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This affidavit, we refer to as the “Vent” affidavit. Randy is in solitary confinement, but can sometimes hear conversations of other inmates if they are using a pod that shares a wall of his solitary pod. Randy told me that one night he heard these two guys mostly swearing and he said it was driving him nuts. They kept repeating the same phrase over and over. So he lost it and told them to stop, he was tired of hearing them say ” ##%*(&^^^@@@!%^ ” This lead to a brief discussion and then one of the guys getting up and coming near the vent to talk to Randy for a moment. He said they had been swearing about this weird thing they had because it did not make any sense and kinda pissed them off because they thought they new what it meant but not really. With just a few pieces of the info on the paper read to Randy he knew what it was. Randy told then that was how they monetized all the inmates and all the cases. That Randy was in jail and his case in essence had to do with this and unraveling it all.

The guy said, you need to have this information. So he was able to pass it through the vent to Randy. Randy mentioned it to me the next day, and I asked if he could get it to me, so we could have a look and I could publish it. So he copied it by hand and wrote it out as a letter, to Patricia, interspersed with his personal notes to her so it could be mailed out and not be noticed. When Patricia received it, she typed it up, with the affidavit part and stripping out the personal notes from Randy to her.

Below is the affidavit document that Randy was passed via a “game of telephone” photo copy system ;- ) BZ



Affidavit In Support of Abatement

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Affidavit In Support of Abatement





  1. Jay J says : Reply

    Wow. There is a ton of good information on here. Thanks for posting. A few weeks back, I was in a building downtown and passed a meeting room. On the outside of the door was a small, white paper sign that read “Juvenile Court Shareholders Meeting”. I said to myself: “CRIS?”.

    I sure hope RKB and HATJ get to use this.

  2. Anita says : Reply

    Blown away! Thanks for posting this. A lot of words and phrases I need to find out about but I’m getting the gist. Everyone on the planet needs to know this!

    Question about 19. Should it not say Allianz SE and Munich, rather than alliance se and Munzch?

  3. matthew says : Reply

    WOW powerful doc! hope this and other energies end the legal illusions.

  4. Aidan says : Reply

    Also get a Doctors letter stating you were examined, you have a heart rate & a blood pressure you are not Dead you are Alive the blood flows through your veins & submit this also into Court the case actually sees you as Dead Lost at Sea. The fiction Name is Dead your Birth Name is Alive & you Live on Land not the Highs Seas…They will do everything in their power to throw out everything you attampt to submit for if they accept it they will lose the Case

    Send Randy a Private Doctor he wants to be evaluated have him do a letter, a Doctor is an Expert Witness in Court & have credibility as well

  5. Aidan says : Reply

    Send Randy a Private Doctor he wants to be evaluated have him do a letter, a Doctor is an Expert Witness in Court & have credibility as well

  6. Tallison says : Reply

    Wow what fun and play was this one. Go Randy!

  7. Helen Walker says : Reply

    So much love to Randy. Excellent document. Thank you so much. x

  8. Kay says : Reply

    Hopefully, some of those ignorantia judicis are named in the sealed indictments! May the gavel strike in a new earth court!

  9. Bobby Calandra says : Reply

    IF these judges are disqualified as is the court our “true Government” is not !!!! and therefore the constitution for the people which holds primary power and jurisdiction is important because the corporation parading as governments are cancelled not our “ORGANIC CONSTITUTION” which the heathens swore an OATH TO DEFEND!!!!!!!! THEREFORE THEY ARE guilty of treason sedition and perjury just for starters!!! doesn’t`t anyone understand this??????? WE THE PEOPLE existed before statehood and the corporate constitution was written and our first constitution is and always was supreme even after the corporate ones were put in ….the CORPORATE CONSTITUTION is just as phony as the players acting as our government ! this is the only thing that will bring this debacle too an end !! I can’t believe all these people don’t understand the power of our ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION people are so programed to believe this UCC is the only power we have !! C`mon ….Hello!!!

  10. Bobby Calandra says : Reply

    We are all state nationals with a constitution!!! and an organic state constitution which is also supreme over Corporate..

  11. Bill T. says : Reply

    This document certainly is interesting. I’ve never seen anything like it before. But why is Randy even passing this along? Is Heather going to use it? I thought Heather had a whole strategy mapped out that was going to get the two of them freed soon. If that’s true, then why would she even need to look at paperwork that some random inmate offered to Randy?

    The more recent post put up something that said no more motions can be filed until trial, so it sounds like Heather won’t even be allowed to file this if she thinks it would be helpful.

    And if it’s too late to file any new motions, then it worries me that Heather hasn’t filed anything to get witnesses from the federal reserve or the treasury department that would have to explain how the secret government accounts work. And that’s the key to unlocking the money for all of us — for Heather to get them to admit, in THEIR courts, that the accounts are real. I worry that Heather is so focused on trying to get herself and Randy out of jail by talking about jurisdiction that she’s not going to end up doing the thing we all are waiting for. So if they get aquited that is a victory for them but nothing changes for us.

    • Ann says : Reply

      Jurisdiction is the key. Believe me Heather knows what she is doing. This affidavit is powerful and very useful. You, Bill do not seem to understand the legalize process and believe there is justice in these corrupt courts. There is no justice. They only have jurisdiction if you give it to them. She is not giving these alleged courts jurisdiction. She is right on…

  12. Pamela says : Reply

    “They will have every opportunity to present all they feeeel to at their incoming military tribunals.

    Happy holidays and warmest regards.

  13. Joey says : Reply

    Very very interesting

    Thank you Randy! all the pieces coming together…

  14. Michele says : Reply

    What I understand is, if your dealing with corporations under UCC laws, you would have to respond with UCC law. The problem looks to me the bankers have not informed folks that services and or jobs no longer exist. They have not told these folks about written history of the USA Incorporate, or they do know the history and choose to turn a blind eye. I read the fake indictments, and I couldn’t stop laughing. How can you lock someone up and fake charge them. that would mean your breaking your own supposed laws. Maybe your just a paid actor, is that why folks can’t show who gave them there authority. I want to know how in supposed court, you ask a question of someone, and answer the question for that person. GIVE ME A BREAK. I’m trying to figure out what circus is this. This is how innocent beings get railroaded to the money pit. Sorry I meant jail. I stand behind Heather and Randy 100%. All I ask is do the research, and you will see, and understand. Take the vail off your mind. Open your eyes. Love and Peace to all my family. Family, feel your heart within, clear all emotion out of your mind. Ask from where you feel your heart in side your being, feel what your asking from within, and you shall receive. The universe hears you. LOVE. ALL

  15. Mustang500 says : Reply

    This is great to learn. I would like to know what the next step is in this unwinding court tale. Will we have another court date even though this cabal system has essentially been checkmated? How long can they make motions, extensions, etc, etc to delay acknowledgement of those trust funds and that HATJ and RKB did nothing wrong and are released forthwith?

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