Conscious Conversation Central: Getting To Know BZ

by / Sunday, 14 January 2018 / Published in Abilities

who is BZ RigerConscious Conversation Central: Getting To Know BZ




Who is BZ? Join us as she shares her linear perspective. It’s a long one but soooo WORTH IT!









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3 Responses to “Conscious Conversation Central: Getting To Know BZ”

  1. Barbara says : Reply

    Well, this one was LOADED! Just loaded with gems. . . Thanks for the Cosmic jewelry BZ! Thanks for asking excellent questions Shiela. Fascinating watching BZ create the right words from her experiences into perfect reflections that nudge us to see where we are right Now in the Awakening. Thank you!

  2. Bonnie-Lee; Boden says : Reply

    I am sharing a wonderful researcher of real history; our Ancient History and how it’s been altered, to say the least. The brilliant Megaliths,Temples, drawings and paintings alone are amazing to see without the hugely informative back ground and discussion narrated in part by Sylvie Ivanova, the researcher. I hope you enjoy and are as amazed as I. <3

  3. You are so precious Bz. I know you might not agree but thanks for being who you are. Shelia, you look sick, not in a bad way, just saying, get some rest will ya. Lisa too, you are all wonderful for doing this. Thanks so much.

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