#AllSecretsComingOutNow- #HATJ : Note from Heather to BZ

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#AllSecretsComingOutNow- #HATJ : Note from Heather to BZ
published on The IUV, on February 3, 2018









To: bz riger (bzr
RE: all is perfect and perfectly done

2/3/2018 6:25:27 AM

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thank you, BZ!

all secrets coming out now.

my complete gratitude and love to all… every one dissolved long-standing belief systems held throughout and in the cosmos.

all and each being is a gift
i treasure each one always all ways

my compassion, love, and celebration to every one in this “short-term”
all ways


35 Responses to “#AllSecretsComingOutNow- #HATJ : Note from Heather to BZ”

  1. Joey says : Reply

    God love you Heather…

    I was reviewing my first though after the alleged verdict, went directly to your wonderful husband and children. I am not sure how they are taking this, however I wanted to send my healing love and compassion to those nearest to you Heather.

    In hopes they understand that ‘This to shall pass’ and is passing and just about done!

    Luv Joey!

    • Jennifer says : Reply

      How beautiful Joey and so true. This too shall past. Soon Heather and Randy will be surrounded by the people that love them and all will be well again. This will all be a distant memory. In faith and trust we stand!

  2. David Brown says : Reply

    My heart is melting NOW ❤❤

  3. Oceanno says : Reply

    Wow even showing the All in All! You got to Love the compassion and Understanding. Now to send it through our own day. Love You!

  4. Richard Hazard says : Reply

    I would be mistating the facts if I said I understand all the reasoning behind all that took place at trial. However I can see your love and devotion to the ALL.

    Thank you!

    You all are in my thoughts, and my gratitude is given in love.

    Thank you and may your sufferings be ended soon.

  5. Angel says : Reply

    Much love to Heather!!!

    May you be blessed!!!

  6. Bobby says : Reply

    my heart and respect go out to heather and randall….. not just for the TDA accounts ….for trying to show how a FAKE and WARPED procedure can still go forward with everyone knowing what a CARTOON it is???? My friends in main (true) constitution enactors have tried to show me how and why when one stays on point with the (Constitution) and in particular…the OATH SWORN TO UPHOLD AND DEFEND it… the judge the attorneys the JURY!!!! all must honor their oath!!!! if this point was focused on with NO DISTRACTIONS!!! there would be no talk envolved…its either the LAW or its not and you swear to DEFEND THE LAW!!!!! not whats LEGAL !!!!! there can be only one or the other !!!!!
    but when the games begin no one keeps their eye on the ball !!!! the law is law and if you swear an oath to defend me with the law…then it doesn`t matter what you THINK is LEGAL!!! its LAW AND YOU SWORE AN OATH TO LAW!!!!!

  7. Bobby says : Reply

    law..legal they both sound the same ……

    they are sometimes light years apart!!! thats how attorneys get away with bullshit “tactics”
    Diversionary moves to take your mind off LAW!!!!

    and bring in LEGAL JARGON !!!!
    LEGAL …LAW….. 2 entirely different things!!!!!!!?????????

  8. Thank you Heather, from all my heart.

  9. Bob says : Reply

    Peace love and light to all

  10. Love, gratitude to you Heather, Randy and your loving families and to ALL for your courage, compassion and Love ….
    One Love and guidance


  11. Edwin Roman says : Reply

    Hi Heather; I cherish in response to all that is going on. Love, peace and happiness always embrace your mind, Body & Soul
    Total blessings! from Ed.

  12. Ted says : Reply

    “Darsalam” a beautiful Arabic word that means ” Abode in Peace”

    Love ya all

  13. Mariela Tage son says : Reply

    Much love for you HATj…..everything will come together ,
    I look at it is not the end it’s the beginning the beginning for us it’s a human’s species , to break away from slavery is our duty to continue to fight for our freedom to let them know that we know the secret.
    And speak louder as you can for they can hear you.

    I waiting for the second round ,
    And I feel in my heart that we will win… in the second time they will hear you they will hear everything…
    I Believe In My Heart and I know it there we win together because we are brothers and sister it don’t matter we are living in one planet Mother Earth she will protect us she will protect you the universe protect us…

    And this is only the beginning…??

  14. Thank you Heather – I sent you last time always “golden hearts” and now and for ever again………..

    in LOVE -Ursula!

  15. Mary says : Reply

    Thanks Heather. May we all continue to be blessed with peace, love and prosperity.

  16. Tallison says : Reply

    Unconditional Love for you Heather and Randy. I really comprehend your words and meanings.
    Love your language…Big changes occurring in each and every moment and each and every BEING!

  17. James Anthony Meister says : Reply

    GOOD AFTERNOON…I hope that the right people get this…I WANT TO BE NEXT TO DO THIS…but I need help…while I totally understand the procedure…the concept…the mechanisms of all of this after fours years of study…I WANT TO BE NEXT IN LINE…Bank of New York Mellon stole my house…STOLE…I have document in house from S.E.C. the superior court would not allow me to file the document as evidence…we then had 5 SHERIFFS forcibly removed two disabled SENIORs one diagnosed with 1st stage Dementia and three rescue English Bulldogs…we are safe now still homeless but SAFE…I again WANT TO PUT MY TWO CENTS IN…I WANT TO DO THIS…BUT I NEED HELP…someone HELP me…PLEASE…I have nothing to loose…Both of us have incurable diseases I only have one…husband has three…I am saying all this BECAUSE THIS NEEDS TO STOP…I was subjected to the horrors beyond belief…with virtual reality skits with me being poisoned as well as MY three KIDS…took vidoes of me SICK VIDEOS…well depending on the viewer…because when I realized what they were doing…I PUT ON AN ACADEMY PERFORMANCE…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me…Social Security has SUSPENDED Patrick’s checks as they want to redetermine his dementia…PLEASE…I NEED HELP…check my court cases from Palm Springs PSC1606587 and my Quitye TITLE case #PSC1700033…Please contact me via email buckymeister@outlook.com…760 333 2932

  18. M. Battaglia says : Reply

    I wondered where Christian Alexander was on that last day of the trial and then I found this…https://www.facebook.com/backroomknox/posts/888496931275357

    Much love and support to all and we await the next step in the process of knowing…I understand now why Heather asked us all to read out loud, and with conviction our own… Original Due Declaration And Notice Of Factualized Trust, as all voice travels to the Cosmos as in the video:… https://i-uv.com/jordan-maxwell-end-of-the-world-and-the-fallen-angels/ …published in disclosure on the I-UV

  19. BeV says : Reply

    Now more than ever is sending Love and everything that is IN High vibrations to and for this situation, for the Highest Outcome so important. Dearest Heather, Dearest Randy, Dearest BZ and everyOne Here, My deepest Gratitude and Love is with you. ???

  20. Jud!th says : Reply

    Bravissima, Bella Gioia!!!
    Siamo Uno * Tutto * Amore
    Tutto cambia…

    Grazie milione e Abbracci,

  21. Avau says : Reply

    Thank you Heather and Randy for your service to humanity as a whole. We are one with you on this. I bless you, I bless everyone, and I bless everything. All is Well, look at this adventure from the 5-Dimension, “you won, we won, the love and light won and this is history.” Much love and light to you Heather and Randall, much love and light.

  22. Rainbow says : Reply

    Love to all our brothers and sisters across our beautiful planet. The light is shining brighter in this NOW moment Keeping our frequency high ☺????

  23. Jay J says : Reply

    I see the secrets starting to make themselves visible. I read the “memo” and shook my head, but was not surprised. Let’s peel back the layers of this onion and see what lies within. I understand that this is not about revenge, but in order to heal, this will begin the process. Let these “secrets” flow one after another, until every soul can see what has been really going on.

  24. AJ Witken says : Reply

    Much love to Randy and Heather……from Mt. Shasta and my heart…..

  25. Christine says : Reply

    My love goes out to Heather her courageous family, Randy and his family. I’ve been following this from the start. BZ has been great interpreting the meaning of the whole. Loona See has been giving us the legal clarity pertaining to pre trial documents etc and the three lovely ladies have provided us with front line court room verifications on the proceedings.
    I know there is enough of us in the world who are awake enough to spread the word of this case and enough legal mines and generally great minds with constitutional knowledge who vibrate on the same level as Heather to bring this argument/enslavement to an end. Let’s bring HOPE (Heaven on Planet Earth) once more so we can get on with business of healing the souls of the world and live by the law of ONE. DO NO HARM.
    Thanks to all the people out there making comments and being involved in so many ways we all seem to have a small “puzzle piece” when there is enough pieces we will see the change that will become our new reality.
    LOVE ? is the answer. Valentines Day is the day to celebrate LOVE. If we can do it for one day we can do it every day. LOVE thy neighbour, treat others as you wish to be treated. Know that by hurting another You are also hurting yourself.
    Where there is life there is hope. Love to you all out there.

  26. Jeanne Marie says : Reply

    Let the flow continue. Love and gratitude for ALL, in all ways.

  27. Joel says : Reply

    Thank you Heather and Randy for taking the roles you both are enduring for we all appreciate your sacrifice and devotion for the freedom of all. From our family to yours, Gratitude….✌?❤️???

  28. Aidan says : Reply

    I wish you both wellness, courage, blessings, hugs, Love & your Freedom ASAP I am saddened it came down to this but keep fighting this is what God would want you both to do. Wish you both all the very best wishes xx Aidan Walsh

  29. Dick Green says : Reply

    Thank God for all the great work you and Randy are doing. You’re truly spearheads uncovering the many lies as well as making aware to the inhabitants of this planet the abundant access to truth in these day. Keep up the God work!

  30. Katherine Trinity says : Reply

    Dear Heather,
    I first learned of you and the work that you have done and what you are doing in the later part of 2016.
    I (along with thousands of us around the globe ) followed your videos and postings. You are such a remarkable BEing .. DOing and standing up for the Freedom and Sovereignty of all of us. Last week for a couple days you were on my mind and thoughts wondering where you were, how you were and what you were doing . I opened my computer on February 2nd to send an email to different groups to see if anyone had any info or updates on Heather. AND there I saw an email from a friend that said ‘Another Set-back for Heather’. I read the news piece or article and my heart sank and I was overcome with such sadness for you and so much anger for the injustice. I meditate and decree everyday and have an altar with many Ascended Masters, Beings and the I AM Presence. I lit a candle for you and meditated and called in St. Germain and the Violet Flame, the Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love of the Mother’s Presence and the Golden Flames of all Christ Illumination to enfold you and surround you and hold you and Randal safely. I AM sorry that you are going through this process and I AM deeply grateful for your courage in taking on this role for all of us.
    Dearest Heather I look forward to meeting you some day. Until then I have put your name on my altar and will decree and hold a vision of the highest truth and outcome to happen sooner rather than later every time I light a candle.
    In the meantime…
    In the name of the I AM Presence, I call upon Archangel Michael and his Legions of Angels of the Cosmic Blue Flames to surround you and protect you.
    With gratitude and appreciation for YOU and all you do
    I enfold you in Love and Light
    The Light of GOD never fails
    The Love of GOD always fulfills
    I AM a Being of GOD Sovereign Consciousness… Katherine Trinity

  31. Jackson says : Reply

    For the first-American-revolution is with the musket and the blood.

    For the second-American-revolution is with the court-room and the natural-law.

    For the battles of the second-American-revolution are with the language and the natural-law.

    For the battles of the second-American-revolution are with the wins and the losses.

    For the war of the second-American-revolution is with the language and the natural-law.

    For the war of the first-American-revolution is with the win of the we-the-people.

    For the war of the second-American-revolution is with the win of the we-the-people.

  32. Debra says : Reply

    Blessings to you Heather and Randy and Sheila and Bz and all behind the scenes giving support for this worthy cause. I think about ya’ll everyday and when I wake in the morning ya’ll are on my mind. I send love and peace and comfort to you as you so bravely fight this battle for all humanity. Love

  33. El Dad says : Reply

    All love and gratitude belong to you H & R, happy and inspired to know you both are settled in Truth. All is Perfect in Love!???

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