Aja: You are the Artist

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You are the Artist

by Aja Dematerra, on January 13, 2018


The forgotten well of love spoken of in this poem, You are the Artist, is a recurring vision for me that has nurtured and sustained me for many years.
I see this sacred water springing deep within the heart of the first mountain of the world…or the sacred mountain of our own hearts.
It is from these waters we draw all that flows pure and true and ecstatically real for us….we can remember who we really are by bathing in these waters, sinking deep within the jeweled spring, the  timeless pool.
When we rise from the pool and emerge, however we feel moved to express this energy flowing through us, is so infinitely perfect and liberating, for we are the Artists….
Infinite light, love and magic always, Aja

You are the Artist

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    I U V t e A m + A j a D a m a t e r r a + ALL

    t h A n k y O u



    L O V E L i G H T L i G H T L O V E

    w e f r i e n d s A R T i s t s f r O m E u r o p e

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