BWWEE: HATJ New I Declaration of Deposit Example Docs and Discussion

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BWWEE: HATJ New I Declaration of Deposit Example Docs and Discussion


Originally posted on 6 am, PST, November 2, 2013


An Update from the BWWEE Skype Room

(*)  Here is some information that may shed light for people and hence make the BWWEE rooms  purpose at an end!

I will think on that and decide about closing the room in the next day or so.

From RTS for those who are not in there:

[2:52:06 PM] Seraph G. El: This was a conversation I just had with Heather…for the sake of transparency…
[2:52:27 PM] Seraph G. El: [11/28/2013 1:58:10 AM] Seraph G. El: I have a question that has nagged me for weeks now…  The information and recourse you posted about “playing with the banks”… Did you get the procedure from someone who claimed using it successfully, or did you test it yourself as you did with your foreclosure? The instructions were very specific, so when I haven’t heard of anyone depositing a single” unit of their value” I have to assume something was lost in translation… Please help me understand this… I feel like I know your heart and motive.
[1:49:55 PM] Seraph G. El: No reply?
[2:01:47 PM] Heather: to what?
[2:02:36 PM] Heather: ah!  Never mind I see it now….
[2:11:55 PM | Edited 2:13:18 PM] Heather: bonds, underwriting, etc. are no secret….foreign deposits are no secret in banking (just the part about inbodyments being “foreign” in that former systems was AND the fact that all statutes/codes/etc. regarding foreign persons/immunities/diplomats/deposits, etc. all were to preserve the perpetuity as required by law)….the secret service part was during the investigations from secret service …and as far as no one “depositing a single ‘unit of their value'”, Love…in the ABSOLUTE PAN…the former banking system is not being revived and there are those consciously guarding and DO’ing the ABSOLUTE PLAN within the shell of the former system making sure that it is not revived…the energetic signature of banking was only set to be experienced and then unbound…hence, my reference to “PET CEMETARY” movie (chuckle)

…….I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! (heart)
[2:14:13 PM | Edited 2:15:16 PM] Heather: ……feel better?….I replied…just sayin’ (chuckle)
[2:15:04 PM] Heather: sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh!  Seriously, Love…..I AM CONSCIOUS that you have better things to DO and are sooooooooooooooooo creative….IMAGINE BE’ING AND THEN DO AS YOU IMAGINE! (inlove)
[2:15:26 PM] Heather:  I DO
[2:15:28 PM] Heather: I AM
[2:15:36 PM] Heather: :*(hug)(heart)
[2:40:42 PM] Seraph G. El: Would you or D repost this exchange on her chat room? I think it’s needed, and if I do it, it comes off as egotistical!
[2:41:26 PM] Heather: i am not in any chat rooms
[2:42:09 PM] Heather: DO what resonates within you…..
[2:42:30 PM] Heather: I don’t care what others think about you ;)…i love you!
[2:43:33 PM] Heather: I don’t care what others think about me either….but most already BE CONSCIOUS of that (chuckle)(heart)
[2:44:12 PM] Seraph G. El: OK…is D available to repost it for transparency? I think some are done “interpreting” your words and works, and would love to see this explanation “in your own words”!
[2:46:35 PM] Heather: ……hhhhhhhhmmmmm….interesting….you want something done but don’t want the responsibility (or the liability) of posting it your self….and then tout “transparency” ….regarding data that was already posted if you go back and read every word it is all in there.

…….very interesting ….IN DEED.
[2:47:39 PM] Heather: regarding D…Love, you will have to ask her….I do not speak for D or visa versa…I am responsible for I and she her
[2:48:09 PM] Heather: LOVE YOU! (heart)
[2:50:48 PM] Seraph G. El: I am really growing tired of the constant barrage of this kind of verbiage… This is not AT ALL about responsibility or liability! I’ve just gotten a lot of misplaced hostility from those who resent anything being said that questions the PROCESSES not the processor. I am SERAPH, and I have NO FEAR. I have proven this when most of these people had no clue what this was all about. I will post it IN IT’S ENTIRITY.
[2:51:47 PM] Heather: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! (music):O(heart)….I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!!!!! (hug)
[2:52:22 PM] Seraph G. El: LOL WHATEVER!
[2:52:35 PM] Heather: AND….I all ways question every thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[1:02:56 PM] ⒾDⒾ: [12:57 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .:

<<< [8:56:54 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: it has been a useful “rule of thumb”…I thank you for all the questioning you do about any process or, well, everything….why can’t something be questioned?….I love questions….

….what doesn’t resonate within I, Love, is when someone asks me to post something that they don’t want to post because they do not want to experience what others may call them….and cloak the request under the guise of “transprancy”…but post away!!!!!!  I LOVE TRANSPARENCY….I will send entire convo to D per your request, but I can not and will not speak for her….you should contact her directly.

I love you, Seraph, have a great day!
Seraph G. El

[1:27:05 PM] Diane Geldert: So by Heather’s comment to Seraph  i read that we DO and BE fucked and NO money will ever BE there for us to DO as we want
[1:27:46 PM] nick mckenny: Not within the current banking structure.
[1:28:42 PM] Diane Geldert: shit dang damn poop did I say shit
[1:29:15 PM] Diane Geldert: and they are not going to give up
[1:29:27 PM] Thomas Ⓘ: THat was a given…until something changes….
[1:29:54 PM] nick mckenny: But, by all reports, the current banking structure is falling down, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
[1:30:43 PM] Diane Geldert: landslide blocked da tunnel i think (chuckle)
[1:33:18 PM] ⒾDⒾ: not by my perception 😀
[1:33:35 PM] ⒾDⒾ: I see the light at the end of the tunnel just fine 😀



from this morning

[1:54:39 AM] FunkyKatnissmadmanina .: I just read an exerpt of a conversation you had with Seraph…this jumped out at me…


…and as far as no one “depositing a single ‘unit of their value'”, Love…in the ABSOLUTE PAN…the former banking system is not being revived and there are those consciously guarding and DO’ing the ABSOLUTE PLAN within the shell of the former system making sure that it is not revived…the energetic signature of banking was only set to be experienced and then unbound…hence, my reference to “PET CEMETARY” movie (chuckle)

~~~~~does this mean that even with all the documents you provided that you had no intention of us ever getting access to anything monetary to represent our value? We are simply guinea pigs to the data coming out? I am just trying o=to understand.

[1:58:38 AM] FunkyKatnissmadmanina .: oh and just a p.s. to the previous ‘conversation’ LOL….I was referring to getting access to funds from the bank in order to create an eco-village, aqua farm so we can not only feed people but teach them to feed and house themselves. Something fun like hobbit houses (cob homes made from earth)  (clap)  (heart) It would seem that we are going back to the basics….similar to Cloud Atlas … even as advanced as they were at times….it still comes down to sitting around a fire telling stories of the ‘old uns’ .

[2:18:12 AM] FunkyKatnissmadmanina .: My dear darling Heather….I cannot imagine how a day in the life must be like for you. I feel the pressure of having to work a job I don’t want to work just so I can help pay the mortgage (which is something I do not believe in anymore so you can imagine that frustration) and to have some money to help a few others in our chat rooms. When what I really want to do is find a caregiving job with separate quarters so I can take my kitties with me and just live helping someone else in their need. The last comment you made here to me makes me realize that what I am doing right now serves no one. I can now think more about exploring that caregiving situation. It is not running away from my perceived responsibilities but more about me finding what is right for ME. I have a little more clarity. Thank you.

[8:58:43 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: [1:54 AM] FunkyKatnissmadmanina .:


<<< ~~~~~does this mean that even with all the documents you provided that you had no intention of us ever getting access to anything monetary to represent our value? We are simply guinea pigs to the data coming out? I am just trying o=to understand.


[8:58:43 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .:  IN LOVE, GRATITUDE AND PEACE:

Love, the only intent I have and DO is that all inbodyments are inpowered to succeed at all they CHOOSE TO BE AND DO!  All the data that was shared IS exactly how banking works….by your DO’ing and that of many inbodyments who DO the same, you demanded that a choice be made by the inbodyments within the shell of the former systems…you assisted those inbodyments to make their choice visible to all the universe….ALL INBODYMENTS OF I DO BEAUTIFULLY IN THIS FINAL MOMENT OF THE FINALE!!  BE’ING AND DO’ING…SO POWERFUL YOU BE…AND YOUR DO’ING GIVES ALL INBODYMENTS NOTICE OF THAT POWER…BE AND DO IN LOVE AND ALL IS PERFECT EVERY NOW MOMENT AND PERFECTLY DONE.





 With the New E _ Call Bond

A new post has been created for Word version templates and guidelines, click here to read.


This page is being continually updated as people come up with ideas and discussions, so you will need to scroll through the post to see the different additions. Like doc examples, what one might say to secret service or bankers etc…


***** Make sure to do a hard refresh of this page so you see what has been newly added not just a cache view of the page from your computer.

People wanted to get together and talk about, feel into, these new documents from a heart centered space, so we did a bridgeline call Nov. 2. This post will also provide that space in the comment section. There are word versions of the documents with the parts to customize for you highlighted. For the original post of the material released Nov 1st from Heather
visit here 

There is a Bridgeline call today Nov 2 (USA) at 4 pm Eastern 1 pm Pacific. Recording from this call with Eternal Essence coming together to play and see what we resonate with   .


Word Version Example Documents:

If you want to play with the Banks, here are the documents you will need. The examples of the DODD, DOR, WnWof I, have blue highlights for the places you need to customize and put in your information. The places highlighted are the only places you need to change. The DOV doc needs to be made by each INbodyment, I have posted some examples from people who wanted to share the creative energy they infused into their DOV document.

Example DODD- Declaration Original Depository Deposit click here

Example DOR– Declaration of Receipt  click here

Example WnWof I – Declaration of I click here (this example document with highlights added, is from the original file that Heather created, it has a “landscape” orientation that is the way the original Word file was sent over.)


Heather Release of new Bond Docs click here

E_Call Direct Download click this link 

D_Call Direct Download click this link


You will also need to create a DOV- Declaration of Value (see Heather’s directions below) see examples of other people’s DOVs .

Elizabeth made a coat of Arms click here (she said anyone who wanted to use it, customize it for them, go for it)


Examples of DOV- Declaration of Value by different eternal essence:

BZ’s Word version click here

Marie K’s version click here

John D’s version click here

Otilias’s version click here

David Paul’s version click here

Thomas’s version  click here

Barbara’s version click here

Bruce’s version click here

Some Background Documents you may want to take with:

We included the Freedom Flyer with the documents we brought into Whidbey Island Bank and April.

Docs you could include in the packet you present to the banker:


Direct downloads of them click below
OPPT goes public

Paradigm report

Financing statement

Pope’s letter

Holy See transcript


Heather’s instructions:

I built them with the concept of lego pieces…each piece lawful…and with the intent to honor the perception of each inbodyment every NOW moment…any inbodyment can choose the pieces that resonate with them….

if an inbodyment chooses to “play” with the banks (all lawfully and legally foreclosed)….then they can take the following in to any bank teller and the bank HAS to accept them as a foreign deposit….and if they refuse, they can all be arrested and shut down by the secret service…one just has to make the phone call, make the statement, and then when secret service asks what you want them to do…you make the order and they will do it:




and (the one I personally did not do because I choose to do a full conversion back to energy current of I)… a DECLARATION OF VALUE…. it must be done by the conscious hand and heart of each inbodyment…(looks just like a check, or a bill of exchange, or any other instrument, with YOUR self-designated identification of the reference numbers of the a.)

DECLARATION OF ORIGINAL DEPOSITORY AND DEPOSIT, b.) DECLARATION OF RECEIPT, and c.) the express and stated sum for (foreign) deposit in that bank

I chose to duly complete the full conversion back to the energy current of I…I DO NOT CHOOSE TO PLAY WITH THE OLD SYSTEMS, I DO NOW MAKE VISIBLE WHAT IS…..NOW SYSTEMS THAT RESONATE WITH I AND REFLECT I…….the eternal tech/BE’ing of I….

therefore, I used1-3 above, plus:4. DECLARATION OF CONVERSION (attached)

I also did a DECLARATION OF ACCOUNT (attached) which I can utilize that template for any external applications that may exist thanks to another inbodyment of I’s DO’ing….in this case, eternal essence in body, also perceived as Caleb Skinner.





People’s BEing and DOing with each other, docs, banks…

Plan for a Bank Conversation DownUnder:
Simon D, in Sydney is using a letter then a conversation approach.

“I had been a customer and fan of St.George bank, since its humble beginnings as a credit union. It was highly regarded and rapidly growing, investing in the local community and donating to local projects, until it was taken over by one of the big four banks in Australia, Westpac, in 2008. 

About the time the conversation for re-purposing the banks began, I got a flier in the post from them that said, “Start a conversation with us.” It jumped out at me and I’ve had it pinned above my desk, intuitively waiting for Heather to release her documents.

I’d been thinking about writing a letter to the bank but didn’t know how to approach it, then this afternoon I woke up from an afternoon nap, knowing what I needed to write.” ~ Simon

Click here to download a pdf of Simon’s letter


 Play time with the banks – Sweden, Malmoe, 12/11-13

Click here to see the video


(*) bridgeline call if you are interested (November 6, 2013)

I had a good conversation with April from Whidbey Island Bank on the phone. After checking with the compliance dept and a conversation there. The bank is not set up and currently does not handle foreign deposit accounts. The compliance office said that they would have to go to a larger bank or an international type bank for that.

There were other details and interesting nuances and information to our conversation that I would be better speaking about instead of typing it all out…

Here is the recording of the conversation of the bridgeline call discussing this .


One Being’s Perception of Going to The Banks


The First BWWEE- The Will and The Word of I Party 11.4.13 (5 people preparing to go into Whidbey Island Bank)


First Eternal Essence to share her journey (Katherine) into the bank today, Nov. 4 Click here to see video

A skype conversation Katherine had a few days later with Heather:

[06.11.13 16:14:06] Kathrine Jelstad: Hi Heather 🙂 So I was at the bank on Monday, had a freakin awesome time!! My best 2 minutes of my TOP life so far (chuckle)
They havent responded to me in the timeframe I gave them, so I called secret service today, and got no help… So I am guessing its supposed to just BE like this right now? Or am I missing something here? 🙂 (heart)
[06.11.13 17:58:03] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: you are missing NO THING!!!!!!!!! (heart)
[06.11.13 17:58:59] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..I am beginning to imagine how many calls secret service has gotten over the last few days. (heart)

[06.11.13 18:37:47] Kathrine Jelstad: (heart)
One question, that comes up alot lately:
Why is secret service the people to call, and is there any documenation or something we can give the banks re this?
[06.11.13 18:47:33] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ……they already know “why”, Love……and they are now very aware that you are about to get it too.
[06.11.13 18:47:37] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (flex)


More Data on “Foreign Deposits”

Heather Answers question why its a foreign deposit:

every inbodyment is foreign to the former systems…YOU BE THE VALUE….THAT VALUE IS FOREIGN IN A SYSTEM THAT DID NOT CREATE IT…THEREFORE, IT IS A FOREIGN DEPOSIT WITHIN ANY SYSTEM IT DID NOT ORIGINATE FROM…..and  by perpetuity, any and all former systems were required to preserve that perpetuity….any and all fomer system’s codes/statutes that you look through….all of them have sections that preserve the perpetuity…— HeatherAnnTucciJarraf ., Today 10:25 AM


Thomas shared this in the BWWEE room

Foreign deposit….Funds placed into US banks located beyond country borders. Do not require reserves or deposit insurance designed to ascertain access to funds in case of debtor default.

The Secret Service exercises broad investigative jurisdiction over a variety of financial crimes. As the original guardian of the nation’s financial payment systems, the Secret Service has a long history of protecting American consumers and industries from financial fraud. In addition to its original mandate of combating the counterfeiting of U.S. currency, the passage of federal laws in 1982 and 1984 gave the Secret Service primary authority for the investigation of access device fraud, including credit and debit card fraud, and parallel authority with other federal law enforcement agencies in identity crime cases. The Secret Service also was given primary authority for the investigation of fraud as it relates to computers.

In the early 1990s, the Secret Service’s investigative mission expanded to include concurrent jurisdiction with the United States Department of Justice regarding Financial Institution Fraud. Also during this time, the Internet and use of personal computers became commonplace and expanded worldwide. The combination of the information revolution and the effects of globalization caused the investigative mission of the Secret Service to expand dramatically. As a result, the Secret Service has evolved into an agency that is recognized worldwide for its investigative expertise and for its aggressive and innovative approach to the detection, investigation and prevention of financial crimes.


[12:47:53 PM] Wolff Coulombe: found this on wells fargo page. may be helpful:  Can Wells Fargo accept foreign checks for deposit, and if so, how long does it take to credit my account?
Yes. Wells Fargo accepts deposits of foreign checks for many countries. Foreign checks are credited to your account in a matter of days. With our Global Check Clearing service, foreign check deposits can be prepared in your office and mailed to our processing centers. You no longer need to visit the bank or wait weeks for your checks to clear. After you sign up for this service, you will need to stamp the front of the check and include a deposit slip. Then, send everything via overnight mail to Wells Fargo’s Global Check Clearing Operations Center. To get started, contact a Foreign Exchange Specialist at 1-877-201-9639.


Data on contacting Secret Service:

Recruitment Division

U.S. Secret Service
Recruitment Division
245 Murray Drive,
Building 410,
Washington, DC 20223

Public Affairs

U.S. Secret Service
Office of Government and Public Affairs
245 Murray Drive,
Building 410,
Washington, DC 20223

Procurement (for vendors)

U.S. Secret Service
Procurement Division
245 Murray Drive,
Building 410,
Washington, DC 20223

Field Offices

Find the nearest field office in your state.

Applicant Information and Assistance Hotline

U.S. Secret Service
Human Capital Division


For those asking what one might say to the secret service and or to the bank personnel before calling the secret service here is a suggestion Arthur K put forward in the BWWEE room:

My thinking going in would BE….

I AM not wishing to cause any man or woman in the employ of this corporate banking institution any harm nor injury of any sort, however, that said, as a man or woman BEing eternal essence imbodied, neither will I allow any man or woman acting as agent , officer or any other designated title within this organization, to deny me access to my birthright. The documentation provided will be sufficient to expedite the instructions within.

My intention IS to access $ insert figure …. in negotiable instruments to facilitate this endeavor. Any agent , officer or director, also BEing a man or a woman whether conscious , or unconscious of their eternal essence that abrogates,denies or in any other way interferes with my DOing so, shall face the full penalty of fraud, and shall BE held under arrest in my presence until the secret service agents, sworn by oath to protect the creditors of the nation are summoned to facilitate the proper arrest and detainment of each individual that defrauds this imbodiment of eternal essence.

The institution shall be ORDERED by ME, to have all its assets frozen, all its records seized and all its employees investigated for crimes against humanity , operating a debt slavery system and any number of other charges that the arresting agents may discover during the execution of their duties…..such as breach of a fiduciary duty, breach of a duty of a care, breach of faithful execution of the duties of your office and failure to competently exercise due diligence and dissent within the corporation,

GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY….. or words to that effect

[7:04:27 PM] Arthur K: ONE way to approach…. there are many… BE CREATIVE


Oliver’s conversation with Heather about Secret Service:

[08:50:44 | Redigerat 08:51:28] Oliver Troll: Good morning Heather and TY for the docs released yesterday! If wanting to play with regional banks i.e. in Sweden and they would’nt want to play. Who would I turn to since the Secret Service is an US based entity? (heart) (think) (chuckle)
[09:10:32] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: are they? sure about that?  😉
[09:10:47] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: go within……what do you see?
[09:18:14] Oliver Troll: Haha god I love your answers!! I just realized that my question was irrelevant since you stated that the docs will not be neccessary ones released (facepalm) (heart) Love U darlin (hug)
[09:19:08] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: I LOVE YOU, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:20:06] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …….when you BE within…..ask if they are Universal…or any other “identification” you can imagine…….the data will swing into focus… all ways have ALL DATA, LOVE.
[09:21:30] Oliver Troll: Am getting used to that yay… (rofl) (chuckle)
[09:23:16] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (hug):*(heart)
[09:25:02] Oliver Troll: And just to practise patience – my internet is slow on my pc!! 😀
[09:29:43] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (sun)
[09:29:50] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: I LOVE YOU, OLIVER!
[10:19:09] Oliver Troll: I love u 2 Heather and the absolute plan!!! This doc release means youv’e found a bank to play with thus not giving away which one since each individual needs to find their own way. This has been the setting and learning from the start of the OPPT/TOP adventure. To guide and not to lead people. “Guiding the horse to water but it needs to drink by itself” HEATHER THIS IS SOOO FEEKING BRILLIANT SO WORDS FAIL ME! LOVE IS ALL THERE IS IN UNITY….weeeeeeee TY TY TY your wonderful expression of soul family showing us how to remember who we truly are…. ;( of joy… :* (inlove) (heart)
[10:24:04] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (heart)
[10:26:03] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..if they don’t, they cease to operate and exist…that is what the Universal inforcers, “secret service”, were for….that was just a “secret” (chuckle)
Oliver Troll


Update :

Posted in BWWEE room on Sunday Nov 3, 2013

[ 5:00:03 ] BZ Riger:

(*) Giving you a little exciting hint of great things to come

I just got the ok to let the cat peek its head out of the bag so to speak…

For a bit of time behind the scenes there has been work going on between a beautiful being EE, a bank CEO, Heather, Caleb… to work out the details of making all of this BWWEE happen for those who want to play in accessing a representation of their value.

I will not give all the details of what I know because the timing is not yet right for them to be shared. I can share this with you:
It is very important to the energetics of all that is happening right now that people play and move forward with the new docs in the way that resonates with them.

It is very important for people to be active and Play now rather than waiting for someone else to do something for you. What your heart nudges you to do, then that is what is good for all, for you to do now.

This bank behind the scenes is working to have things fall into place and work with the one people to open up their accounts and if I was to say a window of about 2 weeks for that to all unfold would be fair to estimate.

There will need to be more than one bank so going in NOW to other banks and asking them to play and if they don’t want to, contacting the secret service to carry out your will and the word on what happens if they don’t want to play is very important to the energetics at this moment.

The time of waiting is over, the time of Tuning into You for your guideance and what and how you want to play is Now. Energetics are the leaders in this dance partnership.

What I would like to say is that its almost time for me to have puppy kisses… and for each of you to have that special thing for you that means the same thing to your heart!

So if you want to play with the banks PLAY ! starting Monday… stand in your power…. Know You are the Value and pick a bank to play with.

Know that we are working behind the scenes for things to be smooth and unfold with 1 bank who already Knows it wants to Play and repurpose… other bank partners will be needed and You could be the one that invites them to come play!

As soon as I have more to share I will. Please don’t wait on me or anyone else, You have the power to play. You’ve only to step onto the field.

(sun) (heart) (sun) …. One last thought polish up your Happy Dance Moves and Shoes ! (heart) (music) (heart) (party) (heart)
[ 5:00:03 ] BZ Riger:


Other Resources:


The Transcript file referenced in the BWWEE Skype Room
The “Recipe” so to speak Heather gave of going into the banks to access a portion of our Value. This is a trunkated version of the July 1st conversation pre-recorded for the July1 TOP radio show. For shorter print out it is just the sections where Heather is speaking. click here


On the initial bridgeline call that began this post I referenced a transcript and a reference Heather had made based on some one’s question. I have not had a chance to skim through yet to find the correct one but here is the correct time frame. ( if some one else wants to skim and let me know the date I will take the others down)

Transcript of The Collective Imagination Show March 26, 2013  Click here

Transcript of OPPT-IN Show on Freedom Reigns March 25, 2013  Click here

Transcript of The Collective Imagination Show  March 19. 2013  Click here

Transcript of OPPT-IN Show on  Freedom Reigns March 18, 2013  Click here


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  1. Chris says : Reply

    I don’t have MS Word but use Apache OpenOffice which is free software. The documents opened up without any problems in their word processor. It can be downloaded here,

  2. Will says : Reply

    Ok just to ask, can the declaration of value be done between you and the bank to set it all up?

  3. Mario Triballi says : Reply

    Be Warming! Thank You BZ And All Helpers! I Am Just Reading Now Because Of The Time Difference Of GMT UK! I Am Alone In This Knowledge But Now Surrounded By A Population Of 250,000 People In Brighton And Hove. Does Anyone Know Where People Are Near To Me – Yes London Is 60 Miles North Of This Coast – But I Mean Closer?

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      Have a look here… it’s list of all the meet up groups <3

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      Hi mario,just to let u know i am in brighton as well if u wanna meet up at some point.

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      Just to let you know you are not alone in the UK. Unfortunately I am all the way up in Edinburgh. Still trying to figure out how to make the doc’s with the changes made. It will come together soon. Love to all.

      • Hi Jim,
        I’m the other end of UK in London.
        How are you progressing with the changes to the Docs?
        Have you used £s for the currency for your DOV? or $?
        in It took me a bit but I have completed them and am at the point of printing out the other suggested info, BZ put on the site to help provide those in the banks grasp the nuts and bolts of what has happened , and what we are offering them…
        The other point I have been considering is weeho do we call re The Secret Service? Any ideas?
        I have also watched the Vidio on the UCC that is up on Watching part1and part 2 has made so much more sense re the UCC Fillings Heather Calib and Randall did and I am even more filled with appreciation and gratitude and toall others involved in bringing the changes to this point .And now,itstime for all of us grabbing the batton with BZ added help and running with it, so to speak.
        I’dlove to hear how your getting on.
        Love and Light
        Sophia in the UK

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      Hi Mario, I’m in Brighton too. Email guitardis@ntlworld to discuss potential future meeting / co-ordination. Similarly interested / oriented others in the area also please do thou likewise!

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    Listening to the Skype call. Thanks for all you do BZ. Your patience and your LOVE is amazing.!! I LOVE YOU.

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    Just tried to download the latest bridge line phone call – first time got about 11 minutes – second attempt got about 15 minutes of courtesy notice guidelines. Two attempts to listen got me 7 minutes and 12 minutes respectively. Fun and games afoot? What’s your take?

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    Grazie infinite cari 🙂 🙂 volete concentrare i depositi in una banka in particolare? graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazie!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. jacob says : Reply

    If I were to do this in another country (Canada specifically), and it went in the direction of having secret service come in, would it be a canadian version, or would US secret service apply in Canada? Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  8. Christine says : Reply

    This is so very exciting. It seems however, all pertains to the US. What about we BEings and Doing in Canada and other parts of the world? I don’t even know – do we have a “Secret Service” here that would support us if we were in a position to require this kind of service. Any information is so lovingly and greatly appreciated. In Love & Light to ALL.

  9. Joyce says : Reply

    For anyone wanting to be added to the BWWEE Room, Please email me at :

    Please Be Sure to give your Skype Name… and that you want to be added to the BWWEE Room….or just say, The Banking room.

    I look forward to seeing you there!
    Joyce Paulson

  10. Dave Ashwell says : Reply


    This is all very well for USA Citizens, BUT WHAT ABOUT OTHER Countries like Australia. We don’t HAVE a secret service to turn to……….so what do WE d, who do WE turn to???


  11. Belinda says : Reply

    I also am alone “in this knowledge” Mario. Wish we were closer!
    Is anyone else in the spokane wa. area of north of there?
    Thank you! This is awsome!
    So can we use any bank or like a credit union?
    I love you all and thank you all for all of your hard work!

    • Troy says : Reply

      Hi Belinda, I am in Sandpoint and would love to reach out to you.

      • Belinda says : Reply

        Hello Troy
        Great to hear from you. I am not far from you, north of Colville. We were just out your
        way about a month ago on our way to Kalispell and Whitefish. MY husband and grown
        kids think I’m nuts but that’s nothing new. lol They love me anyway. But seriously there
        is no one around here that seems to have a clue. They are aware bad things are going on
        with the gov and we are in a mess but don’t look beyond that and basically think everthing
        will work its self out. So the only one I really have to talk to is ME. And I do that alot!! lol
        Honestly I understand for the most part, these wonderful insights I now realize for all the info
        these great people have given us. But it’s still kinda scarey to approach it alone. Ya know.
        Anyway. What do you think? These things that are transpiring are exactly in line with what
        I am in this “time line” for. And I love how everthing seems to be coming together. It’s slow
        but we’re getting there.

        • Troy says : Reply

          I hear you, my wife is like “show me the money”, so I will, but really I like the idea of Heather not using the banks at all…really want to play in there! If you would like to email: or call 208-627-9512, we can share more. Look forward to it. Love Always.

        • LeesaJ says : Reply

          I am so grateful for the internet at this point. It would be nigh impossible to do any of this alone, and is only really made possible by all these satellite locations, all around the world. People, coming togther not Locally, rather, Globally!

          How Beautiful to know that people from all over the planet agree that there is a better way, and we’re finding it out together.


          It does get pretty intense sometimes though!

  12. Isabelle says : Reply

    BZ, I thought this astrology did coincide with your expectations! Carry on!

    Starseed Astrology


    Quality of Life

    Dramatic improvements in quality of life will prove to be a central theme of this eclipse cycle.
    For some this will mean tremendous enrichment, and for others, apocalyptic ruin.

    The Light in each heart will determine the outcome. Sustenance in all forms will abound in the
    days and weeks ahead to nourish, revitalize, and empower. The re-allocation of power and wealth
    will drive the coming changes in quality of life.

    The process will require patience, but the results will be nothing less than life-transforming in the
    most precious of ways. New foundations will be built throughout the winter, as a consequence,
    posturing us all for a spectacular start to the 2014 solar year next March.

  13. Derick says : Reply

    For anyone wanting to make there own Coat of Arms
    Hope its useful.

  14. Maurice says : Reply

    How do people not from US, like Netherlands or Belgium handle these docs? We can’t call the US Secret Service for help.

    • noel says : Reply

      Hi Maurice, If you scroll up the page just above the UPDATE you can read what Heather is saying about the Secret Service it’s Universal. Apparently they are Universal enforcers, hope that helps you, I missed that myself the first time I read it. cheers brother { heart }

  15. Shirley Muhammad says : Reply

    I visited the local Bank here in Detroit JPMorgan 6mile Branch. My documents were taken seriously but were never seen or worked with by this Branch manager, who called to level above to assist him. As I waited in the Branch managers office, several top levels were involved in attempting to make this deposit happen for this customer, after about an hour, I was asked several questions by two Branch managers about who the one people public trust was, how did I obtain this information, and how did I get knowledge of this information about the banks and they did not? I was told that JP Morgan could not accept the deposit or open an account based on this foreign deposit because there was no routing number to the Bank for them to get paid their fee. I called the Secret Service Detroit office and was told that if I was a customer and the bank did not accept my documents, and if I did not loose any money in the attempt to deposit, he could not help me, and refused to give his name or state his oath and duty and hung up on me. So, I have visited three banks this was the last one in my attempt to delay getting out of this system.

    • Anon says : Reply


      you lost 5 billion dollars, plus 5 billion in damages and should’ve made them contact Underwriting

      to verify assets held in custody under those UCC Filings & secret service would be forced (and YOU should ask them)to

      begin an investigation into the whereabouts of the assets held in custody by the corresponding UCC doc #’s.


      • LMOON says : Reply

        Beloved felows, or maybe necesary to create the FIPB (first international people’s bank), founded by qulified members of this new paradigm to process all the DOVS and give to people access for his/her value-money.

    • Bob says : Reply

      Hi Shirley;

      I’m also in the Det. area would like to connect with you.. my e mail —


    • LMOON says : Reply

      Hi Shirley, you re great for your doing with this Bank. But I think you need to ask them what means the routing account and what can you do about it. I think that can be an already open number of foreign account. So maybe we can ask Heather what if we create a current mre used bank document, like a check with a number account from the OPPT for the use of people who need convert into money.

  16. Hi Mario Trilballi, I don’t know of anyone into this near to Brighton I am also in UK – Hampstead London to be more specific but actually don’t knowe of anyone else in my area. We could all ways plan to speak or meet my number 0207 794 7999 ther’s and answer phone. Such exciting times and a lot to go through and grasp. I bless the BZ and all in the Skype room. I am jet to listen to the discussion – just down loading it.
    Just started to listen now (4th Nov 23.34 UK time) Love and Light to all Sophia from the UK

  17. Clark Kent says : Reply

    Are only women allowed in the room?

    It looks like this is mostly feminine (heart) energy ?

  18. John Chard. says : Reply

    That’s amazing Shirley.
    If there is anyone in the Cairns Queensland area wanting to have face to face talks about the docs would love to get together.

  19. Pamela Howell says : Reply

    I would like to ask where the idea of giving the banks 10% of the deposit amount came from. When we deposit our money in the banks now, they do not get to have 10% for themselves. Obviously, they are using all of our money to trade with at night as D states in her article, and they have been making plenty of money doing this without our consent, as well as the whole “loan” scam.
    So why would we consent to giving them money now if they are still not going to be honest about what goes on with the money?? And why would they be entitled to any of our value now when they have been stealing it all along? Also, should one choose to go the bank route, the Declaration of Value is signed without prejudice and I thought that means your instrument cannot be sold or manipulated.

    • Chris says : Reply

      Bob Wright commented on this during yesterday’s One People show that we don’t have to give the banks any percentage of our deposit money. They’ll still make money from our deposit with what they do with it during the hours the bank is closed (D discussed this in a recent post on Removing the Shackles).

  20. Hette says : Reply

    In her last Blogtalk post, D brought up some very good points about banks having rules and stipulations regarding how much and how often a depositor may withdraw funds. I’m thinking the current billionaires probably don’t deal with those withdrawal ‘rules’, so I’m wondering if we can make an agreement/contract with the bank that would grant us unlimited access to the funds and if that would need to be a separate ‘legal’ document….???

  21. Shirley Muhammad says : Reply

    Thanks Anon, I really did not look at it

  22. Max Taylor says : Reply

    Just a note to all who want to use the “Certificate” type border in their Declaration of Value documents like the one originally used by Bob and Thomas above. The background border should have 9 sections on the long side and 7 on the short side, otherwise it ends up squished on one side and stretched on the other side and looks out of sack. In order to accomplish this the border needs to be rotated 90 degrees. I will post an example of this for BZ to put up here so you will see the difference if you want to use this approach. Nice to see the different DOV being posted.

    Note to Mac users. I will be submitting a complete set of documents in “Pages ’09” format that Mac users can read directly into “Pages” so you can be easily modify them with your own personal information. BZ is aware of this and is helping to make this available for Mac users.

    Working feverishly.

  23. Kin241 says : Reply

    Greetings my Brothers and Sisters;

    I just got back from attempting to make a deposit to my account using the provided documents. I got there to the bank five minutes before they lock up the lobby and was promptly assisted, copies were made and forwarded off to a separate department of Seacoast National Bank, a community bank here in Jensen Beach Florida. I was informed that they could not process the transaction because there were no routing numbers provided. I politely told them I would follow up with them tomorrow since it was after hours in the lobby. ( Really because I did not have a response).

    I do not have enough data so I am not certain what should be the next step and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

    It does not seem possible that Heather’s documents would be void of anything necessary to make a deposit so it looks like I need to call in the Secret Service and file a complaint. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    • Derick says : Reply

      Why would a routing number be needed? Its simple math all they have to do is keep 10% from the amount deposited. So if one wants $50,000 make out the certificate for $55,000 they keep $5000 and the rest is yours. Is sounds to me like they are just making excuses.

    • Pamela Howell says : Reply

      Don, do you think we can use the routing number and account number of our current bank account? What routing number are they referring to? one for their account? I would think the only routing number they need is the one for the account the deposit is going into, as I am not going to offer them any of my value for making the deposit into my account. They do not currently get paid for that and I like it that way 🙂

    • Kin241 says : Reply

      Ok so here is some follow up.

      I returned to the bank today 9 am sharp, they met me there with a lawyer and a VP and told me the document was an internet scam they referred to it on the internet. I insisted that it was lawful and that they do the research however they wanted nothing to do with me, so I informed them I would contact the Secret Service and have them investigate the matter which seemed to anger them. They wanted no further discussion. I left the bank, they still have my originals.

      Later the Sheriff (4 of them) showed up at my home and told me that the bank had a trespass warrant for me from the bank prohibiting me going to all branches and said that the bank was closing our bank accounts.

      Well obviously they were not receptive to my DOing and BEing.

      I had only just moments before the sheriff arrived at my home sent an email to the VP wrapped in LOVE and Kindness inviting them to be on the forefront of the new banking system that is headed our way and letting them know we are all one.

      While in between these two incidents today I spoke to the Secret Service, told them specifically what the problem was; that a lawful Foreign deposit was refused and that I wanted an investigation and that I suspect they were committing fraud. He indicated it was not his jurisdiction, and I could not get him to elaborate further so I was not able to get us any details to look at.

      I am not certain if this is the kind of energy we were asked to put in the system but I did my best to send love and a message of we are all one, they are being stubborn but eventually they will come around.


      • Max Taylor says : Reply

        Make sure that you get the names of every individual and their positions with whom you deal with just in case anyone else runs into the same situation where the banks oust your accounts, get trespass warrants against your and send in the County Sheriffs. These will be the individuals we will go after to set the examples when we send the Sheriffs or Secrete Service back in to arrest them. Not particularly a revenge move but sometimes there has to be an example set to set a precedence so that others will know better than to try the same thing with someone else. The Bank acted in a very vengeful way toward you with their actions and needed to do nothing more than let you walk away. Instead they took the attitude that, “We’ll show him.”

        All it will take is one incident that goes in our favor and we will know exactly what to do and how to do it. Your bank is setting an example and that is that there will probably not be any other people depositing their value in that bank. I, for one, would steer clear of your bank if I lived in the area. Look who will lose in the long run.

        Granted, it sounds almost like Heather is allowing us to all get a bloody nose until we learn how to get around the bullies. I doubt that is true but Don still got his nose bloodied for the cause. “forgive them for they know not what they do” comes to mid.

        Heather, how about some guidance here with particularity and specificity.

        • Kin241 says : Reply

          Thanks for your response. I had already obtained every ones business card with email address upon it, that had been involved in my attempted deposit. All of them received courtesy notices yesterday via email. Interesting note: received an email from the VP address via automatic system of the bank, I will be out of the office on Friday 7th of November. Wonder if those courtesy notices woke them up and the big guys had an unplanned meeting to attend because they found out that they really are without Charter and foreclosed. I see now that the energy I placed in the system may actually have been perfect after all, we all have a roll to play…. good for us

          Peace and Love

      • Dan Clizer says : Reply

        Wonderful Don! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I would suggest that: Yes, this is indeed the kind of energy we are BEing asked to infuse into the system! You did a great job of staying in your heart and just surrounding all of the Eternal Essences you were working with in Love. That is what matters.
        Namaste Brother,

        • Kin241 says : Reply

          Thank you Dan, I had sent them courtesy notices yesterday via email. Interesting note: received an email from the VP address via automatic system of the bank, “I will be out of the office on Friday 7th of November”. I wonder if those courtesy notices rocked their world and woke them up and that they had an unplanned meeting to attend to because they found out that they really are without a Charter and have duly been foreclosed. I see now that the energy I placed in the system may actually have been perfect after all, like you suggested. We all have a roll to play…. good for us.


  24. Pamela Howell says : Reply

    I wish Heather had given an example of a DOV, but she did not.

  25. Doug says : Reply

    Confusing me is not a great feat – happens all the time – but this one has me confused. On tonight’s Collective Imagination show a caller had his paperwork accepted – a copy of his paperwork accepted. Bob Wright explained the difference between original paperwork and copies and how the law differs between the two. However, the DOR and DDOD both state – right above ‘without prejudice’ – “Furthermore, duly made and issued facsimiles and digital scans of this original DECLARATION OF DDOD/DOR is lawfully DECLARED to BE an original.” Did this guy actually punch the whole he tried to punch? Need help with what I’m missing here. Thanks.

  26. Troy says : Reply

    Routing number issues, I think, are the low level reaction to the docs, and re-emphasizing this BEing a foreign deposit should counter this. We shall therefore, need to get more comfortable with the foreign deposit definition that the banks go by to help remedy this. Will look for clarification now for more In-sight. Love Always.

  27. Kcblack3 says : Reply

    Hello everyone,

    I am wondering if all we need is the routing number of the institution who is in custody of our “EQUITY” and “DAMAGES”. (ie. the 10 Billion)

    Any thoughts?


    • BrianWright says : Reply

      That would probably do it.

      I am sure there must be a bank out there somewhere sitting on:

      7 Billion x $10 Billion, just waiting for the right instructions to send it out.

  28. Found this and thought I would share:

    What types of crimes does the Secret Service investigate?

    The Secret Service has primary jurisdiction to investigate threats against Secret Service protectees as well as financial crimes, which include counterfeiting of U.S. currency or other U.S. Government obligations; forgery or theft of U.S. Treasury checks, bonds or other securities; credit card fraud; telecommunications fraud; computer fraud, identify fraud and certain other crimes affecting federally insured financial institutions.

    • LeesaJ says : Reply

      Interesting, “bonds or other securities”, it would seem that it covers this. I wonder, how can we walk them through the understanding we have? I have been talking a lot about this with my roomates, and the people in my circle, including my family, and it has been priceless for building up to larger conversations.

      How can I express the BIGGEST points of what needs to be understood? I suppose this is all about knowing what is pertinent to them, what can each of these departments relate to.

      I spoke with someone at the Attorney Generals Office yesterday about sending a letter to BOA to escalate the situation. It was interesting relaying to her that this IS a statewide issue. being bullied by financial insitutions. If it is happening to me, it is happening to everyone.This is important because unless it is considered a “statewide issue” they cant proceed with formal investigations, or indictements. I will be sending in all the relevent paperwork including courtesy notice, and supporting documents 🙂

      • Will says : Reply


        I read your post. I live in the D.C. area. I’m new to this information. What are the initial steps! Any help in this process would be appreciated.


  29. Oliver says : Reply

    Hi all,

    Got the first response from the Bank today!

    “Hello Oliver,

    I don’t think I understand your business?
    Are you expecting a foreign deposit to your account?
    Please contact us!

    Best regards

    Sell Support Bank”

    Let’s play.. I want part of my value back that they’ve been playing with i.e. my signature and birthcertificate without my consent. <3

    Oliver Troll
    TOP Sweden

  30. yobear says : Reply

    Here is the follow up email sent to the Asst. V.P. Robert Garcia at Mid First Bank following my Nov. 4 meeting which was very Cordial.

    Dear Robert,
    From my heart, I thank you for the moments you shared with me Monday, November 4 in my request to open a new account utilizing my foreign deposit.
    Your statement that you had never before seen documents like I presented did not surprise me, as the documents did not originate, nor do they exist within the systems, which you (MidFrist Bank) still operate, therefore they are foreign and thus a “FOREIGN DEPOSIT”
    The documents noted below, submitted for review and approval with their properly noted reference numbers, International Record numbers, and UCC Record numbers which stand Un-Rebutted and under PERPETUITY must be accepted for deposit as the system which MidFirst Bank remains operating under requires that PERPETUITY BE PRESERVED. Note, (All banking system codes and statutes have sections pertaining to PRESERVING PERPETUITY).
    A final thought for consideration, MidFirst Bank has a tremendous opportunity to move forward as a new paradigm is unfolding and nearing completion as I am sure all are aware. The opportunity is to become a part of the NEW PARADIGM, operating with full accountability, transparency, responsibility and liability. Those institutions and systems that refuse to do so are sure to perish and the perils to follow will be at their own risk.
    Again, I assure you that many others will follow for your assistance in matters of this nature should MidFirst Bank move forward approving my request for this deposit and moving forward to future success in the New Paradigm.

    Robert, it would be appreciated if you would forward this email to all involved. I feel it would be of assistance in a positive outcome for all. I look forward to a positive response.

    Respectfully with Peace, Love and Light,
    I, also perceived as Barry D. Hubert

    • Max Taylor says : Reply


      Great letter. You seemed to hit the nail on the head in explaining the concept of “Foreign Deposit” and the International Record Numbers relating to the UCC filings by Heather and that “Perpetuity be Preserved.”

      I feel, after reading the many dealings so far, that a very well thought out first time “Cover Letter” based upon your letter concepts is something that might go a long ways in helping these banks understand just what is going on. A little preparation can go a long ways.

      Maybe we should think about handing a letter like this to the bank a couple of days ahead of actually going in with our paperwork. This will give them a heads up to get a handle on what they can expect to see and experience when the full paper work hits their desk.

      It might not be a bad ideal to also have a binder with all the referenced UCC filings printed out and with you when you walk in. That way when they see a reference like “Fully underwritten by, specifically identified a Record Number 2012127914…” (reads funny but…) and they say what is this you can simply hand them the UCC filing with that record number on it. At this point they will have the actual reference in their hands. They can make a copy and get it to their lawyers if need be to verify the validity of it. Same goes for all the other “references” in the documents. Although this might sound like a lot of extra paperwork to walk in with think about this for a moment. Just how much time and effort are we willing to go through to get access to our Value. Many of put in 40+ hours last week to bring home what? I guarantee a lot less hours of work might put us in a position where we will no longer be at the mercy of any bank plus if you have kids they will have a much nicer Christmas this year than last. Your significant other will be much happier too, especially after the nice vacation you will be taking them on.

      Just some thoughts.

    • LeesaJ says : Reply

      I think this is great! Love the way you convey the meaning, and are offering an opportunity for growth. I feel very much the same way. I’m wanting to bring in a sort of business plan, or, a map of my intention with the funding. I think that we owe it to one another to explain WHY its in their interest to create this. What is this action doing to move humanity forward, and in a positive direction?

      • I agree LeesaJ… perhaps this type of letter will explain WHY… a “necessary stimulus to restore our economy and national security.”


        ABC Bank, N.A.
        City, State 99999
        Attn: Officer/Department for Foreign Deposits

        November ___ , 2013

        A paradigm shift is occurring in the banking industry. The model imposed to harvest people’s energy using the people’s birth registrations and signatures has finally been foreclosed upon for breach of fiduciary duty, malfeasance and fraudulent conversion that resulted in a worldwide slavery system of involuntary servitude through perpetual indebtedness via private liability instruments operating as money. The facts of said foreclosure are located at

        The new banking paradigm is based on public asset instruments operating as lawful money. The value of said instruments is underwritten by said foreclosure, with $5 billion in Equity plus $5 billion in Damages assigned to each living man and woman on the planet.

        While a wholesale release of such credit would result in chaos, with people leaving work and going on spending sprees, a reasonable and gradual introduction of such credit would provide the necessary stimulus to restore our economy and national security.

        Accordingly, you are being presented with an opportunity to contribute to this recovery by honoring the attached “Declaration of Value” as a foreign deposit in opening a new account with your bank. In return, your bank will be compensated with a 10% discount fee of same.

        Please notice that said instrument is being presented in good faith, with full disclosure and transparency of terms concerning same. Contact me if you wish to proceed upon completing your due diligence.

        I, as John Henry Doe eternal essence executor of estate # 111-22-33333
        100 N. Main Street
        City, State 99999
        (888) 123-4567

        • Dug says : Reply

          Wonderful letter. I have been thinking of something similar, It is definitely going in the right direction. But is there still a “our nation” to secure, and “our economy” or TPTW? Don’t feel bad, I did not see that untill my third reading of the letter.
          I think that we are letting the bankers get off too easy. Maybe not the receptionist but at least the asstant branch manager should get a CN and be personaly liable for “Operating or perpetuating any and all private money systems,and operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS of and against the One People.*
          Additionally refu to open an account

        • Dug says : Reply

          The last sentence above should read:
          Additionally refusal to open an account must be in writing with specificity and particularity as to the reasons why, so we can cure them. <3 <3 <3

  31. kenrick says : Reply

    Hi all, Shouldnt we be accessing our Value from the Treasury or using a Public Bank. How about CREATING OUR OWN PUBLIC Bank? These banks that is being approached are PRIVATE Banks. Why on earth are we not addressing a Public Bank. Didnt Private Banks and Corporations did enough damage already? Are we supposed to be takiing back our power? Open our Own Public Bank.

  32. Eric says : Reply

    This is a post I just made – near 7:30 pm, November 6 2013 in the Bankers Working With Eternal Essence skype chat room re: my visit to the bank today:

    Okay, so, took my docs to my credit union today. Was actually a bit nervous but way more confident, so it was cool. Also, the people at my CU are just lovely, lovely people. I am very fond of them. The manager is named Herb and actually resembles Herb from ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’; one of my all-time favorite shows. And seemingly as lovable. So, you see, this wasn’t much of a challenge. Anywho, he nodded and agreed on many things, saying, ‘That’s right,’ in response to my saying the Fed Reserve is a privately-owned institution.

    We had to discuss three times, though, that his bank doesn’t actually make deposits from their funds but from my signature, whereupon it is created. The third time he got it, saying it the way he believed it to be, then looking at me, adding “But that’s not what really happens.” My responding, saying, yes, according to my research, what I’ve learned, no, it’s not loaned from your pot, but is brought into existence from my signature, once underwritten.

    Just after we began our conversation, he said to summarize the docs for him because it would take him some time to ingest it all. I said that was a difficult task because this matter touches every single facet of our lives. I mentioned the conversation between Edward Mandell House and Woodrow Wilson, where House describes how we’ll all be chattel and slaves … I read that from notes – that I later gave to him to read for himself ( he said he was an info junky, and was very interested in this ) and I read to him Heather’s words about why a foreign deposit, there is also some spiritual stuff in the notes. Gave a link to Bancorruptcy and OPPT and strawman and UCC and Motu Proprio and few other things.

    He doubted if anyone in this small bank would know of any of this and wondered, gesturing trying to pass on the docs, and those refusing/not understanding and him trying to give to others who would finally take it.

    He said, should I give it to the lawyers? I said that I didn’t have much patience for lawyers but that they will probably see it some time. I said take it to the underwriters, please.

    We are to talk again by Friday.

    I should have very much trouble contacting Secret Service on this bank if they don’t honor my docs for I have no interest in traumatizing any of these people. Think I will go into some of the big banks next – they all have branches here in Atlanta – and those I could try to have shut down should none honor.

    I asked him to share the info freely and that spreading it as far and wide is good for all of us.


  33. P says : Reply

    Okay well this isn’t exactly the news I wanted but it is a step in the right direction. My bank called me back yesterday I missed the call and called them back today. They asked me where is it that the funds comes from, so I explained it to them and also explained in an outlined way how all of this has taken place, and that the UCC DOC#s are the key to the truth of it all. Meaning they only need to look up the doc numbers to find the foreclosure and the rest falls into place, legalese and all. So the good news is they are looking into things, researching the information and hopefully everything comes back as it is supposed too.

  34. Ines says : Reply

    Germany: Yesterday, november 07th, 11 people (10 adults , 1 child 🙂 ) visited seven banks and submitted the documents to six of them.
    First we did a little meditation, than we started. We felt the pure energy. We had no appointments with bankers, we just had picked out a few banks ( 11).

    – First Bank ( a private bank ) : a first very surprised , very skeptical receptionist . We told her briefly that we have come to open accounts in the hundreds of millions and more . We told her a little of the background, too … She was always open and cheerful . Since no board member had time , we gave her the documents , which she forwarded . We gave her a flyer and told her that all is valid for her, as well, and that she can be really glad to see us .

    – Second bank ( private bank again ) : we had to wait in front of large red double doors . All very noble and luxurious. Then the door opened and a radiant lady invited us in. We talked about our projects . She was very friendly and fetched the executive assistant . We had a pleasant conversation , handed over our documents and told him that we expect a response within 72 hours.

    – Third Bank (public ) : here, we were welcomed very friendly and could speak directly with a member of the board . Since he had a tiny office , he asked 3 ( plus child) to enter it. OK. We left our documents and told him that we expect response within 72 hours.

    – Fourth bank : nice reception, CEO did not really understand, but we left the documents with him anyway

    – Fifth bank ( public) : again, a very warm welcome with a short waiting period for coffee and water. The CEO and a board member asked us into a large meeting room with 11 chairs. Both listened to our explanations, we handed over our documents with the information flyer and the reference to 72 hours.

    – Sixth bank made basically no account opening , they asked us to go to Frankfurt. OK , we like to do.

    – Seventh bank ( private bank again ) : the director was contacted by one of our group before his vacation , with a request for an appointment . But he did not know what it was. We went ( without an appointment , just like that ) . An elderly lady received us so appreciative, just wonderful. We also told her that it was about the opening of accounts in the millions . She asked us to wait a moment , and got the director of the bank . He was there and had time! The reception – wow! During the greetings he had the big meeting room with drinks and chocolate get ready . We sat at the table and talked very friendly . It was so beautiful, so energetic.. He promised to investigate everything carefully and asked us to provide more information which I’ve already done by email a day later.

    All 6 discussions were divinely guided . There was an increase each time . We had appointed Jo to be our group speaker . Jo has given questions and answers – just gorgeous ! All the energy of all the people from all over the world were there and we were accompanied , supported and guided.
    We then were all in hug, and just laughed . THE GOODS EXPERIENCE – just gorgeous !

    Our recommendation to all the people, to you is, do yourself together , go to the banks together . THIS energy is so powerful, so full of energy – I have no words to really describe .


    Supplement: special THANKS to Jo – our spokesperson. He gave divine answers and led every conversation just wonderful!

    AND THANKS to Klaus, Christian, Frank, Susanne, Nadine, Christa, Hans, Rita und Timon

    AND THANK YOU to ALL that have accompanied and supported energetically – it was GREAT!

  35. Hi BZ, or anyone else, I am in the process of personalizing the docs
    Can I choose to use an additional name that I took up some years ago ie WILL AND WORD –
    for instance I obviously need to use the names I was given that are on my birth cert (BOND) in the place G. on the WILL AND WORD where it refers to “…This particular inbodyment was given the reference name of [the name on my birth Cert birth]”
    The H. As of the date of this declaration as a matter of record this inbodyment is also perceived as
    I now refer to my self a Sophia plus my given name plus my marrital surname but actually as I see it I could choose any name that I wish to be known as ….
    even if I have not changed it by Deed Poll
    I was planning to add on at the front my recently chosen name of Sophia my given names plus my marrital surname.

    Does that sound OK to all you BZ and beautiful creative people in the blog?

    Bye the way the more I read these DECLARATION the more a profound change is imbued within me .I am sure I am not alone with that feeling !!
    Bless you darlin Heather for the being the spearhead of this conscious change just awaiting to be birthed ..
    Sophia in the UK

    PS good to speak to you Mario I will get my skype sorted

  36. Dan Clizer says : Reply

    You’re welcome Don! I bet the courtesy notices did indeed rock their world 🙂 I think most of us underestimate very severely how powerful we are. Our focused energy when it is channeled through our loving hearts is immensely powerful, and transforming. Eternal Essence Embodied.
    Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing and keep us posted!


  37. LMOON says : Reply

    That is a good idea, every country needs to have a public bank focused interests on people and forget the private banks that only rob our funds.

  38. Dan Sauer says : Reply

    Well, I did it, I finally went to the banks.
    I live in Canada, so I ended up going to CIBC first, my friend drove me to the banks, but didn’t go in, Richard Stephens joined me, and we went in together. Bank 1, of course everyone wants to know your business, in what regards are u here ? I just said were here to open up new accounts in the millions ?

    We were introduced to a male, I believe his name was sinan, we went to his office. So to get the ball rolling, I said I would like to deposit some of my value, and of course I went into that we are the VALUE, and that we have all ways been the value, and I explained that I knew of the shenanigans that went on in the background ? He laughed, and he didn’t deny any of it, he shook his head and agreed to everything we said, and he said that was Capitalism, like it was know big deal ? Yeah right, it’s OK to defraud people ? sure !!.

    He looked at the docs, and said what do u want me to do with those, I said pass them up the ladder once again laughed, know one up there is interested. He did make copies, and will take a look and maybe pass them on, that’s how it kind of ended. Richard and I told him that was OK, if the banks don’t want to play, they will be know more, that’s OK he said, I will just look for a new job ?

    Bank 2, TD Canada Trust, Richard, Joe came in this time, and I, we met another young male, Joseph, His job was with loans, small investments and such, the main branch manager was on holidays.Once again I explained that we were the value, all ways have been, but this young gentleman was listening to everything we had to say, and he also mentioned that the banks are a mess, these people do know that there’s something serious going on in the banking industry but what exactly, they don’t know ?

    When Joseph looked at the docs, specifically the DOV, he was bewildered, he had that look ?

    He took a copy of my docs, and said that he was going to pass them up to a gentleman by the name of Mark, then he left and came back 5 or so mins later with another gentleman by the name of Ben, which looks after loans. Ben also said that he has never seen anything like those docs before, which of course I could understand, but WE HAD THEIR INTEREST !! eyes wide open, very friendly gave their cards, and I told him it would be nice to hear from someone within 48 hrs, shook hands, and parted our ways !!

  39. Isabelle says : Reply

    BZ, I have asked this question multiple times, and I have yet to receive
    a satisfying answer. Here goes…

    If a billion of us go to a bank, and successfully submit a deposit for one-
    half a billion dollars, that adds 500 quadrillion new dollars into circulation,
    whenever those dollars are spent.

    How do we keep this from introducing hyperinflation, e.g., from having a
    loaf of bread costing hundreds of dollars?

    Thank you so much for all you and your BWWEE associates are doing!

    • Anon says : Reply


      Simple, price controls! on the existing “Owners”. The “Inflation & Deflation” manipulated & perpetrated upon the people of Earth(Centuries) has NEVER been anything more that the air from a fart of Lord Rothschild, PURE VAPOR:) totally manipulated by “the owners”

      • Isabelle says : Reply

        Anon, price controls, imposed on sovereigns?
        Who’s going to enforce those price controls?

        On second thought, I have a better idea:

        Give everyone a food replicator, and bring
        in free-energy devices. That will effectively
        control prices; however, it’s the interim,
        transitory period, that has me wondering
        and scratching my head, due to the simple
        economic principle of supply and demand.
        That is…

        It’s the in-between period needed for supply
        to catch up with the new demand, created
        due to all the extra purchasing power people
        now have at their disposal.

        Oh, well! I guess I’ll just have to exercise
        infinite patience to reap immediate results;
        and, cross that bridge whenever I get to it.
        I do not see it looming in the distance just
        yet. I wish I did…:< ))

        • Anon says : Reply


          For the existing “handful” (13 families) owning fed reserve privately, as we’ll as their
          “super entity” that owns the majority stakes in the top 147 largest corporations in the world.
          YES, PRICE CONTROLS & I don’t care how “commie” that sounds, they can kiss My sphincter until it trickles down in the form of recompense, most certainly in the arenas of travel & leisure. Supply demand “theory” is gaseous:) we solved those supply chain constraints 40 years ago! ALL THOSE PUBLISHED STATS ARE 100% MANIPULATED FOR THOSE FAMILIES CRIMINAL
          GAINS WTFU:)

  40. Hi everyone, just got back from meeting with bank manger of ANZ . Meeting went well, very open response from branch manager, was receptive to oppt filings and new paradigm. But it was outside her operational brief to make a decision, so she is passing copy of docs upline,, as well we are sending emails to CEO, CHAIRMAN, and CFO. with cover letter stating we had met with my branch manager, and her name. Energetics were positive, but what we had presented her was so far outside the box, we all had to laugh. The energy was great, left on a very positive note.

  41. Will Triplett says : Reply

    I want to see if I can make a pig SOAR not just fly!!!
    It was once said “Hit it with a rock!!” Alright let’s do that I’m gonna throw a proposal ya’lls way and you can hit with the ole rock and see if it rings true or clunks ok?
    How about take all the paperwork to your local bank or credit union and when you make the deposit offer to take that “10%” and open up a”Community” account for the community you live in and around. If just the people standing in the bank do this there would be almost unlimited funds, immediately available to say build a bigger better library or schools or roads, or anything the community around you would ever need. Your thoughts on this are very much appreciated and I’ll take any improvements on it ya’ll can come up with. Well there it is HIT IT!! We can now afford to not be greedy I think.
    And another thought since this is a “foreign” deposit, what better way to introduce yourself to your community?

  42. Gemini says : Reply

    Hi All,

    I’ve looked at some of the DOV’s……they look good, only thing I noticed questionable is the USD, US Dollars…..should it be 1:1 transferable Units…………..?

  43. Patrick says : Reply

    I to all essence inbodyments

    this message is a cry for help. i know that i am not in the good discussion here but i know to that it’s a blog with a high volume of inbodyments who’s watching here. hope, Heater that you can see it… or the One that I need…LOVE you so MUCH

    the short story: I am living in the surrounding Montreal in Québec, Canada, I was participate with BZ Riger (love you BZ XXX) on the Wells fargo story, like a lots of others essences at that time. my first language is french, so hope that every one will be ok to understand what i am trying to explane. Me and my wife buy a house in 2011. The loan was made in her name. Last year when a magnific team shut down all the system and disclose all docs, I was so happy you dont know how. so I show these docs. to my wife and said it’s finish now. she answered me; when i’m gone see it with my eyes i’m gone beleive it. So I knew that she was not ready for. So I wate and wate and wate see to the things change, participate were i was able to DO’ing like the Wells Fargo’s story you know, !. I didint want to infring my wife choice with my intention against the bank.
    Till last week, even before I saw the new docs., delivered by a big sun as Heater(love you so much). I was not able to passe another day without DO’ing. So I said to my Wife that I have to follows these docs., to the bank. she decide to quit me, quit the house with my dauther, my father tell me that I was like a dastard or somethings like that, really and dont remember; he was so angry. I cry a couple of days, I can tell you that is really hard for me now but I am living in peace with me. only write this comment make me fell better. the problem that i got now is; like I said it’s not my first language and all the docs. are in english, I sent to my bank the courtcy notice in french translation but now they try to attack my wife. they block the little money in our account. I know that the loan is not to my name, but I dont know how to protect my wife….and dont know what she is DO’ing now and that it’s really hard for me in this moment…heart love you alll… So if someone is able to help me in the process, I will make im a BIG hug and COV of coarse…..Love you every one KISS

    Patrick as eternal essence inbody

    • Mia says : Reply

      Bonsoir Patrick
      You seem very sad, and that it understandable – it’s what is happening for you right now.
      When we follow our own heart and ‘tools of resonance’ we cannot expect that this will be the same path for those around us and those who are most close to us. In fact, often we find that these circumstances serve to show us the contrast between us and those we share our lives with most closely.
      We are all individual and unique, and therefore have our own individual and unique perspective on the situation we are viewing at any particular moment.
      It is unrealistic, and may I say unfair, to expect others to see things the way we do. We cannot ‘push the river’ and it’s sometimes a steep learning curve to get to where we can just allow things to flow. Perhaps your wife was not ready in any way to ‘take on the bank,’ even if you felt ready. Just allow it to BE, if you can.
      I wish you ‘calmer waters’ ahead, and peace, love and serenity in your life.
      From my eternal ♡ ➤ your eternal ♡

    • pamela says : Reply

      Patrick you are doing right not to pay the bank, no matter what anyone says. The banks are stealing and using the money for war. Your wife is still programmed by fear and she will understand whenever she is supposed to. She and your dad can think you are doing bad but you are doing the right thing. Whatever you do, don’t move from your house. The bank is trying to scare you. The energetic accounting is happening now and you must listen to your heart!!!! <3

  44. Gemini says : Reply

    I feel for you Patrick…….I’ve got similar situation…….I’m not sure how to help other than feel your pain……

    the thing I’ve learned in this process…..each person has to find their own stand and what they believe……those who still believe in the old system will still continue to pay for that system…….they will awaken when they tire of it or can’t afford it….and there is really no way to protect anyone, even a spouse……they need to stand in their own power……

    May the force be with you patrick……..

  45. Peter says : Reply

    Hi Guy’s Peter from Australia here: not sure where else to bring this news and I don’t want to give negative energy to but: Australia Gov is about to Shut Down next month just like the USA did and for the same lame excuses to stall the inevitable collapse. I say bring it on…: See the report here on ABC News. http://www.skynews.
    On a positive note I have submitted all my personalized from Heather Documents to the Common Wealth Bank of Australia with DOV deposit for $5 Million US Dollars yesterday.. We will see how that goes in a few days.. Love and Peace.. all xxxxx

  46. Dan Sauer says : Reply

    Visited another bank today, HSBC. The gentleman we spoak with there was Gaurav, his title was Senior premier Relationship
    manager ? What the heck that is, couldn’t tell u, I guess he has relations with peoples signatures ? Ha ha !! So my friend and
    I went into his office, I proceeded to engage how I normally start the conversation, that we are the value, and that there is
    a lot of people that are quite aware of the same thing, and go on further that I know that my value was high jacked at birth, and so
    on, Gaurav still tried to keep the lie that the bank does lend out money, blah blah blah !! I spoke somemore, then I would let my friend
    Joe speak, he can talk about the eternal essence of our BEing very well, it’s changes the temple !! We were in Gaurav’s office
    for about 30 mins, he started to understand a little more of our visit by the time we were done, even though he is brainwashed from the banks
    We turned him on to the I/ site, he wants to understand more, didn’t leave the docs, which is fine, we exchanged numbers
    I will call him back maybe by Tuesday, or he will call me. But what I can say, he will not be able to do banking with the
    same mentality anymore !! He was much different 30 mins later then when we first walked in ?……………..cheers !!

  47. susanne says : Reply

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    at 5:11:13 I made the declaration – Documents: of Receipt / Deposit to my bank and from today at 11 clock was the big appointment.
    The receipt of documents and copying my ID was confirmed to me by stamp and signature.
    The dumping into my account is now verified.
    The bank got from me 2 email – addresses to which they can ask their questions and Skype – address of Heather.

    The bank needs more information to understanding.
    It was not a rejection – everything is in the right – checked department. This was said to me at the end.

    It was a good, friendly and clear conversation.
    I thanked him and I felt understood.

    Love – Love – Love _ () _

  48. GunnarBat says : Reply

    I want to understand better how banks make loans.
    I saw videos and read posts saying:

    + Banks create money from thin air
    + My signature on a Promissory Note is something that banks can convert into Free Money
    + They can then use that Free Money to make more Free Money through Fractional banking
    This does not sound right to me. What do people here say?

    Also, Heather’s documents say we are each somehow “entitled” to maybe $5 Billion or $10 Billion. This does not seem right to me. What do others think? Where would all this money come from, if people started getting it. Would we not see big inflation as soon as the newly created money was spent?

    Why has no one had “their share” before the OPPT people started asking for theirs?
    These are questions that every one should ask and have an answer before they go to banks, I think.

    • Gloria says : Reply

      Hi GunnarBat

      There are excellent resources here on this site. 🙂 On the menu to the right —————->

      Read any of the materials about banking under the heading “Removing the Veil” . Or, watch Scott Bartle’s “Bancorruptcy :

      I, too, had the experiences of pain and lack and loss. So, I say with love, Have FUN in the rabbithole, and when you come out, you will have more of you, because you will SEE more. To SEE more is to BE more. 🙂

      I, in love, and also known as the INbodyment of Gloria

  49. jeremy says : Reply

    hello… I am following this thread, but am still quite confused as to what I can actually DO? is there anyone here willing to walk me through, in the simplest manner possible, what documents I can use at the bank, how to fill them out and how to use them? my living situation is pretty desperate, and i’m admittedly quite intimidated to go into a bank w/ a bunch of documents I can barely comprehend…but I feel the time of waiting, for me, is coming quickly to an end. I have listened to many OP shows but my mind shuts down from information overload (I feel like i’m swimming in an ocean of complex concepts and don’t have the know-how to take this upon myself), and i’m hoping a patient, understanding person would be willing to help me understand all this?

    thank you!


    • LMOON says : Reply

      Hello J, this is easy feel your hearth and so DO, no fear, DO everything with love and based on good will and faith. The main objective is aware banks that we are awaken, and we know how they works, we only want repurpose them. If they do not want play there is no problem. I am filling my docs I am decided to see a Banker and show this important information, maybe they do not be aware of this paradigm change. Lets try get allies in the Bank.
      God bless you, I hope my words can clear and help your efforts.

  50. Kin241 says : Reply

    Hello all of my earth family;

    Now that Heather has released her example BOND containing additional data that we can use, all that we need to know now is which portions of her example BOND need to be edited/customized to make the BOND relative to each of us whom wish to take it to the bank.

    Obviously converting the .pdf to.doc for editing can be easily done, however editing guidance/knowledge is required in order to preserve the accuracy of the BOND modifications for each of us whom wish to play with the bank. I think I can figure it out however I would not have total confidence in the edit because with just one mistake the bank will shoot it down.

    BZ provided the guidance for the edits required for the other previously released examples based on Heather’s instruction, perhaps BZ is currently working with Heather on further instruction for us, to assist in editing/personalizing this example BOND to reflect each individual.

    I for one am excited to IMAGINE all that I will DO through the community projects I will support and/or create once I have a portion of my value returned to me.

    I/We would love to hear from you on this topic BZ, so I am thanking you in advance for all that you DO and BE.


  51. Jann says : Reply

    Hi, BZ. I read the new Heather Bond post, but what are the 2 Bond docs for? When are they to be used? And are both to be used at the same time? Should we simply include a copy with the other 4 “official bank docs”?…which are the Declarations of Original Depository Deposit, Receipt, & I, and the Decl of Value. Thanks so much.

  52. Mark says : Reply

    I’d like to participate. I know I’m missing something and can’t figure out what it is.
    So much good could be done by having access. I’ve been laughed at for bringing this up at local banks.
    How can a BEing make this work for themselves? Please help.

  53. Susan-Eve says : Reply

    I just went to “discharge” a chase CC “debt” online using 000000518 (9 digits) as the routing # and my SS# as the account #. Chase accepted it as a valid account and the account was named (United States Department of the Treasury). I did not click “submit” as my husband is also named on the account and he is hesitant. I will get my own CC and use it as a test. Very interesting! It definitely means that the routing #000000518 (9 digits) is correct.

    I then went to paypal to see if they accept it as a valid bank and they do not. I then went to Discover and they also do not recognize it as a valid routing #. AmEx does recognize it as a valid account. Very interesting folks.

  54. BZ says : Reply

    With the New E _ Call Bond

    A new post has been created for Word version templates and guidelines, go here

  55. Doug J says : Reply

    I Live in Victoria BC Canada, I NEED HELP locating the following numbers.
    Re BOND:
    Local File# – Where and what file?
    ROUTING: to what financial institute?
    ABA; number to what financial institute?
    NOTE: Canada is the 13th District of the Federal Reserve, should we use same as USA?

  56. Augustay says : Reply

    Hello Light Warriors <3,

    Thank you all for sharing your amazing experiences of playing with the banks. Love and Light to all… but I was wondering has anyone tried to go directly to a FEDERAL RESERVE BANK? I have one here in California and was thinking I should start there. Any Feedback?

  57. noel says : Reply

    I heard the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK is finished on the 13 December 2013, does anyone know for sure?

  58. Jann says : Reply

    Dear BZ…thanks so much for posting Seraph’s and Heather’s latest convo. It is a beautiful and magnificent unfolding…wow. What a saga this has been. You have been so giving and patient and helpful to us all…no matter what the outcome, we’ve all been playing a necessary role. Quite a show! I’m sending a big hug to you, and hope the puppies manifest in your life at the perfect time. 🙂 Victory for All!

  59. Gemini says : Reply

    I have sent a self made

    DOV Bank Of MAF64
    Bank ledger ( with other Gifts of repurpose )
    Gift of Repurpose 4mil
    2012127914 Declaration of Facts
    Freedom Flyer
    I-UV OPPT Filing links

    So far so good :good:

  60. P says : Reply

    Gemini could you put an example of that up that check.

  61. William Sonnac says : Reply

    Does anyone think that approaching the banks with Documents was anything other than a MASSIVE WASTE of Time?

    If you think otherwise, please explain what was achieved. I am sure many people who visited here, and posted here would like an answer to this question. Thanks

  62. bain b says : Reply

    any new updates on the banks {success stories}

  63. legnaone says : Reply

    Thanks for the information about the routing numbers and account, Yes it Works, I just did it with American Express and I paid off my CC. Thank you for the info.

  64. Jann says : Reply

    Hi William Sonnac. If you will read the latest conversation between Heather, Seraph, and FunkyKat your question would be answered. Heather, BZ (I-UV webmaster), the OPPT Trustees, and all other inbodyments who have participated in this Grand/Divine Play have served a vital purpose in the unfolding of events…including our attempts to deposit our value. If we all sat on our duffs and negated everything Heather was doing, the energetics would not have worked. Believe me, Heather knows exactly what she’s doing. Trust the process. Our few meetings with the banks set off a chain reaction that is being felt worldwide and beyond. That seems like Victory to me!

  65. kenrick says : Reply

    It is now January 2014. After Playing with the Banks. What has been acheived to date?? Please can someone Help me please. Love&Light

  66. legnaone says : Reply

    Hi Simon and mkphil, I would be very happy to share my experience with you and all the rest in this blog.

    I went to my AMEX account online clicked on pay your card, add a bank account and I chose add a personal savings account [these are not checking accounts]
    I entered
    000000518 as a routing number
    click add account and what do you know!!! U.S. Department of The Treasury appears as the Bank name
    then go back and click pay and I paid full amount owed which was over 1,500 dollars on one and 450.00 on the

    I was amazed that it worked, I paid off my 2 AMEX cards one in December and I charged more stuff on it and I paid it off again in January.over the phone payment and it also worked.

    Also Well Fargo mortgages, I entered the same info on pay your mortgage now…
    personal savings account used same routing number as above and my SS number and same name came up
    US Department of the Treasury as the bank name.

    Now one thing the ABA number that Heather provided 053697261 is not a good number, I have tried it transposing different numbers but nothing has come up.

    Clarification: The number Heather provided was 00000518 the correct number is 000000518 [six zeros]
    Thank you Heather you are a fine lady keep D’oing and B’eing excellent work for all the beings of this planet

    Heather, Would you please provide us with the correct ABA number?

    I have been trying to get an address and location for the US Department of the Treasury Bank but can’t find anything we all should try to find out where the bank is I Googled that routing number and something strange came up. You should try it and share your research here

    • mkphil says : Reply

      Thank You very much for sharing legnaone. It is very kind of you. This is what we must do, help each other and work on this together.
      Have you tried this on anything else such as Visa Mastercard or Discover and been rejected?
      I will do some research on the Department of Treasury Bank and post any results I find here. If I don’t post I didn’t find anything.

    • empyrean says : Reply

      I have also used on Chase credit card and Citimortgage, they went through initially but then a few days later was rejected. I also used it on my utility bill and same thing, went through initially by later rejected. I will be trying it out on my amex this month.

  67. JB10 says : Reply

    Hi Legnaone, thanks for sharing what you did in detail. I’m sure everyone will agree that this will help a lot of people. Just want to clarify if you were also successful in paying your mortgage with Wells Fargo using the same steps or are you saying that you need the ABA# first? Your response will be greatly appreciated. Love & Light to you & your family <3

  68. legnaone says : Reply

    mkphil, Not a problem, we all are in this together and if anyone has information should share as many have done here.
    You know I have not tried visa or mastercard, but Susan-Eve {above} shared on November 20th that Chase {Visa} does recognize this routing number as well.
    I also want to share that I tried it on my Wells Fargo Mortgage and they accept it as well. This may be helpful for folks that are trying to keep their homes and Banks are ignoring the CN’s

  69. deborah says : Reply

    Would you use the same routing number in Canada too?

  70. legnaone says : Reply

    JB10 yes it works with Wells Fargo. You use the same routing number and your SS. The ABA number I was referring to is the one that is on the E_Bond. I have been researching what bank it belongs to and I have not been able to do it.

    deborah, I would think so, Heather never said Use this routing number for US… this one for Canada …
    I believe its the same for the whole world. Just try it you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

  71. william getz says : Reply

    i just paid my credit card from chase 4,673.96 on line with the instructions above it went through i got a transaction # i put a zero in front of the ss# no dashes for the account number and the transaction was treated as a checking account to chase. thanks leganone and bz and everyone. it worked with wells fargo for 482.99.00 as well

    Just checked status pending so lets see if it goes through

    • mkphil says : Reply

      William, I knew you would be one of the stars and figure things out, you are not afraid to question and that is how we get answers. Let us know when the transaction clears.As Gemini says, “May the force be with us”.

  72. william getz says : Reply

    just checked status both payments went through completed

  73. Doug J says : Reply

    I use the Royal Bank of Canada their system only allows me to pay bills from RBC act so today I took it to the bank and they are didn’t understand as well; question, what site are you guys using that will request a routing # and account #. Thanks every one in advance.
    Doug J.

    • deborah says : Reply

      “I went to my AMEX account online clicked on pay your card, add a bank account and I chose add a personal savings account [these are not checking accounts]
      I entered
      000000518 as a routing number
      click add account and what do you know!!! U.S. Department of The Treasury appears as the Bank name
      then go back and click pay and I paid full amount owed which was over 1,500 dollars on one and 450.00 on the

      I was amazed that it worked, I paid off my 2 AMEX cards one in December and I charged more stuff on it and I paid it off again in January.over the phone payment and it also worked.”

      It looks like you actually have to go directly online to your Amex, Visa accounts, etc. ….. not your bank

    • mkphil says : Reply

      Doug, It looks like people are paying credit cards they already have. They are not going to the bank they are probably paying online or over the phone.??

  74. JB10 says : Reply

    Thank you for answering my questions, Legnaone! If I find anything about the ABA number, I will surely share it to everyone as well. <3 <3 <3

    Doug J – scroll up to see Legnaone's post dated Jan 9 and Susan-Eve's post dated Nov 20 to get an idea on how they did it. <3

  75. william getz says : Reply

    just checked the payment to chase was returned to the treasury

    • Seinfeld says : Reply

      Not clear on what this message meant. The payment was returned by the Treasury…as in it was rejected….or the treasury made the payment…as in it went through successfully ?

  76. Lisa D says : Reply

    legnaone – do your statements from Amex & Wells Fargo show the payments?

    empyrean – thanks for the update. it’s interesting to see which payments ‘stick’ and which get reversed.

  77. William can you help me out? I am unemployed and have little income coming in and my house payment is with wells fargo bank too! I am having trouble making payments. I need to ask you if you could help me out on how to payoff the mortgage through wells fargo? I need step by step on how the process goes! I would deeply be greatful if William or anyone else could help me out with the process! LOVE YOU BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!!

  78. Dave Ashwell says : Reply

    Hi Deborah, can you tell me if these numbers work for us here in Australia?

    • deborah says : Reply

      Those instructions are not mine…. that’s why I put it in ‘quotes’ …
      They are from legnaone’s post on January 9th..
      But by the looks of recent comments, it does not work …
      They are being bounced, and people are incurring more costs, as well as having their cards cancelled !!

  79. empyrean says : Reply

    I was wondering, why not submit the banking documents to say the credit card co, mortgage co or to whom ever you want to pay off, and tell them as your fiduciary you want them to apply the bond as payment. You would then have proof of legally offering payment should they challenge you . This might be the way to get around the fact they they will not open and deposit it into a bank account because they don’t have to, but when you already have an account such as credit card, mortgage etc, they are the fiduciary so why not instruct them. Just my thoughts…Would welcome yours…

  80. Terion says : Reply

    I’ve done this with credit cards and my utility bills, all payments ended up being bounced back and I incurred substantial late fees and my credit card accounts got closed. 🙁

    and seems like the 000000518 routing # is no longer working

    • DC says : Reply

      Yes, using this account is akin to check fraud. If you used somebody’s checking account without permission it is called stealing, fraud, etc. I can’t believe Lisa is telling people to use these numbers without permission.

  81. legnaone says : Reply

    Hello, Terion can you tell me how long of a lapse of time between them bouncing back your payments????

    And if this happened to anyone why didn’t they share it before??????

    And if this happened to anyone why didn’t they share it before!!!!

    • terion says : Reply

      It was about 3-5 days for the accounts to go from being marked paid to being marked payment returned and late fee charged.

  82. Terion, even if these things are legitimate, the average person may have a difficult time standing up to the bully tactics of the corporations (including the government). Frankly I think the US Treasury SHOULD be allowing people to have a checking account as a way of undermining the illegal practices of the Federal Reserve, and as a way of directly offsetting debts they may incur. That just makes sense! Unfortunately until there is an official announcement of such a program, this is (at least to my comprehension) not the case. This isn’t to say that you can’t follow the suggestions above and “play” with the banks using your value. 🙂 <3 (someone can jump in here about "jurisdiction" regarding the below text)

    The below text also does not mention that some have had success accessing the money being held in trust by the US government. One such example is provided by Jaemes McBride at


    The annotation, and additional documents seeking to establish some sort of relationship with or claim against the U.S. Government, are worthless and establish no rights or privileges in any account in any federal or state agency. The documents further a fraud commonly known as "redemption", or "chargeback," or "acceptance for value" that incorrectly asserts the United States government has trust accounts linked to each citizen, and that individuals can gain control over this account by making particular filings with state and Federal authorities.

    Recently, Treasury OIG has become aware of a different variation of this scheme. Individuals are obtaining routing numbers from Treasury bureaus, specifically the Financial Management Service (FMS) and the Bureau of the Public Debt (BPD), or a Federal Reserve bank, and using these numbers to make the false notes appear genuine.

    Further, many of these fraudsters hold seminars throughout the United States, teaching attendees how to create these fictitious documents and how to use federal routing numbers. Individuals are now creating false checking accounts with the federal routing numbers, using their social security number as the checking account number, and listing the bank as either the FMS or the BPD. Be advised that Treasury bureaus and the Treasury Direct Program do NOT offer checking accounts for the public, and they will NOT honor any of these checks. Participating in these scams can result in serious criminal and civil penalties.

    It is also a violation of Federal Law to misuse the Treasury seal or the words, titles, symbols, or emblems of the Treasury Department, or any service, bureau, office or Treasury subdivision; see 31 U.S.C. 333.

  83. bill says : Reply

    bz i listened to the one peoples show last night and bob and lisa basically said they are not responsible for conversations about the oppt and i will include the i-uv maybe their journey is about the adventures of bob, brian and lisa and thats fine… bob and lisa said they are just people on a radio show and they really dont represent anyone in connection to the past years conversation about money. so my question to you is do think its a good idea to start a show that focues on the i-uv and support and developments. if the ucc docs are true and our value secured in there. i beleive we should keep trying what do you think, you have done such a great job here plus the the bwwee room. thanks look forward to hearing from you bill

  84. bill says : Reply

    bz maybe a weekly radio show focused on the i-uv to help others and ourselves work through the obstacles of accessing our value secured in the ucc filings. i would be glad to do it with you and whoever is up for a challenge like that, and see where it goes

  85. P says : Reply

    Ok, so the foreclosure is the foreclosure, now either A it is true or B this is the biggest scam in U.S. history. So the people who are the ones who have done this Foreclosure of the UCC need to stand up and prove this is not a scam, because people could go to jail for it if it is a scam. And without saying something a long the lines of you have to feel it to know it if it is true for you or not true for you, we are talking about lawful and legal documentation here that people are going to need to use to back up using routing and numbers. I personally have 3 different bonds out there in 3 different banks, they all said the same thing, “I have to start the wire” well that is impossible to do. Only a bank can start the wire. All of that said it seems to me from the research I have done that this is not a scam, but if it is, then this website is responsible for the content. Now all of that said, I have talked with the Whitehouse budget office, gave them the true bill numbers and they couldn’t even give me a reply, I left a voice mail for the Vice President of the UNITED STATES with the same true bill numbers, and nothing in return there either. I do believe this is not a scam, but I also believe that the government is going to do anything they can to make it a scam. Therefore it is up to the people who have filed all of this to make sure that the government does not make this lawful documentation and true bill numbers a scam, but instead uphold what they have put before the people.

  86. P says : Reply

    I want to add also, for I think it is Terion, it seems to me you didn’t follow the instructions to well in the first place, there is a routing number and ABA number, no one at any time ever said use your SS number in place of the ABA number. The Routing number and The ABA number work with your name and SS number all together, it is how the accounts are separated from one another. And I would also like to add that just because all places do not accept the Routing Number does not make it a scam. In fact just last night I got me a credit card online with the routing and aba numbers supplied by the foreclosure. Now lets separate scam from fact, if something is a scam either someone has stolen legit information from another and used it, or the information involved is a complete made up information that is not real in anyway shape or form. So I have and many others have all researched the TRUE BILL NUMBERS, and guess what they are NOT SCAMS, they go right back to what the paperwork says they are. So now that’s clear, the information therefore is not false it is in fact, factual information. NEXT! Bank names, is each individuals name or whatever name they want, that doesn’t mean you would make a bond out with say “U.S. Treasury” for the bank name cause that would be false and fraudulent. Moving on, since the information of the True Bill numbers are REAL and NOT A SCAM then that leaves 2 things, follow the instructions as they was laid out, and second, don’t do things that are fraudulent like naming bonds U.S. Treasury or Official U.S. Treasury or something stupid like that, you might be asking for it. And last..the government are running like cowards over this because they have been called out, and don’t you think that a government with the CIA heading the drug cartels and money laundering schemes, and still running the debt slavery system against ITS OWN LAWS might try to illegally stop the truth and prevent wealth as they have always done?

    • LuLu Vander Kamp says : Reply

      Mr P, what do you mean you researched the true bill number and proved it to be…. true?

      How did you ¨researched it¨?

      Did you researched it thru a bank, and the bank told you what it says on their screen? or just ¨gut-feeling¨ because they did not respond?

      • P says : Reply

        You can research the numbers, tru bill numbers through foreclosure links supplied in the foreclosure and other government foreclosure sites, so no its not a gut feeling, its factual information, you just need to take the time to research the information supplied in the notice itself, and let it lead you down the road you go.

    • Tango says : Reply

      Would you please help me out with how to apply this,step by step!(thank you)

  87. Doug J says : Reply

    To P:
    Would mind explaining this sentence in last wright up: In fact just last night I got me a credit card online with the routing and aba numbers supplied by the foreclosure.
    Doug J

  88. Thomas R. says : Reply

    “bob and lisa basically said they are not responsible for conversations about the oppt” – Bill
    A pity.
    Do think that OPPT is fading, and if it is going revive itself, someone will need to take a genuine leadership role.

    Or Was it all just a Dream, that was “too good to be true”?

  89. M says : Reply

    P, what credit card did you apply for?

  90. P says : Reply

    Ok well thats it, the credit cards have renounced it all, everything has bounced, now it took 2 weeks for the one i was using to bounce, and the other one that applied for online gave me a reference number but when i called to do the rest of the process it also did not accept the payment. So while all of these filings are true, the government is not following its own laws surprise surprise, and I have no faith left in this site or anything its about, because it has lead all of us down a road to disaster. The people who built this site and maintain won’t even stand up for what they have done, so as far as I am concerned it is over, until something actually happens that the government will follow the laws on in our favor. To many criminals out there controlling the system to allow all of us fucking poor people, peasants, and worthless human beings to get what is rightfully ours.

    • empyrean says : Reply

      I know your disappointed that they wouldn’t put through your payments, but be proud of yourself for trying. We all tried and although with the same result Im sure that we got their attention. You cant say that it isn’t working they are just holding on to their control for as long as they can. They will continue their control until challenged or confronted head on. Courtesy Notices are a great way to start but you have to be prepared to follow through, some go smoothly some with resistance but eventually they work. Its just contract law – (and they to have to follow it too.) and you will be victorious…. Hang in there. Keep up the fight its worth it…..

  91. P says : Reply

    Yeah I have been using the courtesy notices against college loans, and i will see how that has worked out real soon, but so far they just keep sending me the same emails, as it is just automated, and they will use a new sender from the same corporation so I have to send a new notice to the same organization, but with the new name that is within the email. Now the way they are doing things is like this, you can defer your college loans for 6 months or 12 months by simply replying “yes” in the subject line of this email. So its tax time and I will see if they screw me or not, if they do, then I am truly screwed, I will lose my house, cause then I will have no money to make my house payments. If they do not, then the courtesy notices are definitely working. I will have the answer to this REAL soon, like in the next couple of weeks or so. I certainly hope its the later because I do not want to lose my home, my wife and I have 3 small children and no where to go if that happens. So I hope for the sake of at least my kids that the courtesy notices works.

    • Daniel says : Reply

      Hi P….thanks for all the interest in this you are taking. I just want to send this link to a radio show in which a lady called Maggie describes how by picketing mortgage sales…the scum who were perpetrating these sales backed off…they wanted nothing to do with the properties that she and a couple of her friends picketed at the time the sales of those properties were to be administered said scum…at the time of the show she had successfully stopped the sale of 8 properties. Here is the link to the show…and she started to talk about this at the 1 hour 11 minute and 30 second mark in the show. All the best….Daniel

  92. Dug says : Reply

    So is the gold Karen speaks of below the same gold Heather talks about underwriting our value?

  93. George says : Reply

    anybody aware about people in Romania or Germany which are dealing with this?

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