Are You Ready To Let GO of What You Have Been…

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Are You Ready To Let GO of What You Have Been… to Embrace What You Really Are/and Becoming…?



produced on Conscious Conversation Central, recorded on Monday March 12, 2018

Come play in the conversation with Sheila Corona, Lisa Rush, and BZ Riger


We dance in what it feels like to notice the energy of what we have been, whatever that feels like personally to each one of us. And we compare the feeling to What we Really Are… We play with some tools to see how what we have been has effected and affected how we have walked in the world. This dance opens us up to a whole new way of Being and Doing Everything and it feels amazing.



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  1. Mary Gates says : Reply

    Hello BZ,

    I keep up with all of your post and i appreciate you! could you please contact me and i would greatly appreciate it.Thank you kindly.

  2. Hey sisters I love this conversation. It helped. LLost and confused. Than I filled up
    on light, love, wisdom, healer, Feel and walk.
    Thanks love and light.

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