Ben Swann : FBI Memo

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Ben Swann : FBI Memo

Ben Swann takes a look at the GOP Memo on the FBI and explains why the real story here is one with FISA transparency, in this Reality Check w/Ben Swann Powered by #dash





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  1. Hi BZ
    Here is a more than interesting link for you to please share with the I-UV subscriber list
    As you may recall I am a Brit living in London and have done a considerable amount of research over many years
    The British Connection is very strong and has been since 1600. 1621 the Founding Fathers left the shores of England to escape a despotic government and persecution according to history ….
    Lyndon LaRouch is an 8th generation from that voyage across the high seas
    In six months, the pamphlet from the LaRouche Political Action Committee exposing the history of Robert Mueller, the “amoral legal assassin” deployed to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency, has circulated widely and had an enormous impact.

    Now, with parts of the “get-Trump” force thoroughly discredited, it is possible to go for the very head of the beast — British intelligence and the British geopolitics which President Trump threatens to overthrow.
    [more from the link below.]

    This is important info to share
    Katannya xx

  2. Hi BZ and my second contribution to the British connection
    is from this link

    On the website Below this info which I have copied and pasted here you will see an attached file of a signed letter to The UK Secretary of State Boris Johnson from the Director of GCHQ Robert Hannigan and as you will see it refers to Project FULSOME at the request of the President [ meaning Obama, was the President in August 2016]

    Tom Heneghan goes over his latest information from his US and French Intelligence sources. The British spied on Trump for Obama and this is all coming out!

    The stock market wipeout is being engineered by the deep state scum including Larry Mizel and Daddy Bush! They made over $10 trillion with their recent market manipulation! They are doing it to further loot the pensions of Americans!

    Donald Trump and Leo Wanta both experienced death threats over the trillions in Wanta funds laundered by the Bank of England! This is US Treasury money that was stolen by H.W. Bush and used to finance wars, drug running, and pay off both the Democrat and Republican party who were given part of the stolen Wanta funds to keep quiet!

    The deep state is in panic mode to try to stop Trump from bringing back the Wanta funds to pay for a massive infrastructure rebuilding program including nationwide high speed trains. The Amtrak derailments, stock market manipulations and any other lies they can put out on the fake news is being used to try to derail Donald Trump!


    So much treason has been going on you a very long while and the light must be shon upon these situations .


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