Conversations in The Raw: Banking Preparation for Accessing Your Value

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Conversations in The Raw: Banking Preparation for Accessing Your Value



Pull up a chair and listen in on a conversation in the raw I had with Helen Vita. We talk about the preparation work she has done with the mobile bankers in her area, Melbourne Australia, the next steps she will take infusing the system with the new banking energetics from the top and the bottom. And we talk about the importance of preparation and what we really are preparing for in making ready to access Our Value… Meeting ourselves.



Direct Download link to the Word version of the IMF Quotes

IMF Quotes

IMF Statement:
“… under the present system banks do not have to wait for depositors to appear and makes funds available before they can on-lend, or intermediate, those funds. Rather, they create their own funds, deposits, in the act of lending. This fact can be verified in the description of the money creation system in many central bank statements, and it is obvious to anyone who has lent money and created the resulting book entries.” 1

Central Bank Statements:
– “Banks create money when they lend it” 2
–   “… banks extend credit by creating money.” 3
– “What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers’ transaction accounts.” 4
– “…credit of promissory notes (money of account) become money when banks deposit promissory notes with the intent of treating them as cash.” 5,7
– “Commercial banks create checkbook money whenever they grant a loan, simply by adding new deposit dollars to accounts on their books in exchange for a borrower’s IOU.” 6
– “Then, bankers discovered that they could make loans merely by giving their promises to pay, or bank notes, to borrowers. In this way, banks began to create money. More notes could be issued than the gold and coin on hand.” 4
1. The Chicago Plan Revisited, Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof, IMF Working Paper August 2012
2. Money Banking & Monetary Policy… Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, May 2007
3. Quarterly Bulletin, Q1 Vol 48. No. 1. Bank of England, 2008
4. Modern Money Mechanics… Dorothy M. Nichols – Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, May 1961
5. Walker F. Todd. Affidavit, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA, 05 Dec 2003. (20yrs as attorney & legal officer of Federal Reserve Bank of New York & Cleveland)
6. I Bet You Thought… Friedman, David H. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Dec 1977
7.  Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, 1990

For more helpful infomation that Scott Bartle has pulled together visit the Banking Industry Quarterly Reports page


Direct download link to pdf version

Direct download link to Word version

CEO IUV INchange Letter


22 Responses to “Conversations in The Raw: Banking Preparation for Accessing Your Value”

  1. Oswald G. Nelson says : Reply

    I really like this I’m hooked ,lol

  2. Jo says : Reply

    One can have all the knowledge and confidence when presenting themselves to bankers but convincing the banking personnel is what is really going on here. We are trying to convince them the current way they practice their trade is not working for all involved. However because they are part of those on the top of the heap they are not going to be very interested in swallowing any pride or wanting to change their banking practice just because a bunch of us keep suggesting they ought to. You can point to all the regulations they have placed out on paper but it’s no different than the courts. They will simply ignore the rules and laws and keep doing as they please because nothing is going to stop them with our courts and police forces in their back pockets. As long as they have those aces up their sleeves there is nothing to convince them to do otherwise. Logic is lost on the minds of the irrational.

  3. Martin G Weber-Caspers says : Reply

    Thanks! I was asking for practical Information, and there you are “making moves”. Please Keep sharing! Namasté

  4. Kenrick says : Reply

    The Banks first DECEPTION or LIE was that they lend you their MONEY? First of all their is no MONEY, only DEBT. So, DEBT IS MONEY. Please note they called Debt CREDIT. Be careful they use reverse Language and words to confuse us. Second They are not allowed to lend Customers Credit that is the Law. What they have done is NOT an EXCHANGE for Our Promissory Note (Credit) BuT a SWITCH or conversion of our Credit by Deception and pretend to lend you money. When in fact they lend you a Private DEBT currency. Question is this. How can they lend you a DEBT? No one can. This why they Call a DEBT Credit The reason this is so Is because THE BANKS are BANKCorrupt.since 1933. And we were PLEDGE as COLLATERAL,.Got It.? This IS the Biggest Deception of the Century. Guess what? On their Promissory (Debt) notes it states I promise to pay the bearer X$
    Guess who is making the promise. The Banks, the banks OWEs YOU. Do not Forget, the Game is rigged to TRANSFER our wealth Value Energy, to the One% Corporate Slave Masters. Everything that bis done Is Deception and Fraud up to this point. All this happened because WE were EASY Marks according to Walter Burien.
    Love&Light .

    • Oswald G. Nelson says : Reply

      Kenrick if you have read some of the articles put out by oppt then you would know that the debt you talk about belongs to those corporations that benefited from the commercial slavery system. Unless you benefited from it you nor anyone else has debt. .The trustees of ONE PEOPLE PUBLIC TRUST has labored hard for the benefit of all mankind and they had the insight to have perfected our freedom. I take my hat off to all the people involved and participating in ushering in a new era for all mankind. The only thing left to do is start doing and B’eing.

  5. Oswald G. Nelson says : Reply

    First thing to understand is that YOU are the Value the units are your energy the real money is YOU

    The bank is you, all energy eminates from YOU the true Value is you the banks stole our energy now we got it back.lets come together and shape the kind of world we all want to live in. Remember anything is possible. the key to success is numbers of people doing and Being.

    • noel says : Reply

      Hang on Oswald !! did you say the banks stole our money, now we got it back ! Q.Then why in the hell are we giving it back to them ? All money is now one unit no matter what the currency, Q. have I got that right ? Q. Isn’t that what the New World Order wanted a global currency? Another thing, if 7 billion people give the banks 10% of what they have, isn’t that a continuation of what has been happening ? So the powers that be will be able to continue. If we are now free, Q. Why and who is doing the audit on our value ? The next thing we will be told is we have to pay tax.

      • Oswald G. Nelson says : Reply

        Noel there are two ways of doing buisness in commerce 1.] is to be a bank the other is choose a banking system of your choice, some of us can’t stop Being slaves I guess we really haven’t comprehended what oppt and i-uvInChange has done. They have removed the chains of commercial slavery by foreclosing on all corporations. Noel what is your Value? Aren’t you tired of having you Value stolen from you and you get nothing in return, what you are missing is that you are the Value, you are the bank, all energy eminates from mankind created by the creator. the money or currency you talk about is your labor. Gold = your spirit.silver = your body ad them together this is the currency you are talking about.

      • noel says : Reply

        Yes Oswald, I know that as well, I have not paid taxes since about 1987, I also have not taken benefits. I asked you a few FUQ, I did not mention I had trouble forgiving, I never asked to be forgiven by anybody. I don’t need to look at a video of the IRS to find out what I already know. Just one more Q. Are you a kindergarten teacher ?

        • noel says : Reply

          Just thought of more Q. Will the bank be paying us interest on the money we put in these accounts ?
          Q. Why will these accounts be subject to audit ?
          Is it for tax reasons?
          Who can answer these Q’s?
          Full transparency requires these and other Questions been answered.
          We need FUQ. PAGE Frequently Unanswered Questions answered.

      • Oswald G. Nelson says : Reply

        Noel if I have offended you i’m sorry, that wasn’t my intention. The reality is I answered your question. It will take time for people to grasp the full understanding of what has taken place. I’m with you when you say, why fund those whom have benefited from commercial slavery. Do you have a remedy, that will shape the minds of those whom can’t seem to break the shackles that you and I know as slavery. Then the act of forgiveness must be exerted and the tools to combat this corruption you and I see is thru information. By informing the people who work in the banks of this corruption who know nothing about what they are doing. plz view secrets of the banks, the lower people within the banking system know not what they are really doing because it is kept from them. So do we make them Pay for the mistakes of the CEOs.

  6. Oswald G. Nelson says : Reply

    Why are we so worried about the institutions whom have stolen our VALUE and ENERGY for over a hundred years. everyone has become a bank since the foreclosure of Corporations.. We need an Agenda to putting the people back in power. The ground work has been completed, it’s time to move on and do what is right. Two ways of Accessing our Value were given to us, so learn them and apply them. The only one that is hindering you is you.

  7. Laura Weaver says : Reply

    Help me, I have a cop that wants to charge me with a crime “for false info to a cop” when I told him there are more then one way to have ins. He and the four others laughed at me, and I was issued three out of the four citations. I may go to jail because I believe in freedom!

    • Oswald G. Nelson says : Reply

      Laura plz view the courtesy notices and read the courtesy notice and guidelines. You may go to jail but know this after sending them the courtesy notice and they cause you harm it cost them 3xs for doing it. my suggesting is get with someone who understands the courtesy notices and serve them. No one said that the path to freedom was going to be easy. hangin there.

    • Vicki Myers says : Reply


      In that case, you may want to look at what to do in a scenario like that. One place to start is this video on why people go to jail voluntarily:

      and this is good… The court part of it starts on the 3rd page if you scroll down:

    • Coby says : Reply

      If the information of the ucc filings is false then the liability is on the trustees, as they signed the filings under oath with penalty of perjury as per terms of ucc process. The officer needs to present charges against the trustees who filed the duly notified declaration of facts.
      When you sign the courtesy notice you now re-state and ratify the Dec of Facts of the OPPT UCC rulings with he trust it was done under oath, he has to then re-butt the affidavit as per their laws including being under oath and penalty of perjury. If you have given a courtesy notice then get an invoice to them immediately.
      Follow the process outlined to get beyond a default position on their behalf and the 7 steps are completed. Any time after they get the notice then pursue court action they participate in the fraud that causes the harm to the public this is Treason.
      All individuals included need to be invoice as they present themselves, link all invoices to the original CN number you made and the owner of the contract that can provide the terms and conditions. If they are in Melbourne Victoria then ask them why the Minister of Police has not answered the UCC filings as he has had the chance to and has invoices that he has defaulted on himself.
      Use the public notice board on the i-UV PN page and send the officers the links to this webpage. Upload you invoices and information for each individual you deal and watch the links in the chain come together. Some of the people you come across may already be on there and use this information to your advantage, cross reference everything.

  8. Kenrick says : Reply

    Oswald I understand most of what OPPT purported to had done. I had merely responded to some misconception about the Conversation in the Raw Audio, and what was said. If the lady understood, that she was the Bank,she wouldn’t have used that approach. As a matter of fact, I knew 3 years before I knew of OPPT, that we were the Bank. This took me 9 months to clarify this fact, by cross referencing from different educational sources. What I expressed, does not indicate I have any misconceptions of what OPPT.had done. Never the less, I do not put my TRUST in OPPT. My TRUST is in the Power Universal Law of Truth and Unconditional Love that is IMMUTABLE. If OPPT is fully Verified and turns out to be ok, thats fine. If it doesn’t, that’s ok too. What IS, IS. I AM FREE from the Inside out.

  9. sherayx says : Reply

    I am concerned with the SWISSINDO, and the INFINITE BANKING filings??? Plz explain, because in the filings that look like they OWN us, and thanking Heather, mentioning The New World Order? Maybe I read wrong HOPE SO, plz elaborate. Thank u

    • Oswald G. Nelson says : Reply

      Sherayx, I believe that Doubt of the trustees intentions are legit, one question, did you question the corporations as you are questioning the intent of the trustees. Someone had to take the trusteeship over the trust funds. whom better than the ones whom captured all of our strawmen, whom understand the process that’s so new to some of us. At least they are being transparent, did that happen with the corporations whom were stealing our Value.” NO”.I believe that the New World Oder that the trustees are talking about is freedom from those Corporations and Goverments whom used to keep us in servitude and bondage. Then if you have a better way for this movement to go forward I’m listening”

      • Sherayx says : Reply

        I am not questioning them per say, I said I read an article and had a few questions, do u mind? I am not comparing anyone or anybody. They stole our value that is very clear. I did not understand Swissindo, and still don’t. And I have helped it to move forward, we all have.

  10. Kenrick says : Reply

    I have listen to comments of this issue of all these different approaches to accessing our value via the Banks. To save confusion and to understand is to KISS. This means Keep It Simple Stupid. IF Oppt Documents Foreclosed on the Whole Private CORPORATE Slavery System Based On Deception, Fraud, Coercion, Collision, Threats of Force, Force and Violence WAR, Why are we going over this trying to convince the Banks. Question, Is COMMON Law Being restated? Is Inalienable Rights, Common Law and Universal Law Superior to SECRET Corporate ACTS.Legislation Policy? Can any Corporate Fiction have any Authority over any Eternal Essence? Is a Corporation a Living or non existent? No one mentions that the reasons for Perpetual War and a State of Emergency and FEAR was deliberate ACTS to Reverse the PEOPLES Inherent and Common Law rights Rights and giving it to Corporations. As demonstrated by these Criminal Corp-orate Gangsters They do Not obey any Valid Law. Because they RULE By FORCE. The fact of the matter is. Did OPPT Documents Reverse All these ILLEGAL and UNLAWFUL ACTS and Statutes that allowed these Criminals Maniacs bring Accountability and Transparency, without we the People having to Justify our Existence to Any False Entity. Ifb they did not rebut the Facts put to them, What is all this confusion about? Remember under the STATE of Emergency or War, WE the People are regarded as Foreign, and Enemy OF The Private STATE CORPORATION. The proof in all their ACTIONS not their WORDS. As ABOVE so BELOW. The quicker all People Realise the SIMPLE Fact alone they will realise pretty quickly that these people will not give up their false power easily. Stop going around in circles and stick to the SELF EVIDENT TRUTH. Only This will Set Us Free.

  11. gary says : Reply

    I think it is important to point out that we are all talking in the fiction realm. We are what we believe we are. We are free and we have human rights that even the fictions acknowledge but we need to understand that we have the right to not be recognized by any of the fiction names like person or any derivative noun thereof. Everyone reading this blog need to go to and read the book “the solution to all our Problems” and get behind the actions that are to take place in the next few months. As a creation we are only answerable to the creator however we have contracted with the corporations by letting ourselves be identified with a dead entity and believing we are that entity fiction name.

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