Close Encounters of the Third Kind 5 Tone Event Signal

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rencontre du 3ème type


Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Download “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” at

This page is holding the energetic space to welcome our Star Brothers and Sisters for their increased visibility and transparency with us.

During the Cosmic Room call of April 13, 2013, many Eternal Hearts from the Skype group “Messages of Love and Welcome to our Cosmic Family” gathered to talk about and hold the intention for world wide increased and enhanced visibility of Light Ships.

Future public events were discussed as suggestions for our Friends to make themselves visible and what might be an appropriate signal for such a reveal. The consensus suggestion was using the 5 Tones from Close Encounters of The Third Kind as a signal from the ships materializing in different locations around the globe. This is an Iconic Meme that spans across generational and cultural boundaries and has a resonance of friendship and heartwarming feelings.

There were Star Friends involved in the call and in the consensus we were building. Look for updates and more information in the Friends in ‘High’ Places section of the site.



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  1. Synchronicity is a marvellous thing…isn’t it? Hi, nice to ‘connect’ with you all. I am, like many a ‘Lightworking type’…no disrespect…but I’m just not ‘hung up’ on ‘titles’…also rivetted to ‘what’ is currently transpiring araound us all. I am also a Psychic Medium since the age of 3 years…I am now 60. I use my skills in this area to bring the news that we are all sharing here, to as many as I can. I like to consider myself AWAKENED. I have had ‘Contact’ and am totally convinced…WE ARE NOT ALONE! My interest in all things related to this dimensional, ascensional Shift, and the truth of Humanity’s origins, has taken me into some very, very varied and fascinating ‘destinations’. I am OPEN to this…I don’t think anyone ‘knows too much’. This ‘journey’ has given me a real wealth of information for my Clients and myself and I am encountering more and more people, who are AWAKENING to our ‘Friends In High Places’. It’s all very exciting! I am a Psychic Consultant and I communicate Telepathically…I always have! I never watch tv…haven’t for years, instead preferring DVD’s mostly connected to this work and amongst my collection, I have ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’. It’s a great movie and I have had it for some time. My ‘Guidance’ ‘downloaded’ for me to purchase it just over a year ago, and that same Guidance has ‘downloaded’ to me what I need to do Spiritually and personally, for my own part in this, Shift, just as every other BEing on Mother Earth. Then, two days ago, I was compelled, again by THAT Guidance to watch the DVD again. Why? Because my telepathic downloads said…’that the 5 tone signal…WAS…and IS…a ‘signal’ to our Galactic Bretheren’. So, as I was ‘noodling’ about online, looking for yet more information, I came across this reference to the very same movie and felt another urge…to tell YOU about it. Share and share alike, I say….so…as I said in the opening sentence…isn’t SYNCHRONICITY an awesome thing? To sum up…I believe that our Friends…totally agree tht it is a great signal. Five tones….Numerologically, 5…is the Numbr of CHANGE! Hey, isn’t t hat more SYNCHRONICITY ? It’s absolutely wonderful…thank you for the opportunity to share my views. LOVE..PEACE & High Aspirations to us all….always, Belle

  2. Adam Brown says : Reply

    I would suggest to people that they read about the “Allies of Humanity” before getting too excited about ET’s saving the human race. Humanity is truly ripe for an invasion and takeover. This is not something that we really want or need. Yes we are in difficult times, but we have the intelligence and power within our selves to figure it out. Read about what the Allies have to say and then think again about giving your power away.

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