Creative Cosmic Round Table 10.11.17

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Creative Cosmic Round Table 10.11.17






it is The Time of Choosing series of CCRTC’s-

This Creative Cosmic Round Table Conversation was pulled into physicality on October 11, 2017.

A common thread in the call; trusting yourself and Your brilliance as your expanding frequency vibration tunes into connecting/connection/our connectedness.

It is the Time of Choosing- Gaia Has expanded to a higher vibrational frequency than ever before.

Gaia, the New Earth, our planet now holds multiple realities and timelines.

A simple way to language it would be: the conscious earth reality(s) and the unconscious earth reality(s). We will hold the space for the Time of Choosing as the seed point/launching pad/ creative springboard as we come together and tune our awareness/intention/expansive expressive selves to the power and importance of choosing the earth we will reside on/give our energy to/and make contributions to…





2 Responses to “Creative Cosmic Round Table 10.11.17”

  1. Clara says : Reply

    We must put an end to the terrible mistreatment, deceptions and disinformation, forced through systematic indoctrination into a highly broken system! Otherwise our greatest miseries are most likely yet to come!
    We claim to hold our children first and foremost as the most important people in our lives? Yet those same people are being lied to in the least, by you who they trust most!
    Say what you will, but from Santa to Satan and all other monitors and scapegoats, our children are effected just as we were! Our school telling us our parents lied about the holidays, has residual damage for most. In the least, it teaches us subconsciously that our school (system) is more trustworthy than our family, and this my family, is a root to our human problems!

    My mom is, my dad is, as most my family is, addicted. I’m personally an alcoholic, and that’s a hell of a choice buzz since I’m rarely able to responsibly handle myself. But these things aren’t highly harmful unless we’re on one bad if course. Not to downplay addiction at all, but the environment we live in, the relationships we stay in, and our thoughts, views and beliefs play a huge role in most relapse excuses. The fact we still live as we do with the government growing as it has has my tongue no longer able to wrap around a bottle and give up! No more will I stay silent! Our children deserve to be our highest priorities, but our own home state has pulled that from under our feet!

    Kids come first! All children’s well-being as law should motivate and unite us towards Utopia! A kids rule society is very possible with technological advances, and that with an anarchist swag, and a spiritualist air? May our little ones be our Savior as some wait for another! May the kids blessings and bliss overflow and their suffering and loneliness come crashing to an end!

    I believe that we the people can and will give young people the voices they deserve! Too many children lay up anxious and disappointed with all the thoughts and feelings they wanted to but didn’t express. All the limits on vocabulary and behavior given to be a socially acceptable robot.

    Why? As a parent stop bullshittin yourself, it’s mainly cuz you have troubles at times (some more than others) living as you are. You’ve settled into a neat little socially acceptable, watered down, mediocre puny portion of your true magnificence. Don’t get me wrong, I too was force fed this horse shit through my own societal indoctrination as a poor inner city youth, and have fallen over and over for the poor pitiful me act, the “I’m a worthless sinner” bs looking to that which I need saving from (the outer world and your seemingly evil reactions) as my master; meanwhile ignoring my true Lord of Lord which only comes in the inner realms. My weapon to combat this is, instead of reflecting on my emotional reactions possible triggers and working to avoid those negative triggers at all cost, I sit with myself and think of how to turn my insights loose on my outlooks, while remaining teachable of for the sake of others nearest to

    That we millennials have the ability to unite under one common forum of social media, world wide! That we millennials stop the indifference towards our poor poor elders technological delay, and address the issue as we would an intervention for addiction. Teach our ol folk to swype text so it’s easier on their arthritis. Teach them to set loud notifications to their favorite old time jingles for their forgetfulness. Teach them to take pics and vids constantly so the dementia doesn’t conspire against them leading them to believe that you, their beloved daughter, are the whore Babylon in the flesh! For Christ sake! Before it’s too late and they get lost in the big bad world without gps and real time real feel weather apps, help these poor souls learn the ways of the interweb! Take them on the small trip on the information super highway we all had that hooked us in. Give them a glance of a how to vid on YouTube that is pertinent to their individual talents and passions. If spending more than a quick… “hi, can i get cash? Ok, thanks, love you bye”… Isn’t enough incentive, you can simply explain “well ma, you always get on me and my friends about being online on these devices,
    ….they’re not really called gadgets anymore pops…. But you should really give the experience of having any piece of information online, a camera clock video recorder flashlight calculator dictionary thesaurus computer bank all you could ever want and need store alarm clock note pad and planner/organizer plus much more in the palm of their hands. If they refuse still, too stubborn to be taught by youngsters or whatever, just be more open with what all your phone’s doing for you. If it’s the ol man, find a YouTube video that shows how to do something in a faster more efficient way with the same quality finish as your dad did (just an example, generalization obvious and might wanna be noted, we generalize, compartmentalize, and marginalize, our day to day lives, not just the people in it but everything, the people are those that seem to get our greatest reactions…… I haven’t looked at this for a while so hope it sounds alright. this is my contribution

  2. Jennifer says : Reply

    Dearest All,

    I found this to vibrate with us on all frequencies.

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