Creative Cosmic Round Table Conversation 9.24.17

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This Creative Cosmic Round Table Conversation was recorded on 9.24.17 at 2:00 PM PDT.

Trusting your heart, your knowing, the power of intentions and re-framing fear were common threads in this CCRTC 3 conversation.

Now is the perfect moment to come together and actively partake in conversation, creative co-creation, and pulling all new thoughts/ways of being/creations/systems/
structures into the physical, the New Now.Allowing for the conversations and creative co-creation to take on an expansive ripple into the energetic fabric of this moment.








3 Responses to “Creative Cosmic Round Table Conversation 9.24.17”

  1. Kennyboy says : Reply

    I’d like to SEE some thoughts about the latest expose’ of WHO the REAL Israelites ARE. now that the truth has come out about them…The SAME about WHO “Jesus” was, because I saw a post HERE depicting HIM as a WHITE man…when such a lie has now been exposed that ha had to have been BLACK.
    Please explain this?

    • TRON says : Reply

      My thoughts on the word “Jew”.

      You are Jew if you speak Hebrew (or even Yiddish): you do not have to live in Israel.
      You can call yourself a Jew if you study Judaism, you can be a “Jew” and live in China or the north pole.
      Most Orthodox Jews protest the present occupation of the Palestinian territory by the fake Semite Jews of Khazarian decent, including the ILLEGAL state of Israel.

      The Rothchilds, who are Khazarians (self named “AshkeNAZI Jews”) originate from the Khazar area. The Khazar area is near Georgia/Russia: The Khazarians originated 800 miles from the place now called Israel: They are NOT Semites.

      The Rothchilds bought the area now called Israel from the British when they occupied Palestine during WW2 and placed their ilk, “AshkeNAZI Jews”. Suddenly Israel had the 2nd largest air force in the world, thanks Rothchilds, now NATO then began to terrorize nations in the area.

      90% of the “Jews” living in Israel today are NOT SEMITE: their bloodline is of Ashkenazi (or Khazarian) origin.

      My guess who the real Israelites are:
      The REAL ISRAELITES are SEMITES: More likely Palestinians are descendants of the real Israelites.

  2. West says : Reply

    I am listening to this phone call and am filled with such gratitude. Thank you all on this call who are being so present with yourselves. It inspires. It is the most practical phone call I have listened to; maybe not in the most acceptable worldly terms but for those with hears to hear. Thank you.

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