Celebrations begin… The Light has won

by / Sunday, 11 March 2018 / Published in Absolute Data


Gaia Portal

published on March 11, 2018




Prescients come together for the New Cosmic phase of Hue-manity.

Stepchildren are embraced into the Galactic family.

Miseries end.

Celebrations begin.

The Light has won.








2 Responses to “Celebrations begin… The Light has won”

  1. Praise God and Goddess, Holy of Hosts!

  2. linda donahue says : Reply

    I am crying tears of joy! Your messages always feed and nourish me the most. I am being flooded with memories of past hardships and endurance …. I have overcome all. God bless us every one! All starseeds, all beings lost and found, perhaps even those that will still even in darkness of some kind, still find their way home. Your Galactic family calls…..

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