Creative Cosmic Round Table 10.9.17

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Creative Cosmic Round Table 10.9.17






it is The Time of Choosing series of CCRTC’s-

This Creative Cosmic Round Table Conversation was pulled into physicality on October 9, 2017.

A common thread in the call was time jumping/quantum jumping/shifting timelines.

It is the Time of Choosing-
Gaia Has expanded to a higher vibrational frequency than ever before.

Gaia, the New Earth, our planet now holds multiple realities and timelines. A simple way to language it would be: the conscious earth reality(s) and the unconscious earth reality(s).

We will hold the space for the Time of Choosing as the seed point/launching pad/ creative springboard as we come together and tune our awareness/intention/expansive expressive selves to the power and importance of choosing the earth we will reside on/give our energy to/and make contributions to…



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