..!! For me it sounded like a joke when she told that. I am still laughing my ass about it..
[9:23:11 AM] youssef jarraf: (cwl)(cwl)(cwl)(cwl)(cwl)
[9:23:24 AM] Melissa Havens: Lmao Youssef.  Was she able to say hi to kiddos
[9:25:06 AM] youssef jarraf: She spoke to them yesterday, and she said that she will be calling later on to say a quick hi to them..
[10:12:33 AM] Terran/AK: Youseff there have been numerous mind games played on people in support roles to make them think they are indicted to scare them off. I think BZ had one too

[10:40:09 AM] lisa s: Okay
Just sent NOA priority overnight mail to Clerk of Court Eastern District TN
Guaranteed to be there by 12:00 pm EST with signature required and tracking also certified return receipt requested


[11:00:49 AM | Edited 11:02:59 AM] Terran/AK: I heard from Heather.  She’s having fun in lockup,, getting to know the girls, helping them to write “praecipes” (sp?) to Sessions to verify their lockup up is ‘lawful”… lol  Sessions has 7 days to verify lawfulness and constitutionality before they are released.
[11:01:44 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: (cwl)
[11:02:06 AM] Melissa H: That’s my sister hahaha
[11:02:09 AM] Terran/AK: She’s had serveral “Universals” drop by in uniforms of Lieutenant, Capitains, etc stop and say “Are you okay Heather?”   She says “its all perfect!”
[11:03:46 AM] Terran/AK: She thanks everyone for everything.  She said Bos is having great difficulty seeing the larger scope of what is going on.
[11:04:15 AM] Melissa H: Making nachos tonight for dinner. Celebrating her❤️❤️

[11:06:30 AM] Terran/AK: She also said to send her love to Youssef and wanted us to look out for each other in this moment.

[11:07:12 AM] Terran/AK: She said “ready for some fun tomorrow?” and asked me if I had cued Amigos, which I have.
[11:07:50 AM] Terran/AK: Adrian, Riggolt and company




[11:14:50 AM] Terran/AK: Heather was unable to download docs from BZs site wants everyone to check that docs have not been deleted or scrubbed from various web sites
[11:15:06 AM] Terran/AK: I think the filtering is at the jail
[11:15:47 AM] Paul Francis M: i’d say you’re right bill, double checking now

[11:29:31 AM] Terran/AK: Excuse my ignorance what is an NOA and what does it do procedurally?
[11:30:19 AM] Paul Francis M: Notice Of Appearance – a contract with the court effectively, saying that you are intending to defend
[11:30:50 AM] Paul Francis M: signed in the usual manner 😉
[11:32:01 AM] Paul Francis M: is she trying to get the docs we sent to Bos for deliver?


Update 8.3.17 Mid Day EDT
[12:25:09 PM] lisa s: Greetings Everyone

I just uploaded the NOA, letter transmitting the NOA and USPS receipt.

Feel free to track the package.

This will be delivered by 12:00 pm EST, requires signature and I also did Certified Return Receipt Requested.

In order to file as Pro Se in this district, it must be done either in person or by mail.

Any further required filings into the case in Knoxville will have to be done the same way. Click here for NOA-docs-TN

Heather did call me  – we had 2 minutes (lol) and she knows the NOA was done and it is on its way.  She is also aware of how future filings need to be done in Knowxville – possibly the entire set that was filed in DC case.

She was so excited and amazed at what everyone is doing – simply in awe – and immeasurable gratitude!!!!!!!!!


Update 8.3.17  8:37 PM EDT
[5:54:35 PM] Terran/AK:

HATJ just called, said BOS never delivered the research he called me for.

She said she does not think she is going to TN next as everything about this is indictment is bogus and red herring.

Said he came with the docs yesterday I gave him, but no copies, gave her a choice of holding on to them or him filing them on PACER.

She said “then how do I prepare?” he says “You said you know these docs.” This is the oddest defense lawyer ever!
HATJ told him about the judges price lists for convictions, throwing cases etc… he was in total disbelief as he believes in the system
[5:56:50 PM] Terran/AK: So she fired him yesterday


Update 8.3.17 late eve
[5:35:53 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: ok, # HATJ story is now being pushed out to the Truther and Soversign movements… And that is a network that follows watches reposts heavily of each other , so audience share is exponential in expansion!
[5:44:52 PM] Karen: Thanks T and BZ! Great moves both.

[6:04:23 PM] Gp: Anyword from H today?
[6:04:31 PM] Terran/AK: Yes…
[6:04:38 PM] Gp: Hope she had a great day at the library.

[6:05:26 PM | Edited 6:08:26 PM] Terran/AK:
HATJ just called, said BOS never delivered the research he called me for.  She said she does not think she is going to TN next as everything about this is indictment is bogus and red herring
Said David Bos came with the docs yesterday I gave him, but no copies, gave her a choice of holding on to them or him filing them on PACER.  She said “then how do I prepare?” he says “You said you know these docs.” This is the oddest defense lawyer ever!
HATJ told him about the judges price lists for convictions, throwing cases etc… he was in total disbelief as he believes in the system
So she fired him yesterday
He called me this afternoon after I repeatedly could not reach him with hard copies of court research yesterday for HATJ’s study today.
Asked me to email them, said he would print them and deliver them. He did no such thing!
[6:06:03 PM] Gp: Oh, that is a dirty trick.
[6:06:59 PM] Gp: I always revert to what H says…. “everything is perfect and perfectly done”.
[6:07:58 PM] Gp: That seems like it would be intentional, to not make copies.

[6:11:06 PM] Terran/AK: This has been such an eye opener as to how these courts operate.  Its really blown me away how totally inhumane and callous this system is.   I have been going in nearly every day for one thing or another in DC.  Yet they got her locked down tighter than a drum, were it not for her prepaid telephone calls we’d not hear from her at all.
Even the visitation system is contrived, they never allocated her a block to even visit her in person, so the online system is pointless for scheduling.
Heather is in very great spirits, helping the other women in lock up with their situations as well.  Explaining to them how the system works etc…
I don’t know how this goes down tomorrow but it will be interesting…
[6:13:14 PM] Gp: Wow, I did not know “your attorney” could act like that for the one/ones they are suppose to be defending.

[6:13:14 PM] Terran/AK: This court is a runaway train and its doesn’t want to pull the brakes, so it will do what runaway trains do… they don’t have to choose that kind of awakening but they are, and they will be all hugged after it all.   I don’t know how many people who opposed Heather a couple of years ago are now assisting.   And she showed them the same love to them then that she does now.  And they remember that.  Its a beautiful thing.  Is this tense and full of drama? You bet!  But what major change on the planet has come without resistance right?
[6:14:26 PM] Gp: Someone made a beautiful comment regarding Heather and how much of a threat she is…. ” what, she would love them to death”…. this was priceless.
[6:14:48 PM | Edited 6:15:39 PM] Terran/AK: I wouldn’t  call it evil, its more robotic and apathetic.
[6:15:04 PM] Terran/AK: Like the people are on autopilot
[6:15:39 PM] Angie L: Spoke with Randy or tried to.. the connection is most always garbled and tough to hear what all he says.  He asked me to post his address again.. he’s not receiving anything so far and we cannot tell if they’re holding whats being sent or if things just aren’t “making” it there.  Please do send lots of love in cards, letters or postcards. even if they don’t give any to him, it still loads the place up with love!
His current address:
Blount County Adult Detention Center
920 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy
Maryville, TN 37804-5002
Inmate # 295122
He has heard NOTHING about duration or what the plan is for him.

[6:15:43 PM | Edited 6:16:43 PM] Karen : Thanks for the update T, it helps to know what she’s up against, and how important it is for all of us to continue to support her and Randy. They are on autopilot, imho. They don’t know anything else. Agreed on hugging them all .. now AND later. Here’s one for you! (hug) ..
[6:16:01 PM | Edited 6:17:53 PM] Gp: Heather is the most remarkable and beautiful soul I have ever had the privaledge to know. (heart) and Randy is definately a very brave soul, indeed.
[6:16:14 PM] Terran/AK: Its likely they are denying him mail and contact just like Heather.
[6:16:57 PM] Terran/AK: Yes don’t forget Randy at all.
[6:17:04 PM] Terran/AK: He’s a brave one.
[6:17:46 PM] Terran/AK: There is no money laundering.  There was nothing hidden. It was all published. It is all factual and in law.
[6:18:03 PM] Terran/AK: And Heather profited nothing from helping him.
[6:18:27 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: I am certain they are denying him anything that is sent to him.
I know many people who are commenting on I UV have sent him many things

[6:20:50 PM] Angie L: Absolutely she didn’t!  Only excitement that THIS was it!!!  He’s coming up on a month of being a captive!  He did everything in transparency!  NOthing hidden what so ever except now… the coach that is missing.  I am sending him commisary and phone card funds with the donations  THANK YOU!!  .. and we’re working on keeping some for expenses to keep his apartment and vehicles too.

[6:21:15 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Just like the thousands of postcards and cards sent to H did not get to her. The difference in that case is the people sending them, knew they would not get through and they sent them with the intention to flood the detention ceter with love for H, and all beings who are housed, work there, and eneter there with love and heart opening.
[6:21:17 PM | Edited 6:22:38 PM] Terran/AK: They just want to scare the masses who are awakening to these accounts.
Much has been made of the pedo cases, and there is truth to that, but the elites fear this FAR more people knowing about these accounts with their names and social security numbers on them, many of which were used for black ops,  than exposure of what was done by them to keep some minions with certain proclivities blackmailed with their vices into compliance with their unlawful activities.
[6:21:24 PM | Edited 6:23:17 PM] Terran/AK: It is a slave system.
[6:23:33 PM] Terran/AK: All roads lead to China.

[6:23:48 PM] Gp: Yes Bill, a slave system and done right in your face. It has been a shocker waking up to all of this over the last 5-6 years.
[6:24:58 PM] Terran/AK: They run the banking systems, they are the money behind the Fed.  Follow the money.  With these accounts known, where are the “collateral accounts”?  YOU ARE THAT COLLATERAL!
[6:25:30 PM] Terran/AK: The RV folks never tell you that its a slave system with human chattel collateral.
[6:25:52 PM] MC: So true, T
[6:25:54 PM] Terran/AK: The gold is just all allusion to the essence, silver an alchemical allusion to the body
[6:26:25 PM] MC: That I didn’t know!
[6:26:50 PM | Edited 6:26:51 PM] Gp: One of the things that stuck with me when I first met this group and Heather is, she always said, “all data on the table and not one part missing”… and this is where we are right now.
[6:26:52 PM] Terran/AK: Randy used an account with his Social Security number and name on it. IF those two items did not match, they would have never gone through the transaction checking processes in the computer.
[6:27:29 PM] Gp: I totally agree with this and the matching name and number.
[6:27:40 PM] Terran/AK: It was his account.  So how can there be ANY money laundering?  To hide the source of the funds? Its a joke, the only one hiding the Source of the funds are the people bringing the charges.
[6:27:48 PM] MC: Absolutely and they know that. It’s why they don’t want this to spread to more people!
[6:27:57 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: that ship sailed ; -)
[6:28:30 PM] Terran/AK: Heather has not contracted with the courts, she is operating in Original jurisdiction.
[6:29:07 PM] MC: Thank goodness! She’s gonna win!!
[6:29:18 PM] Gp: That a girl, this is not an easy thing to do.

[6:29:59 PM] Terran/AK: This is a cross roads of two things, the SSP – and Putin’s connection to that, and the banking systems.  We didn’t know about the SSP side of it until Randy got arrested… I did some flow work on the situation and out popped Space command troopers.
[6:30:08 PM] Terran/AK: Heather had seen the same thing.
[6:30:41 PM] MC: Not quite sure I follow the space commanders??
[6:30:48 PM] Terran/AK: We got confirmation on Parker’s status as embedded SSP operative within the FBI.
[6:31:11 PM] MC: Now THAT makes sense!!
[6:32:13 PM] Terran/AK: Apparently Randy is an SSP sleeper, along the lines of Corey Goode.  They don’t want whatever memory wiping they did to wear off.  They wanted to pack him off to BSCOM in Bethesda for medical treatment…
[6:32:42 PM] MC: Oh man…..ugly!
[6:33:34 PM] Terran/AK: So you got both FED Reserve and SSP crossing paths here… and its probably the perfect disclosure moment, however this plays out.
[6:34:03 PM] Terran/AK: The SSP angle came as a surprise.
[6:34:22 PM] MC: So many know about SSP. I wish they could come to grips with that!
[6:34:29 PM] Angie L: He did so much so fast with HIS account… they didn’t know what hit at first!  NOTHING other than his account funded all he did!!

[6:35:05 PM] Terran/AK: THe craters on the moon are opening up and leaving the doors open!  Amatuer astronmers are seeing ships coming out of them.  The lunar SSP WANTS to be seen right now!
[6:35:24 PM] Terran/AK: craters with black holes for bottoms
[6:35:35 PM] Terran/AK: its a really intersting moment
[6:35:42 PM] MC: [6:34 PM] Terran/AK: <<< The SSP angle came as a surprise.>
I think H may have mentioned that about Randy in the last phone interview but I could be mixing up where I heard what.
[6:35:53 PM] Terran/AK: Yes it was in there
[6:37:18 PM] Terran/AK: I apologize for remaining quiet for a few days, but there was a lot to do locally and not much time to do it.  Fortunately BZ has been covering it beautifully
[6:38:04 PM] Angie L: Thank you!
[6:38:15 PM] MC: [6:35 PM] Terran/AK:
<<< THe craters on the moon are opening up and leaving the doors open!  Amatuer astronmers are seeing ships coming out of them.  The lunar SSP WANTS to be seen right now!>
T 2 nights ago I could not see the craters open,  but I most distinctly saw a ship or orb flying in front of the moon the entire time I was out looking. I have no sense of distance but assuming the ship was way closer to me than the moon. Just flying back and forth. Never stopped!
[6:38:17 PM] Angie L: BZ and Terran (heart)
[6:41:10 PM] Margaret C: T is my dear bud. He can vouch for the fact that I seem to connect with ships pretty easily, relatively speaking.
[6:42:00 PM | Edited 6:42:15 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: now vouching necessary, I can feel it
[6:42:16 PM] Angie L: Absolutely!

[6:45:31 PM | Edited 6:46:42 PM] Terran/AK: Off world there’s been a uprising in many of the SSP colonies.  They have taken their fates into their own hands.  They know they were slaves.
[6:46:55 PM] MC: To add, there are too many of us connecting with our Galactic family and friends. We’ve gone around the corner. Governments cannot keep this a secret. It’s out!!
[6:47:32 PM] Terran/AK: There are human setllements all over.  A big one on Phobos and on Ganymede
[6:48:29 PM] Gp: This is gonna send some people for a loop when the dam breaks.
[6:49:59 PM] MC: Those of us who have an understanding have a responsibility to help others adjust. I feel that anyway.
[6:50:55 PM] Terran/AK: [6:46 PM] Gp: <<< Bill what do you mean exactly?>
There were a number of sites where people thought they were the sole surivors of an earth disaster.  They were actually slaves manufacturing items for trade with other off world beings.  China, Russia, and various aerospace corporations were all a part of it as well as the factions within the USA.

[6:52:04 PM] Terran/AK: Much of what Corey Goode has said is factual, where I disagree is with the Law of One angle on it all.  The Law of One is kind of the Blue Avian bible.
[6:52:51 PM] Terran/AK: Its a systems approach to a hierarchy that never truly existed in Source, as it was an illusion.
[6:52:53 PM] MC: Corey Goode has opened a lot of eyes!
[6:53:11 PM] Angie L: We must keep an eye on Randy!!
[6:53:46 PM] Terran/AK: Please do.  I will do my best here with Heather, not that she needs looking after but there’s much I can do as feet on the ground
[6:54:36 PM] Terran/AK: Again thanks again to BZ for keeping all the loose ends of data together in one place.
[6:55:11 PM] Terran/AK: I realize the frustration people feel when not much is forth coming.  Did you all see the Anonymous video talking about Heather and Randy?
[6:55:48 PM] Gp: Yes, these are definatley helping raise awareness.
[6:56:35 PM | Edited 7:01:11 PM] Terran/AK: David Bos did electronically file the docs on the case yesterday, thankfully.  So they are definitely in the record now.
But they severely hampered Heather’s ability to present her case, but knowing what I know about Heather after 4 years of working with her they have not in any way slowed her down.
[6:58:05 PM] Terran/AK: I thought the interesting thing about the Anonymous video was the change of slogan, it used to be “we do not forgive, we do not forget” to “We can forgive, but will not forget” which shows a budding change of awareness and sense that there is no US vs THEM, only the ALL.
[6:58:41 PM] MC: I caught that too, T! I think it was Heather’s influence!!
[6:58:59 PM | Edited 6:59:24 PM] Terran/AK: But Kudos to them for pulling the routing numbers anonymous video temporally and warning people about the FED’s reaction to to the TDA accounts, they got that data before I did.
[6:59:19 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: It is the influence of the changing/rising energies
we all Know that within,  now we are allowing that knowing to surface
[7:00:03 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: in how we percieve the world and connect with others in it (heart)
[7:00:26 PM] Terran/AK: So many different groups watching this case right now, I have never seen the likes of this before.
[7:00:46 PM] MC: That’s a very good thing!!
[7:07:37 PM | Edited 7:20:33 PM] Terran/AK: You see the reaction they were expecting was that everyone would back away from Heather, based on contrived charges that don’t match the facts,  yet there’s been this tremendous outpouring of love.  So they have tried to deny access, deny documents, deny the documents even exist, its as if they think if nobody knows, none of Heather’s filings ever happened.  Yet energetically the banking systems can get nothing through because the computer that okays  transactions knows what the laws are and doesn’t let it go through… and they spread these story lines about the “cabal” stopping them… which has no basis in fact because they are the very same people they call the cabal….  I read some of these RV story lines and I just shake my head.    Slavery simply no longer flows.

[8:50:37 PM] Terran/AK: I don’t know what happens tomorrow, but it feels like one of those pivot points in history, and perhaps my life and others. I know it was important to be here…. the details will unfold as they should.
[8:52:17 PM] Denice D: I feel to share a short message here that has been delivered to H:
[8:52:25 PM] Denice D: Hat Trick . . . .as in hockey.   ice hockey, a hat trick occurs when a player scores three goals in a single game. A hat trick, as it is known in its current form, culminates with fans throwing hats onto the ice from the stands.
[8:53:55 PM] Denice D: I have been told so many times, NO THING IS WHAT IT SEEMS 🙂
[8:56:33 PM] Denice D: Feels like tomorrow may perhaps reveal a hat trick? (goodluck)


Meditation With Heather and ALL

Our friend Jack Sturgeon has an idea.  He’s asked for each of us to meditate on love, freedom, and realization of value, for all concerned (owners included), at the moment the hearing begins; Friday, 8/4/17, 10:00 AM EST.
He is applying the principles he outlined in this video (Click here for “It happens within”).  Here is his logic:

How many conscious people do we need to flip us into “Sovereignty” and
“Abundance”?  I believe about 3,000 people, then why isn’t anything
happening?  It is happening, but it doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye.

1) The mathematics has already been done, it amounts to this: the square
root of one tenth of one percent of the entire field.  To visually see
this, the entire field is 8 billion people.  One tenth of one percent of
the entire field is:  .001 x 8,000,000,000 = 8,000,000.

2) That’s 8 million people.  Take the square root of 8 million: the
square root of 8,000,000 = 2,828.4 or rounded off, 3,000 people.

3) That’s three (3) thousand people minimum meditating during the
Heather Hearing Case to get favorable results for “WE THE PEOPLE”.

So, share this blog. Join us for a global meditation on Friday, 10 AM EST. It is time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ let’s do this.

With so much love,


8.4.17 Updates During court hearing


To See the live stream when it goes back up

LIVE STREAM now outside of DC court house

Planet Wide Simultaneous Holding of the space and Intention for HATJ and ALL



Identity Court Hearing

Date: 8.4.17
Location: U.S. District Court  333 Constitution Ave, WA DC 2003
Time: 10:00 AM  courtroom 4        2nd floor
Case number- 1:17 mj-531
Hearing type- Identity
Magistrate Judge- Deborah Robinson
David Bos-  appointed defense attorney

8.4.17  Neil Wolf’s live stream recap of court hearing


8.4.17  – After hearing Brief Update more to come a bit later

[11:47:18 AM] Terran/AK: What a railroad job!
[11:48:17 AM] Melissa H: How did it go???
[11:49:04 AM] Terran/AK: Next stop Knoxville they never allowed her to speak which is her constitutional right
[11:49:37 AM] Melissa H: How is she handling this??
[11:50:57 AM | Edited 12:00:43 PM] Terran/AK: In stride. But I think Parker just perjured himself saying he was not military intelligence (he nervously laughed), he did admit to being Army Reservists in the JAG corp when on duty.
[11:51:39 AM | Edited 12:02:11 PM] Terran/AK: They also admitted she was there to meet trump. Cited an unnamed civilian in the whitehouse who identified her there. Lots unidentified people.
[11:52:56 AM] Denice D: then why did they derail her?
[11:53:08 AM] Denice D: who has that authority? and why isn’t trump on this?
[11:56:44 AM] Terran/AK: She was asked if she waived her rights Heather said no and some how the judge twisted that into meaning she waived Pro Per. They used the video in the car of Heather as their means of identifying her.
[11:57:50 AM | Edited 11:58:33 AM] Terran/AK: It was the strangest thing. The defense counsel protested based on her constitutional right to represent herself and she [judge] ignored him.
[11:58:49 AM] Terran/AK: Proving you have no right
[11:59:31 AM] Terran/AK: Court was packed with observers and I met one Universal
[12:02:40 PM] Terran/AK: Will the court transcript be viewable on Pacer
[12:03:23 PM] lisa s: I am not sure about that – will check
So far – no knew filings I can see
[12:03:31 PM] Melissa H: I am sorry but that judge should be fired for what she just did!
[12:06:41 PM] Melissa H: I am really upset right now so just gonna to step away. So I don’t bring my negativity into the grp. Have a good rest of your day!
[12:08:07 PM] Denice D: (heart) Melissa!
[12:21:42 PM] Denice D: To get a copy of the court transcripts phone Scott Wallace, Supervisor of Court Reporters
[12:21:54 PM] Denice D: Phone number 202 354 3196
[12:38:23 PM] Denice D: Just spoke to Wallace.. .no transcripts for her case. . only a tape recording. . .to have it transcribed is premium dollar before 30 days
[12:38:31 PM] Denice D: seems like we need it before Knoxville?
[12:38:48 PM] Denice D: pay per page. . a one hour hearing is usually 30 pages
[12:39:04 PM] Denice D: no access to the tape. . .federal law (facepalm)
[12:40:19 PM] Denice D:
[12:40:45 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: We need to pay to get one but need to make sure transcriber is clean
[12:42:52 PM] Denice D: Perhaps Bos can get a copy immediately?
[12:45:55 PM] Terran/AK: I think Bos is out of the loop now
[12:46:02 PM] Terran/AK: I can get one ordered
[12:50:32 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Do we know the detention facility in TN. I need to change / update her pre paid calls
[12:50:59 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: And the order of timing for transport
[12:54:55 PM] Denice D: Randy’s friend feels she is going to Blount County

[2:04:59 PM | Edited 2:05:28 PM] Paul Francis M: Mostly i don’t realise it or give it much thought but the experiences I’ve had in court systems for the last 8 years is considerable. In these kinds of situations the first thing to do is reflect for a good while before coming to any conclusions or even taking any action. It’s not always easy to get a perspective and you have to take into consideration the whole picture. You have to chew on it and when you do things sort of come into the awareness, usually in relaxed states and suddenly you get an insight, which speaks to you and a light goes off … bingo!!!
[2:05:51 PM] Paul Francis M: for example …
[2:06:53 PM] Paul Francis M: As a consequence of today’s proceedings, the lovely Heather is about to be extradited to Tennessee …
[2:07:33 PM] Paul Francis M: and presumably tried under the indictment …
[2:08:16 PM] Paul Francis M: on foot of a void and illegal warrant!!! Happy days 🙂
[2:08:33 PM] Paul Francis M: USA -v- Kreuger
[2:14:27 PM | Edited 2:15:49 PM] Paul Francis M: So the judge it would seem, went out of her way at considerable risk to herself, to ensure that that happened. At least that’s one way of looking at it. One of the things that I’ve been used to saying over the years is … “never second guess a judge”. You have no idea whatsoever how it is that they are looking at things. They may actually be doing you a favour while at the same time making it appear to the general public as though the judge is a monster. But in actual fact they can see far, far down the road, in law, and the consequences of the decisions that they make today will have on the outcome of the case much later on. So chin up campers, nothing is what it appears to be.

[2:19:18 PM] Denice D: NO THING IS WHAT IT SEEMS
[2:19:43 PM] Denice D: H has not yet been transferred. ..CTF will not say when or where. . .
[2:19:59 PM] Denice D: Phone Account does not transfer with her to next stop.
[2:21:25 PM] Paul Francis M: There may have to be an extradition hearing, was there any mention of that today? I dont suppose there was. Heather can waive her right to an extradition hearing, but it has to be formal, so that could take a little time.
[2:21:57 PM] Denice D: I will check back in tomorrow. . .thanks, Paul!!!!
[2:23:22 PM] Paul Francis M: so yes, we do have to keep tabs on her movements. Ms. Reid is the lady that can fill us in on that. She still has a phone account at the moment and H will be in touch at the earliest moment I’m sure.
[2:24:04 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: I agree Paul
[2:24:58 PM | Edited 2:25:01 PM] Paul Francis M: Thanks lisa for letting me know about the NOA. No the transcript will not be available on Pacer, and it’s likely that we will need that knowing how thorough Heather is
[2:25:26 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: yes, her account is active and once I have details on the inmate transfer order I can include her new accommodations on the account I have for pre-paid calls. That will make her ability to call seamless from H perspective
[2:26:47 PM] Paul Francis M: That’s really great.
In relation to extradition H won’t sign anything so there isn’t going to be a waiver and therefore there is likely to be a hearing and that means the feds have to get their act intact in realtion to that.
[2:35:21 PM | Edited 2:36:16 PM] Paul Francis M: FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS are a party to these proceedings, whether they realize it or not. That means, since the facts are that the said banks are all foreclosed entities that the individual shareholders of the 5 private shareholder banks of the Federal Reserve system are now technically and formally … “fugitives from justice” … oh dear.


8.4.17 1 eve.  Summary of “Identity” Hearing from Neil Wolfe who was in the gallery.

Update From Heather 8.4.17 6:08 PM EST via phone


8.5.17 update

[4:51:17 AM] Paul Francis M: [Friday, August 04, 2017 4:57 PM] Terran/AK:<<< BZ I need a few hours to decompress from what I saw today. A being came thru the judge her eyes and face changed.
I have seen this happening on several occasions before, it’s the weirdest thing.

[4:54:16 AM] Terran/AK: I have seen it on other occasions in Italy and Morocco, but to see it in court was quite something.  I am still baffled how the judge contorted Heather’s “I waive NO rights” into meaning Heather couldn’t speak for herself, somehow related to the “RIGHT TO COUNSEL”????   My word these judges can lift TWO words from the context of a paragraph and do anything they want it with it.

[4:57:25 AM] Paul Francis M: they are experts at it, that’s why they are there. Sometimes its hard for people to get but these situations are nothing but nothing to do with law. It’s just a facade and a charade and a deception and in fact the practice of black magic.
[5:00:29 AM] Paul Francis Md: Constitution doesn’t exist, because fraud vitiates all and the current US Constitution is predicated on a fraud, notwithstanding that entire US District Court is foreclosed in any event.

[5:03:22 AM] Terran/AK: I am going to get the transcript
[5:03:34 AM] Terran/AK: There’s no way you can parse that from Heather’s words.

[5:03:36 AM | Edited 5:06:51 AM] Paul Francis M: I’d much rather be focusing on more enlightening subjects, unfortunately we have to deal with the harsh facts of this particular situation. With a bit of courage, spirit and diligence I do believe that we can make this the last time EVER …

[5:03:47 AM] Terran/AK: That she did not want to speak for herself.

[5:04:52 AM | Edited 5:05:20 AM] Paul Francis M: yep, that transcript is definitely part of the case and the evidence. It’s called prejudice, or ‘prejudiced’ – USA -v- Krueger

[9:53:53 AM] Terran/AK: Heather has the prosecutor file which is really interesting as to what the Grand Jury asked in Knoxville she wants me to get a copy

[9:55:19 AM | Edited 9:56:36 AM] Terran/AK: One of the grand jurors asked “if this man transferred 500,000 from an account with his social security number and name how can it possibly be a non-existant account? Especially when your bank knows when you are $20 overdrawn? The judge did some distraction and said that point was not relevant. But that is the entire point

[10:01:00 AM] Paul Francis M: That’s great info Bill. Very encouraging.

[10:13:05 AM] Paul Francis M: Mike OBrien started a petition at called – ‘full disclosure of accounts tied to social security numbers at federal reserve’

[10:17:44 AM] Terran/AK: Heather still thinks this case will not move forward long because there is so much wrong with it. She’s very optimistic about that.

[10:21:04 AM] Paul Francis M: I do get the feeling there’s a possibility it will get thrown out because it’s far too hot. Not familiar very much with grand juries, got to look more at that, but it certainly is some form of a balancing measure.

[10:21:59 AM] Terran/AK: Grand jury to my knowledge is a good thing because of its higher visibility and better procedures

[10:22:46 AM] Paul Francis M: Is Bos still on board or does she sack him again before going to TN. Any clues on that one?

[10:23:43 AM] Paul Francis M: Because we’re going to have to file the docs again in TN.

[10:27:02 AM] Terran/AK: He’s onboard because of court and also shock they violated her constitutional right to speak for herself… that really bothered him and at that point he got some fire in his belly and got out of bureaucrat mode

[10:27:24 AM | Edited 10:27:57 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Lisa, do you have the link from pacer, that links to the 287 pg file of the documents that were put into court case?

I want to makes sure to put that in the record published. I have the donwloaded file, which is published, but not the link to the original pacer spot where it was downloaded from.

[10:27:58 AM] Terran/AK: The case is attached to Randy’s I beleive those docs follow it

[10:28:00 AM] Paul Francis McDonald: i have the file BZ

[10:28:15 AM] Terran/AK: But we need to verify that

[10:28:17 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: I have the file, I published it on this post, at the bottom

[10:28:36 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: what we need is the link url published on pacer to publish as well

[10:29:57 AM] Paul Francis M: [10:27 AM] Terran/AK: <<< He’s onboard because of court and also shock they violated her constitutional right to speak for herself… that really bothered him and at that point he got some fire in his belly and got out of bureaucrat mode.
That’s great news, he might come through yet.

[10:44:08 AM] Terran/AK: He said he in 15 years never saw anything like what happened to Heather

[10:45:05 AM] Paul Francis M: wow! …. he’s going to get some serious influx. 😀

[10:46:28 AM] Terran/AK: He’s got a fast track awakening going on. Started last week when a 61 yr old woman was convicted and sentenced for Tax evasion

[10:48:19 AM] Paul Francis M: A copy of the first Disclosure Announcement might be a bit of an eye opener for him. He might turn out to be a gem yet!!!

[10:59:35 AM] Paul Francis McDonald: its on BZ’s website – – second doc down after the OFT


[4:20:55 PM] Paul Francis McDonald: “FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS are a party to these proceedings, whether they realize it or not. That means, since the facts are that the said banks are all foreclosed entities that the individual shareholders of the 5 private shareholder banks of the Federal Reserve system are now technically and formally … “fugitives from justice” … oh dear.”


[4:21:49 PM] Melissa H: Do we have any word as when they will transfer her?

[4:22:44 PM] Paul Francis M: Not before Tuesday and within 30 days is about as close as we can get at the moment

[4:24:21 PM] Melissa H: Wow ok why wait 30 days to transfer. I would think they would want her out of there jurisdiction as soon as possible but then again not quite sure with all the protocol

[4:25:37 PM] Melissa H: To me sounds like they are trying to keep her from doing what she does as long as they can. Distracting her so they can come up with a plan

[4:28:57 PM] Paul Francis M: There was a hearing date mentioned of 24th October in Randy’s situation. and a pre-tiral meeting on 9th September. We’re probably more of a problem now than H 🙂

[4:29:53 PM] Melissa H: I bet. Thank you Paul

[4:32:04 PM] Paul Francis M: The courts are a slow moving beast. We’ve got time to prepare any court hearing and put everything in place. But there are many more possibilites to shift the situation in other spheres so to speak

[4:32:50 PM] Melissa H: So she will be detained until the trial in Oct

[4:33:34 PM] Paul Francis M: Unless we can get a bail bond in place.

[4:34:43 PM] Melissa Havens: Ok and I am sure that will be a pretty penny.

[4:35:45 PM] Paul Francis M: There are no limits.

[4:38:07 PM] Paul Francis M: Unless we place limits … we’re going to have to pull out the stops. That means pushing out any perceived boundaries ..

[4:38:47 PM] Paul Francis M: There’s a lot of support out there. We can make that work in a practical way

[4:39:11 PM] Melissa H: Well you are all brilliant I am sure you will come up with the best solution

[4:42:01 PM] Paul Francis M: Heather already filed or at least lodged a Notice of Appearance … so that was a good move for a start. If Bos is still on board, which I gather he is, we can make him work for us. Things will fall into place and it will be amazing to watch that happen and be involved in making it happen. Thousands and thousands of people!

[4:45:17 PM] Paul Francis M: We can do this thing Melissa, I’m telling you 🙂 (heart)

[4:47:00 PM] Paul Francis M: a bit like this …

[4:47:01 PM] Melissa Hs: I believe you. I always believed things happen for a reason whether you can understand them or Not


8.6.17 mid day Update

[11:54:59 AM] Terran/AK: From a prior call today: Just spoke with Heather she said the families are talking about dismissing this. They know they lost and they don’t like the way this is flowing.  She thinks she might not have to leave DC…

[11:55:49 AM] Terran/AK: Just got another call… things are flowing fast now.  She’s released the families from any legal retribution and liability for jailing her.

[11:56:25 AM] Terran/AK: They are working to get the case dismissed and everyone have access to their funds.



Update 8.6.17 beginning at beginning at 7:38 PM EDT, over a period of several hours.



Update 8.7.17

[8/6/2017 9:39:54 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger:

[8/6/2017 10:15:54 PM] brian kelly: BZ <3

[8/6/2017 11:29:02 PM] Melissa H: (heart) BZ. It was great to her her voice. Thank you so much!!!

[3:05:29 AM] Denice D: (heart) Amazing!  I was dreaming that I was skyping with Randy’s friend and she said, “call is posted” I woke up and checked. .  1:40 am EST.  .it was! (heart)  What heather said about things happening soo fast right now is true! I wanted to hear that call and was able to almost immediately.  Of course, I could not sleep right after. . .SO I did as H suggested, I started focusing on the results not the “how”. . . .;)


[5:59:12 AM] Paul Francis M: Of course, I could not sleep right after. . .SO I did as H suggested, I started focusing on the results not the “how”. . . .;)

Absolutely. It feels like quite a buildup of expectation has already been created. Let the fun begin (heart)

[6:34:54 AM] Paul Francis M: i wonder how the ‘court’ can take the hit without ‘losing face’ as it were. One way i can see at this moment is that everyone accepts original state of being for what it is and that there is absolute open and transparent acknowledgement of that … everywhere, NOW. (heart)

[6:37:02 AM] Denice D: After listening, I felt that if we could go back to the “FEELING” of right before Randy’s arrest, the successes, the excitement, etc. . .that would be perfect. . .there was such an incredible “feeling” when this first began. . .

[6:41:04 AM] Paul Francis McDonald: we’re still shifting through some very deep seated programming …

[6:41:22 AM] Terran/AK: I spoke to her 3 times yesterday, the last time recording her instructions for a document for TN.

[6:41:38 AM] Terran/AK: To forward to Lisa S.

[6:41:54 AM] Terran/AK: Goes the speed of heart now

[6:43:57 AM] Denice D: [6:39 AM] Paul Francis McDonald:

<<< is it a choice?You know, maybe it will feel even better?  These last four weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions. . .excitement might feel even better the second time around?

[6:44:29 AM] Paul Francis M: 😀 … oh yes

[7:02:38 AM] Paul Francis M: >> is it a choice?

is it spontaneous, on a collective or tribal level? When certain frequencies resonate and is felt by many. I’d say there’s a fair frequency of that ‘out there’ (in here) at the mooooment 🙂

[7:07:02 AM] Paul Francis M: party time!!! (party)

[7:07:31 AM] Denice D: (nod) (yes)

[7:17:18 AM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: (sun) (heart) (sun)

[7:17:36 AM] Paul Francis McDonald: Hiya BZ!!!


[7:41:58 AM] lisa shannon: [3:51 AM] Denice D:

Spent several hours last night, while BZ was doing the recording with Heather, to prepare her filing into the Tennesse court.  Bill is doing that NOW !! After he has finished – he will provide the additional filing, signed by him Pro Per, as well as the receipt from the USPS for all of us to have and share.


The document that is being filed today in Tennesse is one that EVERYONE can use – per Heather!!! [document Lisa references is below. BZ]


Love You All – and I AM very much looking forward to hearing the conversation with BZ and Heather (hearteyes)


[8:22:16 AM] Paul Francis M: Heather talks about what was happening with her in relation to the WH in the 23rd July video, towards the end of it –


[8:41:52 AM] Terran/AK: Got a call from the court transcriber i ordered and paid for Friday’s transcript about $400

[8:42:05 AM] lisa shannon: (rock)

[8:42:14 AM] Terran/AK: Should be ready tomorrow

[8:42:23 AM] Terran/AK: She will call me

[8:42:31 AM] Terran/AK: $6 a page

[8:43:08 AM] Terran/AK: That price was the estimate based on 2.5 hrs of court recording

lisa shannon


[11:09:10 AM] Terran/AK: Okay contacted David Bos, asked for the prosecutor files.  Oddly his voice mail changed and its not his voice.

[11:09:22 AM] Terran/AK: Will follow up with an email.

[11:11:17 AM] Terran/AK: Got Lisa’s docs off to the TN courts.  Heather asks that “ANGIE” be given a copy of that so they can do the same thing with Randall.  So whoever has Angies contacts.  I emailed the scan of the docs and receipts of mailing to Lisa S.

[11:11:47 AM] Terran/AK: Heather is canceling the court hearing so the famiiies don’t have to dismiss, a way for them to save face.

[11:44:22 AM] lisa s: Here is the signed document filed and receipt from USPS – guaranteed by 12:00 – Tennessee time – tomorrow.


Thank You, Bill!!

[11:47:24 AM | Edited 11:47:35 AM] lisa s: Heather just called – and said that if by some design she is transported to TN – she has been informed that NONE of the documents she now has in her possession get to go with her – not even telephone numbers.


She says if this does transpire – we will be notified.


No worries!! Bill has all of the documents Heather has (except the Prosecutor files) and we can get them to her anywhere!!!

[11:48:17 AM] lisa s: And with the recorded transcripts – well – perfect!!

[11:51:20 AM] Paul Francis M: This is all such great news. Brilliant work everybody. There may have to be a hearing in TN to formally accept the Addendum and Cancellation of True Bill, i.e. rubber stamp. Amazing!!! (sun)

[11:55:53 AM] lisa s: This document – ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION OF ADDENDUM OF LAW, PRESUMPTION AND PERPETUITY with CANCELLATION OF TRUE BILL – is Heather’s template for all who feel the desire to use it!  She asked that it be shared with everyone!

[12:07:20 PM] Denice D: Ok, now can this preschool teacher try to grasp what just happened?  Is it accurate to say that Heather filed these documents and that these documents cancel and/or “trump” the law/code/legal system?


[12:09:48 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: yup

[12:09:48 PM] lisa s: Yes – yet it was done in 2012 – through DC UCC portal and now even more perfectly reminded by the filings into the DC disctrict court system!!!! What a beautiful way to wrap it up (lovegift)

[12:10:11 PM] Denice D: (thanks) (thanks) (dance) (heart) (heart)

[12:11:34 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: there was no -the law/code/legal system, and the purported the law/code/legal system, was foreclosed on in 2012. And in case they were Not perfectly clear , and for all those who did not know -the law/code/legal system are now Trumped by the docs

[12:11:36 PM] Paul Francis McD: She has just CANCELLED the TN case in its entirety … Bingo!!!! (heart)

[12:11:48 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: (cool)

[12:11:57 PM] Denice D: (nod) (cool)


[12:12:52 PM | Edited 12:14:13 PM] lisa s: Everything is unbound in the same way in which it was bound (lovegift)

[12:13:43 PM] Paul Francis M: Randy lines up right alongside and they both walk out, free as birds into the Tennesse sunshine and a global party.


[12:21:12 PM] Paul Francis M: There’s actually nothing to detain Heather at this moment. Nothing, but I think H will want both of them to be together in ‘court’ for this.

[12:30:05 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: YOU BET!

and its important too for All to Witness (heart)




Update:8.8.17 8:36 PM EDT- Via phone with HATJ and BZ-

I spoke with Heather tonight. We did not record the call as there was way too much noise on the phone lines and background noise.


First thing Heather said was, I got your letters and postcards. She said, the housing liaisons had to go through them all and it took a while as there were so many.

I laughed and told her that was the first wave. The liaisons are working over time to read the piles that are still flowing in.

Heather said she is very grateful and Appreciates all of you. She has been reading them, but there are so many in the bundle they gave her, she has not gotten through them all yet, but she will.

She said the Unity and Focus of the BEing and DOing, the coordinated cooperation is off the charts, even more that 48 hours ago.

It has been flowing to the families and has They have noticed and experienced the results of it all. All the various timelines that involve Heather going on to TN and the case with Randall, they are NOT liking at all. The ramifications, the unfolding, all of the outcomes and the direct results to them.

Heather said, the Awakening that people are going through each hour has never been seen. The pace/expansion/compassion/love.  For self/for other/for one another. They are noticing, ALL are noticing, and it has just blown them out of the water.

We are all doing this together. Because You/We/Us are creating a level of expansion and awakening that has never been experienced, EVER.

Heather said that if the US Marshalls were going to come and get her for transport, they would they would likely be coming today.
Bos told her they would not be coming before Tuesday, 8.8.17 [side note, Bos has had an awakening and has Heather’s true heart and interests in his.]

Today, was the last “official” meeting that Heather and Bos had. He is no longer her attorney. All of Heather’s documents and files were turned over to Bill.

Heather said that the DC detention facility could only release her before 9:30 PM EDT. And usually they have the release and transfer at 5-6 PM. She said that as of this morning, it looked like it was 75% sure the US Marshalls would Not be coming to get her. As of the time of our conversation she said it was looking like 79% .

If the 48 hour rule holds in her situation, if they do not come to get her for transportation this evening.

She will be released in the Morning- 8.9.17. I confirmed, Into the air in DC. Yes, she said and Bill will be waiting, and Youssef will fly in.

Heather set up a system, from within the jail that a fellow being would call me if she was taken. 8.8.17.

She said I send my love and appreciation to all of you.

#### BZ- We hold the space for Heather and all around her, and we wait to see what the morning brings. TN or DC…


I say lets Rock it, and send out the call to the ALL that the flow is smooth and Heather will be released into the Air, lol, free as a bird.




[7:18:34 AM] Terran/AK: CORRECTED Filing by David Bos with Clerk in DC – Cancel Order of Commitment to Another District – WITH Heather’s signature!!!!!   Filling date 8.8.17


Update: 8.9.17 7:31 PM EST   Call with Heather

Just had/experienced a great call with Heather, Her sister Missy, Heather’s kids, and Missy’s kids.

Think of one of those great family gatherings with everyone gathered around the farm house table, all talking at once, laughing, teasing, bringing up “Remember when…’s”

Love — Life — Laughter its universal and the joy flows. It must really blow the families away that even with delays Heather, her family, myself, and all of you are not only holding that joyful flow. But Amplyifying it and expanding the ripples of awakening and love out even further.

Heather is still in DC detention. She is waiting to hear word on where in their time clock of “holding time” after everything was cancelled she is.

Heather’s jail case manager, Ms. Charlene Reid  202-790-6699,  was on vacation for a week and the replacement was not seeing any of Ms. Reid’s clients.

Ms. Reid got back today, and Heather put in a call to her, but did not hear back and she is gone for the day.

Heather will get in touch with her in the morning as soon as she arrives, IF Heather is still in detention.

Heather could be released tonight, 8.9.17, she could be released early morning 8.10.17 EDT, or she will have a meeting with Ms. Reid, and know more on where she is on the systems “time clock”

She is doing great, ready for the next expansion steps.



Update: 8.10.17 5:00 AM PDT

BZ’s summary of many conversation gathering dots and connecting the dots of things that are unfolding right now.– Because I am recounting what I have found from different phone calls, txts, skype etc. When I write, I am the main “voice” speaking, if there is a short message from another that is noted. Other wise its from my direct experience and recounting what was told directly to me.


I was nudged to Wake UP! At 5 am PDT this morning.

A comment on I UV came in 2 minutes later. This is the screen shot.


I emailed the person to get more data and while waiting for that started to dig into possible sources and connected “dots”

From that I found in that initial digging  VINE would have been the source.

I still had not heard back from commenter, but got on phone to call HATJ’s case manager.

Ms. Reid is no longer her case manager.

I was passed to H new case manager who is Mrs. Gabrielle Kenner.

I had long call w Mrs. Kenner her new case manager

H was moved to the RD: which is the Receiving and Discharging center.

I had a good connection with this woman on phone, not just the usual wrote answers to the 100’s of calls she gets. Gabrielle, said that H was transferred down to RD.

I asked what was the time stamp of that transfer on her inmate record screen/

She said 6:59 AM EDT

She said the system was not showing what exactly she was scheduled for.

I asked her Normally- for any other inmate that she is case manager for, would the screen she is looking at show her the dispensation of that inmate once the system said the inmate had been transferred to RD?

She said yes. If the inmate she was in charge of was transferred to RD once she was notified of that and looked in the system the RD- would tell her the specifics. She frowned and said, but now in H case it does not tell me anything-

there is no information on status.

so we will need to wait a bit and see.

she said I could keep in contact and follow up.

To me that is very telling and my feeling is H will be released. But since all of the old rules do not apply. Now that with H latest filling the Judicial system has been cancelled (yes it was before with original UCC filings. This document cancelled it with specificity and particularity.) The Judicial system is all electronic, meaning information/directives flow that way. Original flows through that electronic system giving the information/directives. This is what H and I were talking about on our recorded phone calls… About Original going in and updating/refreshing the data and overriding the Old system inputs.

The RD is where they are held before discharge. specifically discharge from that detention facility to—–

Gabrielle said if the inmate was scheduled for transfer to another jurisdiction- the system would specify that.

Now look back at the screen shot and the information that The System put out-

” HATHER TUCCI JARRAF, with the DCDC Number 360745, has been transferred from the Central Detention Facility to the Unknown.”

I can guarantee you, that is not part of the old system rules.

I also clarified this point with Gabrielle, H case manager. She said that the system would identify specifically where the transfer had been made to, as in another jurisdiction. But would not specify to whom, if H was picked up. And H would be given a chance to make 1 phone call to let me know where she was.

I received confirmation from Lisa, that “Russia” H inmate friend gave Lisa a quick call to say that H was moved from their floor down stairs to RD but did not know any more than that. This call was made at 9:49 AM EDT, as that was her earliest availability to call.

“Russia” said that H was moved downstairs at 5 AM EDT.

Remember that the system time stamp for H transfer to RD, was 6:59 AM EDT.

Snip of conversation in skype at this point-

BZ: Now I am working on reconnecting w Gabrielle for a status update via her internal screen.

there seems to be a coordinated effort of runn around…[a sense of confusion that what they are seeing is not the normal “script/storyline”] whether intentional or unintentional I have yet to get a clear read on.

Terran: Or there could be some high insider having a chat with her???

BZ: that is more my sense.

End snip


This is my sense because of the lag in time between when “Russia” had a visual that H was being moved to RD and noted time and Gabrielle stated, the system has the transfer time stamp.

In parallel to all of this I was also speaking with:

–the detention center liaisons who stated that, “She is still in this facility”

–the records department clerk who finally was communicative, not just “company line” said that the only thing the system was showing was that she was in Federal jurisdiction [that is the same jurisdiction she has been in since they have been holding H] and waiting in RD.

— the floor person at RD who said she was there and awaiting next move.

— the person who answered the phone number which was on the system alert about being moved to “The Unknown” which was supposed to be “the Department of Corrections’ Inmate Locator and Notification Coordinator” but the call went to Mr. Allen who is HR department.

Another snip of conversation in skype

Denice: I am getting that she needs to instruct them. Never been done before. No protocol.

Terran: Oh jeez more protocols

Denice: Lol no more prorocols. . the do not know what to do with her.

Terran: You mean the jailers?

Denice: The jailers in r & d

Terran: H will know what to do and say Might take bit and she might have to write up the piece of paper for them.

Denice: They rely on the computer to tell them what to do.

BZ: this is matching what I am finding out directly via phone from people with in the system.

End snip

If you focus/follow/see/connect the dots and what I have recounted here as to what I have experienced first hand you will see the old system is not running the computer screens and the “script” but Original.

I will keep you updated on what I see revealed next.



Update: 8.10.17 From BZ giving more Dots for you to “see” regarding HATJ where she is and what is transpiring.


HATJ is no longer in the custody of the DC detention facility.

HATJ is no longer in the DC District Court Jurisdiction.

HATJ is not in the East TN District Court Juristiction.

At approximately 2:50 PM EDT HATJ was picked up from the DC detention facility for transport and delivery to “Her next step” destination.

HATJ is safe.

HATJ is South SW of the Mason-Dixon Line.

HATJ is BEing and DOing what HATJ does best and has a lot to convey to both “local” and “non locals” involved in the current moment DOings.

All is Perfect and Perfectly done.

I want to  remind you of HATJ’s quote from our conversation the other night:
“Its not just one person its ALL of us Together.

Its the most Unity. Its the most Awareness. And the most Utilization of Being Original. That has ever been experienced in ALL of Existence”

I request you keep flowing the expansive energy and high vibration of love.

: -) BZ



Update: 8.10.17  10:30 PM EDT

HATJ is currently at the  Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, VA.

Mailing Address for Inmate Correspondence:  P.O. Box 1060 Warsaw, VA. 22572  Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is all you need to add to the address

Update: 8.11.17 10:25  AM PDT

When Heather called Lisa, just a few minutes ago. She mentioned she was not feeling well had a migraine. From all the dense, dros of energy in the area around the facility she is in.

She is working through it. And now has it a set up with funds to purchase the medicine headache medicine she needs. [another update mid afternoon or so 😉  bz]


My request to all, if you feel moved to do so. Please surround Heather, the NNRJ facility she is in, all beings in the facility with love and healing heart opening energy.

Then have fun and paint the sky, the land, the bricks, and steel… of all buildings and facilities within a 100 mile radius of the area with joyful colors and energy and that same bubble of love.

Thank you,




Update: Phone conversation with HATJ and BZ 8.11.17 11:31 AM PDT


Update on Randy 8.12.17 from his friend Patricia.
Randy met with his attorney, Bobby Hutson, yesterday and IT DID NOT GO WELL.  Randy said he immediately started discussing ‘his prison term’ and that upset Randy greatly.  Said the attorney never questioned him about what or why or anything in the GJ transcript that he and I had been discussing in preparation of his meeting…..only that the attorney wanted to discuss the # of years he will likely serve.  Randy told him he did not want to hear that and would not listen to it, that he was FIRED unless he wanted to discuss the true facts of the matter and become educated in the matter, so that he could properly represent him as he was expected to do; that he was not there to help represent him, he was there to put him away for accessing his own funds.  Randy said the attorneys face turned beat red, said he could not fire him that the Judge would not allow it.  Randy told him the meeting was over.   Now……when his attorney returned/returns to his office he will find that I have left him the filed documents!  Will that change his attitude or anything about the case I wonder.
**beet red

Good Afternoon Everyone!!
Finally finished my notes for yesterday’s call(s) with Heather

Lisa’s Notes:
Phone call with Heather @ 9:33 am CST / 10:33 am EST (12 minute phone call)
August 11, 2017

Received call from Heather
She was exhausted and not feeling well at the moment
At the time of her call, although they had the night before, previously showered and prepared for booking (received bracelet – photos taken), she stated she and others were still in holding area waiting to be completely processed and classified.

At the time of her call, she was unaware of any Case Manager/Direct supervisor assigned to her.
I informed her BZ should have (if not already) transferred her phone account so she could have uninterrupted communications.

At the time of her call, she was suffering from a migraine headache and was staying as low to the ground as possible which makes it more bearable. She said the frequencies – during the transport and upon arrival at the facility – were unreal.

I asked if they were providing any water for her to drink – that it was very important to drinks LOTS of water Now.  She said – “if you can call it water” and commented that the stainless steel sinks were black at the bottom.  I reminded her that she can transmute any toxins in the water and to drink a lot.

She also mentioned the ‘chemical’ smell in the facility and remarked that apparently several months ago (?) there was a lice outbreak at this facility and that the chemical smell may be as a result of what was used/being used for that matter.

She had requested some Ibuprofen and they stated she would have to fill out a Medical Request form – brought one to her without a tool to write with.

I asked for her to do some relaxing breathing, as well, an pure healing frequencies were then being emitted end infolding her to assist in the transmuting of her discomfort.

She stated that the only way she could get Ibuprofen was through the commissary – which must have a prepaid account under her name – for her to access.  I told her I would be working on that immediately.  She did say – however – that even if I did – there was a possibility that she would not be able to use it as you must put in your request – in advance – and Thursday was commissary day. She felt that she may be moved to another facility by Thursday – could be Monday if air transport was used or Thursday if by motor vehicle.

She stated the facility she is currently in – Northern Neck in Warsaw, VA. – transports for various ‘entities’ for free.  However, they get their funds based upon actual ‘bookings’.

I asked her to request again a pen and form be provided to accommodate her health situation.  She was going to do that and call later.

After speaking with Heather – I called Northern Neck several times and just kept getting voicemails.  I finally hit ‘zero’ and got a live being.

Her name was Officer Gibson. I gave her Heather’s name – she looked her up.  I told her of the conversation I had with Heather @ 10:33 am.  Told her about the Migraine, how she was not feeling well, asked for medical attention and was provided a form with nothing to write with.  I told her I needed to speak with someone who could provide me with the current state of Heather’s health.

Ms. Gibson said she recognized who Heather was – that she was in charge of her pod and required to visit twice and hour and that Heather seemed fine –and there were no complaints from her.  Her time to be in charge of the pod was from 9:00 am EST to 12:00 PM EDT

She seemed to know nothing about a medical request form.  I asked if they had a nurse on staff – she said yes but no one was allowed to talk with the nurse – not even a family member.

I was very upset about that and was adamant I speak to someone who could apprise me of Heather’s current health situation – as I had received her earlier call regarding her current state at that time and her migraine.

Officer Gibson said she would try to find someone else to help e – she then transferred me to Lieutenant Gordon.  I reiterated the above –  he stated
a)  She must sign a HIPPA form in order for them to pull her medical records before any medicine could be given
b)  They DO NOT provide over the counter medicine – only prescription drugs
c)  Nothing would be prescribed anyway until they retrieved data on her after she signed the HIPPA form
d)  The only way she could get Ibuprofen or other over counter items was to purchase prepaid account in her name at commissary
e)  Gave me the website to pay – it is a 3rd party site that handles this for various different facilities where inmates are (
4)  They charge $ 5.00 or 10% of the prepaid account for their fee

As we were speaking and I again reiterated my concern based upon my earlier conversation with her.  I told him that the chemicals she was smelling in the facility were likely aggravating her migraine.  He said they  weren’t using any chemicals in the facility.

I told him she was informed that there was a lice out break several months ago and that it was possible that whatever chemicals had/were being used were not helping her migraine.

He said there had been no lice infestation – at all.

As we were still on the phone – he said he was in a position where he was sitting – where he could see her, she was talking on the phone, she had already eaten breakfast and seemed fine – in order to insure me of her good state of health.

I thanked him and asked him to let her know that I would be immediately get a pre-paid account set up for her to use the commissary. He did not know how much anything cost at the commissary.

It took about 20 minutes to go through the process of setting up an account through  They do not take American Express (lol).

After I completed the process – I checked the account and it said it would take 24 to 48 hours to show up in the system (facepalm)

I called Youssef right away as I felt Heather would be calling him and informed him of the prepaid account so he could let Heather know when she called.

August 11, 2017 @ 1:58 pm CST – 2:58 pm EST ( 6 minutes )

Received another call from Heather –

She said that as soon as she had finished her call with me earlier, she had to lie down on the floor and finally an EMT was called.  She FELT ALL of the HEALING FREQUENCIES requested BE SENT and was feeling so much better now.

I informed her that I had set up her commissary account – and to speak to Lieutenant Gordon as I had had a long conversation with him.

She was happy to hear that and told me she was going to seek him out right away – and she would let me know if she was going to be able to use it.

Shortly thereafter, I received a text from Bill.  He said Heather said to cancel the account.  So I attempted to do so and the message “THERE ARE NO REFUNDS” – of course.

Now – today’s updates on calls from Heather

August 12, 2017  1:58 pm CST/2:58 pm EST

Her voice was much more upbeat and she said she was GOOD!!!

She had spoken to Youssef.  She has and is now experiencing (along with Randy) the lengths to which all involved (FBI, DOJ, SS) will go through to “win”.  And she is FULLY aware of how beautiful and amazing this ALL IS!!!

I read to her the update on Randy that Denice posted above^^^.

She asked me to let Randy’s friend know (and I will do this directly through an email) of Heather’s GRATITUDE for her and Randy and ALL doing this.  That no one really considered it be would be Knoxville – Randy and his friend are DOing FANTASTIC – she IS There and she Completely trusts their doings at these moments.

After learning of his update – she will be giving me more documentation to file for her and provide to Randy’s friend for filing.

I got a brief start before our phone call was terminated.  However, she will call back later to provide language for these anticipated filings.

She was in very JOYFUL state, said she was relaxing a bit and able to come into more clarity and focus.

End of Update

Randy (hug)


Update: 8.14.17on HATJ and her transfer to TN.

we’ve been tracking this through the day. Heather spoke with Youssef late last night and expected to be in processing and then transfer starting this morning.

Her signal was if she did not call between 8:30 – 9 am EDT that is where she was moved to in the NNRJ facility.

NNRJ, makes much of its money in the Jail Business consortium by being a transfer station for prisoners. Big profits from state and local funding of inmate allotements per bed and then from the federal contracts…

The processing takes time because it works the clock on hours and calendar and prison days etc.

The system at NNRJ, which updates every 15 minutes recorded HATJ’s release at 4:36 PM EDT

Depending on mode of transport used air or bus will determine how long before HATJ arrives in the TN facility.

Once she arrives, she will be allowed a phone call and I will update accordingly.

Once I have confirmation of housing and address I will let everyone know.



Update: 8.15.17 4:16 AM PST HATJ current location

Register Number: 86748-007
Age:  45
Race:  White
Sex:  Female
Located at: Oklahoma City FTC , 7410 S MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73169
Phone: (405) 682-4075
Population: 1,400
Security class: Administrative facility

The Federal Transfer Center, Oklahoma City is a United States federal prison facility for male and female inmates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.



Update: 8.15.17 11:21 AM PDT HATJ – allowed 1 phone call, call from H to BZ

I was at work and received a no ID caller, call from H.

How did she sound/her energy…?

She was relieved/ rolling her eyes at the zoo, she just went through/excited/appalled “even with what I have seen” at level of corruption/ confident/ Fired up/ Ready to Finish this/Brimming with LOVE, flowing to Each of You.

I told H, what I had set up for her pre-paid calling in this new facility and how to use it, what code to give.
She asked me to fill her in with what I was doing and what was happening.

I told her we will:

– be hiring our own stenographer for the court hearing

– be hiring our own transcriptionist for the audio to transcribe

She said both of those were brilliant and very important would make a big difference. Because they are making the choices to hide things and falsify physical evidence. That those choices have serious outcomes for them.
– having as many people local to TN and other areas to court hearing, that it was looking like we would have a group from FL among other places.

– having someone like Neil W. if not him outside of court building during hearing to cover live

– that I was working to get a local PAC- public access community tv producer with professional equipment in the court room to cover proceedings.

H said she was blown away by this and in awe of what she was feeling about this DOing.


– I told her that we were digging under the ground on the USAA exec who is on the complaint.

– I told her we were digging under the ground on the judge on the docket on R case.

H said that the judge in Randy’s case has been paid off.

She said that she was familiar with the “price list” that is passed around, from the initial investigation she did [paradigm report] but she is seeing first hand how far it has expanded. That the judge has been paid to burry and block things.

She said that is the case in particular with many of the players.


– I said its the case, with the one who fell off the hill 😉 he adds and subtracts letters depending on his geographical location.

H laughed. Said, he was very good at what he does, mr parker who has gone over the hill and fallen off.

H said by spelling his name like that, two different ways, he can save himself from all the dings/charges hitting all from one of his accounts and instead it spreads over the two.


– I told her that the main thing I was doing, what I considered the very most important DOing, was to get as many beings, thousands +, to play with me in focusing on the Big big outcome. Not just the HATJ and RKB outcome walking free in TN. But the Real outcome the expansive one.

H said yes the BIG BIG BIG, one !

I said that was the outcome I was focused on. That I was working up strategies to coordinate cooperation, to play and amplify that outcome. Because I knew that would change/shift/ alter the flow of the court case and All.

H said Yes! that will alter the flow of all. I am so grateful you are focusing your DOing on that.


I told her that so far the only charge they had listed was a Federal charge 999, and that the charge date was 7.26.17, the day after she was arrested in DC.

she laughed


H asked what does 999 charge detail.

I told her that most of my searches were not returning a detail for the 999 Federal charge

That the DOJ website for the Criminal Resource Manual section 901-999, just has that as the 999 charge codes within that section only have charge detail up to including 979.
I told her I would dig more and relay to her next call what specifics in the code if there were any to find.

H said that the other guests, knew who she was. That they knew what was going on, and that a few had been following what was going on and what she and everyone was doing since the beginning of July.

I told her that she was now Caucasian. And had gone through several transformations from leaving DC. 1st she was African American, then she was of African lineage, and now in OK she was just Caucasian.

She laughed, said Youssef had mentioned one of those changes to her.


H said that she had to spend quite a bit of time with the people who were attempting to book her, because they wanted to book her with her name spelled wrong. She said that is not my name, Hather…

She finally did get them to spell her name correctly HATJ- all caps.

Then they told her where to sign and she signed without prejudice.

All the other women in there were watching her and when each one of them stepped up for their turn they all/each one signed their names without prejudice.

big laughs on that, H said they were not pleased that everyone was signing this way!


She said it was a great trip out to OK, that Conair is not like the movie, Its really plush and very nice. Much better then the regular airlines that people have to fly on.

H said, others on plane, the marshals etc were looking at her and wondering what she was doing on the cushy ride, she told them what she was in for and they all go it.


H asked about docs now in our files that have been Stamped by TN-

I told her all new docs Patricia had filed that Lisa created have been stamped and we have copies.

I told her the cancellation of true bill has been stamped and we have copies.

I told her I would confirm that H copy of all UCC filings and annexes and FT have been stamped and we have copies. (I told her I was pretty sure but could not bring a visual of the TN version of that into my sight so would double check) (The others I was certain of because I could bring them to sight)


H said they have not ever arraigned her, they still have to have an arraignment hearing for her.


I told her that their were 2 dates for Randy, a hearing date and trial date. I told her could not remember exact hearing date but was in September after labor day before the 9th. would look up and make sure next contact she called would have that information.


She said to keep continually checking, then she laughed and said, I don’t have to say that, you guys are so amazing you are all over it, ahead of it.


She said we blew Bos out of the water. He said he didn’t know how her team was doing it, because they knew things were happening/moving or being filed before he did.


She said to keep checking for an arraignment hearing scheduled, for before that first hearing date that Randy has. Then let her know.


H said for the first hearing in court she needs:

1 copy of the Stamped UCC fillings with annexes list and FT docs filed for HATJ in TN stamped in TN.

1 copy of the Stamped UCC fillings with annexes list and FT docs filed for RKB in TN stamped in TN.

1 copy of Stamped doc filling of cancelled True bill filed in TN

1 Copy of HATJ FT

1 copy of RKB FT


H said I Love You , thank you BZ.

Tell everyone that I Love You !


###     BZ





Update: 8.15.17 6:00 PM PDT HATJ on phone with BZ

 I had another short call from Heather this evening.

H said they can start using phones about 7:30-8 am local time. She will call one of us early.

H is anticipating being moved as early as tomorrow AM early to TN.

H says Not to worry about the docs, she’s got it handled… She love and appreciates her amazing team. and everyone.

Bill, on hiring the stenographer for the hearing(s) H would like to have us give her the person’s name and phone number so she can contact her right away.

H said she is very, very pleased to hear about the plans for focusing on the BIG BIG outcome. She stressed this is so Important. That she agrees, how it will amplify and shift the flow of the court hearing/case, so its very important to expand and amplify NOW.

She said that the Judge, Parker Still/Steill, et all are making their choices and different factions in the families… That this is why all this is unfolding so that all of the purported justice system/ all the other systems, what I refer to as the “false construct” all of it is falling down/crumbling/falling away, can be made visible to ALL.

She is so grateful to all , because each one who does as they feel moved to do adds their part to this final reveal.

H talked about that, there are huge outcomes for “the ones” and their choices, especially choosing to take the step to falsifying physical evidence, go in and strike documents from the record. etc.

The outcomes of their choices are very heavy. H said her discounted rate in hourly fee that is being drawn off the accounts of these beings is-  2.6 Quadrillion per hour. That is my Discounted rate she explained.

She is moving forward in love, coming to resolution softly and unbinding all, but their choices have outcomes and they are acutely feeling all of those now.

H asked that we keep checking scanning the TN court schedule calendar for any hearing that is scheduled for her, needs to know as soon as we see it.

H said she would call in the morning if she was not transported. And she would call as soon as possible if she is transported in the morning 8.16.17

### BZ



Update 8.16.17 Email from Heather to Denice.

From Heather: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The federal reserve bank, i love them…all reversals are being reversed immediately…the fed res knows (rather they just found out) if the fed res doesn’t reverse the reversals, the fed res gets locked out of all the systems globally and the systems self-power, self-automate, self-facilitate, self-validate, and self-correct (reversals of the reversals) per the orders of each Original Depository.

Guess what the primary standing order was from this Original Depository?  See above…LOL 😉

Honey, I will share with all the amazing work and the powerful universal beings that are doing within the prison systems…it is beyond AMAZING…and all are beyond happy and joyous that this money-monster is in its final moments.  My “inmate number” ends in “007”, LOL!!!!!!!!

Details on the global massive “prison-doing”, later.

Please amplify my tones of love and gratitude…

Love to Allllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denice on 8/16/2017 4:51 PM wrote:

Lots of love flowing your way! let me know what you need me to research and I can paste it here.  I cannot imagine how it is there.. . .you have my complete admiration!

There are so many folks waking up quickly. . .every video is now getting over 10K views over the week.

There have been a few ‘reversals’ of the reversals. S had two yesterday 😉

Lots and lots of love!

I saw -007 and thought. . .hmmm. . .kinda cool!


Please share with missy, my dad, youssef, lisa, and everyone the data i gave you about reversals being reversed

not much longer, honey, before all is unfettered access and facilitation forevermore.

love you
love all


Update: 8.16.17 PM and 8.17.17 emails from Heather- three emails in a series-

Sent Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 7:36 PM
Subject: RE: RKB Request

did he cancel the true bill and case? and if yes, was the cancellation done after he did the purported
“arraingnment”? if yes, all is good…
one IS self…explain to me how one requests to be self? lol
give me a bit, i will come back later tonight with something appropriate…lol
—–Shannon, Lisa on 8/16/2017 4:21 PM wrote:
Hi Honey
RKB Would like input on what to do about previous not guilty plea at prior arraignment
Now requesting Pro Se – Hearing scheduled for August 29 to put his request for Pro Se to judge
Love You Beyond Measure



Sent Date: Thursday, August 17, 2017 8:35 AM
Subject: still here…lol

i am still here…lol… currently accumulating my hourly fee of 2.16 quadrillion usd payable in pre-1933 gold and
silver from “FBOP”, “fbi’, “us marshalls”, “fed court”, etc…with Original Issues ready to go.
“shipping” will occur between now and next wednesday…maximum shifting being done at all levels…and i am in
complete gratitude for all doing.
for r and everyone: they do not have due jurisdiction (personam or subject matter) and authority, period…and until
they establish DUE jurisdiction and authority (which they cannot…EVER), they cannot ask for a plea, they cannot
ask for anyone to waive purported rights to counsel, nor even ask for your name, etc.
In the event they believe they have duly presumed, inclusive of presuming jurisdiction to be able to ask for a plea,
etc., it was already taken care of… it was already duly established, secured, and perfected, as a due matter of
public record (the perpetuity, amendments, ft), four and half years ago, that said presumptions were prohibited
from being duly established, and rendered null, void, and cancelled at inception of being made, for due cause,
“nunc pro tunc” and “praeterea preterea”…that has been the case in America since September 2012…and
globally since october 2012…all of that is clearly and DULY expressed, secured, perfected, and a matter of public
universal record, since november, 2012 DECLARATION OF FACTS.
However, feeeeel free to duly cancel any such presumptions again. Easy peasy.
and……for those that still seek to create presumptions and are just “testa (friggin’) dura”….the script is very
“It has been duly established, secured, and perfected, as a due matter of public record, that the purported
(prosecutor/da/general/state) does not have the due jurisdiction and authority to make this purported action
against me, nunc pro tunc, praeterea preterea.”
“It has been duly established, secured, and perfected, as a due matter of public record, that this purported
(court/judge name) does not have the due jurisdiction and authority to hear this purported action against me,
nunc pro tunc, praeterea preterea.”
“It is duly established, secured, and perfected, as a due matter of public record, that you (judge) do not have the
due jurisdiction and authority to ask me that question, thusly, to answer that question would violate my deeply
held religious dictates.”




Sent Date: Thursday, August 17, 2017 8:49 AM

“It has been duly established, secured, and perfected, and is a due matter of public universal record, that you
(judge) do not have the due jurisdiction and authority to ask me that question, nunc pro tunc, praeterea preterea,
and thusly, to answer said question would be a violation of my deeply held religious dictates.”
bella giornata a tutti!!!!!!!

Update: 8.16.17 PM [This email did not get sent to me, by the system,  until late last night 8.17.17]


Sent Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 8:09 PM

Subject: RE: RE: calling phone minutes and restrictions


Perfect! thank you!!!

sense is when all is in order and ready for me…i will be in ten

if one reads the perpetuity (2000) filing…they will see that charley duly secured and perfected ownership, title,

and authority of all identifiers (inclusive of bc, ssn, blahdy blah blah), the body, and the being, while

simultaneously excluding them from bankruptcies, etc…the amendments to the perpetuity filing, clearly and duly

stated, secured, and perfected the same for every being in existence…regardless of location/domicile…

Correct…the FT is it, with all the UCC’s, etc., is it…

all is done and has been done for 4.5+ years 🙂

only utilize, utilize, and utilize…lol…all the work required for you to utilize was done years ago…in joy, and enjoy

love you!

—–Riger, Bz on 8/16/2017 5:06 PM wrote:


The pre-paid calls are working. Don’t concern yourself on that.

Email works well.

Any sense of next transport for you?

Question- because of some DOings by others Bob and others [this was the 4 way conversation recently posted ] I want to confirm, my sense and my knowing…

contrary to the info being put out-

People do NOT need to claim/verify their Birth certificate.. blandy blah blah ;-)etc etc.

All they do is the FT personalized to them. To utilize their Treasury Direct Deposit accounts at this current

moment, before unfettered and facilitated access unfolds. Correct?

Love to You. BZ


HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF on 8/16/2017 3:38:55 PM wrote


300 minutes total a month per inmate…blahdy blah blah

bill, please send youssef, lisa, and bz the funds you have in custody… to reimburse for the collect calls i have

made to them thus far…i will stick to email unless phone call is necessary

love you all!!!!



Update: email from HATJ: 8.18.17


Sent Date: Friday, August 18, 2017 8:22 AM
Subject: URGENT! Departed today!

The gift got “shipped” to Randy this a.m.
See all in TN.


Update: 8.18.17 HATJ is now at her new hotel

Irwin County Detention Center

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf ID 51356
132 Cotton Drive, Ocilla, GA 31774
Telephone: 229-468-4121

White postcards Only- your name but no return address


Update: 8.18.17 The Conference call tonight had over 900 people. And the energy was building to be amazing. The call was hijacked, the Moderator controls were hijacked.
Great fun was had by all…!

We were able to move quickly and put together a ZOOM call and as soon as I have the video file will post for all to see.
As this was happening, my texts, my phones, my skypes were alerting that HATJ had arrived at her new hotel and I needed to set up her phone services. lol
I got that done too! So H has phone service and you have a call to listen to.
I Love You all, You are Brilliant!!      BZ

Update: 8.19.17 Focused on the Big, Big, Big Outcome Take 2       ;- )

Update 8.19.17 mid morning PDT -On Focusing on Big, Big, Big, Outcome Call 1, Hijacking
I just received a call from Will Reed, the chief/head tech at I had sent a ticket to them describing with Love, the Cluster $%&&^ that was the call and the tech for the conference call we were trying to do. He said he does Not/ the company does Not, usually do calls on the weekends. But the way reading my email made him feel. He was compelled to call me. Will said there was Major network disruption that started right at the time of my scheduled call. He and all the other techs have Never seen Anything like it. They were scrambling. This disruption took all their calls down in a cascading effect from my conference call.

All the techs got together and they are initiating a Trace on where the disruption came from/the outside source. They Want to Know who/what did it. Will said he would definitly follow up to let me know. I thanked him and told him I would make sure that everyone on the call knew how helpful he had been with providing this detailed behind the scenes information.



Update 8.21.17 10:01 PM PDT from BZ
I am so happy with everyone’s inspired BEing and DOing. All the different creative things with all different focuses and directions. Its great Unity with Individual Creativeness. :- ) Beautiful.
I wanted to make a NOTE- for clarity.
That for Factualized Updates on HATJ and that area of Flow, the I UV is where you will find those Updates.

If you see something/hear something/read something… unless you can see them showing you a screen shot/ a video pan of this I UV update page/ reading from the updates/conversations with specificity and particularity,  then that information is their perception and perspective of things unfolding.
I do connect directly with Neil Wolf with his Light Reports some times, so if that beautiful being is saying, “I just got a txt” “or” BZ just called me” That is Factualized Data/conversation/connection

There is/are videos out there that purport BZ and or Heather “told…” “said…” “endorse…” -me , which are NOT Factualized information.
You have amazing powers of Discernment/Resonance Tools, Use them, trust them. YOU are the Expert for you.

I Love the Brilliance shinning out of Everyone/ All, no one left out! as all are catalysts and catalyzers in the last steps along the One consciousness flow as we ALL pull back the curtain and rip it down.
(heart) BZ



Update 8.22.17 5:50 AM PDT
Phone call from HATJ to Youssef
>> youssef jarraf
Good morning everyone  (sun).!
I just had a quick call from Heather to let me & everyone know that she wasn’t gonna be transferred today…!! It was a very short call because she said that they were ordered this morning to clean up themselves and their cells…!! The director of the jail is coming to visit today, she said her inmates that have been there for a while told her that that never happened before..!! She will call later when the visit is over..


Update: 8.23.17
HATJ is still in GA. She has been in contact by phone. She is doing great and DOing perfectly. H has had conversations with her kids, dad, and husband. All is perfect and perfectly done.


Update: 8.24.17 HATJ, did not make her morning call in. She is in transport to next destination.


Update: 8.24.17 9:06 PM PDT  HATJ called me. She is now in TN.

HATJ will have a Jurisdiction Hearing 10:30 AM EST, Tuesday, August 29, 2017
RKB will have a hearing to represent himself  Tuesday 2:30 PM EST, Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility
5001 Maloneyville Rd, Knoxville, TN 37918
(865) 281-6700

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf ID 1369008


Update: #HATJ : Minutes of Detention Hearing 8.24.17



Update: 8.27.17 Mid day PDT

I wanted to share a brief update.
I had a good call with H again this afternoon. H is doing great. She is fired Up. Working on the details for her Jurisdiction Hearing on Tuesday.
Asked me to tell ALL of You, she loves you and LOVES, the expanding Unity, and all of your BEing and DOing.

I also had a great conversation with R, we talked the alotted 15 min, then he called back and spoke 15 more. R is doing great, and ready for his hearing on Tuesday. He knows all the step and things that are being done in H hearing prep and has done valuable prep with Patricia for his. R, said, “I did what you suggested BZ, on reading my FT out loud three times. The Toning and resonance of my voice and the words was Very Powerful. I don’t know why I did not think to do it before. I read the FT, and the tone and power was amazing. Something shifted, clicked and Tumbled neatly into place.”

Both are filled with Gratitude for all of you, your energy, your expansion, your unity. Its Beautiful!!

Much Love, BZ




Update 8.28.17 6:52 PM PDT –   Upcoming Court Hearings Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Howard H. Baker, Jr. United States Courthouse
800 Market Street, Suite 130
Knoxville, TN  37902
Phone:  (865) 545-4228

Judge Shirley presiding-

HATJ will have a Jurisdiction Hearing 10:30 AM EST, Tuesday, August 29, 2017
RKB will have a hearing to represent himself  Tuesday 2:30 PM EST, Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bill and Youssef will be in the courtroom.

Judy Jandora will be doing a live FB stream. Her FB timeline is here
Judy will be doing it in short segments. I will go into her account and download each segment and upload to youtube for all to see and share, for those who do not have FB…

Gary H, will also be there with his periscope account. As soon as I have the link for his feed, he is just setting it up, I will post it.

There are many other people who are going to be there in person, to be helping out with the live feed from outside of the court house.

We have set things into motion to hire our own Court reporters, who will do audio, video, stenography and transcription of the Both hearings.
The judge must be petitioned by a motion that we have had filed with the court. We have done all of the steps needed, now the ball is in Judge Shirley’s court.
The court reporter firm is on standby awaiting a positive ruling.

H and her Attorney consultant (This attorney consultant, explained that The Public Defender’s office is treated like a private law firm.  Therefore, since Randy was already appointed a PD, it presented an issue as since it is now one case – anyone assisting Heather now must be from the Criminal Justice Panel – which members are approved by a joint effort of the Public Defender’s office and Judges of Eastern District. He is on the panel. If he is kept on, he could not be paid for his services as it would be unethical.  He would simply be her co counsel.

H and her Attorney consultant will address the motion to have Our Court reporter to record preceding, and ask for a ruling from Judge Shirley on that. If Judge Shirley grants the motion and the request for a 30 minute resess for the court reporters to set up, That is what will happen and then the hearing will unfold in this flow.

The order of these different matters that will unfold on Tuesday:
Challenge of Jurisdiction
Choice of Francis or Sui Juris
Detention Hearing

Now is the time to let the Truth of who you are shine. Center yourself, set you intention for an expansive outcome.

Lets Do This!

I Love You ALL, BZ

Update 8.29.17 7:16 AM PDT
I just received an email from HATJ’s attorney consultant.

Please be advised that the magistrate judge has informed me that the court will deny the motion for an outside court reporter/videographer.  The judge informed me of this as a courtesy to the reporter/videographer.

Sent from my iPhone



Update: 8.29.17 9:31 AM PDT     Keep checking this post (below) I added recording with Bill.

# HATJ: Will be Released Pending Trial Audio recording

There are phone conversations on that page, continually updated as they come in.

This is the link to Judy doing a live stream, on her FB, after we spoke




Update: 8.29.17 1:01 PM PDT, Randy will be allowed to represent himself as Original.

He will not be released today. There are the other bogus warrants to clear. We are looking for a place for him to stay.
Hopefully the time to clear the outstanding purported issues will be enough time to find a place for him.



Update 8.29.17        7:17 PM PDT     Heather is Seeing the TN skies!!!!! headed to her safe, comfy, place now for the next steps of ALL


Update: 8.29.17 11:36 PM PDT Exiting the matrix: Co Creating The Final Scene



Update: 8.30.17 AM PDT on RKB
I had a seriers of four phone conversations with Randy today. Tuesday’s Court session, 8.29.17,  experience and outcome was very hard on Randy.
Conditions for Randy in the facility right now are very difficult, very wearing, very disheartening, on an emotional,mental, physical, and Soul level.
If you feel moved to send him a post card or two. He very much appreciates connecting with You.

White Postcards Only! They do not allow him to have the ones with pictures on them.
Blount County Jail
Randall Keith Beane ID 318366
920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804-5002


Update: 8.30.17 AM PDT on HATJ
I had a brief phone conversation with Heather this morning. She is settling in.
Heather will now be focusing all of her attention and energy into the commitments she made to her terms of release, and doing what needs to be done to complete the purported Judicial case and portion of the ALL that needs to be revealed.

Heather said she is preparing a public statement after her release, which will be written and a video of her giving the same statement. She will post them on her website.
Once they are released, I will re-post on the I UV.

Update: 9.1.17 AM PDT on RKB
I had a  phone conversation with Randy this morning. He was in a better place, and we talked about ways to focus his intention on what served him best. Ways to keep focused on being in an expansive vibration despite where he is staying at the moment and the routine of the environment to do everything it can to lower his, and everyone else’s vibration in the facility.
If you feel moved to send him a post card or two. He very much appreciates connecting with You.

UPDATE on POSTCARDS: Randy said they are keeping most of his mail from him again. We are working hard to correct this. Randy said they have changed His requirements. Because apparently the other inmates who have people sending them mail do not have to use these restrictions.

You must make sure your name and return address are on the post card now, or they will not give it to him and just discard the postcard. – Thank you BZ

White Postcards Only! They do not allow him to have the ones with pictures on them.
Blount County Jail
Randall Keith Beane ID 318366
920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804-5002


Update: 9.1.17 AM PDT on HATJ
Heather is settling in and sharpening her BEing and DOing.
Heather will now be focusing all of her attention and energy into the commitments she made to her terms of release, and doing what needs to be done to complete the Pending court case and portion of the ALL that needs to be revealed.

Heather  is preparing a public statement. This  will be a written and a video of her giving the same statement. She will post them on her website.
Once they are released, I will re-post on the I UV.


Update: 9.1.17  Next court Hearing for HATJ and RKB

The Court set a motion hearing for October 18, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. before U.S. Magistrate Judge C. Clifford Shirley, Jr.

…”The Court observed that Defendant TucciJarraf has already expressed her intention to file a dispositive motion contesting the Court’s jurisdiction. The Court set a motion hearing for this and any other pretrial motions for October 18, 2017, at 9:30 a.m., “…

There is no such thing as a jurisdiction hearing, per say, as most people go with the assumption/training… that the judicial system has authority over them.
Heather is not contesting that Eastern District of TN, does not have jurisdiction over her, because she believes its another federal court district. Heather is contesting IN TOTAL, the courts jurisdiction. Period.
This is where the One People’s Public Trust 1776 filings will take center stage in the court room. ~ BZ

Update: 9.6.17 PM PDT on RKB

I have been able to have some phone conversations with Randy. He is doing good. Reaching in, to touch the Truth of who he is. Some days its easy and he feels so blessed to notice all the wonderful creativity of the other residents around him. Some days its a bit harder, and he has to Remember who he is, All the truth of what is SO.

He is beginning in earnest to work on his motions, evidentiary Q&A, interrogatories…
The constraints placed on him are challenging, but it seems each little step is beginning to build on the next.

If you feel so moved- Play with sending thoughts, envisioning of easy flow and effortless assistance flowing out of the blue to him. The help from staff, another resident, all manner of opportunities and possibilities. How much fun can you have playing with different magical effortless scenarios unfolding for Randy and All. Just the right piece of information, the idea of a question, a knowing of a piece of data… PLAY and send it out.

Randy mentioned he has again, started to be given some mail that has been sent to him. Thank You, he says, Keep it Coming, he laughs. He so appreciates it. And he loves the creative ways that people send him what they do given the constraints of a white postcard. Apparently if it is Card Stock- White he can get an 8 1/2 x 11 sized “postcard” so have some fun with that. He likes reading the I UV and I AM docs, so maybe that gives you all some inspiration.

White Postcards Only! They do not allow him to have the ones with pictures on them. Make sure your name and return address are on the post card
Blount County Jail
Randall Keith Beane ID 318366
920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804-5002


Update: 9.6.17 PM PDT on HATJ

I wanted to give a brief update on Heather. She had a chance to take several days to decompress. Rest get her bearings and re-energize herself to recharge so she is geared up in all ways to do the next work in what unfolds.
She will be making a written statement and a video of her reading that statement. Heather is working long hours each day on preparing her case, which is a case that Benefits ALL. When the statement is ready and Heather has done what She, feels are the steps needed to complete it and release it. She will. Once that happens she will release it on her website.
Once they are released, I will re-post on the I UV.

I’d like to take a moment to ask You, to tune in and to reflect how things have flowed from me on this website out to you, as it relates directly to Heather since things unfolded in DC.

Now, tune in and reflect on how things have flowed from me on this website out to you, as it relates directly to Heather since she was released from custody in TN.

Now Remember, things are not happening in a vacuum. Things are changing, You are changing, The Energies are up leveling, The old is Crumbling… The New is beaming, like rays of light, into Being.

Now perhaps, if you feel moved to re-frame; the perceived absence of information flowing out, the perceived long passage of time between updates… fill in the _________ with what you have been saying/thinking/feeling/grumbling…

And see what Your inner knowing, Your gut, Your senses are telling you. Or perhaps more apt, would be offering to help You See… In this Pause in the telling You/feeding You/Posting for You direct Data and instead hearing from within the myriad of data that is flowing to You, that is tailored for you, by You (The quantum part of You).

All of Original is working on This. (hint- You are Original Source and You are working on this. You are the ones who can pull that down into your physical consciousness)

I Love You.
P.S. I have not gone anywhere. And I have things for us to do together, if you feel moved to play in an expansive way. My linear job commitments currently, are slowing the speed at which I have been accomplishing and putting forth, to sub BZ speed, although still speedy by most measures 😉



Update: 9.18.17  on RKB                                     Randy’s Birthday is September 29th

Randy’s elbow council has been appointed, Steve McGrath. RKB and McGrath are working closely together and our team is all working as support, research, and various “get it done” skills…

Randy and I have been having phone conversations, he says are very valuable to him. I can share with you that part of those conversations are about “news” I catch him up on. This touches on the different dots that are revealing themselves on a variety of different subjects and sources that are coming together painting the Truth as the curtain is drawn back and all is being revealed. If you are noticing things that are some of this “news” and “dots” send them along on your postcards.

Randy says “Everything Feels Good.”


Randy’s Birthday is Friday September 29th. If you feel so moved I know he would really appreciate lots of mail to arrive before or on his birthday!

Specific Details and suggestions for getting the mail through:

Do Not Send a “Birthday Card”! he will not get it.


1. White post cards-

2. White Card Stock- 8 1/2 x 11

3. On the address side of the post card or card stock-

Your full name- written out, your return address. **** You need to write out your full name, not just initial for first name and last name written out.

This address in the To: section.
Blount County Jail
Randall Keith Beane ID 318366
920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804-5002

4. On the message side use black or blue ink. Use your words to create word pictures, stories whatever you like. Randy can feel your energy and all that you infuse into the card in addition to the actual words written, so Know that all of your message gets through even if it does not have pictures or bright colors etc.



Update on HATJ 9.26.17:
I spoke with Heather on the phone today. As I was finishing our call I told her that I understood why the very limited flow of public information from her and no statement, but that I was asking specifically on each of your behalf when/if she would make a statement before the jurisdiction hearing?

Heather said she is safe, and working very hard on all the paperwork and court documents that will be filled this Friday, 9.29.17. Because of the commitments she made for her release and how things were flowing she felt it important to let the case and what will be filled be the method she uses to make her “statement”. Heather reiterated that All of the DOings, that each of you are doing have had/are having a major impact on what is unfolding.

She asked me to call your attention to this quote I had posted earlier-

“Its not just one person its ALL of us Together.  Its the most Unity. Its the most Awareness. And the most Utilization of Being Original. That has ever been experienced in ALL of Existence” ~HATJ

Heather said this is even more important and the expansiveness of what your BEings and DOings is creating the New Now.



UPDATE: 11.14.17

When I spoke with Randy today, he asked me to give You a message. He very much appreciates all the energy that was sent to him on the 11/11 portal, from the conference call we had and the envisioning we held the space for and for all of you who watched and heard the video later and added your energy. And he is so appreciative of your postcards. The situation in the facility right now, the escalations that are occurring via pod mates/inmates is Very difficult for Randy, right now. He said You are his Light Line! Postcards, especially with quotes and passages with expansive messages… and intentional moments where you hold the space for him is vital to what he is doing for All.

Thank You!

Much love, BZ

UPDATE: 11.30.17

At approximately 5 AM EST, Randy was moved to the Rodger D Wilson Detention Facility, in Knoxville TN.

He was moved there for his safety, after receiving a severe beating by gang of 3 inmates,  in a “hit” ordered likely by The Texas Camp, on Fridayday November 24th, at approximately 6:25 PM EST .

Randy, is being settled in. The US Marshalls did show him all the mail he had received at Blount, during his transport to Rodger D Wilson. And Randy was blown away!, I’ve been telling him we need trucks to haul all of his love postcards from You,   ; -) . They have not given the mail to him yet, but he hopes that will change.  ~ bz

Please Flood The Rodger D Wilson Detention Facility with postcards for Randy!

Send to:

Rodger D Wilson Detention Facility
5001 Maloneyville Rd
Knoxville, TN 37918
ID# 1363357












This filing 8.8.17- Dissolves the purported “Judicial – Court System”

To download the PDF directly. click here


ODDAA DC Filing 080817 a




This document – ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION OF ADDENDUM OF LAW, PRESUMPTION AND PERPETUITY with CANCELLATION OF TRUE BILL – is Heather’s template for all who feel the desire to use it!  She asked that it be shared with everyone!

To download the PDF directly. click here













files receivedUpdate Filed on 8.2.17

NOTICE Of Filing by HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF (Attachments: # (1) Appendix part 1, # (2) Appendix part 2)(Bos, David)

Case No. 17-531 (DAR)
The Defendant, through counsel, Assistant Federal Defender David W. Bos, hereby files the attached materials in connection with the Identity Hearing presently scheduled for August 4, 2017, at 10:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, A. J. KRAMER
Assistant Federal Public Defender
625 Indiana Avenue, N.W., Suite 550
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 208-7500











Update: 8.15.17 6:00 PM PDT HATJ on phone with BZ

I had another short call from Heather this evening.

H said they can start using phones about 7:30-8 am local time. She will call one of us early.

H is anticipating being moved as early as tomorrow AM early to TN.

H says Not to worry about the docs, she’s got it handled… She love and appreciates her amazing team. and everyone.

Bill, on hiring the stenographer for the hearing(s) H would like to have us give her the person’s name and phone number so she can contact her right away.

H said she is very, very pleased to hear about the plans for focusing on the BIG BIG outcome. She stressed this is so Important. That she agrees, how it will amplify and shift the flow of the court hearing/case, so its very important to expand and amplify NOW.

She said that the Judge, Parker Still/Steill, et all are making their choices and different factions in the families… That this is why all this is unfolding so that all of the purported justice system/ all the other systems, what I refer to as the “false construct” all of it is falling down/crumbling/falling away, can be made visible to ALL.

She is so grateful to all , because each one who does as they feel moved to do adds their part to this final reveal.

H talked about that, there are huge outcomes for “the ones” and their choices, especially choosing to take the step to falsifying physical evidence, go in and strike documents from the record. etc.

The outcomes of their choices are very heavy. H said her discounted rate in hourly fee that is being drawn off the accounts of these beings is-

 2.6 Quadrillion per hour.

That is my Discounted rate she explained.

She is moving forward in love, coming to resolution softly and unbinding all, but their choices have outcomes and they are acutely feeling all of those now.

H asked that we keep checking scanning the TN court schedule calendar for any hearing that is scheduled for her, needs to know as soon as we see it.

H said she would call in the morning if she was not transported. And she would call as soon as possible if she is transported in the morning 8.16.17

### BZ


1,584 Responses to “Current Status of Events Now Unfold : #HATJ and RKB Alleged Court Proceedings”

  1. Jay J says : Reply

    Thank You, BZ, for the steady updates. I am still praying that HATJ and Randy are released to their families with no trial. World peace without a World war.

  2. Joey says : Reply

    BZ OMG

    Just read the update as I am having my freekin coffee!!


  3. Joey says : Reply

    Heather and Randall WE ALL LOVE YOU STAY THE COURSE…!!!


  4. Jud!th says : Reply

    to Heather: Bravissima, Bella Gioia!
    to Randy: “Stay Going”

    BZ, count me in on da B!G picture! We R BE!ng, Doing,Celebrating the B*U*2*Full outcome together…
    ~ Hugs of Aloha to everyOne, including our Galactic Ohana 😉

  5. Sonja says : Reply


    Please join us for the Unity Meditation on August 21, 2017 at 11:11am Pacific Tim, when we utilize the hightened energies of the solar eclipse to bring about financial freedom, advanced healing, free energy and the long awaited Golden Age. 144,000 plus all meditating on the same meditation at the same time is one of our most powerful tools to break the dark cabal. This could be the Event that frees Randy and Heather, stops the killings of Natural Healing Doctors and other dark deeds.

    Here is a link to the meditation:

    Here is a link to information about the meditation:

    Together we can do this! Let’s start the New Earth on August, 21, 2017. Enough is enough!

    Thank you.

  6. researchit says : Reply

    If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Jim Henson’s movie from the ’80’s “The Dark Crystal.” It is my Favorite Movie—tells about the coming together of the dark and the light…the ending is AWESOME! It’s the perfect story for what’s going on now. Henson KNEW……he presented it perfectly. I have not heard any one reference this movie except Alex Jones did once on his show….That endeared me to him…lol.

  7. Rodger says : Reply

    Judge Shirley has stricken the

    — Notice of Appearance of Randall Keith Beane as self, “proper”, in the above titled Case, with full responsibility, liability and accountability and without prejudice, effective nunc pro tune, praeterea preterea, AND


    both filed by “Patricia Crawford” from the record.

    Filed & Entered: 2017-08-17
    Uploaded: 2017-08-17 21:24:18
    Memorandum Opinion MEMORANDUM AND ORDER as to Randall Keith Beane: ( Motion Hearing set for 8/29/2017 02:30 PM in Courtroom 3B – Knoxville before Magistrate Judge C Clifford Shirley Jr.), For Reasons stated within, the Court ORDERS that the purported Notice of Filing Notice of Appearance Doc. [21] and the Notice of Filing Standing Due Termination Now a Matter of Public Record Doc. [22] be STRICKEN. Signed by Magistrate Judge C Clifford Shirley, Jr on August 17, 2017. (JAN, )

    Full docket:

  8. Cynthia says : Reply

    FYI-A’sFFCU are Reversing Everything at the lesser banks!!! Dang hope this was the solution.

    • Bryan says : Reply

      Well, I guess the controllers are still in control – for the now.
      HATJ intends to get ALL unfettered access with facilitation.
      “ALL” includes the current controllers themselves.
      Everyone benefits from this.
      Maybe the reversals will reverse soon, as was indicated yesterday.
      I admit I’m a little confused with the whole TDA process at this point.

    • Adam says : Reply

      How do we know this? I haven’t seen any documented proof about that yet. I’m not saying its not happening, I just haven’t seen anything concrete about it. I haven’t tried using my account yet but if this is all true then I’m sure as heck gunna start discharging some debt. Love and peace to all.

  9. Joey says : Reply

    Update for all from ‘TheLightReports

    6pm PDT Conference call 8/15/17 with BZ and Heather

    You can call in at


    BZ you can correct me if this is not correct.



  10. aaron says : Reply

    BASED ON THIS DATA BELOW FROM Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, i personally thoughts and feelings are that the federal reserve will not cooperate with the notice … i feel that they are just waiting to see if the systems (globally) do lock them out, to see if the systems do go on “auto pilot” letting the new upgraded system of “source code” do its thing such as, reverse all reversals as well as allowing all transactions to go through without any problems.

    The mind set of “those” maintaining the systems of control are so ingrained in “them” that letting go for many reasons terrifies “them” which reminds me of a “story” Heather told a few years ago … it was this part of that “story” that resonated so deep within my heart and it goes like this… “while sitting around discussing what role each Original self-wanted to play, there came a moment where only difficult roles (the perceive “bad ones”) were left, it was then that an Original self said if I play this role you must promise me one thing … TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME OR I WILL BE LOST FOREVER, typing of this still brings tears to my eyes.

    Compassion/all is perfect and perfectly done …is to be in “someone else’s shoes” …and that someone IS “you”… there is only One here playing with itself.

    Since the upgraded systems did recognize the names and accounts, “they” had to hire people to manually go in and override the system and cancel/reverse/return the transactions … for now it is all about waiting for the “new” system to fully take over and completely lock “them” out, which would actually be much more efficient and faster than relying on the hired people in manually redoing these transactions.

    Update 8.16.17 Email from Heather to Denice.

    From Heather: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The federal reserve bank, i love them…all reversals are being reversed immediately…the fed res knows (rather they just found out) if the fed res doesn’t reverse the reversals, the fed res gets locked out of all the systems globally and the systems self-power, self-automate, self-facilitate, self-validate, and self-correct (reversals of the reversals) per the orders of each Original Depository.

    Guess what the primary standing order was from this Original Depository? See above…LOL 😉

  11. Gemini says : Reply

    Hi Bz…..

    Nunc pro tune….should be
    Nunc pro tunc Praeterea Preterea


  12. Bryan says : Reply

    There is just one other thing about those trust accounts the controllers created without our knowledge or consent.
    When they took our given names and made corporate trusts out of them – that was fraud and is called “personage”.
    They stole our names !!!!
    Then, they held us responsible for those corporations they created in our names without our knowledge or consent and that fraud is called “barratry”. They are trying to practice barratry on HATJ and RKB as I write this.
    It is illegal under international law for them to change our status from human beings to corporations, too. They are not allowed to change ur political status without our knowledge or consent. Period. But, they do it.
    So, let us not forget the controllers are the ones who committed the fraud.
    They have charged RKB with bank and wire fraud, etc – they are charging RKB with their own crime of fraud.
    That has always been their mode, i.e., to accuse others of what they themselves have done.
    It’s just how they operate.

  13. Cynthia says : Reply

    I should clarify, A’sFFCU has reversed a number of transactions I submitted on August 14th. I thought I was in the clear and woke up this morning to a bunch of reversal. CAPITAL ONE IS THE WORST, well, and CHASE. I am not too worried about it. I just didn’t expect it from the lesser banks and new Universal routing number.

  14. Joey says : Reply


    Keep us posted if they reverse your reversals…ugh that is a mouth full HAHAH

  15. Gemini says : Reply

    Hi Bz…..

    Nunc pro tune….should be
    Nunc pro tunc Praeterea Preterea


  16. Cynthia says : Reply

    Joey, Will do! I am looking forward to info. on the call tonight!

  17. Bryan says : Reply

    The controllers CLEARLY want all of us to continue to suffer in 3-D.
    That, for whatever reason, is their goal/policy.
    It is obvious.
    NOTHING is REAL here.
    Why do they care ?
    It’s very strange, and we clearly need disclosure very badly.

  18. Frances in France says : Reply

    Did you know we have an International Common Law Court of Justice in Vienna/Austria?

    On the 02nd of October 2015, the authorised representatives of the national founded courts of law of the ICCJ met in Bern for signing the international-law foundation contract between Germany, Austria and Switzerland and founded the ICCJV “International Common Law Court of Justice Vienna”. The ICCJV received its full international character with the foundation as an interstate organisation. The development and ratification of the Viennese statute of the ICCJV gives in harmony with existing and ratified bases of the international law and human right the ICCJV the status of an international court of law, which works for the people. The additional task is to work as a mediator, observer, keeper and guardian of the human rights and the international law. The foundation and the self-put takeover of the task for the purposes of UN / RES / 53/144 is announced to UN in Geneva (OHCHR) and New York (general secretary Ban Ki-moon and security council), the Russian Federation (Vladimir Putin) and the IGH and ISTGH in Hague.

  19. Oceanno says : Reply

    BZ I can’t seem to find the link or Call the You mentioned or am I mistaken. Thank you for your patience. “I got that done too! So H has phone service and you have a call to listen to.”

  20. Donna says : Reply

    I think we’ve finally reached the promo poster and t-shirt stage of this adventure. Just playin’ and this looks a lot better with formatting, but how about this…..

    -alias “Heather Feather”
    -alias “Dragon Queen”
    -alias “Heart of Source”

    Heather & the Originals Summer Jailhouse Tour 2017
    Bringing the *Funk Pro Tunc* to a Detention Facility near you!

    *July25 DC Central Detention Facility
    Washington, D.C.

    *Aug. 10 !Unknown!
    Somewhere, Anywhere

    *Aug. 10 Northern Neck Regional Jail
    Warsaw, VA

    *Aug. 15 The Federal Transfer Center
    Oklahoma City, OK

    *Aug. 19 Irwin County Detention Center
    Ocilla, GA

    *TBD Who’s Next?

    *[Eventually] This First and Final tour ends at the Blount County Detention Center.
    Marysville, TN

    Party time.

    • jack says : Reply

      Donna,….start making them now, $20 a piece,…….great idea.


    • Waylon says : Reply

      What you’re proposing is offensive and disrespectful. Randy and Heather are not on some kind of wild Disney adventure. They are sitting in cramped jail cells facing very serious federal charges. If convicted, Heather could receive 20 years in federal prison. Randy is looking at 40 years or more. This is an incredibly serious situation and should always be treated as such.

      • Anna says : Reply

        Waylon, there is a funny side to everything in life. Nothing is so dead serious that we can’t laugh about it. It is, in fact, the contrary. On our way to liberation, we must learn to laugh about life, death, ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in, even if these are painful.
        I quite like this idea of making T-shirts to commemorate the “Originals’ Prison Tour”. Super!! 😉

      • Donna says : Reply

        No disrespect intended. At all. Ever. Was thinking of Final Outcomes and feeling lighthearted.

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          and Beautifully Done, Donna. I feel the deflation from you.

          Please do what works best for you to stand back in the FLOW of expansion you were in when you wrote this.

      • jack says : Reply

        Waylon, ……Ah! quick to judge. The money is held by “BZ” and pays for attorney’s fees.


        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          actually the money is held by Bill when you donate it and then I use some of it to pay for various fees. The email account, the phone calls, the filling fees, the postage to fedex doc overnight…………… and so on.

    • Stella Sunshine says : Reply

      Donna – What a fabulous idea……..BRILLIANT!!!!

    • Alice says : Reply

      That’s a great idea, thumbs up! I would definitely buy one

    • Eileen says : Reply

      “Heather and the Originals Jailhouse Tour 2017” – I would definitely order a few!!

    • Jennifer says : Reply

      Hello Donna! Are you still moved to have the t-shirts made?? I keep looking for them!!

      With the greatest waves of LOVE, ALL WAYS ALWAYS, blessings to ALL

    • Jennifer says : Reply

      I really like the suggestion that Eileen made

  21. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    UPDATE: Donations for HATJ and RKB

    For the avoidance of any doubt, the Current and Only PayPal email address for any and all Donations to assist Randall Keith Beane with his expenses is :- Managed by Patricia, Randy’s cousin

    Donations for the assistance of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf with her expenses may be sent via PayPal to the following email address :-

    Please put a note in the Paypal message box ‘for Heather’

    Can you all please update any links, web pages or contacts that you may have accordingly. Very much appreciated. (heart)


  22. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

    Update 8.19.17 Mid morning PDT- On Focusing on Big, Big, Big, Outcome Call 1, Hijacking
    I just received a call from Will Reed, the chief/head tech at I had sent a ticket to them describing with Love, the Cluster $%&&^ that was the call and the tech for the conference call we were trying to do. He said he does Not/ the company does Not, usually do calls on the weekends. But the way reading my email made him feel. He was compelled to call me. Will said there was Major network disruption that started right at the time of my scheduled call. He and all the other techs have Never seen Anything like it. They were scrambling. This disruption took all their calls down in a cascading effect from my conference call.

    All the techs got together and they are initiating a Trace on where the disruption came from/the outside source. They Want to Know who/what did it. Will said he would definitly follow up to let me know. I thanked him and told him I would make sure that everyone on the call knew how helpful he had been with providing this detailed behind the scenes information.


  23. Dalton says : Reply

    Below is something coming on Sept 15th, 2017 for ACH.. I still don’t think this will enable us to get access to our money. All of these so-called TDA/Secret SSN accounts are all setup as RDFIs (Receiving Depository Financial Institution), which means our accounts are only setup to receive deposits and credits and no debits or withdrawals are accepted.. This is what produces the R34 error with Limited Participation..

    Same Day ACH: Moving Payments Faster (Phase 2)

    New capabilities of Same Day ACH become effective over phases to allow financial institutions and businesses to acclimate to a faster processing environment, as well as to ease the implementation effort. Beginning September 15, 2017, Same Day ACH will be available for debit entries, enabling the same-day processing of virtually any ACH payment.

    The Rule enables the option for same-day ACH payments through additional ACH Network functionality, without affecting previously available ACH schedules and capabilities:

    Originating financial institutions (ODFIs) are able to submit files of same-day ACH payments through two additional clearing windows provided by the ACH Operators (Note: The actual ACH Operator schedules are not determined by the NACHA Operating Rules.):

    A morning submission deadline at 10:30 AM ET, with settlement occurring at 1:00 PM.
    An afternoon submission deadline at 2:45 PM ET, with settlement occurring at 5:00 PM.
    Virtually all types of ACH payments, including both credits and debits, are eligible for same-day processing. Only international transactions (IATs) and high-value transactions above $25,000 are not eligible. Eligible transactions account for approximately 99 percent of current ACH Network volume.

    All RDFIs are required to receive same-day ACH payments, thereby giving ODFIs and Originators the certainty of being able to send same-day ACH payments to accounts at all RDFIs.

    • Anna says : Reply

      Debits and withdrawals are accepted as this is the way our judges et al are being paid with our money: they access our accounts to WITHDRAW money from them.
      Not everyone has received a “R34 error “, most people get their bills PAID first time around, even if they suffer reversal afterwards (manual reversals).

      • Joey says : Reply

        True Dalton

        When unfettered access happens the R34 code will be removed and reversals will not happen. Easier fix here which will be a good win/win for the bureaucratic institutes or what you would call the middle man is the banks. Once the code is removed or any code for that matter, you will be able to push credits(i.e money) from your TDDA(Treasury Direct Deposit Account) to your personal bank account without issue. I see that as a HUGE win-fall for everyone. Think about it…banks get to hold your credits, you get to pay debits, purchase with your credits…companies are set to expand like crazy and those old energy companies(collection agencies wither and die) this is just a start…however for the seed to grow this the TDDA accounts must be open to every human on the planet.

        Its our funds to do as we see if…think larger than just getting a hold of that money, think how NOT having any debt will allow that one human to create…it will be amazing….

  24. Cynthia says : Reply

    Has anyone else experienced/seen a “reversal” of their “reversal” besides the two mentioned above? Does it show up simply as a credit back to the account?

  25. Mike says : Reply

    Does anyone know where Heather is right now? I heard Mike Obrien say she is currently in an ICE facility on a youtube video, but I don’t know.

    If she is, does anyone know why they would have her there? I don’t know myself, I’m just asking if anyone knows.


    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Update: 8.18.17 HATJ is now at her new hotel

      Irwin County Detention Center

      Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf ID 51356
      132 Cotton Drive, Ocilla, GA 31774
      Telephone: 229-468-4121

      White postcards Only- your name but no return address

      • Sophia says : Reply

        Does this mean the postcards cannot have any pictures on it? I was going to send one with a beautiful picture but if its going to be kept from Heather I will send her a plain one..

        Much love,

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          no pictures, just white postcard.
          Actually the best way to do it is to use USPS and order/create a postcard right online through them.

          It is quick and easy and as you create the images you want to convey with your words, you can infuse it with your energy too. By doing it that way, you are doing it within “their” system and that will smooth the way for delivery to him.

          You will also be infusing your energy ALL along the path that card travels directly within the sytem. You are Lighting Up the system by your DOing. (heart)

          • Sophia says :

            Wonderful, I will do that on the USPS website 🙂

            Beautifully stated, after I wrote my question to you (which you replied at 1:11!!) that’s exactly what I was seeing… Sending you, Heather, Randy and everyone involved so much Love xoxo

      • Joey says : Reply

        Hi BZ

        Crazy question…can we call her?

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          no one can call her. H can initiate a call from her end using the prepaid funds I set up for her on her list of approved phone numbers.

  26. Steve says : Reply

    I’ve never hugged a Dragon…

  27. Ccd says : Reply

    Looking forward to hear what will reed has to say about that conference call that was hijacked

  28. Joey says : Reply


    Just listened to the Youtube conversation….i cried a couple of times…the amount of emotion I had was beyond just my own. I could feel everyone. Everyone in the prison system rejoicing they are going to all be free too…this is amazing…SANTA is coming early this year….


    • Bryan says : Reply

      I sure hope we hear something from the “Mockingbird” media, too.
      I’m not sure that we will. ????? I would think some of the media are on the “A-Team”.
      I’m sure many of us would like to be validated. I hope that’s today, or at least very soon.
      I’ve been waiting for validation since before 9/1/2001. I tire of being considered crazy –
      I told EVERYONE 911 was an inside job since the day it happened. Almost nobody believes it, of course.
      It won’t be real to most until they hear it on the media.

  29. Ccd says : Reply

    So is Heather getting out Randy to what do we do to access I’m blown away is this real

  30. Anna says : Reply

    Seen on Youtube :

    COMMENT BY tama yeager gibson: “Contact Michael Tellinger. He has proof the proof! He took the bankers to court 3 times over the bc bonds!!! All the way to the supreme court. This has already been done!!! We are wasting precious time. Everyday we are one step closer to agenda 21!!! Doing the same things over and over again. Things thst do not accomplish anything. PLEASE!!!”

    REPLY BY Extra ordinarylight34: “tama yeager gibson great info I will use him as one of my research points for this week and if I find anything that can be helpful I will try to get in contact with him the best way I can to see if he can give us any insight on this.”


    Why not contact Michael Tellinger, indeed, he has been there

    BZ, maybe the next cal should be with Michael?

  31. KAY says : Reply

    I AM SHARING THIS LINK FROM FACEBOOK ITS FROM Barb Welch regarding accessing your value through Project 13 rcreated by Caleb Skinner one of the signers of the UCC with Heather


  32. Sonja says : Reply

    Hey Everybody, critical mass was achieved during the Unity Meditation during the eclipse today. Light flows in more freely now. Can you feel the increase. It will only get better from here. Thank you so much for calling the Light.

    Here is the link to the initial message from Cobra:

    I have not heard the report from Corey Goode yet, but I am sure it will include great news as well.

  33. Joey says : Reply

    Hey everyone

    I cannot be the only on here who sleeps less and less. Not because I have insomnia, I mean just because of the amazing energy. This has been going on since early July and now I only sleep about 5 hours a night, when I was a sold 8 hours a night sleeper for the last 44 years…no lie!!! I feel amazing, just like im a kid at a candy store kinda feeling.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Thanks! Joey!

    • Janis says : Reply

      Yes, Joey. I have always slept +/- eight hours (and am truly grateful for that!) but now I am awakening while it is still dark, and can’t stay in bed. I feel like I finally, after many many years, have something to look forward to!!! I AM LOVING IT!

  34. Oceanno says : Reply

    I can’t seem to find Randy’s new address I wanted to send a postcard.
    I got Heather’s cards ready to go.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      White Postcards Only!

      Randy says please leep sending post cards. Just the white ones, with your name but no return address. They do not allow him to have the ones with pictures on them.

      Blount County Jail
      920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
      Maryville, TN 37804-5002

      Randall Keith Beane
      ID # 318366

  35. Oceanno says : Reply

    youssef jarraf What A Great update! Loving You through Me!

  36. AH says : Reply

    Thank you Heather for all you’re doing. I’m not exactly sure if detention center and hotel are the same thing but I hope she’s comfortable and doing well. Looking forward to her full release. Please, please provide current instructions for the unfettered access. It seems that there’s some type of operations out there that’s creating blockage.

  37. Oceanno says : Reply

    Thank You BZ got them off!

  38. Adam says : Reply

    Been thinking of trying my account for a little while now but today I decided to actually do it. Put a payment thru for 200 on my credit card. Status was showing as ‘processing’ all day but I just checked and it says ‘processed’ and ‘applied’. Fingers crossed that it sticks. I wish the best for Heather and randy in their crusade. I forever dream of a world where we can Be whatever we want to Be.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Adam,

      Remember if it get’s reversed DO NOT GET DOWN…the systems are changing and this is going to take a massive overall to code to prime for ALL our antiquated systems.

      Thanks Joey!

  39. Cindy says : Reply

    I need help identifying the correct reference number for the following 2 page 3rd line down from top-
    pg. 1 of 2

    I AM, source of all that is, with full responsibility, accountability, and liability, without prejudice, nunc pro tunc, praetera preterea, and by and with the due power of all I AM, I do duly make, issue, confirm, verify, reconfirm, ratify, and notice this ORIGINAL DUE DECLARATION OF ISSUE BY ORIGINAL DEPOSITORY, with reference number [reference number], that it is true, accurate, and complete, for all to rely upon, and that I AM conscious and competent to make this DECLARATION:”
    Any decision or guidance on need for a Signature Card?
    Thanks BZ…..

  40. Karen Page says : Reply

    Hello do anyone know when Heather will be out someone said in 24 to 36 hours but she is still in jail sending my prayers for her and Randall January pray ghats they get out soon

    • just me says : Reply

      yes karen ~ i agree with you. we need something tangible along with what we are desiring to see manifest. an update – a response as to what happened to the 24-36 hour comment. what happened with the visit yesterday with the jail manager. be impeccable with our words. if one doesn’t know, say we don’t know. but to make a statement (24-36 hour) and then be in silence about it after the fact makes it difficult to believe. there are many of us who are suffering for far too long – health issues needing remedies that insurance doesn’t cover. new technologies that we have been investigating and intending and waiting on for far too long. i watched yet another person die of cancer – treatable by these repressed technologies – leaving behind a 13 year old daughter. enough is enough already. said with love and respect.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Karen

      You can listen to the call that Heather was located here–>

      There was no indication or discussion about Heather or Randall being released(not that you said that however) I have been reading miss information ALL over internet. It seems as thou many are frustrated and want answers. Its seems as humans we want to hear what is really not being said…I call this selective hearing …HAHAHA we all do this…

      I read that she said aliens where coming, to ALL the TDDA accounts would be released to us. She didn’t say any of this.

      What I did hear was that she needed our collective co creation consciousness to come together for the next 36-48hrs that it was critical to mass this energy for the end result. That is what I heard…lets put that wonderful amazing human energy behind Randalls hearing on Aug. 29th….

      Always with Love Joey! Stay strong Karen this is almost over…..!

  41. AH says : Reply

    Keep fighting Heather. Make good use of your legal team. There’s gotta to be a way to be released from this against Heather government confinement without giving away your freedom and rights.

    Be blessed.

  42. DonHo says : Reply

    Still getting reversals as of today, Aug 23rd. Nothing has changed. And I looked at some of the Bank Instruments in my account (Fidelity) and there are many that are new issue, just issued during the month of August 2017. From Treasuries to CD’s to Municipal Bonds. Many new ones. This means that SOMEONE has still been using my accounts just like they always have. As I said, it appears that NOTHING HAS CHANGED AT ALL. Any comments??

    • Janis says : Reply

      Hello DonHo. A thought I have, which not too many people are focusing on, is that we were advised to attempt to claim our TDAs, and leave the rest for later. And to follow a fairly direct simple route. Someone suggested just going in to look at the bonds, etc.,to validate there are numerous accounts, but not to try to access them yet. The system needed to respond to one situation at a time. Immediately people got excited and started trying to get into it all, and have been sadly disappointed. I keep thinking if we go back the original recommendation, and be patient, it will come into fruition. Bless everyone for Doing their best! Out time has come! XOX

      • DonHo says : Reply

        Janis, thanks for the reply…
        As i had stated, I only went in for a peek at how many instruments were being held and type and amounts, mainly for curiosity. I was not trying to access to try to sell or anything like that, just wanted a look. Over 2000 instruments in my name. My point was that we were told that no accounts were able to be accessed since 2013, but i found that not to be the case. SOMEONE has just purchased many new instruments in July and August of this year, there are 1, 3 and 5 year Municipal bonds, CD’s, Treasury Bonds, etc. Many brand new. Some with coupon (interest) some without. The fact remains that if someone is doing it to me, then they are still probably doing it to EVERYONE. This means that they still have access and control and the UCC1 filing did nothing to stop them. Further comments anyone???

  43. Ccd says : Reply

    What happened in the call it was like it just dropped out

  44. Devorah says : Reply

    Great call last night!

    A thought: Think about it – in this ‘game’ we have devised and have been playing for longer than we can recall, we have ‘collected’ many experiences, i.e., poverty, suffering, death, illness, slavery, seeming oppression. The list is endless. Fill in your blanks.

    What is the ONE experience we, as a collective, have NOT had, at least in the in the last 2,000 years and much longer? You got it – prosperity, abundance, safety, having and owning our VALUE.

    We are orchestrating the release of funds because we NEED this one experience before we can totally move on. Make sense? So, this will happen no matter what. The timing is contingent upon the level of readiness and responsibility we are able muster to be able to handle such amounts. Imagine – it is here. It is already in your hands. Your bank account is overflowing, you lack for nothing. How does it FEEL? Are you giddy and ready to buy everything you couldn’t get your hands on before? Are you still in poverty consciousness, ‘I don’t deserve this’, and you want to give it all away as soon as possible? What are your reasons for your humanitarian projects? Do the people you want to help really want your help, or is it for you?

    When we can accept this gift and manage it properly is when we will receive it, AND, never underestimate that this is a test – one of consciousness, where we first accept our value and, having allowed and accepted it, experienced it, move on to the fact that ‘it’s not about the money.’

    • Cynthia says : Reply

      Thank you Decorah. I was not able to be on the call. From previous posts expressing inability to hear etc. I didn’t know if it happened. Has the recording been posted somewhere?

    • Joey says : Reply



      I missed the call last night. BZ should have it up later on Youtube.

      DO AND BE!


    • Celeste says : Reply

      Oh Devorah, I so, SO, love your way of thinking!! Exactly!! It make so much sense. Looking forward to all we’re creating together in this next part of this game and to the huge reunion party afterwards, too!

    • Anna says : Reply

      Well said, Devorah… and I might add: charity starts at home!!!! 😉 🙂 🙂

  45. Dorrell says : Reply

    Ms. Tucci -Jarrafs’ next hotel should be home. Doesn’t the FEDERAL judicial time clock run out tomorrow, being her 30th day of” vacation”? With no arraignment?

  46. Cynthia says : Reply


  47. Eric D says : Reply

    Thank you keeping use informed about Heather’s hotel movements. Eric 🙂

  48. Oceanno says : Reply
    If you have not seen this it really is worth the view

  49. Charity says : Reply

    Aloha everyone,
    I have been doing some googling, haha, and found some interesting things. Has anyone here gone through the process of becoming a secured party creditor? so you can access the TDA?

    • Irina says : Reply

      I was listening to Jelaila Starr for at least ten times by now, and every time I hear something I missed the previous time. But today I want to talk about only one aspect, which, it seems to me, we are missing out on. Please hear me out.
      We have to reclaim our financial freedom and take responsibility for handling abundant financial resources. We WONT get it without it. We all are talking about glitches in the system/wrong routing numbers/ different names of institutions , which case us returns. Or about not fallowing the right process, and trying our best to figure out this mysterious “right Process”. Everyone in its own, unique way. But I think this is where we got it wrong. I think higher forces are trying their best to get us as many clues as possible without giving it away completely. We all already have the prove that accounts do exist. My last payment from Barclay was returned because (and I am quoting) “ PAYMENT WAS RETURNED FROM AN EXTERNAL BANK ACCOUNT THAT YOU DID NOT HAVE OWNERSHIP TO USE”. Hey, if this is not the prove – what is? So, yes, they are there. Now, how we get into them?
      Well, we have step-by step instructions from Ginger on how and what to do, Why don’t we all fallowing the same steps, and just murder the system with our collective “fist” shooting in the same spot? Instead of biting it in all different places, trying our own versions of the “process” ? We all have slightly different scenarios. That is where we can get together and help each other to solve our individual “how to”. For example, I was born in different country, I think I figured out how to deal with that, and I can share with those who in the same situation. But we all will be swimming in the same river, in the same direction, targeting the same spot in this wall, which we seems like facing right now. Together we are strong enough to finish the system – separately we are not that strong.. If someone do not have this “step-by-step” instruction, I have it, I can post it. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you and let’s do it!

      • Mary Dressler says : Reply

        Aloha are you referring to Gingers step by step instructions? If so I find them very confusing, if you have simplified these step by step instructions that would be awesome….I have sent GINGER several e-mails to ask her how both of our heads could perfect those instructions however NEVER HAD I RECEIVED AN E MAIL YET! I believe if we can all work together we could unite as one! this has more power,,,,,,PLEASE POST YOURS IF THEY ARE DIFFERENT! MAHALO

  50. Joey says : Reply

    Hey BZ

    I just check on HATJ here—>Inmate locator for FBOP..

    I searched for Heather

    This is what comes up!

    Register Number: 86748-007
    Age: 45
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Release Date: UNKNOWN

  51. linmic says : Reply

    It may interest BZ to hear Zorra from Hollow Earth on Aug. 18 mentioned his craft was observing and comforting Heather and said she is under “their” protection and would be released and we would have unfettered access to our federal reserve accounts. This information came at nearly the end of a 2+ hr radio show at minute 140 on: Zorra from Hollow Earth civilization speaks through his son, Billie/Zaraya, about the coming shift. The beginning of the program is about his son Billie’s life, but later in the program, Zorra takes over the interview.

  52. Rodger says : Reply

    Arraignment hearing was supposed to have happened yesterday, 8/24, at 2:15 PM. Detention hearing scheduled for 10:30 AM Tuesday, 8/29, same day as Randy’s hearing to fire his attorney and represent himself.

  53. Joey says : Reply

    Thought I would share this is everyone,

    Had a dream: In the dream, around me in large room where husks(like skins) ALL around me, including one of mine. The husks resemble what I can only equate to a chrysalis. In the dream, my feeling was a bit confused and sleepy, as if I was JUST waking up from a night sleep, a really good night sleep. I just kept looking around the room at ALL the husks…and then I woke up!

    I looked at the clock and it was 12:12am!

    Hmmmm great stuff huh?

    Love Joey!

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Wonderful expansion Joey!
      Have you felt into the thought “a dream” and instead you actually where there, and unfolding just as your “dream” played out?
      Its Your Crystine body and all transformations coming online.
      We are all moving/ have moved from carbon based to crystalline based.

  54. Irina says : Reply

    Good morning Everyone,

    So, the hearing is scheduled for 10:30 AM Tuesday, August 29th. I know there are people who will be going to TN to show their support and be part of the movement. I very much would love to go, but it is just not happening. Therefore, I was thinking maybe we can do group meditation at this time on Tuesday, 29th? To send some positive energy, support and love? I trust that many of us will be doing it anyway, but together we are stronger.. What do you think? Love and light

  55. Folks, if so pre-disposed, kindly join me in making this Call for Heather:

    Beloved Jesus, the Christ, Beloved Holy Spirit, I bring these illusions, in time, to the Truth: Heather Tucci-Jarraf’s Jurisdiction Hearing, scheduled for August 29, 2017, 10:30 AM EST; and her detention at this location: Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility, 5001 Maloneyville Rd, Knoxville, TN 37918, (865) 281-6700, ID 1369008.

    I say to any brother, a starry spark I am, seemingly involved in any manner whatsoever with these illusions: Brother, you are Christ, pure, innocent and holy. All is forgiven and released, now.

    Thank you! I am grateful!

  56. Oceanno says : Reply

    The update (on 8-22) is from Youssef Jarraf. Is this person married to Heather, and does this person post (using the name “Yosef”) the “SITREP” on

  57. Joey says : Reply

    Update on some context

    No where can I find on any search engine or site regarding a so called ‘jurisdiction’ hearing for a person only property…and that super vague in itself….which is what Heather said a while ago…slave trade…it ended I believe she said on this planet last year….or sooner…so funny in a great way..everything she said is happening no such law no such system no such court….this is great stuff…she is taking it all down as she moves to these places and steps in this so called law process.

    LOVE YOU HEATHER…Taking it down one brick at a time…all will fall shortly…and if you ALL have noticed this case and Randalls is actually moving super super fast…most of these cases take years…prior to any hearing dates…Ive done a tone a of research on these type of cases they take years…

    Love Joey!

  58. Chris says : Reply

    Mike Obrian has an interesting video pertaining to the term “UNITED STATES” vs. “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. This may effect Heathers and Randys position (for the good)

    • That is a huge discovery! I wonder if HATJ and Randy have realized this! I have years of research into all this. Never saw all 3 entities named in one filing before or even on one case.

  59. Steve says : Reply

    Big Picture – Heather does not have her constitutional rights and Randy was wrongly indicted. Meaning we should be mad those have been taken away along with others in jail. When she wins it means that we get back our constitutional rights and justice prevails. That should also free others in the system. We need to envision a free and just system for the future.

    HATJ tour – she has been meeting with others in jail to find their take and how we could have a better future. Meaning, “Why are you doing drugs?” “What needs to be different in the future to not do drugs?” “How can we have you not do crimes?” “What needs to change?” “What part of the justice and courts needs the biggest change?”

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      perhaps consider letting go of the OLD thought to have this kind of system at all-
      Why try to fix/restructure/reconstitute even in a new way.
      Something That DID NOT exist before, and more importantly was an illusion as was the need for Punitive measures an illusion.

      Perhaps its helpful when envisioning to come from YOUR visions, not reworking or jumping from False Construct visions/stories

      • Celeste says : Reply

        That’s exactly how I see it BZ. I look around at the world now and see so many things that when I’m envisioning the bigger more expansive outcome will no longer exist: pharmaceutical industry, lawyers, entertainment industry, financial institutions, DMV offices, most govt offices and all politicians, homeless … well the list can go on and on as so much has been an illusion, which makes it kind of hard to plan anything, lol–but maybe all those days of planning so much are over, too. 🙂 I look at the whole law and prison system with wide awake eyes and see in my vision most of those people in prison free again and living their lives. We can get caught up in the old storylines and the way things were, but I think imagining and creating our next big adventure is where I’ll keep my focus. One thing that really kept me thinking after the call was what Bob said about that week when people first found out about the money and the energy shift that took place. Makes you realize just how vital we are to all of this and how important keeping our focus on all those amazing things we truly want in our lives really is to helping us create the biggest outcome imaginable.

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          Yes, each one here, On the PLANET NOW, has a vital role to play.

          And the indoctrination/programing/mind control, yes mind control of You, and you and each of us. Has worked very well, so part of your vital role is to Keep shaking it off, stay awake, stay focused, stay in the heart!

          Then imagine and do as you feel moved to do.

          If your perception is, things are not happening fast enough, especially with unfettered access, which is a BIG one people mention/complain/kibitz over… In the same breath, ask what am I doing to pull that outcome in at the speed I desire it to come?

    • Anna says : Reply

      Since when does justice prevail in the US satanic judicial system?

  60. Gordon says : Reply

    Heather Anne you are a super cool chick !
    I want you to know people out here are thinking of
    You . God speed

  61. Danae says : Reply

    Love is the answer. If the application of Love is unclear to you simply ask your own inner guidance for clarity and it will come, it must because you asked, so be patient and pay attention because by the very nature of these things it is likely to be something different than what you might have thought. And have fun in the process, that helps everything flow more smoothly. Blessings to all.

  62. Cynthia says : Reply

    It is probably very obvious, in plain sight, I can’t find an update?? Do we have an update on HATJ’s jurisdiction hearing from this morning?

  63. Cynthia says : Reply

    In plain sight! Haha! I knew it. Thank you BZ!

  64. Rodger says : Reply

    Sui Juris (in my own right) (American Common Law/Jurisdiction)is the only way to speak to any court as it is for we of the one people, Never Pro anything, never. Pro Se or Pro Per(Statutory Law/Jurisdiction) as these terms indicate you are an attorney representing yoself and are using their BAR CLUB COPYRIGHTED STATUTES/CODES/REGULATIONS (PRIVATE “LAW”) VIOLATING THEIR COPYRIGHTS is a FELONY in their eyes. You is plural, so ye are never you either and ye are a people/child of the Creator and not a person/citizen/THING/ALL CAP NAME. Ye have NO NAME but ye have an appellation and are not to BE called out but rather appealed to. WHO are YOU? Appellations are all lower case and are Non-Legal whereas NAMES are all UPPERCASE and LEGAL. i have no legal name as it applies to a thing and not THE living BE-ING I AM and i know we all here on this same page right now are. Ya Bless you all. Please see that Randy gets tis and represents himself as Sui Juris and nothing but Sui Juris Period. Love and Light to all. 🙂 🙂

  65. Rodger says : Reply

    The last post was opinion for randy only, i am not an attorney.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      The path they are both working on is for H, to represent herself and Randy, and perhaps have an elbow council from Frances Lloyd, who was/is the attorney who consulted at the hearing Thursday.
      He has amazing energy, I had a good phone conversation with him today.

      If it goes as far as a trial.

      • Joey says : Reply


        I doubt they(the former powers that has been) would even want this to go to trial… would be interesting thou…

      • Brian says : Reply

        much love and respect for you and all your efforts.
        Heather has stated a number of times that all of us have multiple accounts world-wide and has alluded to the fact that her efforts(OPPT and current UCC filings) have been to allow us all access to these accounts that have been held secretly in trust.
        My question is, how did she gain access to the list of ‘all her secret trust accounts world-wide’?
        And could you tell me how I can obtain the same ‘list of secret trust accounts world-wide’ that are held in my name.
        This information has been left out thus far and would legally enable me to move forward with this, not just me but everyone on the planet

  66. Reuben Emmanual Bailey says : Reply

    Heather is there for a purpose to free humanity she will prevail! People need to focus on the inside instead of the outside.

  67. Cynthia says : Reply

    Google:What is SUI JURIS?
    Lat. Of his own right; possessing full social and civil rights; not under any legal disability, or the power of another, or guardianship. Having capacity to manage one’s own affairs; not under legal disability to act for one’s self. Story, Ag.
    Law Dictionary: What is SUI JURIS? definition of SUI JURIS (Black’s Law Dictionary)

  68. Rodger says : Reply

    People please, children of our One Creator please,Focusing on the inside requires a working knowledge of the meanings of words.
    Human is defined as a MONSTER, we r of mankind and NOT HUMANITY. Persons are things, we r people. Walk like a duck, flap like a duck and talk like a duck and BE real. I just want to emphasize the proper use of words according to their meaning and JUR IS DICT ION,being FICTION or real. FICTION will always win when CONSENT is granted and words may grant JURISDICTION to the FICT IT IOUS ONES. I Be lieve/know in my heart HATJ will prevail and i pray for her regularly. The all eged PTB (PTW) still feel in con trol after being LAW FULLY fore closed upon in 2013, (Real izing the diff be tween LAWFUL and LEGAL). There fore knowing and using proper/pro per terminology is BE-ING responsibe with words in ye spells. Using words without realizing their meanings is irresponsible and can be detrimental to One and ALL. Please people know we have all been in doc trin ated to speak and write the way the BAR (FOR EIGN AGENTS CLUB) want us to so they can and usually do win/WIN. BE and DO responsibly. Love and BE loved. Share the light and receive light. Know this is all about learning, loving and sharing for the greater good of ALL. May the Creator our Father Love, Bless and hold each and every one of us sojourning here in his hand keeping us safe from all the negativity going on all around on a Daily basis. Ya Bless ye all, especially BZ, HATJ and Randall in Light and Love. Hallelujah. We all are the winners, Hallelujah.

  69. Roger says : Reply

    Above all else, what ever ye do, live in Truth, Honesty and Love, share and be a beacon of light on everyone/body you meet in life. The time we receive/have/live here is too short to BE/DO/and live any other way. Heather/HATJ BE-ING our best example in over two thousand years, Hallelujah. Thank you BZ too, love 2 all reading, Hallelujah

  70. Roger says : Reply

    People know this, OPPT is not and was never a movement of any kind. It was a foreclosure of Corporations worldwide and Government Corporations worldwide including the UNITED NATIONS and the UN, 2 distinctly different organizations. OPPT was never and the NOW I-UV is not anti government. We who know this are loving peaceful people who accept LAWFUL governments for LAWFUL purposes as HATJ has always ac know ledged. Example of out of control Alleged Corporate Government as we speak, NO JOKING ASIDE; THIS IS GETTING DOWN RIGHT “TOO SERIOUS” — IT IS UNFORTUNATE THAT IT MIGHT WAKE UP







    BE and stay positive and Ya Bless us all world wide.
    first-middle:family appalation without prejudice always this way and all lower case

  71. Joey says : Reply

    BZ so fun right?

    Jurisdiction to Detention hearing HAHAHA or back to Jurisdiction….??

    Love you Heather! Keep going!


    Here is a link with the correct times for a freedom meditation next Tuesday. Please share!

    Those of us who can’t be there personally can be there in the “field”!

  73. Wonders about everything says : Reply

    Last night in a dream I and several other people were in a white/gray room it was confined but had high ceilings, we were levitating up, learning, testing our abilities by sort of jumping. Then we would levitate up 3, 4, 5 feet and higher, other people in this room were watching in disbelief and awe, wondering if they could do it too, Heather, Randal, a bunch of others and I had a blast, akin to playing on a pogo stick, without the stick…. 😉 And this morning right before I awoke, a voice said, 13 Baktun and showed the Mayan artifact in my minds eye. I was in Tulum really physically in June 2017, and yes I left a small recorder quartz crystal near the pyramid at the beach, I also saw a huge aircraft like jet fly over me, it was luminescent pearl white, with wings that were curved, the body was refined it was regal and completely silent. After the message this am I was attracted to this web portal, here is Heathers Galactic Signature you can find yours, you can get a moon calendar, ( maybe she can use this as her signature, lolololol 😉 those poo people are just gonna want to be done with all of us 😉 you know they will be wondering though because now they will question their reality and after everyone is released only faint signs of crystaline impressions remain haunting their consciousness. More links and fun stuff there across the bridge of time a message is waiting for you app> I hope this Time Post makes Heather and Randal giddy, I am grinning wide over the synchronicity … we are with you we love you.

  74. Yambo says : Reply

    Urgent Message for Donald Trump:
    This is an urgent message for US President Donald J. Trump:
    Help is on the way.
    What appears to be an insurmountable obstacle will melt away like morning mist.
    You have been chosen to enter the vacated Office of President of the United States of America (Unincorporated). We have seen your heart in your actions and we approve of the steps you have taken to get the Ship of State back on course.
    The so-called “New Republic” does not have a contract. Mr. Rothschild has been repeatedly rebuffed and informed that we have made new arrangements and have new contracts with new federal service providers in place following the attempt to vacate the federal obligations and commercial service contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America.
    The assistance that FRANCE has rendered as part of the transition to new vendors is appreciated, but only approved on a month-by-month service for hire basis.
    This counter-offer has been published widely and accepted, so there is no excuse for FRANCE to continue making efforts or claims otherwise. The so-called New Republic may represent the failed Territorial United States during its reorganization, but does not represent us.
    Likewise, upon you acceptance of the Office of the President of the United States of America and your return to your birthright political status, you will be fully indemnified and enabled to act in concert with Michael Stephan Young to represent the interests of the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc.
    Our claims are in place and our Sovereign Letters Patent are recorded along with all the other documentation and corrections of the Public Record needed to enforce the Will of the People and their organic states.
    You are not limited to be the President of a bankrupt Municipal or Territorial Government Services Corporation. You have the Office of the President of the United States of America (unincorporated) ready and waiting for your acceptance. Your indemnification bond will be sent to the treasury early next week, and until then and in the interim you can shelter your office under the indemnification bond of your birth state: AMRI00001 RA393427640US.
    The United States of America is among the last standing land jurisdiction governments on Earth. It is the only entity (now that the Holy See has abdicated) competent to sort out this Mess, to forgive odious international debt, to restructure and exchange debts among nations, and to re-settle and re-venue the national governments owed to all the people on Earth.
    As President of the unincorporated United States of America, you will be representing the interests and security of the actual states and people, who are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. and all their franchises, subsidiaries and agencies.
    This is a sacred calling in the universal sense, not to be undertaken lightly.
    If you love your country, as we believe that you do, you are now enabled to occupy the land jurisdiction office and to act as a faithful fiduciary and agent of the unincorporated United States of America.
    If Paul Ryan does assume office as President of the bankrupt Territorial United States, it should be regarded as a private corporate issue and not as any transfer of power or delegated authority affecting your public office as President of the United States of America upon your acceptance or the duty owed by both of you to the actual states and people.

    ~Anna Von Reitz

  75. Rodger says : Reply

    U.S. Marshals Service – Freedom of Information/Privacy Act (or

    U.S. Marshals Service – Freedom of Information/Privacy Act
    Major Information Systems (or

    U.S. Marshals Service – Freedom of Information/Privacy Act
    Major Information Systems
    Justice Detainee Information System (or

    FOIA Contact

    FOIA E-Mail
    William E. Bordley
    FOIA/PA Officer
    CG-3, 15th Floor, Washington, DC 20530-0001
    (703) 740-3943
    Fax: (703) 740-3979

    FOIA Public Liaison:
    (703) 740-3935
    Customer Service Center:
    (703) 740-3943

    FOIA/PA Officer
    Office of General Counsel
    Department of Justice
    U.S. Marshals Service
    Washington, DC 20530-1000 (202) 307-9054
    Upon request, the agency’s electronic Reading Room may be accessed through a computer located at USMS headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. Please call (202) 307-9054 to make arrangements.

    U.S. Marshals Service – FOIA Resources

    U.S. Marshals Service – FOIA Resources
    Information Systems
    Prisoner Movement

    Recent FOIA cases involving US Marshals Service:

    Pinson v. U.S. Dep’t of Justice

    White v. Dep’t of Justice et al

    Davis v. Dep’t of Justice et al


    Allison v. U.S. Marshall Service

  76. David Brown says : Reply

    According to the transcript Parker Still testified before the Grand Jury in TN that Randall Beane used an account number that was one digit different from Randall’s SSN. If that was a factor in obtaining an indictment, the why was no mention of this pertinent information made in the indictment itself? Hmmm, it seems Parker didn’t want the members of the Grand Jury asking the obvious questions.

    Anyways, I know this is a minor detail but just something I noticed while reading the indictment again. The New York Times put out an editorial in their money section a day or two ago calling these accounts “fictitious” which in the end will demonstrate the fictitious nature of their whole monetary system; so in that sense yes…our corporate identity is fictitious…that is the point!

    Love to ALL

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Its a good detail. And it is false testimony from Parker Still, Steill, depending on what state he is raising his hand in to swear in. 😉

    • Joey says : Reply


      Do you have a link to this article? Its actually GREAT STUFF…because NOW the fake news is reporting which means this is getting BIG and the S*** IS finally hitting the fan..I am so excited!!

      Thanks Love joey!

        • Celeste says : Reply

          Just heard about this article in a video and this part especially rang out: “From the end of June to Aug. 15, nearly 107,000 payments, totaling “in excess” of $100 million, have been reversed because of the scam, said Jean Tate, a spokeswoman for the Atlanta Fed, in an email.”
          That statement says so much. It says that there are accounts (which we all knew) that they were paying out amounts (which we know too) and that only 107,000 were reversed, if any of those numbers in that article are even true.
          Also this is huge news that this is now being reported by The Times and oddly no mention of HATJ or Randall.

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            Its called softening up the ground.

            When you are about to be swamped by a tsunami sized reveal of an aeons long Cluster *%^$&# perpetrated against ALL you prepare.

            The Main Stream Corporate media is bought and paid for by the CIA. The dogs are starting to slip their leash…

          • Anna says :

            And how many people are getting sued? TWO : Heather and Randall 😉

    • Celeste says : Reply

      And just in case there are some who didn’t know Randall Bean/Beane did not change his SS# in any way at all and not as Parker Still/Steill had testified when he said, “And that number was essentially Mr. Beane’s Social Security number with one number altered.” Just another piece of this very weird puzzle.

  77. Ben Ellis says : Reply

    I just read my factualized trust out loud. The powerful words resonate through your body as pure source energy.

    I AM SOURCE ORIGINAL….and so are you…the flow of abundant frequencies and energies comes through each and everyone of us. We will not allow our source energy to be harvested any longer

  78. Oceanno says : Reply

    BZ can Heather make call where she is now?

  79. Oceanno says : Reply

    TY for Update BZ

  80. Joey says : Reply

    Ok just found this

    Can I just say how freekin amazing Heather is….>

    • Chris says : Reply

      Nice find Joey. She covers all the bases.

    • Lasiter says : Reply

      the one thing they won’t talk about.. Randy bought CDs with the ACH method. He then cashed in those CDs and transferred the money out of his bank account with a wire transfer. It all seems legit until the ACH on the CDs reversed and the bank he bought the CDs from, asked for the money back..

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        did the ach’s get reversed? or was there a “middle man” who kept the money?
        and have you considered that as part of the absolute data coming in on the testing?
        not just in Randy’s case but in ALL testing

        • Lasiter says : Reply

          I would go back into those original ACH transactions that were used to purchase the CDs and find out what ACH error codes were produced.. From what I’ve noticed people are either getting and R03/04 ACH error which states the account doesn’t exist or an R34 which states the account does exist but it is setup in a `Limited Participation’ mode, which means said account can only accept credits and deposits but can’t accept debits or withdrawals.

          I believe in Randy’s case the ACHs were reversed a few days after he had cashed out the CDs and then wired the money to the RV dealer.. The bank that he bought the CDs through got the reversal and was the bank that the money was wired from. When the ACH reversed, they requested the money to be returned..

          People need to read up on how ACH really works.. There is no same day ACH until Sept. 15th according to NACHA. Receiving banks will post as payment received before the transmitting bank releases the funds. When transmitting bank doesn’t release funds, the receiving bank is what does the reversal.

  81. Brian says : Reply

    Hello BZ,
    thank you for updates and all you do!
    could you please provide me with directions on how I can find concrete documentation that shows the location(s) and account number(s) of hidden trust account(s) held in my name without my consent?
    Heather has repeatedly said that she has multiple accounts world-wide in her name and that we all do too. How did she locate the accounts she speaks of and how can the rest of us find the “master list” of all ‘our’ hidden accounts?
    It seems to me that this is the information that would enable all to Be and Do legally and freely.

    thank you in advance for clarifying this
    much love

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      I do not know where all my/the/your accounts are hidden and I do not have a list of my/your/our accounts. With my own limited searching for my own accounts and my own confirmation of my Knowing I have seen evidence of various accounts/trading on/monetizing of. But I do not/did not collate all the data.

      If you look on the I UV, and other source on the internet, you can see that Heather has been working on this for 17 +- years.
      She was involved in the Original investigation on bank fraud investigation hired from within in the system.

      as I mentioned before look under the OPPT Absolute top nav tab. earliest is at the lowest sub nav.

  82. Bryan says : Reply

    keep it coming!!!

  83. researchit says : Reply

    Just finished reading Parker Still/Steill’s Grand Jury testimony – wow, what a CF! He stumbles around when answering, does not seem to know much about wire transfers, performs like a lower-level operative. You’d think the gov would have a more competent agent in this case — but it may be that he acts incompetent on purpose–so the testimony can’t go very deep and expose too much. One juror seems knowledgable about how banking works and asks for further details which he avoids, dances around. NO where does anyone ask or reveal the source of the funds that were “stolen”– just that they came from the federal reserve. AND, the claim that Randy used one-digit-off for the account number — wow, where does THAT come from? The assistant U.S. attorney also stumbles around and seems incompetent. What a circus side-show! Again, I wonder if the incompetence is real, or just an act – to obscure things they don’t want revealed? The big question – never asked or answered is: Who “owns” the funds that were transferred/wired? And WHY did a transfer even happen if “one number was off”? So, so many questions that are either not asked or not answered. It’s good to know there were some sharp cookies seated on the Grand Jury. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Download here: It’s worth the read!

  84. Bryan says : Reply

    The French have a much longer SSN than we do have in the States, how can they get their real TDA account number?

  85. Joey says : Reply

    Lets all send love and light to the guy on youtube named Harvey Dent…he is just now puking hate at everything that Heather and Randall have been doing. He is now going after Mike Obrien for no reason….lets all send love and light and positive energy his way…no hate please….he is family

    Love you all!

    • Jeanne Marie says : Reply

      Good call Bryan… That’s exactly how to handle these guys. Love and light to Harvey Dent, who is also ORIGINAL, deserves love and forgiveness for his actions, which are simply caused by fear and oppression. We are family.

      Keep UP your vibrations and celebrate the VICTORY of Heather and Randy… yes, I am speaking in advance, not to confuse anyone, just visualize and KNOW that they are free and released tomorrow.
      Celebrate, dance, cry and be AWAKE. Be ORIGINAL.

      Love to you as well Bryan

      • Jeanne Marie says : Reply

        That was Joey who asked for love and light to be directed to Harvey Dent character… my bad. Love to you Joey!

    • Elie L says : Reply

      Yes indeed Joey i think we need to send him some positive vibrations as i feel he must be going through a tough time . Also i feel like he’s never grasped the whole idea of tearing the matrix apart for he can’t figure out the spiritual aspect of when the matrix comes down what will be the next step in our evolution or should i say Expansion .
      Love and Light brother

      • Anna says : Reply

        I don’t think any one can SEND vibrations to someone else. That is utter BS. All one can do is SHINE their OWN light, and that is already a big thing. Try that! 😉

    • Celeste says : Reply

      Joey just a thought as I read this what if Harvey is actually making more people aware of HATJ and Randall by what he’s doing? I agree, don’t feel his heart in his videos and don’t think he sees the bigger picture yet. So many just focus on the money aspect. I had to stop watching his videos, and a bunch of others that just took a negative turn and found were bringing my vibration down. Will send him lots of love. Have to remember that Randall actually thought to do this from watching one of Harvey’s videos and so I’m thankful for that because that made me aware of so much. Love to all of you seeing the bigger picture and focusing on how incredible and expansive we can create all of this!

  86. Rodger says : Reply


    Case No. 3:17-CR-82

    The undersigned Assistant United States Attorney, Anne-Marie Svolto, hereby makes her
    appearance as co-counsel in the above case on behalf of the United States of America. Notices
    should be sent to Ms. Svolto as co-counsel at the following address:

    Anne-Marie Svolto
    Assistant United States Attorney
    800 Market Street, Suite 211
    Knoxville, TN 37901
    (865) 546-4167

    Respectfully submitted, this the 28th day of August 2017.

    United States Attorney
    By: s/ Anne-Marie Svolto
    Assistant United States Attorney
    800 Market Street, Suite 211
    Knoxville, Tennessee 37902
    (865) 545-4167

  87. Jeffrey says : Reply

    people, I live in Texas and so far I am not affected yet. I am asking everyone to pray for the great state of Texas as we are going thru this hurricane Harvey and all the rain that is being dumped. I wish all Texans could access their TDA’s to take care of families, friends, replace homes and restart their lives. All you rich S.O.B.’s that control the funds I hope god comes down hard on ya’ll and I pray that your power, control, and riches are wiped away so that you suffer liked we are right now forever and ever. Texans are on to you and know who you are, Texans will never forget

  88. Dorrell says : Reply

    I just find it still incredible that this case was brought at all. Mr. Beane did not remove these funds from someone elses account. If the accounts did not exist this would have never been possible. This is the FR. Someone or some system allowed this transaction To proceed. When will this court wake up and realize that for many reasons these charges against Mr. Beane and Ms. Heather cannot be sustained or proven. I just hope they are allowed to return home tomorrow.

  89. Anne says : Reply

    Does anyone know anything about transferring the birth certificate bonds from the Treasury to a private broker using the treasury form #5179 that they provides?

  90. Tony says : Reply

    If ppl wanted to DO and BE, very NICE, the DOJ attorney’s office and let them know, very nicely that we the people are watching this and the more the better, threats just let them know we are watching and pray for both H. N R release, asap,..

  91. researchit says : Reply

    Power of Words/WORDS,
    What separates us from other animals is our ability to speak and write in complex symbols.
    Language and manual dexterity have allowed us to do almost all we have done. So disrupting language
    must be the most powerful weapon against us, short of removing our thumbs. This is why we have
    seen such a concerted attack on language since the 1950’s, not only in the paring down of vocabulary,
    the jettisoning of grammar, and the ignoring and ignorance of classic literature, but in the unmooring of
    words from their old definitions. The very ground has been removed beneath speech and writing, and
    what you learned in a previous decade probably no longer applies. …
    BZ knows. HATJ knows, now we all must know, not to/2 use terms such as person/persons/human/humanity/citizen/CITIZEN/Citizen/sovereign citizen (an oxymoron) and on and on … all non-living breathing creations of TPTB/W representing things/THINGS/Corporations/fictions/hallucinations/ owned by another fictitious thing for the purpose of control/con troll.
    Love and Blessings 2/to All, prayers to All, everybody, everyone.
    Thank-you ( HATJ and BZ ) for all you are BE-ING and DO-ING, Ye and We are the winners.
    ( HATJ and BZ ) you are/R amazing/ simply Devine, Thank-you (both) again and again and again…………………………..

  92. Oceanno says : Reply

    BZ do you have the link Gary H, will also be there with his periscope

  93. researchit says : Reply

    gerry looking in on this sending love and prayers all the way from Ireland

  94. Joey says : Reply



    We love you!

  95. Joey says : Reply


    Love it…Cannot wait to see the full transcript of the hearing…

    Love you all!

  96. Celeste says : Reply

    Hi BZ, Happy News today!!! Just to let you know the link just posted above does not work: # HATJ: Will be Released Pending Trial Audio recording

  97. Joey says : Reply

    Lets ALL put our amazing energy with Randy this afternoon, and then push forward to get H jurisdictional hearing asap! To CLOSE all this out!

    Lets push for Randalls release out of the system today!

    Very interesting if you connect the DOTS, the docs that where posted stated the Trail Hearing would have been early Oct, NOW they pushed that back until Jan 2018(which will never happen) thus why pushing it out…to get all the ducks in order for full release for H and R sooner than expected.

    ALL is wonderful!

  98. Oceanno says : Reply

    Great News! Now let’s Send Love for Randall!

  99. Reuben Emmanual Bailey says : Reply

    Wishing Heather the Best!!! MUCH LOVE!!! :-))

  100. Joey says : Reply


    Full updates coming soon from both H and R Hearings correct?


  101. Anne says : Reply

    Maybe this is a good time for the family to let go of the accounts so the people of Texas can help themselves. Then followed by the rest of us.

    • Anna says : Reply

      These people want to exterminate us by the billions… do you REALLY think there are going to hand over $$BILLIONS$$ to make our lives easier? You must be kidding yourself. You are! 😀 😀 😀 !!! They would rather DIE than part with the loot. Open your eyes! Unfettered access ain’t right yet.

  102. DonHo says : Reply

    This is HUGE!!! Letter from Ernest Rauthchilds—->>>>

    Copies were sent to The Federal Reserve and the International Court of Justice….

    BZ, can you please get a copy of this to Heather??? XOXOXO

    • DonHo says : Reply

      I cannot believe that no one has commented on this document yet…
      Maybe I should have pasted the information in ALL the OPPT pages for greater exposure?? I was not quite sure exactly to post it.
      BZ, can you please get this to Heather? I would like to see a reply after review.

      Love, XOXO’s to everyone!!!

      Warm regards,

      • KAWE says : Reply

        Thank you Don Ho for sharing this important link. Heather is lifting more and more the veil when she refers to the families. I did not understand realy, hopfully next updates from ALL ORIGINALS will connect the dots. Feel the strenght and LOVE of ALL beautiful BEINGS activ NOW to step forward to BE and DO to make our New World the place we’ve been waiting for.
        Love to ALL.

    • Anna says : Reply

      Why are you getting all excited about something you don’t have a clue where it comes from and the provenance of which you cannot ascertain? Please stop behaving like a child that believes everything he is told.

  103. Joey says : Reply

    Here is it folks

    EXACTLY WHAT Heather was talking about NOT doing anything negative towards the familes. Honestly this looks like Heather’s energetic writing…

    Remember Heather said it wasn’t the TOP fighting it was the middle. NOW i understand the ‘keepers’ are the middle place the word (government) in place of keeper if you are having a hard time understanding this…

    This was last week and H was talking about this well over a month ago. The family’s are saying ‘keepers’ enough..its done…

    If you are looking for something specific here after you read regarding the TDDA accounts , I believe this is stated in the last paragraph on page 4.

    It’s really happening…right before ALL of our billions of eyes. I just want to cry with joy

    Go here—>

    Even if this is somewhat fake or not correct…again I cannot verify that, however it does allow for awaking either way. It’s a great read for sure. I had to read it several times.

    Everyone was saying the last name was spelled wrong however, who am I or anyone to say what is the correct spelling on the doc of the last name. Remember programming…haha

    Anyway its a fun read eitherway!

    • DonHo says : Reply

      Hi Joey…
      I see that you found this document as well. I posted the link earlier and asked that BZ get it to Heather for review, I am sure that she has not had the opportunity to read it yet…(or maybe she helped Mr Rauthschild to draft it??? LOL)

      Have a great day!!!


      • Joey says : Reply

        Yea DonHo

        its very interesting indeed. Lets say the source is just a source who posted from someone else, however the words resonate for sure…and it was hard to read I had to read it again a couple of times, even outloud.

        Not sure how credible this is however i will say it anyway. A friend of a friend has access to what is called the ‘dark web’. He stated that this is indeed the family and this was not to to be widely presented just yet, it was meant to go to the keepers as a warning while they work on the global change and global peace treaty…to be announced to the world very soon.

        Lets put energy into that source was correct…

        Love Joey!

    • Anna says : Reply

      The name of this family is spelt R-O-T-H-S-C-H-I-L-D, so please be careful with a letter that was VERY CONVENIENTLY found at this time and which bear a misspelt name. Me thinks that the Rothschild family is able to spell their name right.

    • Mamma G says : Reply

      DonHo and Joey … I did a little digging and came up with Ernest Rauthschild’s blog. It looks like he’s a guy who has set up his own sovereignty with his now wife …. and he has a few strange ideas. His real name is Ernest Bey, but he changed his last name to Rauthschild after he divorced his first wife, because he didn’t want to share the same last name with her.

      This is all on his blog …….

  104. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    Update 8.29.17 7:17 PM PDT

    Heather is Seeing the TN skies!!!!! headed to her safe, comfy, place now for the next steps of ALL


    • Joey says : Reply


      HEATHER!!!! HI SISTER!!!

      Hope you had a pack of cigs waiting for you! Glass of wine too!!

    • I am SO HAPPY FOR HEATHER!!!!! 🙂 I hope that she gets a chance to rest up and recharge! [ I think I heard she is a little tired right now ] Enjoy the TN skies and some tasty food and drink!!!! I send Truth, Peace and Great Love to Heather and her team!

    • Anna says : Reply

      I am glad for her. She will be able to enjoy a good rest before the last (?) big fight. 🙂

  105. Joey says : Reply

    Adding to my original post….

    After really doing and feeling..I now understand for me that this document that I posted to me is parallel and full disclosure of what has been going on for millenia behind the scenes…some of the working seems oppressive such as ‘assets’ ‘the royals’ ‘offenses’ etc..

    I’m still taking it in as I read it…its very deep and somewhat hard for me to peace together..

    If anyone has thoughts on this…and there understanding of this document..please let me know. I am so open understanding this as it pertains us humans.

  106. Stella Sunshine says : Reply

    i AM so, so happy Heather is breathing fresh TN air…..AND HAVE A SMOKE, FINALLY!!! I send so much love and light to H and tons of wonderful hugs. WE ARE ALL together in this. Thank you BZ for your updates and for your love and service to humanity. I am so honored to be BEing and DOing with all of you. Sleep tight and have fun in the astrals. xx

  107. Oceanno says : Reply

    So last night, I when out and hugged the Family, told them ALL that I LOVED them! I Thanked Them for their Service. The Joy I felt after I did that was healing not just them but Me as Well.

  108. Bryan says : Reply

    yes, watch out ho yo spell rawfshills. speeling is very impotant!! lol!! 😉

  109. Anna says : Reply


  110. Bryan says : Reply

    not a polyAnna!! 🙂

  111. Cynthia says : Reply

    BZ,Thank you for the update. Forgive me. Time wise, What do you mean by she will release a statement /video, “after her release”?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      she was released, and will now make a statement after that. (actually after she has caught up with her kids and husband)

      I cleared up the languaging here- Heather said she is preparing a public statement. This will be a written and a video of her giving the same statement. She will post them on her website.

  112. Cynthia says : Reply

    BZ, I probably over think sometimes??? I just didn’t know if you meant her full release after the Jurisdiction Hearing/Trial etc. or her current release. Ironically, I was wondering about her husband and children this morning! I appreciate the clarification! Have a wonderful day!!

  113. Joey says : Reply

    Hello Everyone,

    Can we all set some time this weekend to send our light energy to Randy now? I suggest in your own prayers or however you send energy invision the bogus warrant being burned away dissolved. He needs to be out of there. Lets all do this

    BZ, any word on getting this bogus warrant removed?

    Thanks Joey

    • Rodger says : Reply

      The State of South Carolina VS Randal Keith Beane
      Case Number: 2014A2720200234
      Court Agency: General Sessions
      Filed Date: 10/14/2014
      Case Type: Criminal-Clerk
      Case Sub Type:
      Status: Failure to Appear
      Assigned Judge: Clerk Of Court C P, G S, And Family Court
      Disposition Judge: Solicitor
      Disposition: Failure to Appear
      Disposition Date: 07/17/2015
      Date Received: 10/14/2014
      Arrest Date: 10/13/2014
      Law Enf. Case: 14-907
      True Bill Date: 11/20/2014
      No Bill Date:
      Prosecutor Case:
      Indictment Number: 2014GS2700554
      Waiver Date:
      Probation Case:

      Name: Beane, Randal Keith
      Charge Code – Charge Description: 0326-Resisting / Resisting Arrest; Oppose or resist law enforcement officer serving process or making arrest
      Original Charge Code – Original Charge: 0326-Resisting / Resisting Arrest; Oppose or resist law enforcement officer serving process or making arrest
      Disposition Date: 07/17/2015

      Bond Information:
      Bond Id: 2014BD2720200465
      Set Date: 10/13/2014
      Amend Date: 12/12/2014
      Set By: Mullen
      Type : Personal Recognizance
      Amount: $10,000.00

      The State of South Carolina VS Randal Keith Beane
      Case Number: 15649GZ
      Case Type: Traffic
      Status: Pending
      Court Agency: Ridgeland Municipal
      Case Sub Type: Traffic – Bond
      Assigned Judge: Scoggins (Ridgeland), Thomas L.
      Disposition Date:
      Date Received:
      Filed Date: 10/13/14
      Disposition Judge:
      Arrest Date: 10/13/14

      Name: Beane, Randal Keith
      Charge Code – Charge Description: 2102-Traffic / Speeding, more than 15 but less than 25 mph over the speed limit
      Original Charge Code – Original Charge: 2102-Traffic / Speeding, more than 15 but less than 25 mph over the speed limit
      Disposition Date:

      Name: Beane, Randal Keith
      Charge Code – Charge Description: 2485-Traffic / Operating or permitting operation of vehicle which is not registered and licensed.
      Original Charge Code – Original Charge: 2485-Traffic / Operating or permitting operation of vehicle which is not registered and licensed.
      Disposition Date:

      Name: Beane, Randal Keith
      Charge Code – Charge Description: 2559-Traffic / Failure to maintain proof of insurance in motor vehicle
      Original Charge Code – Original Charge: 2559-Traffic / Failure to maintain proof of insurance in motor vehicle
      Disposition Date:

      Name: Beane, Randal Keith
      Charge Code – Charge Description: 0701-Traffic / Driving without a license – 1st offense
      Original Charge Code – Original Charge: 0701-Traffic / Driving without a license – 1st offense
      Disposition Date:

      Accessible via

  114. ApexD says : Reply

    I think that’s a great idea, to have a unified outpouring of love and support to Randy. I am going to suggest that each of us “tune in” at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm, in whatever time zone we’re in, anywhere in the world. There will be others doing the same at any given 11:11. We can do this on Saturday AND Sunday.

    For 5 minutes, focus on sending Randy loving light energy, and allow it to leak out to the legal system too, so that all involved will see a clear path to enable Randy’s freedom in a swift and easy manner, in divine timing. We are all co-creators, and with unified, directed energy, we can help shift the story for Randy.

    • just me says : Reply

      apexD ~ i love that idea! i have been encouraging my readers to spend time daily – 3x day or whatever works for them – to intend not just this case gets dismissed with ease NOW and access to the accounts with ease NOW – but all that we desire. the healing tech. peace. full remembering of our divine Selves. masses of people doing this daily and feeling those energies can, as judy jandora said “bring this down in a nano-second”. hearing her say those words left a big impression in my heart. let’s do this!

  115. Stella Sunshine says : Reply

    Has Randy secured a place in the proper jurisdiction? I have a friend who owns property in TN about 45 min south of Knoxville. I have asked him (and will reach out again) for assistance. These are God loving people, true as the day is long. They are following this energy. I will check back in with my friend to see what can be arranged, if needed.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Stella, We have not found a place yet. The two that would have been a good fit on all other counts wanted a 1 year lease.

      If you could reach out that would be wonderful. My email

      Big hugs to you. BZ

  116. Rodger says : Reply

    Some new documents have been filed in the docket over the past 2 days. They can be retrieved here.

    • Cynthia says : Reply

      Rodger or (BZ,) Do you know/can you tell what date H Jurisdiction Hearing is set for? I saw it one time on her Detention Hearing Court document, (which I can’t seem to locate now??) My memory seems to recall Sept. 13th for her Jurisdiction Hearing? Since then all I can see are dates pertaining to a Trial date for January. Can you help me out here? Thank you.

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        Update: 9.1.17 Next court Hearing for HATJ and RKB

        The Court set a motion hearing for October 18, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. before U.S. Magistrate Judge C. Clifford Shirley, Jr.

        …”The Court observed that Defendant TucciJarraf has already expressed her intention to file a dispositive motion contesting the Court’s jurisdiction. The Court set a motion hearing for this and any other pretrial motions for October 18, 2017, at 9:30 a.m., “…

        There is no such thing as a jurisdiction hearing, per say, as most people go with the assumption/training… that the judicial system has authority over them.
        Heather is not contesting that Eastern District of TN, does not have jurisdiction over her, because she believes its another federal court district. Heather is contesting IN TOTAL, the courts jurisdiction. Period.
        This is where the One People’s Public Trust 1776 filings will take center stage in the court room.

        • Cynthia says : Reply

          BZ, I apologize I didn’t see part II of your 09/01 update. I do, do a “hard re-set” each time and always try to scour for info. to try not to “add” to your huge work load with questions on info. that has already been provided. You have amazing patience!! I appreciate you for all of your willingness to share info. and for all of your hard work. ~Thank you.

  117. Does Taxes For A Living says : Reply

    Dear BZ, thank you for the INCREDIBLE QUANTITY as well as QUALITY of work you have put in on all this for a long time. We recognize the amount of effort it takes to keep all this going, especially while doing a full-time job. We are greatful! Blessings to you!

  118. Jeanne Marie says : Reply

    I sent a postcard today to Randy…
    and will send a few out in tomorrow’s mail!
    LOVE the meditation call at 11:11 throughout the weekend,
    throughout the WORLD… essentially anyone of us can effectively
    unite with another at 11 past the hour… all weekend long!

    I’m finding fascination in everything! Thank you ALL for your creativity, love and above all UNITY! WE ARE ONE – In Joy,
    Jeanne Marie

  119. arturo says : Reply

    Really ALL
    HATJ has been out and not one word from her? its been three days folks…

    • DaleE says : Reply

      I’m right with you… HEATHER has been out for 3days and not a word …wassup with that , kind of weird to me..

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        Update: 9.1.17 AM PDT on HATJ
        Heather is settling in and sharpening her BEing and DOing.
        Heather will now be focusing all of her attention and energy into the commitments she made to her terms of release, and doing what needs to be done to complete the Pending court case and portion of the ALL that needs to be revealed.

        Heather is preparing a public statement. This will be a written and a video of her giving the same statement. She will post them on her website.
        Once they are released, I will re-post on the I UV.

      • Anastasia says : Reply

        geez, let her be. Why does she owe anyone anything after all she has already done? I certainly hope you two are standing in your own power working on your own stuff to herald in the new age and not simply be laggards waiting on her.

    • TrhU-ah says : Reply

      Aturo: Have you ever gone through what Heather just went through not to mention her follow-up demands as the situation continues to unfold? We are going to say no you have not and explains your comment. Personally, we could not image what still is required to be done nor what state of mind, physical or emotional results from this type scenario has occurred. Ever heard of post traumatic stress it happens even when we aim to be tall & strong. Therefore patience with others is always helpful.
      Here is an Attitude of Mastery that can assist us more when we expect others to take action.
      PATIENCE: God Source has its own schedule! We can either acknowledge this intrinsic reality of manifestation and choose to work co-creatively with the God-Source within, trusting that together you and the universe will create the perfect “Divine Right Timing” (and if that isn’t “Right NOW,” there IS a very good reason for this), or you can let the ego-self try to force its will upon the intrinsic nature of time. If time does not cooperate with your expectations, you can “let that be OK, and trust in Divine Right Timing” or you can progressively frustrate yourself with attachment to the artificial time of clocks, and choose to believe that you cannot have what you desire just because it does not appear when you demand. If we learn to relax, and realize that most things we desire we can indeed achieve in Divine Right Time and Order, we can learn to work co-creatively with the consciousness of time. We will often then find that our lives will progressively better conform to our wishes, especially when we ask nicely rather than DEMAND, and also when we trust the universal God-Source to do its part in our co-creation. Patience is a virtue that reflects our comprehension of the nature of Universal Order.
      Yes, Patience is a virtue.

      • Anastasia says : Reply

        I love that T! Yeah, Heather may not be moved to speak out for XXX amount of time. It’s in Divine Timing when it’ll happen. Honestly, I’m so busy working on my own Beings and Doings, I pop in and out for updates as they are ancillary to my own movements and I’m not relying on updates to do as I’m guided to do.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Arturo

      She is with her family. Lets send her the energy she needs to prepare. No need to push, all its the way it’s suppose to be

      Love Joey!

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Update: 9.1.17 AM PDT on HATJ
      Heather is settling in and sharpening her BEing and DOing.
      Heather will now be focusing all of her attention and energy into the commitments she made to her terms of release, and doing what needs to be done to complete the Pending court case and portion of the ALL that needs to be revealed.

      Heather is preparing a public statement. This will be a written and a video of her giving the same statement. She will post them on her website.
      Once they are released, I will re-post on the I UV.

    • linmic says : Reply

      People, please chill out…. HATJ has been through a month of the system moving her around in and out of facilities. She needs time to reconnect with her family and prepare for court hearings and motions. She is someone who does diligent work and focus. If we are all patient and send her loving energy to assist her work, that is the mindset we must have.

  120. Angie says : Reply

    Where is Heather Ann, has a gag order been placed on her as a condition of her release? This is concerning a lot of us. Whats going on?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Update: 9.1.17 AM PDT on HATJ
      Heather is settling in and sharpening her BEing and DOing.
      Heather will now be focusing all of her attention and energy into the commitments she made to her terms of release, and doing what needs to be done to complete the Pending court case and portion of the ALL that needs to be revealed.

      Heather is preparing a public statement. This will be a written and a video of her giving the same statement. She will post them on her website.
      Once they are released, I will re-post on the I UV.

  121. David says : Reply

    I would say Heather has to be careful in what she does and says while on release pending trial

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Update: 9.1.17 AM PDT on HATJ
      Heather is settling in and sharpening her BEing and DOing.
      Heather will now be focusing all of her attention and energy into the commitments she made to her terms of release, and doing what needs to be done to complete the Pending court case and portion of the ALL that needs to be revealed.

      Heather is preparing a public statement. This will be a written and a video of her giving the same statement. She will post them on her website.
      Once they are released, I will re-post on the I UV.

  122. AH says : Reply

    HATJ maybe in a GAG order or court restriction? If that is the case, I pray she finds all the help she needs in this matter, outsmart the system keeping her quiet, and finds a way to lift this court restriction that’s keeping her silent. Keep fighting Heather.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Update: 9.1.17 AM PDT on HATJ
      Heather is settling in and sharpening her BEing and DOing.
      Heather will now be focusing all of her attention and energy into the commitments she made to her terms of release, and doing what needs to be done to complete the Pending court case and portion of the ALL that needs to be revealed.

      Heather is preparing a public statement. This will be a written and a video of her giving the same statement. She will post them on her website.
      Once they are released, I will re-post on the I UV.

  123. Janis says : Reply

    Heather, and Team, owe me absolutely nothing! They INSPIRE me to follow them, not coerce me. I AM privileged to have been following them since 2012. I have learned sooo much. Being grateful to them is easy, and they all model such pure goodness to all of us, it only makes me want to DO better. Heather, please take all the time you and your family needs and deserves. The time and effort you have so bravely and generously given not just in this deplorable “justice system” debacle, but for years and years, has BEen for US. For that I AM truly humble and grateful.

  124. Julie says : Reply

    Much light and love to Heather, thank US ALL FOR ALL OUR DOINGS AND BEINGS….. i will be sendung Randy light and love at 1111 am and pm… stay strong everyone, this is the final act in this silly play, THEN WE BEGIN A NEW

  125. raven McClain says : Reply

    Much love to you! Heather Ann Tucci Thank you from a United States Navy Veteran. I support you all the way! Telling my friends and family about you! Much love! Mr. raven J. McClain

  126. Jeanne Marie says : Reply

    I AM interested to hear from Heather, how she is re-stabilizing… after such a powerful experience, and maintaining her focus… balancing and loving herself and her close family. Some of you are asking for reassurance that is not needed… tune into yourselves, slow your pace.

    ALL is well. Relax. There is no urgency, focus on the big picture, LOVE yourself, LOVE your self, LOVE is all there is.

  127. Ben Ellis says : Reply

    Randy and Heather we all love you

  128. Cynthia says : Reply

    I am looking forward to H Public Statement!!! She is one tough, smart cookie!! 🙂

  129. arturo says : Reply

    Ok people I am sorry i brought it up the way i did ;( i just wanna hear from her…i miss her and she been all holed up in the system and now she is free again 😉 yay
    The fact she rolled out of DC after the identity hearing blows my brains completely out in front of me. i believe it was judge anna said that was the most dangerous act an individual can take in court. you gots2reallyknozurshit kinda stuff WOW folks BRILLIANCE in action so my bad for coming forth so frontal about her whereabouts.
    i got ya BZ i be good and chill and just wait but hey it’s tough when the boss is away

  130. ApexD says : Reply

    I have an idea: Let’s continue the 11:11 meditations, twice a day, EVERY day. What do you think?

    Wherever you are, in whatever time zone, if you can ~ just tune in for a few minutes at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm. Take some deep breaths, tune in to your Higher Self and the Collective stream of BE-ing, and send Light into that stream. This is the energetic space that connects us all on a higher plane, and allows us to contribute our energy towards elevating the whole situation, galaxy-wide.

    That Light stream is the zero point field, in which we create. Once you’re in that space, send intentions for whatever calls — peace and love to Randy, loving support to Heather and Team, clarity and knowingness to all of us on this expansion journey, compassion and suggestions for change to all those within the matrix system who could, with a change of heart, really help facilitate this whole thing.

    No matter which time zone we’re in, if we tune in at 11:11, there will be others in that Light Stream… from our group here, and countless meditators, change agents and Lightworkers all across the globe.

  131. Joey says : Reply

    Thank you BZ and Team!

    Much Love!

  132. Debbie E (Denver) says : Reply

    I think we would all like an update on what is happening with Randy and Heather!

    • Just me says : Reply

      Debbie E ~ i agree. and i am bothered by some of the backlash when well-meaning people ask questions. i’m intending to hear the answers to: what happened to the statement about 24-36 hours (almost 2 weeks ago) and what happened to the reversals of the reversals. if this movement wants to keep people going, we need impeccability with ones word. certainly, and i have stated this before, if one is wrong, own it. this is beginning to feel a bit like a cult – where if anyone questions the leader they are quieted/ignored. transparency and openness needs to be in place. if heather cannot speak, have someone represent her. enough time has passed.

      • Joey says : Reply

        Hi Just me

        What this is, is a total vibration shift for ALL humanity. No leaders, no cult, here we are all waking together on this path. Some may be walking ahead of us, however we are ALL leaders here. I think this is super exciting for everyone.

        I posted the link to the transcripts that were just released by BZ yesterday. It’s a lot to read, however take your time. They are very detailed and interesting and you get A LOT more context about what HATJ has been doing over the course of many years. All exciting and all wonderful.

        • Just me says : Reply

          thank you joey. all thoughts/emotions need to be honored, questions answered when possible. no need to be told what to think/do/feel. we are all Source in body and thus each person’s experience of this situation needs to be honored. i deeply agree – this is about liberation, freedom for all – working at the collective and individual level. judy jandora said this entire system can be broken down in a nano-second and i continue to intend that (and encourage all to do the same). much love to all.

  133. Bryan says : Reply

    Yes! It is now the 6th, can we please get some updates on their situation?


  134. Rodger says : Reply

    For info about Parker H. Still’s past employment as a civilian attorney before joining the FBI, visit and enter the following business name:

    Welshans and Still Law Firm

    Name History
    Name: Welshans and Still Law Firm PLLC
    Name Type: Legal
    Business Information
    Business Type: Limited Liability Company
    Business ID: 959078
    Status: Merged
    Effective Date: 12/14/2009
    State of Incorporation: Mississippi
    Principal Office Address:

    Registered Agent
    Name: Welshans, Al
    204 Broadway Street, PO Box 1542
    Batesville, MS 38606

    Officers & Directors
    Name: Al Welshans
    204 Broadway Street, PO Box 1542
    Batesville, MS 38606

    Parker Still
    204 Broadway Street, PO Box 1542
    Batesville, MS 38606

    Al Welshans
    108 SHAGBARK DR.
    BATESVILLE, MS 38606

    Al Welshans
    108 SHAGBARK DR.
    BATESVILLE, MS 38606

    Parker Still
    Vice President
    BATESVILLE, MS 38606

    As of 4/22/2012, Parker H. Still has not been associated with the firm, which was merged into a sole practice owned by Mr. Welshans.

    From the merger filing:

    “Whereas, Park [sic] H. Still has accepted employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and can no longer serve in any capacity with Welshans and Still Law Firm, PLLC;

    Whereas, Parker H. Still has withdrawn from further interest in the Welshans and Still Law Firm, PLLC, and Al Welshans remains the sole member of Welshans and Still Law Firm, PLLC;

    Now therefore, the mutual consideration of which is hereby recognized, the parties agree as follows:

    5. Welshans and Still Law Firm, PLLC, shall no longer exists [sic] after the merger of said firms.

  135. Diane says : Reply

    I read the comments & a lot of self righteousness other basing – if they don’t like the comments beginning to feel like a troll hang out – people are open to honest transparency & sharing but not getting any of that – just self righteous indignation to downright put downs laced with tongue in cheek – I’m more enlightened than you are innuendos – wow – is this what happens to those who were so filled with emotional zeal in the beginning – finally moving forward – not about the money dribble – is nothing more than an excuse – it was about that, transparency, unfettered access, and FREEDOM FOR ALL from this debit slavery system!!!!! It was about helping one another not just helping yourselves – I remember Heather said it was ALL OR NONE! Now it’s seems it is once again only the elite who dictate the outcome for their personal service to self!!!!! Feeling angry, upset, dissappointed & let down – & YES we are humans with emotions – which should not be labeled as “bad”. Was suppose to be about “compassion” – not feeling the compassion nor the love in idle pointing fingers that produce “guilt”, fear, etc.

  136. Joey says : Reply

    Hey All

    Check in Luna See channel on Youtube good context for everyone.

    Go here—>

    If anything it’s good to always see all liner sides….and this may provide pieces to that connect more dots

    Love Joey!

  137. Tallison says : Reply

    I love you BZ!
    Be still and know I am dwelling in delicious chaos.
    Source of all there is.

  138. Sandy says : Reply

    BZ, thank you so much for keeping us updated. I think of them (Randy & Heather) quite often, and send love and light to them always. Also, envisioning an awesome ending for all of this.

  139. David Brown says : Reply

    I am enjoying the i-uv site, all the videos and perspectives on the blog, and such amazing and wonderful energy!! I was so unaware of how many souls were thirsting for spiritual knowledge and actively engaged in promoting unity, peace, and justice for all mankind outside of my own small community of dear loved ones. I gotta say, the past 6 weeks has opened my eyes more than my previous 15+ years of soul searching all together. I know the outcome, it was written long ago; please know this unity and most great peace is at our doorstep. IAM is the proof, the evidence, and all there ever has been. Love to All

  140. Jennifer says : Reply

    Dearest BZ and ALL,

    I am moved to say/feel/share/DO/BE.

    In the very beginning of my awakening/awareness/remembering, I felt that DATA was coming fast and hard constantly. There was always some new “news” coming across in this portal. Then I would become aware of what I thought were periods of “time” where there was NO DATA coming through “this” portal. I FELT (allowed myself to feel) negative feelings and almost a sense of loss/absence. Then, I realised that during those times, I would seek/find SOURCES of the DATA elsewhere. I would look/listen/feel/find that DATA by following my heart in my journey towards ABSOLUTE LOVE and The Most Great Peace. I became AWARE that these spaces were times when I was seeking/learning/DOing/FEEDING myself. I became AWARE/FELT that this portal is always open and DATA is always coming through. I then became AWARE/came to KNOW that I AM. WE ARE ALL FROM SOURCE OF ALL. We are sharing DATA at every moment, at every place, in every DOing, in every BEing!

    Thank you BZ and ALL for your DOings and BEings!

    With the deepest LOVE, Peace and Beauty to ALL!


  141. Bryan says : Reply

    Even still more all good!! 🙂

  142. linmic says : Reply

    Hello BZ and i-UV followers. I am offering a link to “Oneness Transmissions” for all to use as a way to facilitate our focus. The oneness transmissions are free and assist in creating the freedom and abundance and healing we want to manifest in our world. Here is the link:
    Important to remember when doing these transmissions is to Come to the transmission pure, grounded and centered.

    • ApexD says : Reply

      Thank you, linmic. I often participate in these Oneness Transmissions, believing that we can link together and raise the vibration everywhere on the planet for the liberation of all.

  143. Hey BZ, this Ernest Rauthschild has been recently being discussed in the alternative news world and many seem to be dismissing or misinterpreting a recent “cease and desist” letter. I wanted to know if the “Royals” he mentions he’s from are the same “Families” that HATJ was explaining she was speaking with while in jail?

    Here’s a link to a website he supposedly is affiliated with:

    Here’s a link to the recent letter:

    I’m guessing you already know about this, but if you speak with Heather I think people would be interested to hear from her the validity of this letter.


  144. Also, I contacted C-SPAN regarding the whole OPPT/HATJ/RKB story, explaining how monumentally important this is for humanity. I believe that there is going to be a mass awakening as many of the recent hurricane victims are forced to let go of material possessions and look inward to realize their true selves. Everything happens for a purpose.

  145. Lavonda Thigpen says : Reply

    I have only been following this for about 6 weeks now, and I can honestly say that my eyes are wide open after being shut for the past 30 years. I have read so much information during this time that my head is spinning. I just have one question. I have read many different people saying many different things and I don’t know for sure what to go by. I’ve been told that Heather has done the UCC for everyone and that makes us a Secured Party Creditor so that we will be able to claim our STRAWMAN account. Then I’ve heard that no you are not a Secured Party Creditor, and unless you fill out a UCC you will not be able to access anything. PLEASE tell me which is right!! I am so confused. I just don’t want to do something that will mess this up. I realize that it’s not just about gaining access to the accounts, but it is a big part of it. If someone can help me out here I would greatly appreciate it. God bless

    • Shirley Z says : Reply

      If The Factualized Trust is Read one will see and Feel the UCC’s, Secured party creditor, and the We the people ownership, title and underwriting of the Federal Reserve Board accounts and all its devices and digital equipment was foreclosed upon, repossessed and returned to the Original Be’ing to use. This is why the OLD system are manually blocking, returning, reversing the paid accounts. I found with experience that no matter how many times one use’s the Routing number + ss# as the account number it will recognize you a thousand times over. Most of us who was in the first wave from July 5th through Aug 18th had our confirmed paid accounts Returned, Reversed and Blocked they took the ACH away so one could not use it. I am finding that the second wave of folks new one’s who just got wind of it are going through what the first wave went through and are experiencing now the returns, reversals and blocks also, I also know that each time a new one awaken and tries it WORK’S for them until theirs is returned, reversed or blocked. I also observed that each time the Media comes online about this being a scam New people are coming in droves to try it, the opposite of their attempting to deter people is occurring. People NOW KNOW that these are their accounts and ALL are NOT going to settle for it not being their accounts. There is a high desire to make it happen, Many who were skeptical now know the real deal with Randy and Heather and can see through the old system’s deception and all the tricks (lies) that are being told to them. All IS Be’ing made VISIBLE!!!! Much love to ALL

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hello Lavonda,

      Yes the data can be overwhelming. Ive been researching this for 7 months and I am still far behind, however to give some context the original UCC for the people was filed back in 2000. Yes 2000..HATJ in or around 2011 to 2013 filed many many UCC amendments for the people.

      Start here on this page–>

      On the top of this page hover your mouse over the words at the top age ‘OPPT Absolute’ Hover over ‘OPPT Investigation’ and a side menu open and then review ALL the UCC docs. This probably will take you hours if not weeks.

      You can go here create a free account –>

      The UCC DOC# can be searched, and every UCC is filed.

      • Lavonda Thigpen says : Reply

        Thank you Joey for that information. I am not going to give up and I will keep reading and researching to gain more knowledge. I have learned a lot already, but I know there is much more to learn. Thank you again for helping me out. God bless

    • I agree with Shirley Z. We were in the first phase and have had “success”. What that means is we have proof the accounts exist and payout real credit. We got the title back for my fiance’s Jeep and though OneMain Financial wants to claim they are owed since the payouts were later “reversed”, we just know better and are showing NO fear. It’s actually quite comical that they keep acting like we owe them. I sent them a letter telling them off. It has been sent to their executive office lol! We set up both my AT&T business phone account and our Spectrum/Time Warner account on auto-pay, and though they keep reversing the charges they aren’t cutting off our service. This has gone on through a couple of payment cycles. I believe they are pocketing the credit and just have been told to tell people the charges were reversed to deter people. Once you have no fear of these people because THEY are the ones committing fraud, then there is a lot you can do. I will post the letter I sent to OneMain. It will entertain anyone following this. It actually contains verbatim info that I got directly from an interview that HATJ had done with regard to what lending institutions would have to do in court to prove they actually lent money. All loans are fraud. Also, I’ll post a document I put together for C-SPAN and other newbies to put the pieces together more easily of what HATJ and the OPPT did. Lastly, if you are new to metaphysics and the laws of the Universe (what BZ calls the “woo woo”), I recommend the works of Dolores Cannon to make sense of it. There are countless videos on YouTube of her lectures discussing her work and her books.
      HATJ basically used the UCC legal system against itself to dismantle it. By doing the Factualized Trust one is acknowledging that they are an Original and do not agree to be human collateral or part of a corporate contract anymore. We must just have faith in those who have dismantled the system from within and stop believing all of the fake obstructions that those trying to hold onto power keep putting out. It will be hard for most people to do this. Me and my fiance are part of a movement of people around the world who are promoting a gold money and payment system that is independent of any corporate or government control. It is a good option for people who cannot grasp the concept of the fact that we really should not need money if the world worked in harmony. If you are interested in the Karatbars system then shoot us an e-mail: Here’s a video I made to introduce the scope and scale of this system:

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        I do not call it that. I make reference to what people may label as “Woo Woo” is widely and intimately known and understood by the PTW.
        : -)

        • Point noted. I’m like you. Don’t say I said something I didn’t say, but I understand what you mean when you refer to the belief. This is such an exciting time and so important, and I want to help people grasp how all of these concepts go together. It is hard for many to let go of what they have been taught to believe. I just came across a great video which may help explain the general principles of what Heather is going pull off with this upcoming jurisdiction hearing. The lecturer refers to the Common Law term “people”, which seems to be interchangeable with the declaration as Originals. I believe that there are many in the “sovereign citizen” movement who still don’t quite get that as Originals with free will, we are essentially above any system of law other than the moral laws of the Universe upon which Common Law is based.

          Here’s a link to the video:

  146. I apologize for the length of this post, but this is a letter I sent to OneMain Financial to show them that we are on to them and not afraid.

    RE: “Returned Payments”

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Debra J. Thomas, and I am writing this message on behalf of _____, account number: XXXXXXXX. He is my fiancé, and was at risk of losing his 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee to OneMain Financial, which prompted me to start doing some deep research for a solution.

    This e-mail reply is to inform OneMain Financial, regarding this matter of recent “returned payments”, that it has come to my attention in the past couple of months that the lending practices of institutions such as OneMain Financial are unlawful and fraudulent with respect to failure of disclosure in contracting with those seeking “loans”. This is because the means used to acquire the credit “loaned” is obtained from the sale of the signed contract (promissory note) to the Federal Reserve banking system, which has also been found to be operating in fraud by creating “money” out of thin air using our signed contracts as assets in the global financial market without our knowledge using corporate legal fiction accounts.

    This information has become intensely more public in the past month, and has revealed that there are indeed “trust” accounts (numerous secret bond/securities accounts with our social security numbers as the account number) which have been created and used without our knowledge for global financial transactions using our labor, assets, and debt contracts as collateral. Documents have been filed on behalf of “Originals”, and though institutions such as the Federal Reserve have essentially been foreclosed upon several years ago by the OPPT: (also see attached official OPPT UCC filings), this has not prevented them from continuing to try and perpetrate fraud by reversing transactions that millions of Originals have recently initiated to settle debt using assets that are rightfully theirs. They are trying to use fear to show they are above the law, but insiders are dismantling the system.

    OneMain Financial and other lending institutions operate in fraud because they accept essentially no risk in their lending contracts. In fact, since the original contract is sold to the Federal Reserve to create the “money” to be “loaned”, these institutions have made the contract null and void since they are no longer in possession of the original contract.

    This means that OneMain Financial and its agents are accomplices in creating perpetual debt slavery and unlawful repossession of property through this fraudulent system and have operated with the expectation that the public would not catch on and bring them to justice. Due to recent events in the alternative media, this massive deception has gotten widespread attention and is coming to an end, and institutions such as OneMain Financial can expect to be exposed publicly.

    I have prepared all necessary documentation to support our position if OneMain Financial chooses to take legal action on this matter. We are willing to refrain from taking legal action, as long as OneMain Financial agrees to acknowledge that _______ owes no debt on his account, and that there is no lien on his 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee which was used as “collateral”. He already has the title and letter showing the lien was removed in his possession, but these should not be reversed or changed based on the alleged bank return/reversal. ACH transfers that are completed generally cannot be reversed, thus this action was taken after the fact and is also likely fraudulent as OneMain Financial must prove they have not pocketed the credit issued. The tittle would not have been returned if the credit transaction was not completed. We are prepared to file a Form 211 with the IRS for these ledger imbalances on OneMain Financial’s books, because according to our records the institution was paid the outstanding balance three times.

    Additionally, with regard to the returned/reversed payments from the accounts using __________’s social security number, the confirmations, zero balance statement, return of the title, and letter releasing the lien all prove and confirm both the existence of the accounts and sufficient “funds”. __________ did not initiate or authorize any return or reversal of payments, so if OneMain Financial believes they are owed money, then they need to take the matter to the institution who created the reversals (i.e. The Federal Reserve) which sadly has proven they are above the law. We are well aware that they are exercising this power to put pressure on institutions such as OneMain Financial to post fear-based notices to deter people from standing up against this massive fraud by attempting to access these secret accounts. Furthermore, the attempted use of these “secret” accounts is irrelevant since the lending practices are fraudulent in the first place. Due to failure of disclosure, the “lending” contracts are null and void.

    Furthermore, __________ should not have any legal action taken against him, because I, knowing his social security number took these actions independently and without his direct involvement because, quite frankly, he was at risk of losing his Jeep. I take full responsibility for acting on his behalf without his full knowledge of potential consequences (i.e. prosecution under false or unlawful pretenses). I took these actions after doing extensive research and concluding that it is not at all illegal to attempt to use these secret accounts which were obviously created and used by the Federal Reserve without full disclosure. This means that the Federal Reserve has committed widespread identity theft.

    I am not at all afraid to be unlawfully prosecuted with regard to this matter in order to bring this massive fraud to public attention. I have already prepared all of the evidence to be released in the event that unlawful prosecution is attempted. It is no secret that those who control the Federal Reserve banking system also control the media, the education system, and the legal system so we expect your legal team to attempt to discredit and dismiss both the official OPPT filings from December 25, 2012 (see attached) and Pope Francis’ Motu Proprio letter from July 11, 2013 (see: backing up the claims of the filings and report findings. Therefore such arguments or beliefs presented by your legal advisors does not mean that they are true or lawful. We have proof there is no law, especially when the Federal Reserve is concerned, but it is time to put a stop to this debt enslavement of humanity, and it starts with exposing the truth to as many people as possible, and if I must do as many whistleblowers before me have done and must face jail time, then so be it.

    Here is what your legal team would have to produce in order to legally claim that a loan was made to ________ and that he has a lawful debt owed to OneMain Financial:

    1. Produce documentation of prior title, ownership and rights to the money OneMain Financial purportedly loaned him;
    2. Produce documentation of the history and origin of funds that OneMain Financial purportedly had prior title, ownership and rights to that they purportedly loaned _________ (banking requires 3 generations at least if not all the way back to issuance/creation of the alleged funds…this is why banks issue a letter of origin/history of funds);
    3. Produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds (prior title, ownership, and rights) from OneMain Financial to __________ (invoicing/receipts); there is a difference between a “loan” and “debt”, conceptually and factually.
    4. Produce the original unaltered contract (promissory note) with ___________’s wet-ink signature indicating full disclosure of the source of the money purportedly loaned.

    Again, we are relatively certain that __________’s signature on the original contract (promissory note) is what created the asset used to create the “money” used for the “loan” in the first place, as this is the standard method used by the Federal Reserve to create money out of thin air to pump into the system. We also have verifiable proof that human collateral is what is used for this purpose based on UCC filings by the US Treasury 1798, North American Water and Power Alliance, and the IRS (also see attached). The UCC filings of the OPPT expose and put an end to this ongoing fraud. The following video court testimony of a banker proves in a court of law that bank and lending institutions’ loan practices are fraudulent: All of this information has been passed on to C-SPAN for further investigation as the OPPT will finally get its day in Federal Court in the coming months, even though the unrebutted UCC filings should already be accepted as law universally.

    Based on this information, OneMain Financial is not owed any debt from __________, and his balance should be $0.00. He should not receive any more phone calls regarding this matter. If OneMain Financial believes it has a legitimate claim after reviewing ALL of the information provided, then any further correspondence should be made in writing ONLY.


    Debra J. Thomas

    • ApexD says : Reply

      Dr. Debi
      Thank you for putting together this letter and info to C-SPAN. A lot of time and research went into these.

      • No problem. I just don’t want people to give up just because they have reversals. The people who jumped on this early got things to stick for longer so we have proof the accounts exist and discharge credit for debts. We also need to show we have no fear and are not backing down. Heather’s filings are by the book so I think it is good to let institutions know that we know what’s going on and that the jig is up. I’m not sure what to do to keep them from continuing to reverse charges, but simply sending people the Factualized Trust assuming they are going to be like, “Oh! Our mistake. We’ll stop reversing the charges.”, is not what people should be doing. It’s all about exposing them and demanding what is rightfully ours. Challenge them by accusing them of pocketing the credit and insinuate that you might take them to court. We still haven’t gotten OneMain Financial to zero out the balance, but they are not calling or sending repo guys to come get the Jeep, because they don’t have a leg to stand on. In other words, showing them that we know they collude with fraudsters who are simply obstructing is more important than the forms submitted themselves. We are so indoctrinated to go by procedure that we have lost our creativity for countless ways to circumvent the system if given a roadblock.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      I love you Dr. Debi and I’m not into girls. 🙂

      It feels so nice to no longer be alone in the fight against the financial enslavement – a mission I’ve been rallying around for quite some time. I no longer feel alone. Thank you so much to all of you stepping up and out of fear. Thank you!

    • Dorrell says : Reply

      Dr. Thomas,
      A beautifully designed and concisely written document. Have you heard anything back from CSPAN?

  147. Here’s a copy of info I put together for C-SPAN hoping they would start covering HATJ and RKB’s case. It may be helpful for newbies.

    The following links provide the relevant background information behind a potentially world changing case that is quietly being carried out under the radar in spite of it’s potential monumental global implications on our entire system of law and finance. In spite of attempts by obvious paid trolls or indoctrinated fools, to discredit the OPPT filings and those in charge of the filings, careful inspection will show that this is indeed a legitimate claim being made against the powers that be who we all know have created debt slavery for nearly 95% of the world. We are beyond the point of foolishly requesting to audit the Federal Reserve, who admittedly states that they answer to no authority. Our “governments” are nothing more than corporations acting as democratic governments. We have been fooled, and it is now time for the OPPT to have its day in Federal Court. The main question is “Why was the request for an independent court reporter and videographer denied on August 29, 2017?” (See “Docket entries for case filed against HATJ and RKB” below). We hope that the alternative media will work together to bring attention to this important question and historic case that hardly anyone is aware is taking place.

    OPPT Full Summary and likely reason why Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf was quietly jailed and the case not brought to public attention:
    Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf History/Background:
    Pope Francis Motu Proprio 2013 Letter essentially backing up OPPT claims:
    Interpretation of Motu Proprio Letter:
    OPPT Background:
    OPPT Initial Investigation and Paradigm Report:
    OPPT Official Un-rebutted UCC Filings:
    OPPT Public Announcement:
    Interview with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf July 7, 2013:
    Summary (YouTube alternative media interview with person close to HATJ’s Team) of current case against Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf (HATJ) and Randall K. Beane (RKB):
    HATJ Identity Hearing Transcript:
    Docket entries for HATJ identity hearing in DC:
    Case filed against HATJ and RKB:
    Docket entries for case filed against HATJ and RKB:
    Proof the IRS owns every person and the land of the U.S.:

  148. Stephan says : Reply

    Okay so I’ve been researching for a few months what do i need to do paperwork wise to start this?

    • Focus mainly on the energy of being free, then do Heather’s Factualized Trust. There is no protocol for this. It is the belief that gives the “paperwork” it’s energy and power. It is the awakening of many at once that will break down the barriers.

  149. Joey says : Reply

    Hello BZ

    Can you give us some updates on the man who started the UCC filings Charles C Miller? I have been having a hard time finding anything on him. His court docs is he is? Is he alive

    Thanks Joey!

  150. Gerry says : Reply

    I saw this article today and I wonder just how much power does a State “authority” hold in regards to the people? Is the state similar to the federal jurisdiction issue? How do we stop the few who go against the people’s will?

  151. Just me says : Reply

    anyone have any insight as to the Fed Reserve’s recent ACH announcement (effective 9/15/17). some claiming this will benefit us while others saying it will allow them to drain our personal bank accounts (in a flash). things are far too quiet and not feeling so secure at the moment. when will these peeps surrender to the foreclosure documents? this may take more than just thinking high vibe thoughts.

  152. Bryan says : Reply

    So will we be waiting until after Oct. 18 for any new updates?
    Just wonderin…??

  153. Joey says : Reply

    Hi BZ

    Any updates on when H will be giving a statement?

    Luv all!

  154. Jud!th says : Reply

    AloHA, One & All Originals!
    Just read this & experienced reNewed hope & empowerment ~ maybe U will too 🙂 Positivity is the ultimate Practicality!

  155. Jacko says : Reply

    Cant wait! It all seems to be coming togther!!!

  156. David says : Reply

    If Heather is successful at her jurisdiction hearing that would imply the court acknowledges the US corporation is foreclosed and has no jurisdiction over Heather or anyone. Is that more or less correct?

  157. Alois says : Reply

    Bleesings to all!!!

  158. Joey says : Reply

    Hi All

    Please take a look, this is a calls with Randall…Mike Obrien is doing some great work!

    Go here—>

  159. Rob McElwain says : Reply

    BZ Hello, I don’t know if anybody mentioned it or not but Eeon2 had a message for Heather, If there is any way to get it to her. It’s on his latest video titled The proper way to access the Federal Reserve and TDA accounts and it’s at about 1 hour 11 minutes. Might be useful to her.

  160. Steve says : Reply

    So is the Mandela effect the start of lies fading away and the truth being revealed? Will this continue with the destruction of the black satellite? I can see this as a way where people all of a sudden wake up to large bank accounts overnight having the lies of IRS and other institutions fade away.

  161. myaraine says : Reply

    Moving right along!

  162. michele says : Reply

    Please take a look at paper work for Randall’s charges. I’m sure they made a mistake, saying he took funds from his account. The last time I checked you can’t be charged for using your money, in your account.

  163. Dude says : Reply

    Can anyone tell me when H’s next hearing is?

  164. gork says : Reply

    The next hearing are Oct. 18th.

  165. Dude says : Reply

    Got it, Thanx BZ…..and thank you for the updates.

    Love to ALL

  166. Luke SkyWatcher says : Reply

    Please tell me why Heather has not made any comments or posted her interview or speech she promised since she was released. I find it very strange that she has not been heard from in several days knowing so many are waiting to hear from her.

  167. Jonathan says : Reply

    How to avoid going to the FEMA camps

    My Time At Hurricane Harvey | Firsthand Testimony From a Rescue Worker/Activist

    Where are All the Texas Flood Victims?

  168. She is very, very busy and cannot write at this time.

  169. An unexpected moment when Black Lives Matter activists were invited on stage at a pro-Trump rally.

  170. Steve says : Reply

    My wife never used to let my daughter watch Jaws because of the lasting fear it placed in her. However, my daughter did just see the movie but was not engulfed in the same fear. She could see the shark as fake and fear did not engulf her. Are we now seeing the truth revealed in a greater way in movies also?

  171. Caren says : Reply

    I woke up this morning singing the song “ have to believe we are magic”. Nothing can stand in our way ‘
    So tuned in tapped in. Original Value. The companies that are not playing properly don’t get access to the value. That’s all!

  172. pam says : Reply

    October is right around the corner!! yippee!!!

  173. Joey says : Reply

    Hi BZ

    Any updates on when H will be making a statement for all?

    Thanks LOVE JOEY!

  174. Richard says : Reply

    Is this even real anymore

  175. justice says : Reply

    I have found this source to be usually verifiable accurate. Begin intel report is around the 61 minute mark speaking about banking family. Great news and fits somewhat into our doings. Use heart to see if it feels good for you.

  176. Sept. 29th says : Reply

    Happy Birfday Randy!!

  177. Hey BZ, I know Heather is a legal genius, but this jurisdiction hearing is so vitally important to everything we all believe in, so I wanted to share a video I listened to which may help her make her case if she is not already aware of this information. This is the first video of three:

  178. hoppy says : Reply

    this is almost impossible to beleive!! so if she wins her case, then eveyone will have access to thier TDAs accounts with millions $$$ in it!! omg!! can you stand it!!? 🙂

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      The most important perspective shift one can take from your above comment is—

      It is NOT “her case” It is NOT “his (as in RKB) case”

      The case is “Your Case”!

      The Case is for ALL- no one left out… for Judge Shirley, Agent Parker Still, ALL

      Your life will expand much more than account(s) worth millions $$$ !!!

      I do not just make reference to, the more than millions…

      …. I make reference to the expansion of every Facet of You of ALL

  179. Kate says : Reply

    Live call with Buddy Gregg motorhome and rv sales manager with Willow Greensong and Mike O’Brien 2nd call

    (1st call the salesman at Buddy’s motorhomes hung up.)

  180. hoppy says : Reply

    i understnad that this is about ALL OUR cases, BUT getting/havng access to all our tda accts with huge sums of money in it just seems like a dream is all…its just so hard to beleive!! but hey, i’ll take it!!!

    • noel says : Reply

      hoppy, First and foremost this Court Case is all about stopping the Debt Slavery System and letting the WORLD KNOW.

  181. Bryan says : Reply

    Keep the faith!!

  182. David says : Reply

    Heather and Randy are being tried under the current legal system and codes of the United States. They are not being tried under Heather’s personal legal system and codes. If their defense relies on the court recognising Heather’s legal system and codes as the law of the land they are unlikely to get a good outcome. I think it is highly unlikely, even impossible, the court will rule itself and the US legal system illegitimate. But I guess we will all see very soon. I predict that whichever way this goes the outcome will confirm the beliefs of Heather and her followers.

    • noel says : Reply

      David, Could you please explain the difference between the UNITED STATES Legal system and codes, as opposed to Heather’s personal legal system and codes, as far as I know, there is no personal legal system or codes.

  183. Joey says : Reply

    Just a reminder to all if you read her court doc that she submitted. This is NOT Heather’s law. This is the true law of the land, every land, every planet. The law was written millennia ago for ALL. Free Will, and Free Choice. No human shall govern over any human. Hope this makes a bit more sense. We are moving back to Prime…this is amazing!

    Luv Joey

  184. Bryan says : Reply

    I agree with David, about the Court of Baal and their making the rules up as they go along….BUT, I do think that this time its different…that is, that there is a certain “energy” that is consuming the planet right now, and it is rewriting the rules of procedure in every area of life…this is what all the videos on this website are trying to say/tell us…SO LISTEN UP PEOPLE!!! THERES A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN!!

  185. Devorah says : Reply

    Getting closer to the 18th!!!! 🙂

  186. Dorrell says : Reply

    It is my hope that at the conclusion of the hearing on October 18th, the case will be dismissed without prejudice. It is also my hope that the judge in the case read all the documents, consulted the supervising Magistrate Judge who suggested that the cases be dismissed.
    This action will bring validation, confirmation and hopefully notice to all to provide US with the freedom that is overdue, immediately.
    There also should be a press conference THAT DAY with the truth. I hope the White House will also make a statement THAT DAY about the injustice to the American people and the remedy that should be immediately instituted. Immediately.
    Supposedly, those in the White House were already on board in July with giving us all the freedoms that we inherently have, so once the truth is out in a court of (law) there should be immediate remedy. Everything was supposed to be a done deal in July. What ever happened to change that course of action maybe we will never know. It is time for the truth to be told. In its entirety. It is time for freedom for us all. Immediately. Not in December, not in January… Immediately.
    We are jumping through hoops, filing voluminous documentation to unravel laws and restrictions that were not set up for anyone without a Harvard education to be able to understand let alone navigate through. So unnecessary. And what a disservice. Life needs to move forward. Lawsuits are waiting to be filed. Class actions engaged. Its time.

    • Victoria says : Reply

      I resonate with and stand with every word you say, Dorrell. IT IS SO!

    • Marcus says : Reply

      In order to have lawsuits and class actions you need a legal framework. Who is going to decide which laws you like and those you dislike? All the statutes on the books in the US were passed by State or Federal legislature, ie elected representatives, and much of it based on precepts dating back centuries. Sure, a lot is complex and voluminous – look at tax law – but that doesn’t necessarily make it bad law. You can’t just brush it all away – you repeal or amend.

      And what exactly is lacking in your current freedom? There are lots of wealthy people in this country. Many started out with nothing, and came up with innovations and/or worked hard to achieve success. And many have not fared as well, but in all cases, no sinister government processes held them back. So I’m not sure what you are hoping to achieve – and I have read Heather’s submissions – they are largely incomprehensible in law as I have studied it.

      • noel says : Reply

        Have you also studied UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE. I believe most Lawyers know nothing about UCC.
        Are you trying to say that the court will not recognize the UCC filings, leading to the FORECLOSURE of all Corporations Banks and Corporate Governments, when all was done Legally within the UCC framework. If the court refuses to recognize UCC then, there will be no law Governing Commerce, it will be a free for all. Cheers

      • Victoria says : Reply

        your words show how deeply programmed by the archonic matrix you are. freedom is the right to live however you wish – as long as you are not violating that same freedom for another. that means if i want to live in a particular house or eat a particular food something like “money” violates our freedom to do just that. do you not see how no one is free in this matrix? not one of us. we cannot travel however or wherever we want without restrictions or rules (made by the same government you claim isn’t violating any of our freedoms – which is an absurd, insane, all out FALSE statement). we cannot have certain things without restrictions or rules. we cannot breathe clean air or drink clean water because our freedom’s to do just that have been violated by the very same government’s and their partner’s the corporations with the chemtrailing, the pharmaceutical’s and other toxins/pesticides in our water and air. we cannot live freely until we are free of this archonic matrix realm – which IS happening – and part of that includes things such as the OPPT.

      • noel says : Reply

        UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. is a private FOR PROFIT Government Services Corporation, as are, all Western Governments. A Corporation cannot make laws, only rules { statutes } and only for those that work for the Corporation, they get around this by making you a Citizen, when asked if you are a Citizen… OF…the UNITED STATES you admit to been part of that Corporation and there Statutes. UNITED STATES CITIZENS are not Americans, they are 14th Amendment Slaves. You are an American National.There is a way you can renounce your Citizenship, it is explained on this site here
        Anna Von Reitz has more than a thousand researchers and they have uncovered a lot of information we do not know about.

  187. Dude says : Reply

    Interesting to read the UNTIED STATES response to Heathers filings:

  188. Barbara says : Reply

    I call upon our I-UV family to gather Oct 18, energetically, an hour prior to HATJ and RKB’s hearing, through meditation/prayer and visualize Judge Shirley making the decision to dismiss their case with prejudice. May his True Original Self shine through to help change the world, helping to ease the pain of The One People.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      The hearing is 9:30 AM EST. : -)

      I am holding the space for each Creator Being’s Brilliance to shine through and for the proceedings to flow in Quantum for All. With the highest most expansive outcome flowing forth. (heart)

  189. Jack says : Reply

    BZ,……is there a template of a “courtesy notice”. I looked on Heather’s site and didn’t find anything. If you have a template, could you send it to me. Myself and several others wish to start living under the new UCC filings. You have my email address, thank you.
    In Oneness

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      look under OPPT Absolute in the header navigation and you will find lots of CN information.

      • jack says : Reply

        Thanks BZ,…….I found it. Is there a way to contact you privately to relay info or discuss “Doing” that is not ready to go public?
        In Oneness

  190. Joey says : Reply

    Lets all be there tomorrow and manifest the most amazing energy shift …for H and R tomorrow!


  191. Fibonacci says : Reply

    ONE day to go!!!!!!! 🙂

  192. noel says : Reply

    At 9 am on the 18th October 2017 WE ALL COME TOGETHER to send all our LOVE and ENERGY to Heather and Randy in their QUEST to free all Human Beings from the Slavery system. We also send our combined ENERGY to Judge Shirley to make the right Judgement and FREE us all. All the best guy’s luv ya for all your DOING and thanks a bunch.

  193. Ivan All says : Reply

    What happened now?

  194. John says : Reply

    In a holding pattern fo 30 days….

  195. Joey says : Reply

    BZ. What is the final court date? (sending optimistic energy)

    Luv Joey!

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      The only dates that are “out there” are ones that stem from the hearing on August 29th, when Judge shirley set the timeline and specific dates for specific actions, hearings, and court case…

      There was no date set when the hearing on October 18th came to a… (close?) I say it that way, because it did not come to a formal close, according to the Script the purported court normally uses. It just ended. No gavel, no all rise, no close…

  196. Dorrell says : Reply

    I realize yes or maybe may take time to decide. A “no” takes no time at all. But in this case, if Judge Shirley were to not consider all the information, his decision would be open to an appelate court?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      According to their regular script an appeal would be in the script.

      October 18th took everyone off script.

      What is unfolding is not the decision on a purported motion on a purported case of an alleged crime of fraud.

      What is unfolding is the unraveling of the false construct. And all of the core beliefs that you and Everyone that was in the “judicial” role in that courtroom, and ALL people on the planet hold.

      What is involved is human beings who are looking at their core beliefs unraveling one/some/all, at once. There are controllers way above the Eastern District court pulling the strings, as there always have been. This time its happening all the way at the very top. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. There is much for everyone to be BE and DOing “behind the scenes”…

      The I UV, provides a wealth of information and dots easily available to see/integrate/open to. That will help you to see the full scope of what was/what is/the big picture… To help you do what you feel moved to do to bring it to completion.

    • noel says : Reply

      I listened to BZ’ s interview with Heather a few times, although a lot of it was hard to understand because of low volume. My interpretation was that this is the finish, all is done and done perfectly, and it’s only a matter of Judge Shirley having to check to see if all was done correctly according to the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE and there was no REBUTTAL.
      Heather knows and so does BZ, what the decision will be. It will not go to January, Heather was correct as the good judge will find, he has no Authority, as he works for a FORECLOSED CORPORATION. It is now on COURT RECORD all we have to do is POINT to it. The decision will be Dismissal……my opinion, I stand to be corrected.

      • Joey says : Reply

        Perfectly Said Noel

        I was having a discussion this past week about this case, and how the waves of this case are already affecting the entire judiciary branches and bank branches…and all the craziness going on with the DOJ and DC…

        Once this case is formally closed. ALL cases across the land will be void, it’s really that simple from a purely time based understanding. The quaintness is already complete. It’s really going to be wonderful seeing ALL cases voided and everyone that has been under the thumb of of owing $$ or debt will be gone.

        I am also looking deeply int the Credit system, this fictitious ridiculous joke to be gone. Anyone’s thoughts on how the credit system will be gone(as it is already) however I am talking in linear time.

        Example for context: I went to get an oil change yesterday,and I need 2 new tires and the place was very nice and the manager said well I could set you up with credit to pay for 6 months no interest. I stated “I am no longer engaged with the credit agencies as they have been foreclosed and further more never actually existed” You didn’t know this? I get the deer in the headlights look, and then a massive amount of energy it pointed at me, wanting more questions asked however the person or persons just move past what they want to ask and end the conversation.

        Any thoughts?

        Luv Joey!

        • Marcus says : Reply

          One needs to consider the matter of employment; the financial sector alone employs over 6 million people in the US , so I dare say they and their families would not be pleased with your scenario, nor would most people be, given that the economic and infrastructural collapse of the nation is not really in any one’s best interests. After all, it is mainly corporations that manage food distribution, provision of electricity and gas and just about every other service that people take for granted. I should also mention that millions of people rely on the dividends from companies (yes, including banks) to support them (often quite modestly) in retirement. This is either through the holding of shares directly or indirectly, through superannuation funds. So be careful of what you wish for.

          • Tallison says :

            Marcos have you read through Heather’s OPPT UCC filings? It sounds to me like you missed the whole point.

          • Billy Carlin says :

            Haven’t you noticed Marcus all these “employment” sectors are collapsing and are based on slavery anyway. And as Heather and everyone else involved in all of this having being saying it is not just to do with the money in the trusts – it is to do with making this a better world. People in reality only need to go out and work a few hours each day to put a roof over their head and feed themselves if everything was done the right way and people worked together for the benefit of each other but nothing is going to change unless they know about this slave system and then realise that we need to work together for the benefit of each other and this planet and everything on it. I would also say that most of the people out there will not do anything or want to actually know what is going on unless it does all collapse and then really affects them – they need something like that to happen to jolt them into action. They need to lose the salve mentality.

          • noel says :

            Marcus Hi,
            Why would any of us need a financial sector if we have the TDA’s ? Marcus if you or anyone else wants to stay working in the slave system you can, no one is been forced to do anything, that’s the whole point, we do what we want as long as we harm no one or no thing. There is no one that has AUTHORITY over any of us, if I am wrong, could you please point to them. It is DONE and NOW it is on COURT RECORD………. For us to POINT AT

          • Marcus says :

            Well, it’s an interesting opinion, to which you are perfectly entitled, but my long years of experience tell me otherwise. Yes, I read the OPPT documents way back and couldn’t make any sense of them, as I am not trained in commercial law, so I did show them to an old colleague who is. He was very dismissive of them and said that were not proper UCC documents and in any case, were based on many false conjectures and assumptions. Anyway, I thought it was all dead and buried, but then this TDA thing suddenly gained notoriety again in recent times. It’s not new – it has been tried in the past and people have gone to prison over it, but there are always new believers. One can only go by the advice from the US Department of the Treasury itself: “fraudsters hold seminars throughout the United States, teaching attendees how to create these fictitious documents and how to use federal routing numbers. Individuals are now creating false checking accounts with the federal routing numbers, using their social security number as the checking account number…. Be advised that Treasury bureaus and the Treasury Direct Program do NOT offer checking accounts for the public, and they will NOT honor any of these checks. Participating in these scams can result in serious criminal and civil penalties.” It’s pretty much black and white and doubtless the reason that Heather and Mr Beane find themselves in their current pickle.

  197. james-osbourne says : Reply

    Can anyone explain to me the heading used by the court.

    There are three different entities named in the court papers:
    1. The court is a United States court.
    2. The suit is being brought by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    3. The first two lines:
    The United States of America, by and through Nancy Stallard Harr, United States
    Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, hereby responds in opposition to the defendants’

    What I see is three corporations operating together. The AG works for United States. The entity suing, using her as the rep. is The United States of America, and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is bringing the action.

    Please tell me how all that works.

    Additionally, in the court document that allegedly denies a “motion”,
    At one point the Judge writes, “must also find”, not “does find”.

    The Conclusion uses the same wording:

    “should be denied”; not, “is denied”.

    Is that just a matter of common usage or does it say only what is written?

    • tim says : Reply

      Troll on Marcus.. No interest is supporting or co creating your tired old slavery system for you any longer …

      • Marcus says : Reply

        I don’t consider myself a troll unless by that you mean anyone whose world-view may differ somewhat from others on this site and has the effrontery to express it. All I’m asking you to think about is the well-known principle that people resist change and are intolerant of uncertainty. If you want to bring down the system, then its going to take a tad more than some lodged documents to do it. The Russian Revolution cost 9 million lives.

  198. Harry says : Reply

    I thougth that the judge stated that he will come back with a ruling in 30 days from the hearing date of Oct. 18th ?

    Is this not correct, so that we can expect a ruling on Heathers motion by Nov. 18th?

    Set me straight. I know that this whole “issue” is purported and all that, but I am asking when the next court action is aside from the trial date in 2018.

  199. noel says : Reply

    Hi Guy’s, Has anyone looked at Anna Von Reitz site lately, she seems to be insinuating that MARSHALL LAW is coming.

  200. Harry says : Reply

    Very well then, we shall wait……if he rules favorably, then the issue is decided. I am positive, but I know that the ptb do not give up easily, and even though judge Shriley may be a straight shooter, but he still works for “them” so I suspect that this whole thing will go to trial in Jan ’18, but Im thinking positive that it wont. But as we who come to this/these sites know well, it is about a spiritual experience and not just the money. Nonetheless, I will take it! 😛

  201. noel says : Reply

    Are there any Court Transcripts for the last Court appearance, could someone guide me to them please. cheers.

  202. spirit says : Reply

    recommend that randy get and read either of the Books:



    2) The Universally known Book/Course entitled: A COURSE IN MIRACLES


    if he has access to computer/internet the the free .pdf version of ACIM here:

  203. Amy says : Reply

    Hello All! Today is the 17th of November. We should be thankful for life… I know I AM. Since tomorrow is the 18th of November and the reply is due from Judge C. Clifford Shirley where do we all stand? Are we free to Be and Do? It is shocking but not surprising of all the global revelations that have unfolded in the last 3 months. Some, noteworthy. Some, an obvious distraction. And what about Antarctica? Is there something up there that would equal Area 51? Who discloses that information?
    I was re-reading on this blog from 8-20-17 between BZ and Heather while Heather was still on her “tour” of the country. Terms like , “all of all, 24-36 hours, its over, On planet and off…, Everyone will have access to their accounts…” So much has happened since then. DO we get the unvarnished truth today? How will that change the world we live in now? I feel like I am reading a book and am on the last chapter. All must now flow in love , gratitude and forgiveness. Really? I feel like I have been holding my breath with all of this. I do not wish to hold my breath anymore. “Do what you feel moved to do.” “Expand and amplify.” “Tune in and Amplify.” To what end?
    I see the ramifications of this and the time to celebrate is not yet upon us. Twenty four hours can make a big difference in our world. We need truth. Access and Facilitation. Ok. Have the Essence cards been mailed, or do we connect through our own accounts, or do we just go into any bank and ask for a x dollar amount of a certified check and it will be honored because we all assume that everyone got the message/memo?
    No, nothing is how it was/is appears. Everyone had their role to play and it was done very well from all sides. But this has been a soul-sucking journey that sometimes ignorance would have been blissful. How will it be for people that were not awaken 4 months ago to wake up tomorrow or Sunday morning to know that Everyone is equal?
    It is my hope that since tomorrow is Saturday, today being the last day of the week we will have news that frees us all. People all over are anxiously waiting for a statement from anyone. I am curious as to the language that will be used. Many persons have made plans that seriously revolve on a positive outcome and need positive reinforcement on the ending of this last chapter. It is hard to stay positive and believe since there have been so many times we have been told, informed, that this is over, to see the truth. We were teased with the “bigger picture, the big, big, outcome.” This is not a James Patterson novel but it sure feels like one. I hope this truth plays out positively for everyone in humanity.

  204. balliff says : Reply

    tomorrow (18th) marks the “30 day” window in which the Court stated that it would render a decision on motions/process emanating from the oct. 18th court session…..we shall see…???…???

  205. Karen.L says : Reply

    I decree and declare Victory and freedom for Heather and Randy because anything else is unacceptable as a matter of law. BTW stay focused in have faith that things are working in favor behind the scenes today to free them……..

  206. bailiff says : Reply

    @noel– go read in one of the first transcripts of the hearing from oct. 18. it was stated in there that the Court would come back and render a decision on heathers paperwork/motions in 30 days.

    i dont know if/when a court sets a date, that they are held to exactly 30 days or less, or approximately 30 days, which could mean 45 days or ??? but i would certainly not expect to wait say 60 days…

    even the poster amy a couple back references the 30 day wait in her post.

  207. noel says : Reply

    bailiff, thanks for that you were right, I see the judge just gave his recommendation.

  208. Bryan says : Reply

    The recommendation is usually followed by the District Judge 99.9% of the time, so I would expect there to be a trial in January. So we’ll see what happens from here?

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Bryan

      Can you provide context in your thought? I would like to review it

      Thanks Joey!

      • Bryan says : Reply

        Its just common sense. The District judge handed it down to a Magistrate judge for research and review. NOw the DJ is not going to come down and overule the Mag. judge when the DJ really doesnt know much about the case, so he is going to rubber stamp the mag judges opinion…imo.

        Can he reverse the mag. judges decision? Absolutely.

        Has this happened before. Yes.

        But it is a rare bird indeed for this to happen.

        Expect a trial.

  209. noel says : Reply


  210. Cynthia says : Reply

    The Recommendation was filed November 16, 2017. Does this seem like a long time ago to anyone? It feels like a long time ago to me, although it was a short time ago. I can imagine how Heather and Randy feel about that? November 22, 2017 Randy said “I understand there are beautiful things coming up that are going to take place in the next several weeks…”

  211. james-osbourne says : Reply

    Statute law, including codes and regulations, apply only to statutory i.e., fictional entities. They have no effect on living men and women.

    The law of the land, natural law, is very simple:

    Harm no one. Keep your word.

    The only law applicable to a living man or woman is a jury of their peers from their own neighborhood.

  212. rtp1971 says : Reply

    Is Heather still alive??? Is there a gag order???

  213. Joey says : Reply

    Hey BZ

    Do we have any update from the courts on what the next step is in the case?

    Thanks Joey!

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Hi Joey,
      First its important to remember this case is Not happening in a vacuum- Meaning it is happening right at this moment in concert with all the other myriad of things you see/feel/alt media and MSM media reports of/ channeled messages/Quantum energy updates, descriptions/have a knowing of/direct experience of/passages in the bible/ancient texts/Indigenous lore/prophecies… just to name a few.

      As such, when focusing on any one component of it or the whole unfolding narrative it is of great value to remember that we are not in a linear reality any longer. The planet is no longer residing in a 3 dimensional frequency bandwidth and vibrational frequency range. Which means you no longer reside there either. Though through programs and false construct narratives you may still be holding a predominate vibrational frequency of a slower lower vibrational bandwidth. Which will NOT be possible much longer. We are in a quantum flow and we are multidimensional beings beginning to learn how to notice/navigate/read the waters of… that Quantum flow while in embodiment.

      A side note here: You do not have to believe this, know about this, or understand all of this for it to be the case. Just like someone who might think, of course there is justice. The government protects us, the Vegas shooting was done by one lone, looney middle aged guy who offed himself… Or a variety of other examples- They do not have to be “awake” to the truth about all of those things, the facts, details, specifics… that are all hidden in plain sight. That are clear as a bell for more and more people to see. The same expansion of perspective is needed to see the quantum…

      With that laid down as a platform for expanding ones perception and remembering/ or realizing:

      The Judicial system is not what it is purported to be

      This case is not a case that follows the “normal” script of what the judicial system masquerade says a purported federal case moves along in specific steps…

      This case is an (Disclosure) OP, designed with specificity and particularity to reveal exactly what the “judicial system” Is. What it actually does. What the Courts actually are. What the prison system actually is… With the reveal at the core of that being what the financial system/monetary system/banking system/credit system… is actual built upon and what is the true Value that “funds” it all.

      As with everything that is being revealed right now- Noticing the Dots!, connecting the dots, and then seeing how they Are ALL connected!, no matter what the sector/focus/players/system/scenario is. Will help you to not only see how it fits within the whole picture of the Great reveal End picture. But how to really see what the data is showing you and which are the important dots to pay attention to in this particular narrative of the purported court case unfolding in the Eastern Tennessee Federal circuit court system.

      Do you know the legal definition of a Praecipe? regardless of Judge Shirley’s scripted stance of mockery of it..

      Once you recall the answer to that, ponder why Thomas A. Varlan; a level 3 judge, of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee would pass on a purported “frivolous” made up thing that is not a real motion, onto a magistrate judge? (who happens to be retiring)

      As a side note- Thomas A. Varlan, of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, as of November 22nd,has issued 13 sealed federal indictments since October 30th. This will let you know his level of “knowing” of what is going on behind the scenes.

      Do you remember what Judge Varlan’s directive was to Judge Shirley when he passed the “hot potato” of the Praecipe over to Judge Shirley?

      Once you recall the answer to that, recall what Judge Shirley decided to do , of his two choices… What was the title of the paperwork he filled? And NO, it was NOT a decision/motion/order/finding, contrary to various comments that incorrectly characterize it as such.

      Explain why paperwork filed by the Chief Magistrate Judge in a federal court case with such a high profile case on November 17th, is still not showing up in Pacer or the syndicated feed of court documents?

      Once you see that dot, you might reflect on whether or not a Foot-Note 17 is/can be directed at a document that does not even exist based on the courts own “legal” record. And what problems it will cause for the alleged judge Shirley when a document is filled that restates in full the report and recommendation, now putting it clearly in the record. That shows with specificity and particularity proof of refusal to provide documented, sworn, validated, and verified identification and lawful authority. Moreover, proof of collusion, ignorance, and corruption. All part of the Federal court record via audio, visual, and transcribed proceedings.

      There are so many Dots that are blinking/highlighted/bold in this whole narrative that define/describe/illustrate with specificity and particularity the designated aim of the OP, as it was designed and put into action by all the players in all the agencies behind the scenes that are bringing all data into the light to be fully revealed.

      It is one component of millions that are unfolding this very moment in time as ALL changes in ALL of Source’s Multiverses. Bar none.

      You can notice and get an inkling at the very least of the steps unfolding behind the scenes. You will clearly see various steps revealed for all this week and the ones that follow.

      Do I wish it would go faster, be more visibly demonstrable for all to see each moment? YES ! Mostly because of Randy and his current situation in light of recent events. Even though I know his background and his training for this, even in the midst of him not remembering all of it, on a cognitive, linear level… has equipt, him with what he needs to complete his role/mission, what he was moved to do.Do I understand why things are unfolding as they are given the “Galactic sized” import/scope/complexity of what the end focus is? YES !

      We are all in this together. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We’ve Got This!

      Its time to Step Up!

      • Barbara says : Reply

        BZ! What a most excellent explanation of the multidimensional choreography going on here with respect to the task at hand– revealing our broken judicial system and all the other fraudulent and toxic systems. HATJ and RKB are so bravely shining their Light! Thank you so much Randy and Heather in your Service to Others!

        Your nicely written perspective helps me with my own disappointment over the negative decision by an Appellate judge– a case regarding TILA Rescission and a foreclosure issue. I too have gone “Galactic” in scope and eagerly await the Collective AHA! Moment when the expansion in Conscienceness opens the door for All to be seen and understood so that we can permanently leave the 3D energies behind us. Please, EVERYONE! nudge those still “sleeping soundly” to wake-wakey! We’ve got to get Randy out of the slammer ASAP! Love to All.

      • Joey says : Reply

        Hi BZ

        Thank you again for the clarity and voice you bring to all these discussions.

        Much Love..

        Lets all step up and send some amazing Energy to Randy today!

      • Cynthia says : Reply

        Just reviewed this post again. It is refreshing. Thank you BZ.

  214. Cynthia says : Reply

    BZ Foot-Note at the bottom of Judge Shirley’s recommendation from November 16th; is November 30th the next step?
    17Any objections to this report and recommendation must be served and filed within fourteen (14) days after service of a copy of this recommended disposition on the objecting party. Fed. R. Crim. P. 59(b)(2) (as amended). Failure to file objections within the time specified waives the right to review by the District Court. Fed. R. Crim. P. 59(b)(2); see United States v. Branch, 537 F.3d 582, 587 (6th. Cir. 2008); see also Thomas v. Arn, 474 U.S. 140, 155 (1985) (providing that failure to file objections in compliance with the required time period waives the right to appeal the District Court’s order). The District Court need not provide de novo review where objections to this report and recommendation are frivolous, conclusive, or general. Mira v. Marshall, 806 F.2d 636, 637 (6th Cir. 1986). Only specific objections are reserved for appellate review. Smith v. Detroit Federation of Teachers, 829 F.2d 1370, 1373 (6th Cir. 1987). 16 Case 3:17-cr-00082-TAV-CCS Document 62 Filed 11/16/17 Page 16 of 16 PageID #: 2910

  215. Bud says : Reply

    “As a side note- Thomas A. Varlan, of the United States Court of
    Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, as of November 22nd,has issued 13
    sealed federal indictments…”

    What do judges have to do with issuing indictments? Indictments are the job of a Grand Jury.

  216. Cynthia says : Reply

    Oh my goodness. I don’t like hearing Randy has taken a severe beating. Hopefully it won’t be much longer. Glad they moved him to a “hopefully” safer place.

  217. Gerry says : Reply

    Very sorry to learn about the abuse upon Randy. 🙁 Sending him Love ❤️ and hugs……..

  218. Chantilly says : Reply

    So what does the latest document filing by Heather actally mean? Anyone know?

  219. Rob McElwain says : Reply

    Why don’t she show the articles of incorporation.

  220. bryan says : Reply

    Nevertheless, the Court has independently
    reviewed the R&R and is in complete
    agreement with Magistrate Judge Shirley’s
    recommendations, which the Court adopts and
    incorporates into this rulin
    g. Accordingly, the Court
    the R&R
    [Doc. 62]. Defendant Beane’s motions [Docs. 63,
    67–68] to join the
    filings of defendant
    Tucci-Jarraf are hereby
    Furthermore, to the extent they may be considered
    motions, the defendants’ motion to dismiss
    the indictment [Doc. 43] and supplemental
    filings purporting to void the indictment and othe
    r parts of the record
    [Docs. 42, 45, 48, 49,
    50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55,
    56, 57] are all hereby
    s/ Thomas A. Varlan


    i said in a previous post that this would be the case and to expect a trial.

    heres the post:

    Bryan says :
    November 21, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    The recommendation is usually followed by the District Judge 99.9% of the time, so I would expect there to be a trial in January. So we’ll see what happens from here?

    Thinking positive but hard to imagine any reason to expect anything different in a trial using this corrupt legal system.

  221. Denis says : Reply

    Aloha All & Happy New Year

    Any updates? Trail dates etc. etc.?


  222. Joey says : Reply

    Almost time…I have deep happy releasing emotions this morning….1/5/18

    See you soon H an R…OMG!

    Luv Joey!

  223. Paul L. Nally says : Reply

    Don’t know if you need this, but …

    CREECH v. WICHITA, et al., CV-2312-JAR-GEB, Dis Ct of Kansas (2017)

    This matter is before the Court on Defendants Houston Pizza Venture, LP and HPV-C,
    LLC’s (collectively Defendants) Motion to Dismiss (Doc. 27) for lack of personal jurisdiction.
    The motion is fully briefed and the Court is prepared to rule. For the reasons explained in detail
    below, the Court grants Defendants’ motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction.

    Although no single factor or combination of factors is required to apply the alter ego
    doctrine,46 Plaintiff’s factual allegations and evidence fails to demonstrate that any of these
    factors are present in this case, particularly in light of Robinett’s unrebutted declaration.
    Robinett’s declaration asserts that the relationship between P.J. Wichita and Defendants does not
    meet any of the requisite factors considered to disregard the corporate entity under the alter ego theory. Moreover, Plaintiff’s evidence merely demonstrates that Carney owns P.J. Wichita,
    L.L.C., Houston Pizza, and HPV. But common ownership alone is insufficient to show that
    these corporate entities should be disregarded. In light of Robinett’s declaration denying the
    involvement of Houston Pizza and HPV in the operations of P.J. Wichita, L.L.C., Plaintiff’s
    evidence does not serve as competent proof that the Court can exercise personal jurisdiction under an alter ego theory. Therefore, Plaintiff fails to establish a prima facie case of personal jurisdiction over these Defendants, and the Court grants their motion to dismiss on this basis.

    See also, Bradley v. Fisher, 80 US 335, 338 (1871)

    Has anyone tried a Habeas for Mr. Beane? Have you tried a motion to compel discovery to make the AUSAs provide their authority or a Motion to Compel Officers of the Court?

    Thanks for your work.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Paul

      This is great ideas, however remember…there was never and request, demand to dismiss based on jurisdiction. H along with R ORDERED the alleged court system via a duly signed, Preciape (my spelling is off). The alleged system has not provided that information based on the ORDER. Now as you have seen H continue duly reject each document so thus cannot be monetized for financial gain, as such when properly recorded in the alleged system, those docs that are rejected go up to each part of the old banking chain system and each area is now fully aware and awake, that they can no longer
      1. Incarcerate any human on the planet(regardless of said crime)
      *all alleged court systems no longer have the ability to monetize any paperwork based on (civil or criminal alleged aspect of any case of any human in or out of any courtroom)
      2.ALL that are incarcerated must be released and cared for accordingly(new tech to help these humans)
      3. RELEASE of each TDDA account to all humanity(without having to file any paperwork)
      *this means humans like you and I will have a release of TDDA first and thus we can assist further with the rest of humanity (solely based on the financial aspect) freedom of financial chains…it’s very exciting..
      4. MUST peacefully release H and R
      5. R funds released to him 27mil + damages… in possible gold and silver(also the rest of us)
      6. H to pass the baton to the rest of us as she gets some needed rest and family time

      Luv Joey

      • Joey says : Reply

        Im am not sure where all my information is coming from a liner aspect!…

        The last month I have been away in my sleep…and when I come back to earth each morning I have more and more of this information that i must share….I am getting ready for something as we all are, however I am exactly sure where all this NEW information is coming from….I dont think it’s new I just think its quantum in nature and something I already set out to do here this time around.

        More to come for sure..

        Luv Joey

  224. Joey says : Reply

    Hey BZ

    Will we get any minutes from the alleged pre-trial meeting?

    Thanks Joey!

  225. lisa says : Reply

    as of this date 01/17/2018 do we have to file the ucc1 forms still? what is the proper way to pay for a child support debt of $15,000?
    and if you have a freeze on your accounts because of this owing child support ( they have garnished my wadges and are holding suspended any Lic. ) how does one unfreeze ones account to pay with the all cap account?

    • INQUISITOR says : Reply

      Dont be so quick to fill anythng out just yet. Nothing has been resolved, either with UCC or with Heathers case, so just hold tight!!

  226. Joey says : Reply

    Hey BZ

    Anyword….ok what is next this this case?

    Luv Joey!

  227. Joey says : Reply

    ok ALL

    Now I am confused…just heard from Conscious Conversation, that Randy is being moved to Georgia. Why would he be moved if he was sentenced in Tenn Distr. Court….? Ugh…more to unfold here for sure


    • Bailiff says : Reply

      Its not a state case, its a Federal Case, so they can move him to any Federal Prison that they like.
      Prisoners are assigned by the Federal BOP, not the courts.

  228. researchit27 says : Reply

    Have you heard about the recent US Supreme Court 6-3 win regarding the injustice of plea deals? Rod Class v United States.

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