Updated Part 2- Anything is Possible: Judge C Clifford Shirley p1

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AIP 1517 - Judge C Clifford Shirley p1




Anything is Possible: AIP 1517 – Judge C Clifford Shirley p1



Published on Oct 1, 2017

C. Clifford Shirley Jr. never imagined that he’d be a Judge…much less the Chief Magistrate for the East TN District…but God had a different plan. As he puts it, he was led.


AIP 1518 – Judge C Clifford Shirley p2


“That’s where knowing people helps. Having been a parent you understand there’s time for Grace and Mercy and there’s time for Discipline.” That’s one of the values that sets Judge C. Clifford Shirley in a class all to himself.





12 Responses to “Updated Part 2- Anything is Possible: Judge C Clifford Shirley p1”

  1. Caren says : Reply

    Isn’t he perfection ? Awesome

  2. Rodney Griggs says : Reply

    Great information and interviews

  3. Jeanne Marie says : Reply

    Phenomenal, what a trip to get to “meet” Judge Clifford Shirley, days before this unprecedented courtroom discovery! I am fricken blown away, his looking forward to part two. Thank YOU BZ, Love to ALL. HUGS and EXTRA SUPPORT to Randall and Heather Ann; who are keys to ALL of our freedom. What a wonderful surprise interview, perspective of Judge Shirley. Authentic.

  4. OnAnyMouse says : Reply

    So frustrating when the “interviewer” continually interrupts the “interviewee” with their own opinions . . . as if the constant ad-breaks weren’t bad enough!

    Thankfully, between all that, we see a man who appears to have a conscience and some humanity, which, in his chosen “proffession”, is as rare as the proverbial….

    Let us hope this man is as genuine as he appears – may it be so!

  5. Stormy says : Reply

    Amazing. Both the context and timing. Surely, anything is possible?

  6. Christopher Hensley says : Reply

    Good vibes from this man. Looking forward to part 2. Good energy & love to Heather & Randall.

  7. Janine Busald says : Reply

    Thank you for rounding this up BZ. How I hope and pray this man has really studied this case and treats Heather with the respect she deserves. Sending all the bestest and most positive energies I can muster up. ✨

  8. Joey says : Reply


    Luv u..and the team. Sorry I have been blank as of late. Life is taking off for me right now so busy!


  9. Kodi says : Reply

    Yeah, we are going to need to send up a lot of prayers for HATJ, in his eyes, I only see a show of character, not righteousness, a bluster of words, not profundity.

  10. Gareth Duncan says : Reply

    Wow! Thank you, BZ for this interview with Hallerin Hilton Hill and Judge C Clifford Shirley Jr. I am so touched by their humility and Love of The Creator GOD.

    I pray that everything will go positively for Heather and Randall and Everyone, and that All the Angels, Ancestors, and Galactic Sisters and Brothers, our Savior Yashua Anointed Christ and Love can create the outcome we all want. Freedom, Truth, Joy, Happiness, and Peace Everlasting.

    Let the Creator, the Source of ALL THAT IS bring Randall home, and Heather completely free, and to be with their Family and Friends across the Globe, this beautiful Earth Gaia. In Eternal Gratitude. Thank you.

  11. Donna Papa says : Reply

    I worked in the courtroom for several years as Jusge Shirley’s courtroom deputy and retired 5 years ago. I would like to get a transcript or copy of his interview with Hallerian Hill. Is this possible? Thank you, Donna

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