Ashtar Command – Final Transmission to EARTH

by / Saturday, 18 November 2017 / Published in Eternal Essence Embodied

Ashtar Command - Final Transmission to EARTH


Ashtar Command – Final Transmission to EARTH










4 Responses to “Ashtar Command – Final Transmission to EARTH”

  1. Anastasia says : Reply

    This was very good! Thank you. Thank anyone and everyone out there helping Liberate each of us and the Planet! Thank you. I personally send up and out as much Light as possible to let those working so diligently to end our enslavement know their efforts are supported and do encourage others to do the same. This is such a massive Prison Break! Maybe even the biggest ever seen!

  2. Patricia says : Reply

    Thank you Ashtar Command!!! We are so grateful!!!

  3. patrizia pace says : Reply

    luce e amore a tutti coloro che si stanno adoperando per l’atto finale

  4. Kay says : Reply

    Than you Ashtar we are greatful for your help and liberation you will be providing to every one being enslaved.. Much love …

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