Covert Action Information Bulletin # 25

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Covert Action Information Bulletin # 25

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  1. Jay J says : Reply

    Is it, uh, just me, or does someone in this picture look really dog gone familiar? Thanks for posting this.

  2. Zero Point says : Reply

    How does this serve?

  3. Belinda says : Reply

    Okay I”ll bite, what the hell is this. Who is hanging these women and what is Regan doing watching? Is this a joke?

  4. Aidan says : Reply


  5. Sorry this looks like a total DISINFO Bulletin that was put out to distract the people reading away from the FACT that it is the Rothschild’s/Vatican etc that were actually behind starting WW2 to take out Hitler and his party because they were actually doing the right things re arresting the bankers including one of the Rothschilds and jailing them and then printing their own Debt and Interest FREE money and spending it into their economy and that is why Germany was booming back then while the rest of the world was in these Elites Deliberately created Depression so they have demonised Hitler, his party and Germany ever since with LIES because they do not want the masses in all of the other countries from questioning why their governments were not doing the same re printing our own Debt and Interest FREE money and jailing the bankers etc.

    FACT is there was NO Gas Chambers in any of the camps for killing anyone – yes there was small Gas Chambers for delousing the clothes and bedding – NO making lamp shades out of human skin or shrinking peoples heads or experimenting on anyone etc etc etc as all of this has been proven as LIES and PROPAGANDA. Plenty of videos on Youtube exposing the LIES of the Holocaust and Hitler’s speeches exposing the Elite Bankers and what their puppets in the media and our corrupt controlled governments were up to as part of their agenda etc and plenty of sites exposing all of this too on the internet such as my post “Jesus, Hitler and the Wizard of Oz post on Paisley Expressions just now and plenty of excellent info at this Canadian site here :

    Yes the corrupt people working for the Deep State Government arranged for the most useful German Scientists etc to leave what was left of Germany to come and work for them and these people would have been glad to get out because their country was a shambles by then and because many of them would have been worried about the consequences if they refused seeing what was happeneing to the Germans being set up with the Nuremburg Kangaroo

    • CeeMee says : Reply

      I will check this information out, much of what we have been “taught” is all too often propaganda to fit a narrative in order to control the masses. Many folks still do no know or are willing to acknowledge the Japanese internment camps here in the United States during WWII. I didn’t know about these until I learned about them in a WWII history class while in college. My own father yelled at me and called me a liar when I told him about them. Then when folks speak out about their own personal experiences, they are quickly labeled as “conspiracy theorists” or “tin hat wearers” ie crazy….the typical character assassination agenda to silence any other narrative/the actual truth about what really happened. Sadly many people simply just can’t handle the truth. It all comes down to controlling the world…psychopaths and their willing minions… Sadly we will not know the entire truth about all of these horrifying events until after we leave this earth plain…

      On an interesting side note nugget, folks need to do a deep rabbithole dive into the Gadhafi’s gold back dinar…here’s a link to get you started >>>

  6. CeeMee says : Reply

    This is a declassified CIA document, [Approved for release 2010-06-03: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100170004-5] Simply use the arrows at the bottom of the image to read through the 56 pages of very revealing information.

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