Creator Beings UNITE! A Call To ACTION

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Creator Beings UNITE! A Call To ACTION

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For those who like to play in the expansion of Love and the expanding energies, I would like to share a story… from H Andrew Toppin, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados (lovely he is in the “bridge” town- between the old and the new : -)

If you feel moved to connect energetically and envision the flow of matter to pull into physical an expansive outcome for all involved you may find it to be quite a fun experience.

“Hello BZ.
I hope all is well with you. I wanted to make you aware of some changes going on in my life.
My wife and I are about to become homeless within the next 5 weeks therefore my online interaction will be very limited if not non-existent.
We would appreciate any energetic support you can offer in the coming weeks to assist us in shifting our situation to a more expansive outcome….”

“Thanks so much BZ. We will. Please feel free to share with whom you are led to for added energetic or financial support. We have no friends here and our families have turned their backs on us for our attempts to get out of the system hence why we may be homeless. Most of our acquaintances believe we are in a cult and that we are crazy for taking this stand. We work form my family’s home at the moment, so if we become homeless my wife especially can’t work. My work at the moment is purely energetic. There is so much that has happened and changed in our lives since December 25th 2012 and we are thankful for all of it. We have never asked for help throughout this journey, never wanting to be a burden to anyone but with the current situation we face we have very little choice. (hug)”

For those who are just beginning with playing with the magnificence of who you are, Brilliant Creator Beings… it may be fun to play in the energies and frequency light flows and send your unique vibrational hello and support and more linear monetary support if your are moved to. From Andrew- ” my email associated with my paypal is I set up a link as well and that is ”

For those who are adept at playing with the magnificence of the Truth of who you are and ALL, lets shower this “bridge town” with expansive colors and Joyous frequencies so that Andrew, his wife, and all who live there are kissed by those expansive frequencies!

(heart) (star) (heart) … we are the (rainbow) of expansion…
Much Love, bz

H. Andrew and Juann Toppin talk about removing themselves from the corrupt system and now need our assistance. If you can assist, or offer ideas or suggestions email them at: or thru me


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  1. Keith says : Reply

    Fallow your heart thought. Embrace the path you walk with confidence and bravery. You will create the way.
    All my love

  2. Ted says : Reply

    Dear One what part of the planet are you on? sorry don’t know where Bridgetown is?

  3. matthew dierksheide says : Reply

    holding love and light for your smooth and flowing transition andrew and juann 🙂

  4. noel says : Reply

    Expand your consciousness and optimize your brain functioning through Yogic Flying :

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