Aja : I Bless the Rose people

by / Tuesday, 23 January 2018 / Published in Creative Arts

I Bless the Rose people

by Aja Dematerra, published on The I UV, on January 23, 2018


A few days ago I was talking with two friends in two separate conversations who shared how they’d noticed things they wanted/needed were coming to them way more quickly recently…they’d think of the thing and instantaneously or very soon, it would manifest! It got me thinking how, I’d noticed the same thing, though I hadn’t thought of it like that,in the realm of my creative work.

Recently, as I’ve been revisiting my poems and stories with the intent of preparing to share them, words literally seem to be unveiling themselves as I write…

and I have so needed/wanted this to be so…this feeling of COMPLETION…of FULL DISCLOSURE OF THE POEM’S AND STORY’S HEART…

It happened again this morning as I revisited this poem, I Bless the Rose, a poem I once saw from a purely personal perspective but which today I see can be read to include a more multi-dimensional perspective…

I just knew when I had finished it I had to send it on to share with BZ and all of you….bless the rose between all of us, in this ecstatic dawn, Aja



I Bless the Rose people pdf




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