Barbara: A 17-year-old Note to Self

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A 17-year-old Note to Self

by Barbara, published on The I UV, on January 23, 2018


The other day, doing a closet clutter-purge of That-Which-No-Longer-Serves-Me, I discovered in a long-forgotten tucked away box of writings fromI 17 years ago.    Reflecting on that particular time-line I look back in amazement with the realization that the profound and intense longing, the experience and emotions that inspired me to write this piece still exist, and that nothing has really changed.  I’m still here, I’m still Watching, Still on the path of Being and Doing until We are finished here with birthing the New Gaia and Hue-manity remembers All to experience true freedom.
This message came to me (Self to Self) in perfect timing– just when I needed to be reminded that I’m not ever alone.  It’s a Cosmic Reassurance for me to stay grounded and steady throughout the last gasp days of the Dark Energies.  And  that the foreclosure/auction of my home, scheduled for late April, need not terrify me for I am guided to move anyway regardless of what a corrupt 9th Circuit Court judge has legislated from the bench.  I’m watching me watch it all unfold.   I’m still here doing the work that I came to do.
I perceive my current  foreclosure procedure  as an Initiation — stepping into the Fear of Potential Homelessness, moving through it, watching it, and then returning it back to Creator encased in Loving Light..  Mastery comes through my sustaining a higher vibration of Love, no matter what happens.  It is also an initiation testing my Trust– Trusting Unconditional Love that Creator has for Us, and Trusting Self to provide answers and solutions, to manifest what is needed Here and Now!  It’s the ultimate Game of Chicken or to see who blinks first!  Hang in there LoveLights!  We’re almost there.  Don’t Give Out, Give Up or Give In.  Just  keep on  Giving!   A friend of mine wisely reminded me to not forget the  ceremony and celebration of this initiation and I said of course– there is a lot of Joyful Dancing and Chocolate to be had!!

Feather-es-kly, I AM

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  1. Thank you for all you are doing. I love you.

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