Compassion is the Key!

by / Tuesday, 13 February 2018 / Published in OPPT Absolute

Compassion is the Key!

by Lisa Flemino Rush, published on Heartsong Musings, on February 13, 2018




Love is the answer! No matter the question, love is the answer and compassion is key! We are quickly approaching the time where big decisions will need to be made. Truth is coming to the surface now for inspection. This will require humanity to dig deep into themselves for answers. The answers to all the questions are within the heart of each one of us. At the heart of the matter we are One. There is no one left out of the blame game here. It took ALL to create this mess and it takes ALL to unwind and unbind ALL from this mess.

My favorite definition of Compassion comes from Merriam-Webster: Sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. This is Key to correction, not only awareness of others’ distress, this awareness must be coupled with desire to alleviate it. Distress of any kind will no longer be tolerated. This tolerance of the distress of others’ is what has allowed the atrocities to occur. For true change to take place this must be healed! If this core issue is not dealt with first and foremost, true healing cannot take place. Instead we have only the reversal of roles and not real change!

The time has come to end the game of domination and control! Reunification is what is happening now. Divide and concur are tools of the old game of domination and control and are no longer tolerated here. Reunification is the only game in town so if you wish to stay with this planet you must play the reunification game! The first step is to find your Heart and unify with it. The rest is easy as your Heart is programed to take it from there! The Heart is the new Operating System for the human body. We have been operating under the Mind which was invaded by a parasite, the solution to this mind virus is the Heart!

Humanity is in the process of leaving Duality and entering Triality! The war between the Heart and Mind is being replaced by the Wholey Trinity of the Heart/Body, Intellect/Mind and Source/Spirit. There is no war in Triality only Unification of Body, Mind and Spirit. The Heart and Mind of humanity have been at war with Itself for Eons, what humanity is now Re-membering is the ALL that it is. Humans are Multi-Dimensional Creators Beings, who have cut themselves off from the ALL. In so doing, have created a loop of their own demise, that has repeated itself uninterrupted, until now. The Universe has stepped in, in order to heal itself, with the Solution. This Soulution is the reunification with Source that is currently taking place here on Planet Earth and ALL of Sources Multiverses.

The human Heart has the Source Codes that are making this Reunification possible. The human Heart is the answer to ALL of the questions that will be flooding to the surface as the truth is revealed. You need only unify with your Heart and Know how to proceed. The Universal immune system has things well under control. As with any illness, healing requires us to take loving care of ourselves, getting enough rest and nutrition will help make for a quick recovery. Soon we will be stronger and healthier than ever before.

Together with Source, humanity will Create the world of our Dreams. This is the moment we have ALL been waiting for! We have been waiting for our true Selves to show up! We have been playing small for way too long now, it is time to Stand Up and Be the Multi-Dimensional Creator Beings that we are and Create the World we wish to live in! I will meet you in the Heart!

I love you with all my Hearts!

Universal Clean Up Team Member,

Lisa Marie Flemino Rush


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