Chase Binnie: I Love My Life

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Chase Binnie: I Love My Life

Creative Arts segment produced by Geri Jones



Self-love, appreciation, empowerment, beauty, fun. All the best parts of life come alive when I make music. There’s a rainbow world inside my heart that I can tap into at any time. I take a big spoon and scoop out the quantum love juice and turn it into music.

My recent album is called I Love My Life. I asked myself, “What 4 words would I want the whole world to sing?” Already, there’s plenty of love for nature, dogs, flowers, and Oprah Winfrey. But how many people love themselves and their own life. Each of us is a creator of our own life journey, and we tend to waste a lot of time NOT loving our experience.


J100Hence, the album was born, “I Love My Life.” I set out to make the most inspiring, uplifting, and positive music ever made in the history of humankind.

 The song, “Together” is an anthem for a world of peace and unity:

Singin’ songs of Love & Peace
We will come together
Make this world better
When we come together
We all in this together
We all in this together

I see my music as a gift to the world. It’s not here to save anyone or fix anyone. It is here to benefit all people. It is meant to be shared freely, like the abundant fruits of the trees. In the same way, I see each of us as a gift to the world. Whoever you are, you are perfect. You are awesome, beyond explanation.


Enjoy the music! All your support is appreciated. You can listen & download the digital mp3 album at the website.

My name is Chase Binnie. I’m 23 years young, and my passions are music, singing, loving people, exploring mother earth, eating fruit, being healthy, and BEING MYSELF.


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