Are You Investing IN The New Earth? – Two Upcoming Conference Calls 11.7.17 And 11.11.17

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Are You Investing IN The New Earth? – Two Upcoming Conference Calls 11.7.17 And 11.11.17

by BZ Riger, published on November 5, 2017




Each Being on Planet Earth has a vested interest in Building the New Earth. To step into their unassailable rights as creator beings and work in coordinated cooperation as we focus on the big picture and co create our new realities.


Are You investing in the New Earth?

Are you investing your energy, focus, time, creativity, money, inspiration, quantum abilities…  in the New Earth?

What is the predominant energy vibration that You are holding each day?

How much time are you spending Waiting… or saying you are Waiting… have to wait…?

Do you see yourself waiting for something to happen And THEN you can really get started creating your life the way you want it… THEN you will know things have changed and you can move from waiting and watching… to Actively Participating?

What do You FEEL, when you hear me, hatj, rkb, others say- We are the ones we’ve been waiting for… We are all in this together…. We all did this…

Are you Focused on the FEELING of the energetic frequency of what it feels like for rkb to be released, the case with hatj and rkb to be dismissed, the curtains to be ripped down, unfettered access to your TDDA’s, ______________________ to be pulled into physicality? – fill in your own “end of all of this”

Or Are you Waiting, and thinking why hasn’t anyone given me an update, the answer, the access, the ___________________________…


That is NOT the way the 5D world works! 


AND Yes, we are on the New Earth right Now. We are in Quantum realities and going through life in our Quantum state, quantumness… We are No longer in a Linear timeline/construct/frequency/way of being/living.

We are Multidimensional Creator Beings. We choose, we hold a predominate vibrational frequency of feeling and we create. Whether we know it or not. Whether we believe it or not. Whether we understand it or not.

We MUST dissolve/break/release/integrate… ALL the old programs/programing so we can move forward, completing the old (the case with hatj/rkb, the slavery system, the block on TDDA’s, the deep state…) And FULLY embrace the truth of who we are as quantum creator beings.

YOU either dissolve/break/release/integrate the old programs… OR … You GET “Broken” as the old crumbles and is swept away.


YOUR Physical Reality is a Response to YOU! The frequencies you hold, your energy field and vibration creates your realities.


Are YOU Ready! Are YOU Awake! Are YOU Choosing to INvest in New Earth!

Lets Play

Lets come together in conversation, co-creation, cooperation

Lets work through what may feel like blocks, confusion, FEAR, doubts…

Lets focus our Intention and Attention And bring the OLD to a close and Shape and Step INTO the New.


Step UP and Come Play!

Tuesday November 7th at 5:30 PM PDT-

 1.7 .17 Co-creating a Variety of Ways  Each is Investing in The New Earth


Saturday November 11th at 2:00 PM PDT – for amazing Amplification frequencies the 11/11 Portal

 11.11.17 Recognizing The Constructs, Breaking Them Down, Creating Expansion in Everything


 Both calls are open to all. And will be room for a large gathering.







21 Responses to “Are You Investing IN The New Earth? – Two Upcoming Conference Calls 11.7.17 And 11.11.17”

  1. Mary says : Reply

    IAM IN.

  2. Jennifer says : Reply


  3. Stephanie says : Reply

    Great lets do this

  4. Oceanno says : Reply

    Can’t wait!

  5. Tallison says : Reply

    Your speaking my language. My intention is to join on 11/11.
    Thanks BZ

  6. Barbara says : Reply

    Absolootle! Power of One– Power of All – – Focus, focus, focus!

    BZ: I CAN DO 11/11/17. Please sign me up!!!

  7. o i see i re-read,its open to all…fabulous! I’ll be there! Thanks BZ!!!

  8. Ceecee says : Reply


  9. Belle says : Reply

    …is the Earth being recognized as FLAT? NASA lied. Armstrong did not step on the Moon. Our US spacecraft did not land there. There is a Radiation Belt that could also be called a DOME over the top of us. It’s impossible to pass through the dome. What else did NASA lie about? I believe we ARE waking up.

  10. JP says : Reply

    Yes, I’m playing and creating my own modest version of my own new earth, no longer participating in the things that the old paradigm insists we must participate in: politics, healthcare, insurance, registration, taxes…… and yes, I’m WAITING – what else to do when you’re in the middle of a construction project and want to integrate new tech! Consciously aware ALL DAY LONG of thoughts that have been programmed into me but are no longer relevant.
    I don’t have guides, or channel, or heal or have any kind of idea what quantum even is and figure it doesn’t matter, I don’t have to have answers, as long as I keep questioning, and that’s pretty heady shit, so I say the phrase, think with your heart, not with your head.
    Does anyone else notice a near constant raise of frequency between your ears, I wouldn’t call it a ringing, but it started in spurts of a higher tone and the last fews days it is there continuously. These are the things I’d discuss if I were on the call but just writing them here is enough for me.

  11. Lydia says : Reply

    I ____________ am deserving of all the good that life has to offer.
    I ___________ am a beautiful child of light and goodness, and only the
    same come back to me.
    I _____________ love myself wholly, competely, and deeply.
    I _____________ am FREE RIGHT NOW!!!

    Lets own this . . . our reality construct from the ground up . . .

  12. Wonders about everything says : Reply

    Here’s to you my best for you in love … in 5D…..

  13. Howard says : Reply

    Beayutiful I’ll to BE there

  14. Hello , what time are the calls? I’ve listened to replays and this resonates with me. In love & light

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      The calls are listed in this post with the day and time. The time given is pacific time USA so you will have to adjust for your time zone on Gaia. I will post the login info for the calls 2 hours before each call.

  15. Robert Sweetman says : Reply

    I am already there because my heart never left it

  16. Chianka says : Reply

    This is trully exciting…its what we have waiting for..we will get it right this time!! The obsticales are gone..full steam ahead!! Lets create!!

  17. alan page says : Reply

    Hi All,
    I listened last night because my comments would have been on a different thread than the personal discussions that were the bulk of what was shared. I still have many questions about how this is all going to fall out for the people who choose to inhabit (remain with) earth regardless of the changes that occur.

    I am concerned that we are going to have to think of other ways to get Heather and Randy out of Hell?

    Assuming that they are or will be safe, we then have to ask what ways are we going to address the repair of earth systems that have been so corrupted by greed.

    Investing seems to have different connotations to different folks so I am confused?

    I grow trees on land that will naturally be covered with trees if people just leave it a lone. As such I deal with the question of what importance does that tree cover have to our source or to us and if our ascension is the most important thing for us to focus upon, then when the controls are lifted that have resulted in the concentration of humans in cities (often against their will) how are we going to address their choices?

    Does the concept of investing involve spending time effort, energy and thought on how to keep our land areas habitable? Should we now be accessing the TDAs to pay the bills for such activity? How should this be done by whom and for whom?

    I operate in a very regulation intensive state (locality). I have sent the Praecipe and Paradigm document to the chief state officials who have alleged power to control my function. I have been in a “secret court” that was used to convince me of their authority. I and others have worked for years to get minor changes made to enable proactivity in rural setting and had not impact.

    How does the work Heather has done fit with the efforts of Anna Von Reitz and other common law advocates?

    It is not clear how or whether one expects traffic lights to work or be observed after the decisions from Heather’s challenges have been rendered? Is there going to be a transcript of any afternoon (10/31/17) hearing proceedings or is the court still in “recess”?

    So I hope to see signs of how to proceed before the Saturday forum?
    Alan Page

  18. alan page says : Reply

    Since there are no replies to the questions raised in my post of 11/8, a little explanation of how I see investing in land-based-organic efforts working and how this might be different from but still complementary to (with) investing in personal growth (raising the frequency of ones presence).

    I see the work of Wendell Berry and most other advocates for small farm and natural cover options as quantum mechanical efforts. The thought and use of good information allows the thinker to engineer the placement of all quanta (protons, electrons, photons, emotions…) in space and time where they probably would not have occurred without the thought or information. Additionally, the resources that must (now) be spent to have the use of the help from whatever source also have to be available.

    So while I have spent decades thinking , watching, doing myself, and employing the scarce resources we have in (or at) our control, the results that have been spread over many miles between small tests that are impressive. However, the information and tests have little impact for most people who would like to live in a rural forest because there is active opposition and no resources (money) to cover the costs of the DOING that must come from others (I am 75 and in good health but the future of my actually doing much beyond is similar to Wendell Berry’s capability – if you have not seen the Time interview this week, Wendell has turned the use of his land over to others because he/they no longer have the stamina to be and do the necessary things on time).

    So I expect to learn how to cause the investment of large amounts of resources for the betterment of the earth that eventually carries that life that is attached to it.

    The question is how long should the investor plan for, who should the investor plan for, and how does an investor guarantee that there will be adequate resources to care for all of the people and equipment to do the work and who/which will be used occasionally in the care for the earth?

    This can get very deep! The throw away society that we have does not lend itself to such care. Where do we go from here?
    Alan Page

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