Aja Dematerra: She Goes to the Waters

by / Sunday, 24 December 2017 / Published in Creative Arts

She Goes to the Waters

by Aja Dematerra, published on December 24, 2017


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Usually, I experience my poems flowing through me from the awareness of my higher selves, guides, goddesses…This poem, She Goes to the Waters was different in that the communication I had was with my great grandmother, Maria Theresa. The little I had previously known about her was through a few family stories. But when I opened to the currents of this poem that so wanted to be born, I felt her inside my being. She shared with me how her life had felt to her, what her journey had been as it connected to her ability to express her soul, and I knew as I wrote, we were writing the poem together….She was so happy to be able to speak her truth, and to go to the waters together…   ~ Aja




She Goes to the Waters

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She Goes to the Waters




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