Aja Dematerra: The Weaver and the Fairies

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The Weaver and the Fairies

by Aja Dematerra, ajadematerra.com published on December 16, 2017


The Weaver and the Fairies is a new earth fairy tale for people of all ages.It takes place in a magical village where everyone sees jeweled light when they do what they love… I thought I’d finished writing this story many months before, but after I experienced the Solar Eclipse in August I felt compelled to return to it.
The eclipse was the catalyst. Once I began rewriting the Weaver and the Fairies I realized, along with the downloads I’d received from the eclipse, I needed to integrate the new information I’d awoken to when I learned about the TDDA’s and everything else, in July. I became quite obsessed with what I was seeing/feeling/experiencing in my re-visioning of the story.
I went on a journey and did little else but go into the story’s magical realm and write! It was an amazingly fascinating, exciting, soul-stretching experience. Not till recently did I finish this fairy tale that reflects much of what is going on in the heart of our world, in this very special time, and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you! ~ Aja


The Weaver and the Fairies

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4 Responses to “Aja Dematerra: The Weaver and the Fairies”

  1. Rita R. says : Reply

    What a beautiful story depicting the fall of God’s Children and hopefully what is happening right now, this very second. God will claim us again and open our eyes so that we might see again and love again. I loved this story.

  2. Helen Walker says : Reply

    I am looking forward to reading the story…. I wanted to write that I am absolutely mezmorised by the art. I cant tell you how inclined I am towards it. Its hard to explain.. its like its been what I have searched for for years in shops and never found and when I saw this image I felt ‘this is it’! So, I am going to manifest one of your works. Stunning… xxx

    • Hi Helen,
      Thank you so very much! I’m so glad you enjoy my art. You are most certainly welcome to be in touch with me. If you are interested in joining my FB group, its Awaken the Creation Goddess Within. I hope you have fun with the story. Its so very much apart of this new earth time…HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE!

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