Aja : Heart Vision

by / Wednesday, 14 February 2018 / Published in Creative Arts

Heart Vision

by Aja Dematerra, published on Creation Goddess, on February 14, 2018



I had a vision in September of 2012 in which I lay down to sleep, but found I wasn’t sleepy at all. I had been processing some upsetting information that day and I remember thinking as I closed my eyes, that I am beyond this problem. My heart began to beat very fast, but it was not the fast heartbeat due to anxiety, of which I had experienced in the past…I began having amazing heart visions which coursed through me throughout the night. In the morning I wrote my experience down, the essence of what I remembered. It was quite personal and though I have shared it with others and they have been inspired by it, I was moved today to write a poem based on the experience that might speaks more clearly to a wider audience. With love and luminous heart visions, Aja
Heart vision
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    Beautiful….thanks for sharing Aja.

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