Antarctica and the Lost Ancient Civilization Discussion

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Antarctica and the Lost Ancient Civilization Discussion

Antarctica and the Lost Ancient Civilization Discussion



Published on Dec 30, 2016

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This Antarctica report discusses recent media reports regarding Antarctica and combines the recent material with my previously reported on Norway 323 Dead Reindeer Line, that runs into New Zealand, the site of two recent major earthquakes. Many other Antarctica topics and related subject matters, will be included in this discussion, but only so that a larger picture can be painted, which I hope will allow others to consider, the recent Antarctica reports in a new and different manner. This report is a discussion necessary to explain the many complex elements that reside in Antarctica.

Background Sources and Links:

Norway 323 Dead Reindeer
323 Reindeer…
Lightning Strike Kills More Than 300 Wild Reindeer In Norway…

Lady Gaga Height of 5.1…

Hoboken Background Material Links:………

John Kerry to Antarctica…

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