Aja: Remember, Awaken, Return

by / Sunday, 11 February 2018 / Published in Creative Arts

Aja: Remember, Awaken, Return



I first wrote this poem, Remember, Awaken, Return, for the women in my Creation Goddess circle, so in it I used the words, Creation Goddess, but I saw the poem could speak to everyone, so I made 2 versions, and in this one I used,Creator Being, which I got from you! So thank you BZ and thank you for all you are doing right now, of which I have only an inkling…
With so much LOVING ABUNDANCE dancing,
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  1. Gigi says : Reply

    This is absolutely beautiful, I felt it deep within my heart as our truth….Remember, Awaken, Return. Thank you for sharing your heart ♥ Let’s all dance and celebrate!!!

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